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 jayjay's Aggro-Gator

 Big Beagler: @bad tony voted rad for this
 tib gubb: ennui is a sinister thing
 Felicity: Me currently: I miss being a teenager!
 sports: Welcome to depression.
 DrinkMixMan: Jesus, dude, get a grip.
 Nope: Nihilism is boring
 bad tony: Well give it 5-10 more years and you'll laugh at how retarded you were
Image 218194   11-29-17 10:42pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Niels Bohr: @million laffs are we going to ignore that it's 2017. I'm actually fine with that now that I think about it. Carry on citizen.
 Frum Temps: Trying to buy Bowling for Soup tickets?
 Tacorleone: Were you also trying to get Foo Fighters tickets in Nashville?
 million laffs: Are we just going to ignore that in 2014, people are still taking pictures of computer screens instead of print screening?
Image 217544   11-26-17 2:40pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 kornisjon: Oh, this thing...
 Nothing: Fuck!
 Iahveh: You lose
 Side Boob: Nice floor
Image 215251   11-14-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Ulillillia: If incels ruled the world
 Dr Awkward: Is she like 7'3"?
 tib gubb: hooray?
 Greifer: lucky guy
 Not A Bot: Must have been wearing those action jeans at the time.
 Derp Herpigan: This would be me but in the third panel they point and laugh and walk away.
Image 213743   11-06-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 VeeKay: Freeee to go to University, cultivate a lifetime of debt, flip burgers or become a topless dancer. Good luck Meg.
 Felicity: Mona Lisa pose
 Ulillillia: Shut up, Meg.
 WTF: Yes, the freedom to support yourself.
 Teechur: @sundragon Dobby the House Elf in Harry Potter who was freed when his master inadvertently gave him a sock.
 sundragon: Is this a reference to something that I don't get or am I just dense?
 Dorb: My first thought was that she's into BDSM.
 ironmaiden: Not gona lie, I read it in Smeagol's voice, took me a moment to recognize it was Dobby...
 sandwiches: Well, I'm glad her school is open to educating everybody. Even house elves.
Image 213690   11-06-17 02:08am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Mr. Shine: I KNEW it.
 addend: "Sister, did you hear the one about the priest and the rabbi...?"
 glenalec: Took me a lot longer than I care to admit to work it out.
 Derp Herpigan: F*@ks Given: Nun
Image 212725   10-31-17 11:31pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 glenalec: USB plug insertion guide.
 copunter: or ripped from the Discs of Tron playbook
 Bluetocracy: I remember doing something like this for a 3d drafting class.
 RiderFan: So this is the storyboard for that one Jamiroquai music video?
Image 212206   10-29-17 07:45am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Prostata: what the actual fuck?!
 tib gubb: that's not avocado... it's a space station!
 ignatz: Well, the 'we' actually gives me hope..
 Yurishiro: @dobbiesdoogs Let's die together, horribly. Possibly burn my eyeballs.
 NoRagrets: @Knice *shudder* well played sir
 Sage: @SpaceCow Chipotplay.
 Knice: Missed an opportunity to use "guacamoldy."
 dobbiesdoogs: everything single aspect of this image makes me want to die
 SpaceCow: Chipotle play should be done carefully.
Image 211907   10-27-17 4:58pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Air Biscuit: @charlemagne EveEven if the polar ice caps are really melting, the extra water would just run off the edge anyway.
 Christina: But it believes in you.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @charlemagne discus warming anyone? personally i like hollow earth the best. so thatd be ball warming?
 charlemagne: me neither. can't be global when the planet is flat can it
 deadwombat: And it's not a joke.
Image 211300   10-24-17 1:31pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Felicity: *?!
 jochenau: Even as a kid I found his face worryingly malformed.
 dangerkeith3000: So I don't know much Oz lore, but does the Cowardly Lion have a name or does he just go by Lion, bc if that's the case that would be confusing with all the other lions roaming around with the same name. I know the Tin Woodsman had an actual name since I think he used to be a man. Just curious.
 DarkTeddy: Hey its the guy who doesnt like black ppl
 Yam: Eh, the "Brother!?" actually kinda ruined it for me.
Image 210539   10-20-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Felicity: @sparenamelaptopdied Ha! That saved it :-)
 sparenamelaptopdied: that's nothing, my forest is petrified
 Dr Awkward: @Derp Herpigan Pkease don't fluster my knob. Thx.
 FabricMan: The chandelier is nonplussed
 Yurishiro: @Knice I cei(ling) what you did there.
 SomeCanadian: The wall seems rather perplexed.
 Derp Herpigan: The knob is flustered
 Knice: @Yurishiro The ceiling should be over it.
 Yurishiro: The ceiling is astonished!
 zrj235: This post is completely freaked the fuck out
Image 210487   10-20-17 03:03am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Wooden Spoon: So Harvey Weinstein has just been trying to win staring contests?
 Jeffrat: @matos if you play gay chicken you've already won-a fabulous new lifestyle!
 Knice: Badvote for litter.
 celebgate: Shit, I've ended relationships that way.
 matos: Unless you're playing gay chicken with your best friend. Then it hardly gets weird.
 why the long face: That'll change family game night.
Image 208732   10-11-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Disclosure: @Skinr hahahahah
 Skinr: "Some days you just can't get rid of 'em, bub!"
Image 207601   10-05-17 3:44pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Felicity: What about Windows 286?
Image 206926   10-02-17 04:07am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Yam: @Theta Zero Really? I think a lot of the Red/Green sprites are way better than the NA Red/Blue ones
 Off Topic: Gonna need a bigger back for the rest of the current 802 Pokemon.
 addend: /All/ the ragrets.
 Yurishiro: He gets a tattoo every time he uses the "your" instead of "you're"
 Theta Zero: 2/10 for not using the god-awful Japanese Green version sprites
Image 204956   09-22-17 04:07am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 some guy : 11. New clos for sketti baby
 ignatz: Uh, I'm going to restrain this spaghetti spoon with masking tape. You know, just in case..
Image 204895   09-21-17 8:54pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Felicity: On the left: she saw the monkey
 cenecia: I believe in you, spine. You got this!
 Amy Housewine: You're not my supervisor.
 dangerkeith3000: Whatever. Hunchbacks are sexy.
 Yam: I dont wanna
Image 203593   09-15-17 09:59am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Yurishiro: Insurance is the game, and honey, right now the game is verrry good to me.
 Robespierre: G'morning. Ahm Wilford Brimley an' I'd like ta talk to ya for a few minutes about diabeetus...
 grizzly: Bite my shiney metal ass!
Image 202825   09-11-17 1:56pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Bill Rye: @well duh it is the creepiest!!
 well duh: I have this on DVD, haven't been able to watch it for years, too damn creepy. And I don't even have kids.
 A duck: @Jeffrat: The Photo Guy!
 Shay: I want to say this started Robin Williams' steady descent into madness getting hooked on Neon Genesis Evangelion which ultimately brought him to his sad and untimely death.
 tib gubb: this is a dark road you are going down, my boy
 Jeffrat: Oh man it's uncle Sy!
 a robot: Super appropriate for kids.
Image 200130   08-28-17 7:59pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
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