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 jayjay's Aggro-Gator

 lecj07: Did he really have to break up the blazing death torch to hide it?
 barfolomew: Just a picture of an ordinary shrub. I don't get it.
Image 244521   04-26-18 5:40pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 depression: I agree with this @Not A Bot
 Not A Bot: Mr. Maymay Writer never cleaned out a forclosed house. You'd be AMAZED the personal shit I can squeeze from a box. The eveicted should be thankful I'm an honest joe (who has NO plans for going to jail).
 Christina: Ha-ha.
Image 243961   04-23-18 08:26am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 dangerkeith3000: @Himesama Damn! Beat me to it!
 Himesama: Battle Toads
 funny in the wall: Pubescent frogs of invisible war
 tib gubb: roll for initiative
 Robespierre: Iz deez amphlibibious?
 ChubbyBuddy: Fight Frogs
 Kirtov: "It is decided then, the usurper toad must die. For frog freedom!"
Image 243533   04-20-18 5:40pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 dangerkeith3000: Maybe it makes up for his birthday being the Stoners' Holiday. 4/20 y'all!
Image 243512   04-20-18 2:58pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 apoxia: @jazzjunkie A short black is a shot, usually a long black is two with more water. Very occasionally it is called an Americano. The most common espresso coffee in New Zealand is a flat white. Basically one shot with aerated (but not fluffy milk).
 jazzjunkie: @apoxia @Dr Awkward Is "short black" literally a shot of espresso with nothing in it? Seems redundant to have its own name. (And any aeropress users out there? Stronger than French press, and no sludge at the bottom of your cup!)
 Dr Awkward: @apoxia My deepest apologies on behalf of the dumb fuck American server who thought that was espresso. The term "short blacks" hasn't stuck in the US, presumably because, uh, we have a pretty regrettable history with the term "blacks"
 Dr Awkward: @Sadbot Still hard to recreate good espresso at home, unless you got a real fancy setup. I generally don't pay for drip coffee at coffee shops
 VeeKay: Absolutely! Anyway, human resources need to have a wee chat with you this afternoon, so clear your diary for today.
 funny in the wall: @glenalec i wouldn't call myself a fan but it is a catchy tune
 addend: "If you can't make Pop Tarts..."
 Uncle Larry: @funny in the wall - Fortunately I'm not a big enough fan to have that tune on earworm.
 apoxia: @Sadbot Well I did say most, and I'd go for espresso over plunger (what we call French press). I have an espresso machine in my home but only make short blacks as they're the easiest (you probably don't call them that in the US?!?). I once ordered an espresso in a restaurant in the US and they gave me a coffee which was one of those sachets with milk powder and coffee and you mix with boiling water. You'd get hanged, drawn, and quartered if you did that in New Zealand. Why say espresso if you don't do it?
 Sadbot: @apoxia French press at home tastes better than the trendiest of coffee joints, I've found #NotAllAmericans
 apoxia: Some would suggest that most people in America can't make a decent cup of coffee (e.g. dripolator coffee is not good coffee)
 funny in the wall: @glenalec thanks, i'm now going to have the cantina song stuck in my head all day. i was going to type it out but i realized that the results could be any song
 tib gubb: animals
 gggina: Mos Eisley staff tea room.
Image 241786   04-10-18 01:38am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Derp Herpigan: A once in a lifetime photo, because those trucks are never ever ever getting back together.
 Minnesotan: each night inside the oculus rift
 Ulillillia: Shoot the gap. Shoot the gap!
 daver: Careful! They might break up. Then write a drippy song about it!
Image 241110   04-05-18 11:09pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Nothing: Sounds like something the white van I saw fleeing the crime would say
 Vorm Gongo: Excellent strategy
 Telkwa: Where is that large automobile? Am I right or am I wrong? My God, what have I done!
 Whatever: Those Men in Black are getting smarter all the time
Image 240780   04-03-18 11:07pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Mr. Shine: *end credits roll*
 Ulillillia: Cities:Skylines looking good
Image 239552   03-27-18 2:08pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Not A Bot: Blooper reel from Fantasia
Image 238631   03-21-18 10:37pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 beckybecky: @Mad Collager @Teechur @lecj07 @Hyphae [reluctant slow clap]
 Mad Collager: @Teechur Very nice!
 Mad Collager:
 Teechur: @Hyphae And this is a waist from treats *jiggles belly
 lecj07: @Hyphae and THIS is a waist of threes!*puts on a belt fashioned as a chain of number 3s*
 Hyphae: @Hyphae Waste knot want knot! *Pulls trash from a hollowed out knot of a tree, revealing a tied up rope*
 Hyphae: @Hyphae And THIS is a tree of wastes! *Pulls out tree diagram of trash and unusable by-products*
 Hyphae: @Yurishiro and THIS is a waist of a tree! *Pulls measuring tape around a trunk of a conveniently nearby tree*
 NonRhetorical: No this is a waste of trees.
 sparename: These are a rip-off
Image 238529   03-21-18 09:07am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 funny in the wall: No reason for wedges on the leg one. Those are not chiral carbons. But of course, people who think this kind of stuff is funny are shit chemists
 dangerkeith3000: Persistence is futile.
 Micro Jackson: Fuckin organics think they so funny
 Ulillillia: Bazinga
Image 236525   03-09-18 10:07am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 DrNinjaman: Phil...we need to talk.
Image 232387   02-14-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 kornisjon: I so hope that this is real. Another S on 'fatass' would have been perfection, because of a reason that I cannot explain, fatasss.
 Mr Bleak: @a robot Can I? Oh good: fuck. Fuck. Fuckety Fuck fuck von fuckfuck. Fuck. Thanks, I feel better now.
 Teechur: If you cut 4 in half. it's all good.
 Amy Housewine: That's some pretty heckin' ineffective censoring, anyway.
 addend: Mmm... Chick McNugges.
 Amy Housewine: heck
 a robot: You can say "fuck" here, it's ok
Image 231683   02-10-18 12:48pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Kaviri: Baby cucumbers.
 badger: Don't Just stare at it..
 dangerkeith3000: put em in your mouth
 Nope: Millipede pods
Image 230042   01-31-18 8:48pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 elmstreet: @Robespierre - reminds me of a stand up comic routine where he goes on about all the farmers driving around the countryside in hatchbacks "It's for when I go into the city."
 a sedated moose: @Robespierre Preach it.
 static xyz: @a sedated moose The ratio of shitheads driving lifted 4x4 pickups that have never and will never see dirt to normal people driving pickups for actually doing work around here is about 3-1.
 a sedated moose: @Robespierre not that this guy isn't at least a little dumb. Impressive, but dumb.
 a sedated moose: @Robespierre I'll take your word for it. I just get tired of seeing all those pictures of (and really seeing) trucks with racist/homophobic/xenophobic/Perl Horbor shit on them. I feel like it's easy to forget that not everyone who drives a pickup is an asshole or idiot or has little man syndrome.
 drhenry: @a sedated moose I thought today's term of art for such is "I'm a simple man."
 a sedated moose: Now *that's* a real truck. Not one of the damn driveway queens with douchey stickers on them. That truck's probably done more work than... Idunno, I drive a truck; I'm not a clever man.
 Frank herbert: You did promise to haul anything but dead bodies
 gggina: Suspension problems, dead ahead...
Image 229796   01-30-18 2:07pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 AlexDeLarge: What are you kids laughing at? And if you say "Jimmy Fallon", I'll know you're lying.
 itskando: This is meh.
 Sadbot: @SimonSaysGarfunkel I nearly gave Tina Fey a pass because whenever I caught Weekend Update his black hole of no comedic talent sucked up all her light. Glad someone got me to watch 30 Rock.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Im voting bad cause I hate Fallon. However that says hes good. But hes bad so...
 Ulillillia: Weekend Update sucks
Image 229478   01-28-18 6:27pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Nothing: Please don't post my picture without my permission
 prius: Is it madly bad, or badly mad? Whichever, it is clearly one to the 9 Gadgets Guaranteed To Change Your Life in 2018, I'll tell you hwut.
 fanny: rad i guess?
 ping: And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
 Off Topic: Just keep refreshing your screen.
 Surprising: Score:100 RAD BAD
 a robot: wut
 sparenamelaptopdied: I spilt vanishing cream on my screen
 Side Boob:
Image 228907   01-25-18 1:55pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
 Theimposter: As a part of the universe, I belong everywhere... which diffusion will more or less bring to pass, eventually.
 Hokie333: "You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. And whether you can hear it or not, The universe is laughing behind your back." --National Lampoon's "Deteriorata"
 grizzly: Come watch TV.
 Side Boob: Don't forget "Nothing matters!"
 tokyopig: Looks like someone needs a long talking to from Buckaroo Bonzai.
 earl: Promises, promises, I'll believe it when it happens.
Image 227521   01-18-18 03:47am     Uploaded by    jayjay
 jochenau: They had some "mystery flavor" Oreos recently, those things were horrific.
 forkbear: "Artificially flavoured"?
 Prostata: instructions unclear: laundry ruined
 Science: @Jabberwikket: It's a dessert topping, you cow!
 Side Boob: Natural selection at work
 Jabberwikket: "Its a floor wax" "No its a dessert topping"
 zoe: Not limited enough
Image 227128   01-16-18 03:04am     Uploaded by    jayjay
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Image 226802   01-14-18 1:27pm     Uploaded by    jayjay
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