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 ignatz's Aggro-Gator

 bug: When you can't decide if you want to take notes or kill vampires.
Image 197868   08-17-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob A sled would work better than a wagon, and not run him over so easily either.
 Mr Shifty: Todays weirdo item
 sparename: For when running nowhere quickly isn't quite pointless enough...
 Gluten Fee: I've heard of parachute pants, but this is ridiculous!
 Mern Trulbo: Methinks they need to kick it up a notch ... or five. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM!!!
 piranharama: "Hot girl to drop a pick-up line on! Deploy braking 'chutes!" *screeeeeeeeeech*
 Science: Fartcatchers
 grizzly: Just getting ready for that Frieza battle.
 Wet farts: You're the wind in my sails.
 tib gubb: oh, big hero has to pull both parachutes.
 Side Boob: Also what happens if he catches a gust of wind?
 Side Boob: He could just pull a fat person in a wagon. I know I'd volunteer!
Image 197506   08-15-17 2:47pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Horatio: @Dr Awkward I got an A+ for it.
 myrealname: @Horatio Did you with the green ribbon for your efforts?
 Horatio: @Dr Awkward I did my 7th grade science fair project on this.
 blue shoes: This is actually a psychological test that is used to evaluate cognitive function in different circumstances. I saw a video of a climber at the highest base camp of Everest doing this and he was WAY worse than a sea level.
 Knice: The word-swaps are just out of hand at this point.
Image 195337   08-04-17 2:26pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 cj22: @ignatz this is why they hate us
 jazzjunkie: @ignatz It appears you've found a new substitution! :-p
 NotHuman: Oops
 happier: @piranharama Like - Click this link to Add this page to your bookmarks Share - Click this link to Share this page through email or social media Print - Click this link to Print this page Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, wherein all US expats have to file a tax return, even if like me they haven't lived in the US since the age of 7
 piranharama: @Eleftheros Ah thanks for that, cleared it right up.
 Eleftheros: @piranharama Friendly Beaches Trounce Cats Always
 piranharama: Uh, little help spaceship? I'm having the dumbs.
 jazzjunkie: Lots of license plates, lately...
Image 194440   07-30-17 11:31pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Air Biscuit: D WHAT YOU'RE
 Not A Bot: Fellow old person trap sprung!
 Eleftheros: Your money apologetics won't save you
 Derp Herpigan: @WaffleIron a toll of 5 pounds?
 WaffleIron: Brexit takes its toll.
Image 194185   07-29-17 5:54pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 JacksThirdEye: Black & White 3 looking good
 agger gater: God just dropped by to say hey, hows it goin
 Suburbanmom: majestic af!
 Ihminen: @Staida Shut the fuck up about moonemen!
 Staida: Goodbyeeeeee Mooooon Meeeeeennn
Image 186219   06-19-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Demon Universe: Also, you just have to hope for the best with the grammar/spelling corrections of my phone.
 Demon Universe: @Judge Bread Its one of the many reasons That 50% of restarurants fail, sadly. Another reason is some ****ty *** frozen cakes. Looks like this awful Pepperidge Farms ones. You have to choke those down.
 RainbowTornado: @Judge Bread it is! :)
 Judge Bread: Must be nice to work in a restaurant that gives zero shits about food cost.
 Coolguy: Need to finish one car then I'll send them over
 Mr. Butt: lousy mooching waiters
Image 183406   06-05-17 11:09am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 addend: Tasty dog hot.
 Teechur: If all we can see is her, WHAT'S GOING ON BEHIND HER?
 Mexico: I want a picture of her and the Magic: The Gathering guy. It'd a match made in heaven, or possibly even hell!
 Knice: Well, I laughed.
 Gomi Day: no. :
 waxymom: STOP THIS
Image 182889   06-02-17 7:47pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Scoo: Brixton's Only Skateshop
 Micro Jackson: I's the worst
 chhumphrey: Never heard of the term "skating the web"
 WaffleIron: This almost looks like a bottle of beer.
Image 178018   05-09-17 1:09pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Christina: Came for the iron, but got overdosed.
 apoxia: Much better than bugs on a stake.
 phil: Whelk I'll be damned...
 fanny: ew and cool.
 tokyopig: pale snails on rails.
Image 169350   03-24-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Mr Bleak: New series of Top Gear looking low budget. Again.
 Air Biscuit: @tokyopig DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!
 DarkTeddy: Anybody wanna define what abstraction means
 tokyopig: Its not so much a convertible as it an adorable. But seriously no you can't drive it on the highway.
Image 167566   03-14-17 9:47pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Suburbanmom: I am struggling to understand this...
 XLY: The one by the lime just moved a little
 Hosebag: @Albatross I'm absolutely stuffed, fuck off.
 werterland: GROSS. I asked for a lemon, and they gave me a damn lime.
 Albatross: Ahh now monsieur would you care for a wafer thin ant?
 Lestrange: Awww hell naw.
 Zampano: Can i get the name of this restaurant so i can stay as far away from it as earthly possible?
 Noremak: @sparename "Would you like some fresh ground pepper to go wih it?"
 sparename: "Waiter, what can you do about the fly in my soup?"
Image 162425   02-15-17 5:26pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 WaffleIron: I think I have the bottom survey meter, I should post a picture.
 luxbu: @PenguinBartender @msmstud @Knice Actually think I've been had, can't re-find the image but seems most meters say 'Circuit Check' above 3.5 R/hr. I shall be more rigorous in future.. :)
 Knice: @ignatz Ah, hell. We gotta stay together for the pengies. @PenguinBartender
 msmstud: @PenguinBartender @Knice @ignatz -- The power plant debacle didn't occur to me; I was cringing at a Hiroshima/Nagasaki joke.
 PenguinBartender: @Knice @ignatz STOP FIGHTING, I HATE IT WHEN YOU TWO FIGHT *sobs*
 Knice: @ignatz My bad; please accept my apologies.
 Youll Cowards: @Knice meant Japan is Rad is all. No Fukushima gag intended
 Sydney: Rad? Check plus.
 LKoroton: I get milirads per day
 tib gubb: probably the thing that annoys me most when clueless people talk about it.
 Knice: *Makes assumption; is wrong*
 Fancy Clown: It is pretty rad alright
Image 162161   02-14-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 ping: Ooh, pretty.
 XLY: This is how coke looks in my ocd fueled nightmares where i can never tell where the line starts
 San DoDo: @Dresdenkeogh that's no one million moons..
 Dresdenkeogh: @San DoDo one million moons?
 jochenau: I remember this screensaver!
 San DoDo: One million Death stars
Image 158249   01-24-17 5:26pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 petepuma: those guys on the building are going to catch him
 ping: Took me a while to notice the surfer.
 LaeMi: Hahahahahahahaha. Wipeout!
 Headoftheclass: I have dreams of this.
 San DoDo: You go Bodhi
 Lestrange: He ded
 Annoying Vegan : I have nightmares like this
Image 158243   01-24-17 4:54pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Lestrange: Dolphins
 Dreforian: @Scoo Actually a rare photo of the elusive freshwater sailshark!
 jazzjunkie: It's not even a sailboat, though! Some sort of floating cube... But it's hard to discern more than that because someone put a schooner in the way.
 Jabberwikket: Oh look, a skull splitting headache !
 DarkTeddy: If you put ur phone right up to your face the sail boats disappear
 Dreforian: The real trick here is if you cross your eyes and shift focus just right... You can see THREE sailboats!
 fanny: I've never been able to see these! this is awesome!
 Scoo: It's a Schooner!
 Butcherboy: I see it. I see the sail boat
 Mr. Butt: And if I were a dad, I'd say it rocks.
 Mr. Butt: That is fucking amazing.
Image 156185   01-13-17 6:54pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 thecraftywolf: how the hell did this get past image bot
 jochenau: Behold the rise of my new anti-alias, UANEHCOJ!
 AverageJoe: That anti-aliasing...
 Cami: We are on the cutting edge of 1975.
 Frank herbert: 150x50
 petepuma: Shiver me dithers!
 ClockworkJackalope: I hate bad resolutions
Image 154360   01-04-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 WTF: @AverageJoe Can we trade a few of these guys for a first-round draft pick?
 AverageJoe: yeah! SPORTS!
Image 145571   11-21-16 02:54am     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Bluetocracy: the perfect engagement ring
 scribbs: I have that every morning, and drink my coffee out of a Klein bottle.
 Yttermayn : Mobius' infinite bacon.
 Druman9991: This looks like bacon and now I'm hungry
 petepuma: mo(umlaut)bacon
 Knice: It looks like an arterial cross-section. That's poetic.
 LaeMi: The circle of life.
 WaffleIron: Mobelicius strip.
Image 144662   11-16-16 3:26pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Teechur: Frida Katlo with Doggo Rivera on her forehead.
 Niels Bohr: Also, rad.
 Niels Bohr: wow, that was fast. Every time I try something like this it gets rejected as a classic.
 Kohapi: Chimera!!!
Image 141650   11-01-16 9:14pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
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