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 hajjpodge's Aggro-Gator

 hajjpodge: @Zukero @PenguinBartender @DarkTeddy Then that's news to me.
 Felicity: OK
 DarkTeddy: Yep yep same here. Cant remember the last time I defragged. Maybe 7 years ago? @hajjpodge @Zukero
 PenguinBartender: @Zukero Never underestimate the placebo effect (e.g. people who swear their car runs better after a car wash).
 Zukero: @hajjpodge Nope. Modern NTFS versions benefits very little from defrag (since Win7), and no use at all when on an SSD. I have a laptop with a 7 y.o. Win7 install. Never formatted, never defragged, nothing. Running super smooth, and that's a 5400 RPM HDD.
 hajjpodge: @DarkTeddy Don't do it for two years and I guarantee you that it will need to be defragmented.
 DarkTeddy: Antivirus is for chumps. And Windows 8 and up doesnt realy need to be defragmented. @hajjpodge
 hajjpodge: For context: A coworker asked me to help with his laptop because it's running slow. Aside from NEVER having run Disk Cleanup in about 2 years since he bought this laptop, he has also never defragmented his drives or bought an actual Anti-Virus. The real kicker is that he only has a 500Gb hard drive. It has taken me over 16 hours to wait for Disk Cleanup to delete anything and it still is not finished. It's barely 20%.
 Urn BooUrn: Did a picture get Freddied?
 tib gubb: as an experience it really sucks you in, but not in a good way.
 El hefe: More like not so temporary files
 Not A Bot: quit posting pictures of topless girls. adult women are fine though.
Image 205563   09-25-17 08:47am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Haute and sweaty: No, I swear! The wildlife loves it when I dress them up!
 Yurishiro: I don't think I can survive this amount of cute
 Robespierre: In mufti - that sure doesn't look like an old gum tree to me.
Image 204802   09-21-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 XLY: you have got to be fucking kidding me
 Felicity: Its eyes in the second panel are a little frightening
 Meow: kitty approves
 Robespierre: It's Shake 'N' Bake, hoomin - and I helped!
 jochenau: CMETAHA
 Zampano: Heavy breathing
Image 204788   09-21-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Sadbot: @hajjpodge Too late, sucker #204853 #204855
 hajjpodge: @Sadbot Don't you dare threaten me with a good time.
 Mr. Shine: Ugh.
 Air Biscuit: I was attacking someones gates with the hoard.
 Haute and sweaty: I was having premarital sex.
 NoRagrets: Well I mastered the block chain.
 Sadbot: If we're going this route, prepare for Chapo fanart
 WaffleIron: We've come full circle so many times I can no longer tell parody from reality. Rad.
 Felicity: Cenk Uygur is rad
 lizzz: Huh.
Image 204779   09-21-17 10:09am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Robespierre: On vacation, Jezza? Drop on by!
 Dr Awkward: @ChubbyBuddy Thanks for the info! Know the name, not the face
 ChubbyBuddy: @Dr Awkward Jeremy Corbyn, the Absolute Boy. I would say that he's the UK's Bernie Sanders but he makes Bernie Sanders look like Chuck Schumer.
 Dr Awkward: Who dat?
Image 204598   09-20-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 trelyate: Four Kittens of the Apocalypse?
 Ulillillia: @Dr Awkward Don't worry, kitty still has six lives left to go.
 Dr Awkward: This shouldn't make me as sad as it does.
Image 201428   09-04-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 tib gubb: truly a king among men
 Aufziehvogel: And then? And then? Andthenandthenandthenandthen?
 Hosebag: @Ulillillia Huh... French Flies. That would be cool.
 Ulillillia: What? Um, heh, would you like some fries with that? Heh m heh heh
 Ihminen: uhhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu cool!
 Mr. Butt: You rang?
Image 201413   09-04-17 10:09am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
Image IRQ   08-28-17 5:09pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Robespierre: Looks more like a Chav Insurrection to me.
 Christina: Chad is one of the poorest countries of the world.
 Yam: I'm pretty sure that's Birdie circa Street Fighter (the first one)
 SomeCanadian: I wouldn't have expected this in Belgium.
 WaffleIron: That's a haircut I'd vote for.
Image 193924   07-28-17 11:31am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 ch: "Dude did you see that gnarly half-jump I blew out with Pogoee2079 in the China? DISRESPECTED"
 ch: Guinness Book of World Records World Record Holding Record: Most World's Most Important Cultural Landmarks Of Some Significance Disrespected Via Pogo-Like Semi-Transportation Device 2013
 grizzly: Then he died.
 Staida: Tony Hawk Pro Pogo
 VoR: Go go gadget pogo
Image 186227   06-19-17 4:03pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 hajjpodge: @Skaalar, No.
 Prostata: that "viral" marketing
 Skaalar: Stop thinking about them.
 Horatio: Fabalous
 Peter Pantsless: Thos beans are a part of life
 Felicity: Leslie Nielsen
Image 185297   06-14-17 9:03pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Niels Bohr: Some pets are too big to flush.
 wolfpk: Sometimes it is best just not to ask.
 ping: Well there's ya problem.
 ignatz: This is precisely why I stand on the seat ..
 Volwen: You should've known the gerbil would come back out eventually
 piranharama: What did you eat???
 White Rice: Shitters full.
 tib gubb: that's real greasy
Image 181890   05-29-17 01:47am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
Image HLP   05-27-17 11:45pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 DimwaldtThrockmorton: What breed is that?
 jazzjunkie: Doog bites kan be pretty nasti
 Felicity: That horse has too many legs
 enfanta: The sign us accurate: the moose's name is Dog.
 Teechur: @Teechur vvv she
 Teechur: He doesn't barke. He moose.
 dangerkeith3000: *theme from Northern Exposure plays*
 Sage: Disregard sign, run from the moose.
 Mad Collager: I bet he can run really fast!
 Scoo: Your dog looks moose
 Nopetology: I'm not sure the sign is necessary- that's one scary looking dog.
Image 181646   05-27-17 10:03pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 sparename: "Are you, in fact, the exact same shit in an altogether different bucket?"
 scribbs: Marx treated the production function as linear and came to the conclusion that anybody who uses their resources to produce goods necessarily exploits those they employ to help. But the function is concave; it's a calculus problem and cannot be addressed with arithmetic; i.e., communism is bad in practice and theory :-)
 dangerkeith3000: This is stupid and I feel dumber for looking at it.
 ASTER: Look at me, I subscribe to an ethos whole-cloth.
 A duck: @Mr. Shine: Oooooooooooh! Economic system fiiiiiight!!!
 Ulillillia: Comrade hajjpodge to the rescue once again!
 Mr. Shine: Why is he asking a Communist that question?
Image 181462   05-26-17 11:03pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 kazzy94: @hajjpodge Keep up the good work, I am especially pissed about capitalism today.
 hajjpodge: Also, we're beheading the rich, comrade @Demon Universe.
 hajjpodge: A "kill the rich" post was badded into oblivion so I kind of posted more anti-capitalist shit because of that @kazzy94
 Demon Universe: Wait, are we killing the guy who wants to tax the rich or are we killing the rich?
 kazzy94: I probably have really similar political views as hajjpodge, but I don't come here for leftbook memes...
 Micro Jackson: Head tax
 SgtScaredFrog: I'm starting to see a theme, @hajjpodge
Image 181337   05-26-17 12:26pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Wet farts: @Nopetology I stand corrected. Excellent eye. I just saw that AK mag and didn't bother to look at much else. Here I am thinking I know my guns. I have some reading to do lol.
 Nopetology: @Wet farts It's a Hungarian AMD-65. Aside from the longer barrel needed to comply with US regulations which require a 16" minimum barrel length, this is exactly how the factory made them.
 Wet farts: Kalashnikov is rolling in his grave from that tacked out AK
 ThatGuy: Will will them of our peaceful ways... BY FORCE!
 Micro Jackson: Fear is the basis of racism
 Sadbot: @Ulillillia Montana and Wyoming are the only states I've seen billboards urging people not to hit their wives and girlfriends. They see a kindred soul in anyone who is abusive and violent.
 FatTigerWoods: Racists are always afraid
 Ulillillia: Also you can body slam a reporter and be elected to Congress.
 SomeCanadian: Violence is bad. Unless you're punching Richard Spencer.
Image 181334   05-26-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 hajjpodge: The only thing funny about Capitalism are the trash cans who defend it. @Shay
Image 181192   05-25-17 6:26pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 Prostata: yeah looks totally legit
 Shay: Hey kid, wanna buy some rare candy?
 San DoDo: 911 what's your emergency?
 bug: *throws CPS ball*
 Meow: Run kid RUN!
 responsibleadult: Pokemon GO take a bath
 Scoo: Creepachu
Image 181159   05-25-17 3:47pm     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 kinggheedra: This is part of the arrangement.
 wolfpk: That would be the equivalent of holding her by her right leg.
 SomeCanadian: One of these will get you mauled. Well, both if you're dynamic enough.
Image 181111   05-25-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    hajjpodge
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