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 grizzly's Aggro-Gator

 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 MasterTwig: Wanna boop dat snoot
Image 234162   02-23-18 10:37pm   Views: 53030   Uploaded by    Spray Tan
 glenalec: What a pushover!
 Robespierre: A peek into The Unknown
 Volwen: Explain THIS flat earthers
 Peter Pantsless: When you've messed up bad enough that a carpet isn't big enough to sweep it under
 Korrok: Neat....
Image 234165   02-23-18 10:47pm   Views: 51910   Uploaded by    minimum max
 Felicity: Could be Goodies licorice
 Greifer: dj hogans party supplie
 Iahveh: Mike and Vikes
 Robespierre: Pill me, baby; pill me all night long.
 Whatever: Well, Ive finally got all grandmas pills sorted out for her breakfast dose... now to get the lunch bag dose assembled
 charlemagne: who wants to play pac man with me
Image 234166   02-23-18 10:54pm   Views: 50712   Uploaded by    Vault Dweller
 Side Boob: The Korean guy is lying :P
 ping: Touche.
 Ulillillia: Last guy doesn't speak Scottish
 jochenau: That's Samsung, not Nintendo.
 DrinkMixMan: but you just... nevermind
Image 234178   02-24-18 12:03pm   Views: 33064   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 redmonkey3: ... meanwhile @ the Nerdtel
 addend: @a robot (Takes tray into bathtub.)
 a robot: Radvoting simply because this is so pleasing after the horror seen above
Image 234179   02-24-18 12:07pm   Views: 35914   Uploaded by    1979
 redmonkey3: "The mob of cross dressing neck-beards did frighten the Lord" Monkey 12:34
 hajjpodge: @Derp Herpigan I was spoiled. I started with New Vegas so I couldn't go back to that clunky gameplay.
 Felicity: Always a risky proposition. Tell the truth tactfully or be hated
 Derp Herpigan: @hajjpodge B-but, Obsidian came from Black Isle which created Fallout 2...
 hajjpodge: Agreed except I didn't like Fallout 2 either. Obsidian did a phenomenal job.
 ignatz: @tib gubb You're a Very Naughty Boy!
 tib gubb: had this very conversation in a bar
Image 234184   02-24-18 12:47pm   Views: 32182   Uploaded by    Morn Bumbies
 grizzly: @Ulillillia this is a picture of impending tsunami doom.
 tib gubb: that's right pretty, that is
 Ulillillia: Curvature of the Earth
Image 234185   02-24-18 12:54pm   Views: 32177   Uploaded by    TheTakeDown
 Mr. Shine: "Only 12 more hours, and we get our daily meal, 1/4 cup of uncooked millet."
 addend: kimjongunicycles
 ignatz: Levicycle
 tib gubb: showoff
 Ulillillia: @kimjongun You should have the kids take up hockey, the Olympic field in that sport has become very competitive
 kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.
Image 234186   02-24-18 01:01am   Views: 32598   Uploaded by    kimjongun
 Greek Fire: @Beef Supreme Gen X raised them.
 Lantry: @Beef Supreme haha that's some funny satire
 Beef Supreme: Your older brothers and sisters are weak, anxiety riddled, coddled wimps that require a safe space whenever they have an accidental brush with reality. Your batch will be weaker than that. Wait until the Boomers make room, then gen x will do the heavy lifting.
 john dough: Your generatuo
 TurkeyVulture: Unattended children will be sold.
Image 234189   02-24-18 01:26am   Views: 32068   Uploaded by    inthrees
 glenalec: If that lasts more than 4 hours, you best see a doc-master.
 Mr. Shine: The little man in the boat.
Image 234190   02-24-18 01:37am   Views: 34075   Uploaded by    courtney
 grizzly: @ping I love the people on this website!
 ping: @grizzly I was five seconds away from posting the exact same thing.
 ping: @Annoying Vegan I try always to look on the bright side of life.
 grizzly: @Annoying Vegan You see, we lease this back from the company we sold it to, and that way, it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account.
 Annoying Vegan : @ping Is it the machine that goes ping? I hear its the most expensive machine in the whole hospital.
 well duh: Approved by the Toastmaster General
 Amy Housewine: @ping Fairly good username/comment synergy.
 ping: *PING!*
Image 234198   02-24-18 02:47am   Views: 29872   Uploaded by    highdra
 jochenau: He looks profoundly unwell, is he overheating from MDMA?
 addend: It's from his MySpace page.
Image 234199   02-24-18 02:54am   Views: 29796   Uploaded by    bigjim
 Annoying Vegan : I wanna kiss yer nose, Hazel!
 hajjpodge: So this is why the Queen has so many corgis.
 Amy Housewine: I sent my bofktler for tea.
Image 234201   02-24-18 03:07am   Views: 33135   Uploaded by    TheTakeDown
 Uncle Phil: The right way is to make someone else do it.
 well duh: But seriously folks, the person who came up with the concept on the left never had to lift a heavy object in their life, or ever tried to do what they're proposing be done by the suggested method. The "safety director" at my shop is a great example.
 Mr. Shine: Speaking as as person who got a portion of his spine crushed at work while moving some copiers, sometimes there IS no right way.
 Teechur: I always lift with my back so I don't hurt my knees. It's expensive to get those replaced.
 Whatever: This message endorsed by GOP thinking
 ignatz: You wanna keep your legs right out of it, use your back with a twisting jerking motion
Image 234205   02-24-18 03:47am   Views: 29220   Uploaded by    DerMantis
 BavidDowie: Chikn Melon Soup
 grizzly: I have those bowls!
 Teechur: I remember using that same Corelle pattern bowl 35 years ago!
 Whatever: This one great trick will save water and reduce the number of dishes you have to wash
Image 234207   02-24-18 04:26am   Views: 29694   Uploaded by    HighCactus
 Greifer: the head of the vader-mechwarrior
 tib gubb: and this is what it sounds like to die in the 21st century
 Teechur: *Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer theme intensifies*
 WTF: Never skip keel day.
Image 234217   02-24-18 06:47am   Views: 27799   Uploaded by    ping
 trelyate: fuck you, I'm FABULOUS!
 Not A Bot: They see me rollin...
 VeeKay: Spronk
 Amy Housewine: Majestic as fawn.
 Yurishiro: Is that an Angel?
 Robespierre: @hajjpodge Billy Joel is not MY lover
 wolfpk: 10 point landing
 hajjpodge: Billie Jean is not my lover
Image 234220   02-24-18 07:31am   Views: 28644   Uploaded by    Warrax
 BavidDowie: Aspen is full of fake ones
 tib gubb: we have different taste in friends, then
 glenalec: Unless they are 'backdoor friends' which are the best!
 Scoo: If they don't, you've got a keeper!
 barfolomew: Well... Honestly, depends on the kind of friend.
 Derp Herpigan: And it's difficult to drive when they're piled up in the road.
Image 234233   02-24-18 09:47am   Views: 28124   Uploaded by    professional
 BavidDowie: Would you rather be attacked by two dog-sized deer or one deer-sized dog?
 Robespierre: R u mI mommer?
 Amy Housewine: * CHOMP *
 Scoo: y r u so smol? i am fawners
Image 234234   02-24-18 10:08am   Views: 30845   Uploaded by    goldman sachs
 glenalec: I wanna rock!
 DrinkMixMan: The gun is good! The peepee is evil!
 piranharama: The gun is good! The penis is evil!
 tib gubb: 90's games be like
 Scoo: I hated these dudes in Mario
 Felicity: An appropriate age for the diaper in Zardoz
Image 234136   02-23-18 7:47pm   Views: 53144   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
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