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 grizzly's Aggro-Gator

 WTF: Miss, I'm going to have to cut you off. I think I'm drunk.
 Himesama: That drunk
Image 216421   11-20-17 3:54pm   Views: 57367   Uploaded by    camellia
 t48: 200% awesome.
 Greifer: shit is made of 200% plastic
 petepuma: @KickassHellyeah I hope immigrants wear it for exactly that reason
 ASTER: @KickassHellyeah The problem is aggressive nationalism.
 Murdertaco: I have a problem with people being excited to be from a specific place. That's retarded.
 Ulillillia: 'Merica prefecture
 KickassHellyeah: I don't see a problem. The person wearing the hat was made in America, the hat wasn't.
Image 216426   11-20-17 4:21pm   Views: 55821   Uploaded by    Handyman
 Air Biscuit: I never liked that "somebody that i used to know" song.
 Shay: So what should I go for: spicy or honey BBQ wings at KFC?
 Haute and sweaty: The canvas was free, a gift her mother gave to me.
 apoxia: Nicely done
 Teechur: That is seriously awesome! Wow!
 Robespierre: Picass-ette
Image 216427   11-20-17 4:26pm   Views: 57629   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Larry Xmas: wow @Yam
 Yam: Best seat-mate ever! Farts and snores less than average.
Image 216428   11-20-17 4:31pm   Views: 56751   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 raditzu: Proud parents with a minor. He'll drink a lot of gasoline and will grow up to become a Dodge Ram someday.
 apoxia: This is what New Zealand cars look like compared to American cars.
 kazzy94: I love VW rabbit trucks. They were cool and diesel ones got like 40+ miles per gallon
 Knice: @Minnesotan Driveway Queens is a pretty solid band name :-D
 Cami: Someone isn't compensating.
 Minnesotan: and it's probably hauled more and worked harder than the shiny driveway queens beside it
 phailsauce: your license plate makes it even better.
Image 216415   11-20-17 3:21pm   Views: 57555   Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 zrj235: shark is gonna be pissed off when he sees u jacked his whip
 Air Biscuit: Jawsome!
 square44: "killer" whale
 flying sheep: whale, they do now.
Image 216300   11-19-17 10:26pm   Views: 82440   Uploaded by    digabigpig
 VoR: Otter bemusement
Image 216324   11-20-17 01:03am   Views: 64582   Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 dangerkeith3000: What a way to go.
Image 216329   11-20-17 01:47am   Views: 64757   Uploaded by    metallica
 Robespierre: Mice LOVE cheese ... cake.
 dangerkeith3000: Shave it and eat it.
 Teechur: @forkbear Great movie! It actually got my picky eater of a son to try veggies!
 TheFrogMan: I wanna poke that belly
 forkbear: Can it cook though?
 Toasted Taco Brunchito: My friend had a pet rat. It was huge and really ratty looking. Not cute like this guy. Anyways, this rat knew his name and was kinda trained. He went everywhere with my friend. He came when his name was called and never ran away even when we were outside. He was a cool rat.
Image 216352   11-20-17 06:47am   Views: 60793   Uploaded by    Frum Temps
 Hosebag: "Proceed three hundred feet to the sink-hole"
 VeeKay: At some point you just have to be aware of whats going on just in front of you, but not in this case.
 Aufziehvogel: "Oh, a nickel!"
 wolfpk: I wonder how a self driving car would have handled this?
 sparenamelaptopdied: Golf in the water feature
 petepuma: now, back up just a little bit
 Winterneuro: Throw me the idol! Ill throw you the whip!
Image 216397   11-20-17 1:31pm   Views: 58682   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 UltraBeverly: Even sankes love the smooth, fresh flavor of Kool brand cigarettes!
 sparenamelaptopdied: Not quite a Dodge Viper, more like a Selfie Cobra
 Jabberwikket: Oh look, the new episode of Snek Trek is online
 Micro Jackson: Got that snake-charming app
 fanny: it's not often that your final selfie can also double as your obit pic
Image 216399   11-20-17 1:47pm   Views: 59554   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 piranharama: Mt. Sploosh, to combo those
 Wooden Spoon: Mt. Moses.
 UnknownSample: Sploosh.
Image 216402   11-20-17 2:03pm   Views: 58315   Uploaded by    happier
 Yam: @nimbus What kind of monster would be upset about this mix up?
 wolfpk: Cute honeymoon photo
 originaluser: what happened? there was a sheep? you went to a sheep cafe and you saw a sheep? cool
 nimbus: Dammit Siri, I said a cheap cafe
Image 216403   11-20-17 2:07pm   Views: 66364   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
 some guy : Wood'nt this splinter your rotors?
 Beef Supreme: Missing: the 10-inch C-clamp and a wire hanger for the caliper.
 Hokie333: "Organic" brake pads.
 sparename: Hopefully this is just to stop him losing his piston/getting air in the system/stretching the piston-boot while he waits for new pads... or it's a way of making fire. That disc is probably screwed now, anyway
 El hefe: When woodshop and auto shop have the same teacher
Image 216235   11-19-17 3:54pm   Views: 86450   Uploaded by    winwolf
 pusha p: I looked.
 FunkyDrunk: Hello again, Phteven.
 Mr. Skeltal: ... "My Dog Is Amazing" ...
Image 216236   11-19-17 3:58pm   Views: 83386   Uploaded by    daver
 Dresdenkeogh: Eat of this bork it is my bork
 DrinkMixMan: Beffure-a zee-a ruoster cruos tudey, yuou vill deesuon me-a three-a times. Bork bork bork!
Image 216239   11-19-17 4:09pm   Views: 97570   Uploaded by    winwolf
 Felicity: My first cat liked pasta
 Dominus Umbrae: Ravioli! Ravioli! Give me the formulioli!
 happier: A girl I dated for a while loved shoving ravioli in her beautiful people.
Image 216255   11-19-17 5:54pm   Views: 82123   Uploaded by    NoOneImportant
 Bagels: Is there really a dog under all that floof?
 Prostata: I don't know what that is but it's hella floofy
Image 216275   11-19-17 7:54pm   Views: 83568   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 wolfpk: That is why you always check your shoes before you put them on.
 Derp Herpigan: Are those Pumas?
 eider: Looks like somebody needs a new pair of kitten beds.
 sparename: Hush Kitties
 crazyfingers: New nickname, Stinky.
 Toasted Taco Brunchito: That could have turned out a lot worse.
 Wolfy21: That's the only beautiful people in history that has ever been attracted to those horrible DC shoes. I see your friend is also wearing plaid shorts and has a tribal tattoo. Probably has on a tap out shirt and wears white sunglasses too.
Image 216174   11-19-17 07:47am   Views: 92035   Uploaded by    Rembo Rompus
 Annoying Vegan : What do you normally do when Im gone?
 tib gubb: still a good dog
 The Bees: "I ate some poop, and to be totally honest I'm a little unsure of how this paper works"
 skylark: Wait til you see what he did in the bedroom. Poor Fluffers was just trying to clean up.
 Hungy Dingus: Your home is beautiful and your dog is lovely.
 johnnyc: "Would you believe the cat did it?"
Image 216177   11-19-17 08:31am   Views: 89901   Uploaded by    space
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