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 grizzly's Aggro-Gator

 addend: Bet they both see a cat.
 Mad Collager: @Warrax Well, she does at least have a pug nose.
 Peter Pantsless: Cute rad
 Warrax: Your puppy doesn't look much like you.
Image 221206   12-15-17 9:31pm   Views: 25216   Uploaded by    sassysass
 Spazstatic: My wife had a grandfather who looked like Danny Trejo. Every time I see a photo of him I say "Machete"
 Back Door Dan: He couldn't have used a machete to make those. It would flatten the bread.
 habbekratz: This is the second time I've seen Danny Trejo's head on a tortoise shell.
Image 221010   12-14-17 8:54pm   Views: 53660   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 eider: don't stand on drains ya doofus!
 Yurishiro: Indeed, who else would use a fucking spaceship-silver nail polish?!
 Teechur: Find another one and then you'll have a pair of sensible shoes.
 addend: Well this is just grate.
 zrj235: @WaffleIron CLINK clop CLINK clop CLINK clop "oh hey is that a bathroom floor drain stuck to your foot or are you just happy to see me?"
 bug: Upgrade. Now it's easier to walk.
 Dr. Bathroom: The venue for this formal affair has a drainage problem.
 WaffleIron: Those aren't cheap, take it with you.
Image 221027   12-14-17 10:38pm   Views: 57219   Uploaded by    wordjones
 kazzy94: *throws out small rock*
 addend: *swish* *swish*...
Image 221046   12-15-17 12:46pm   Views: 36427   Uploaded by    flommmm
 duckfarts: where you putting that other hand and is it cold
Image 221055   12-15-17 01:54am   Views: 32204   Uploaded by    Mustyrats
 zrj235: @Bad Dad Their beaks are curved like that for the same reason that wild flamingos are pink, but captive-raised flamingos are white.
 miller: The refraction of light underwater always amazes me
 Jak: Did I say you could post my picture?
 Bad Dad: And now I understand why their beaks are curved like that.
Image 221056   12-15-17 02:03am   Views: 32563   Uploaded by    ColdHotCool
 BlarfyB: One weird trick - carpenter's hate it!
 addend: The No. 2 train.
 raditzu: i call it "having too much time"
 blendedtwice: Is it any wonder I've got Tooo much time on my hands Ticking awaay with my sanity
 San DoDo: This will come to an abrupt end
 Teechur: Extra credit if you can make the choo-choo go.
 duckfarts: your art is a success even though you failed your scantron test
Image 221061   12-15-17 02:54am   Views: 31367   Uploaded by    apoxia
 Robespierre: Echidna's arf of you too, buddy.
 White Rice: Echidnas are weird little animals. Kinda cute in an alien way. I mean, who would have thought of combining an anteater & a porcupine? Nature be crazy.
 Korrok: Korrok approves....
 Yurishiro: MBleh!
Image 221062   12-15-17 03:03am   Views: 29391   Uploaded by    apoxia
 Not A Bot: Dammit Dominic, this is way worse than a spicy keychain!
 blendedtwice: Slept outside Rockefeller Center in the middle of winter to get tickets to his first SNL guest appearance.
 Rev80: Galifianakis don't give a galifiafukis.
 Side Boob: OP success, Zach. OP success.
Image 221063   12-15-17 03:07am   Views: 28569   Uploaded by    huskyboy
 Yurishiro: Your lyin!
 Rev80: Cheetara will be dancing on the ceiling when she sees this..
 Rhombo Dimple: Thunder. Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats, HELLLOOOOOO!!!
 Punt Numbles: Snarf you, Snarf me.
 entropy: Hello, it was you I was looking for.
Image 221068   12-15-17 04:26am   Views: 29394   Uploaded by    Fursona
 Prostata: MUSTARD?!
 Whatever: This is dinner. You should've seen the great costume his pal Lunch was wearing, but....
 Sandor: That bunny is the wurst
 Yurishiro: Buns Bunny.
Image 221073   12-15-17 05:42am   Views: 29801   Uploaded by    Jolly Well
 jochenau: @addend Ah good call.
 Flarmie: @cenecia Damn, I wish my name was Larry or Isaac. Instead I have to figure out what to do with that T monstrosity.
 addend: @jochenau The axis of rotation is the left edge.
 jochenau: I think you did J wrong...
 cenecia: Your buttplug is assigned to you by the first letter of your name.
 Rev80: Most tedious substitution code ever..
Image 221077   12-15-17 06:47am   Views: 28422   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 Air Biscuit: So thats what snoop dogg font looks like.
 depression: I thought he was Snoop Lion now...not Dogg
 Peter Pantsless: Everything in LIFE is Snoop Dogg
 cran vodka: Is the text snoop dog?
 parrotsnest: Haters gun hate. Repizzle or not its the first time i have seen it... and if i saw it 30 more times i would laugh just as heard atleast the first 25
 obama: Everything in this picture is a classic.
Image 221087   12-15-17 08:48am   Views: 29654   Uploaded by    Natch
 carpwoman: @Hosebag - I was thinking Lincoln Park in Chicago.
 Hosebag: Are you in DC, I can't read that sign but that looks like DC.
 flying sheep: I don't want no pug, a pug is a pup that can't get no love from me.
Image 221093   12-15-17 09:49am   Views: 29179   Uploaded by    salmiakki
 Ulillillia: Dooky treats
 bug: Today kids, we're going to explore the sewer system!
Image 221121   12-15-17 1:26pm   Views: 27757   Uploaded by    steve
 raditzu: what kind of dumbass do you have to be to STAND on your own food?
 VeeKay: @sparenamelaptopdied Greater Black Backed Gull.
 sparenamelaptopdied: Was eating 5am pizza in a cold Edinburgh once, after falling out of a late bar with a friend. Laurie sobered up a bit part-way through his 15-incher, realised it wasn't that nice and was going to bin it. I told him to throw it on the pavement so the seagulls could peck at it, so he did and a fucking huge one came down, picked up this massive pizza and flew off with it. Don't argue with Scottish seagulls...
Image 221124   12-15-17 1:47pm   Views: 28407   Uploaded by    ineedhepl
 Sadpygmy: Heading to the job center
 SharkysMachine: Someone lost their skimu!
 Yam: Forget it, Jack - its emu town.
Image 221141   12-15-17 3:26pm   Views: 28665   Uploaded by    Robespierre
Go on. Leave a comment. Just a short one, even.
Image 221144   12-15-17 3:40pm   Views: 28762   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Dr Awkward: Grandma will turtle slap the shit out of you!
 Not A Bot: sumthin' wrong with you boy
 kornisjon: Bad grandma.
Image 221157   12-15-17 4:54pm   Views: 27196   Uploaded by    p nut
 addend: You can never have too many drumsticks.
 carpwoman: ox.
 Hosebag: Cockweilers
 Morpen Lungus: Momirl
Image 221152   12-15-17 4:26pm   Views: 26873   Uploaded by    qazwsx
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