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 grace's Aggro-Gator

 Science: You can't trap the demon if you don't seal the circle.
 jazzjunkie: Goldsworthy?
 jochenau: Soon, Miriam, we will summon the Great Pumpkin, and a lifetime supply of pumpkin-spice comestibles and beverages shall be ours!
 Dr Awkward: I like rituals to the forest god
 Not A Bot: Not 'grumpycat' just damned pissed.
Image 204702   09-20-17 10:11pm   Views: 52324   Uploaded by    grace
 Felicity: Saucy beret
 Yurishiro: Bien sure.
 Ulillillia: Non.
Image 203282   09-13-17 7:04pm     Uploaded by    grace
 DrinkMixMan: Barbie's Dream Malfunctioning Teleporter!
 Ronick: Shorty got low
 Not A Bot: "Now I am King, Old Man!"
 Yurishiro: This blondie gives you wood
 mwoody: If you put this image in google image search, the suggested search is "blond".
 Ulillillia: Pick your body up and drop it on the floor
Image 202660   09-10-17 4:41pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Rat-Butt: Better get that chked out, it don't look so good
 Mr. Shine: South Side Jimmy sleeps with the coral!
 WaffleIron: Port wine birthmark, you can get those lasered away now.
Image 202436   09-09-17 1:32pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Robespierre: Another vile and vicious creature.
 San DoDo: I see what you did there..also there
 Sadbot: We all dogge down here
 Teechur: Good day, m'lady. My name is Nightmare Fodder.
Image 201578   09-05-17 03:07am     Uploaded by    grace
 tib gubb: we should all hope to marry someone like this
Image 201103   09-02-17 6:37pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Ronick: Wouldnt work, if you leave plants in the car they will die
 kornisjon: I like this alternative to air bags.
 El Barto: Hey honey, wanna go to the park? Hop in the car.
 Zampano: you think that's impressive, there's an ocean in the trunk, and you dont even wanna see the environment happening under the hood
 Bluetocracy: you spilled your desert on the dashboard
 Bu7Z: I wish my Toyota was this eco friendly...
 ignatz: That's one spikey airbag..
Image 198052   08-18-17 07:48am     Uploaded by    grace
 Felicity: Hey, I like the eighties
 dangerkeith3000: I can confirm that hairstyle is still in fashion in Texas. Tho we usually make fun of it.
 Cami: Scaroused.jpg
 Sadbot: @BavidDowie Oh don't I know it, I voluntarily lived in DFW for a few years.
 BavidDowie: Is that a bolt-action .22?
 BavidDowie: @Sadbot it's called "Texas"
 square44: "the tiger is out"
 Sadbot: She must be from that part of the US that hasn't realized that 80s hairstyles are no longer in fashion
 Bohab: I'm not sure what this is trying to express. ..
 tib gubb: at least the dog is cool
 a robot: How about no.
Image 197186   08-13-17 9:37pm     Uploaded by    grace
 duchaschmeremol: am I the only one interested in how to learn golf through my tv set?
 hajjpodge: @horseycabbage America's future is Communist. Where will you be when the revolution comes knocking? Will you be manning the guillotines or strapped into them?
 redmonkey3: @hajjpodge - and make less people, that helps about 89% of those problems
 cenecia: I mean, what is this sign trying to say? Businesses shouldn't use computers? Do they think minimum wage should just stay at $7/hour forever? It's really sad how many people fall for this stuff.
 Wooden Spoon: I've come here to kick ass and chew gum-&-nuts and I'm all out of gum-&-nuts!
 hajjpodge: @bug Which means the problems go deeper, as they always do, than just a living wage. Rent control, affordable housing, an end to gentrification. To truly transform the nation's economy to work for all we have to dismantle the capitalist system that perpetually creates these problems.
 Shay: CBS' new PSA campaign goes straight to the point.
 Bluetocracy: Weekly rent for a trash can in SF is $500. At least it has wi-fi.
 Robespierre: Fuck begging - Eat The Rich.
 bug: Even at $15 minimum wage, you'd have to work more than 50 hours per week, just to make enough rent to live there.
 Wooden Spoon: Except those jobs are already scheduled to be replaced by automatic kiosks so..,
Image 192394   07-20-17 5:22pm     Uploaded by    grace
 TFChicken: Excuse me, madam, what era is this?
Image 192246   07-19-17 9:48pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Teechur: The faucet appears to be judging him.
 Dr Awkward: So tite that I'm going to eat your face off
 Annoying Vegan : Awww yiss, lilac bitches!
Image 191608   07-16-17 6:27pm     Uploaded by    grace
 addend: Now showing "BSOD, the Early Years".
Image 190322   07-10-17 07:28am     Uploaded by    grace
 Hosebag: GET IN MA BELLY!
 Dr Awkward: I'm guessing that chin roll is just part of the costume?
 duckfarts: shrek is life
 Skaalar: Ogre-Americans don't usually take very kindly to secret photography
 NoRagrets: Only at walmart
 WTF: This is actually normal for Walmart.
Image 189733   07-07-17 07:08am     Uploaded by    grace
 Jennerator: Herbaceous pain olympics
 Whatever: Poor hibiscus
 duckfarts: @ChubbyBuddy not for the flower
 ChubbyBuddy: @Horatio odd number of petals. outlook good.
 Horatio: Not.
 Horatio: I love you.
Image 188326   06-30-17 02:47am     Uploaded by    grace
 taxKilla: For real, over a year later and I still laugh about this.
 taxKilla: This never gets old, #113943
 Peter Pantsless: @jazzjunkie in the wild?
Image 187840   06-27-17 6:07pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Wooden Spoon: I haven't heard of this brand. Does that make me cool?
 Scoo: I used one of these hampers way before it was cool
 Zampano: Fuckin hipsters
Image 186245   06-19-17 5:37pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Robespierre: I've heard good things about Armageddon - so what's all this, then?
 wolfpk: Armageddon can be dangerous.... as soon as it stops buffering.
 Winterneuro: Remember kids, leave Armageddon to the government.
 Aemuli: We'll see about that, bucko
 Derp Herpigan: Remember kids, don't try this at home, go to a friend's house!
 Nopetology: Helicopter parenting stifles creativity
Image 185589   06-16-17 10:37am     Uploaded by    grace
 Peter Pantsless: @funny in the wall Force Awakens wasn't my favorite movie, but you know, it was a good time at the movies, so I'll give it that. It had some laughs and some cool scenes. Rogue One was two hours of joyless bickering with unlikable characters and an agonizing, indecipherable war scene that seemed to add another hour. The Darth Vader scene was rad, though.
 funny in the wall: @Peter Pantsless yeah I also was not thrilled with Rogue One. I dunno, maybe I'm just getting old.
 Peter Pantsless: @funny in the wall I thought Rogue One was worse...except the last like three minutes was the coolest scene in all of Star Wars IMO (CGI Carrie Fisher aside)
 funny in the wall: The prequels were utter trash but at least most people agree on that. Force awakened was recommended by trusted sources and was just a big budget, plot-hole-ridden rehashing of a new hope. The prequels while not good but that did not bother me because they were done in a different style and did not feel like they were sullying the legacy @Wooden Spoon
 Wooden Spoon: @funny in the wall: I hate to break it to you, but there were 3 movies between the original trilogy and this one. If you didn't like this one, try those middle three.
 Annoying Vegan : Just start running really fast as soon as you hit the ground
 funny in the wall: this was one of the worst movies i have ever had the misfortune of seeing
 tib gubb: game over
 wolfpk: In the future, storm troopers go through blaster training. So this scene is followed by: The End.
 Nopetology: @redmonkey3 (specific comment about bad guys can't shoot) "And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." If your aim is worse than the average Stormtrooper, then you must be truly useless and might as well stay home.
 redmonkey3: (Generic comment about bad guys can't shoot)
Image 183746   06-07-17 12:37pm     Uploaded by    grace
 WaffleIron: Click-PWOOOOOSHAAA!
 DrinkMixMan: C'mon. Press the button. Don't be afraid.
Image 181363   05-26-17 3:07pm     Uploaded by    grace
 hajjpodge: They weren't kidding about the traffic jams in Los Angeles.
 zodiacflash: Well of course he's dead. Got a palm tree stuck through him.
 Sandor: This is me waiting for my significant other during a quick trip to the store
 Teechur: Won't get you into the HOV lane.
 Knice: Designated Dooter.
 Urn BooUrn: Life, uh, finds a way.
Image 179861   05-19-17 06:07am     Uploaded by    grace
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