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 grace's Aggro-Gator

 kodiakjojo: I have one of those too but I lost my flux capacitor again....
 wolfpk: *Starts pounding reset*
 Astanapan: Imagine your car's dashboard having a big "CAR" label just in case you forget what kind of machine you are about to operate. Or your keyboard being labeled "COMPUTER".
 Science: Effects pedals have come a long way
 raditzu: looks... old
 Not A Bot: *Gorilla carefully assesses the situation before deciding how to proceed*
 Teechur: Is this the one Napoleon Dynamite used?
 OldKentuckyShark: Reset time please
Image 252533   06-13-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    grace
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 252167   06-11-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Not A Bot: isnt this edmonton mall? I heard they had a water slide that went through it. never been though :'(
 BavidDowie: ATH, All-Terrain Hooptie
 WannaBee: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Image 248593   05-21-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    grace
 HairyNips: De ting is blue
 VeeKay: Dude, erbody kno ting go braaaaaaaaaaaaap
 Side Boob: You should give Heavy Weapons Guy what he wants, unless you are a Spy or Pyro.
Image 247777   05-16-18 04:40am     Uploaded by    grace
 redmonkey3: @White Rice - thanks!
 Mr. Shine: @White Rice My favorite mission? "Survive for 20 minutes." Nothing happens for the first 17 minutes, then NON-STOP ZERG RUSH!
 tib gubb: you're gonna want some static defenses there bud
 White Rice: @redmonkey3 in the game Starcraft (and the sequel/s) one race you could play as needed to build a particular building to power their other buildings and to field more units. If you tried to build/field more units than you were allowed, the game would proclaim "you must construct additional pylons" (pylons being the powering/enabling building type). Also, a common defensive strategy (or protective, if you will) involved building a ton of pylons & cannons, so the cannons would have power even if some pylons were destroyed, and any enemy trying to pass would have to go through a hell of a firestorm to get anywhere (the trick being sending a massive wave of inexpensive units to draw fire while heavy hitters removed the threats). But game reference from '98.
 Stumpwiz: This looks like a guilt-trip to me.
 Urn BooUrn: Would you go so far as to say, "You must construct additional pylons!"
 VeeKay: Piss in lesser lakes?
 redmonkey3: Monkey no understand
 glenalec: And make the fish pay for them.
Image 247528   05-14-18 6:26pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Mr Bleak: @funny in the wall Kzinti female.
 Springbok: Khajit has wares
 waxymom: The danger of appointing me ambassador to the planet of the cat people is that I would run around scratching their foreheads and kissing their ears and going Aww! Catty-wattums! Wooja wooja wooja!
 Otterman: I don't remember this Jedi either. Something wrong with memory.
 Mr. Shine: *terrified screaming*
 Side Boob: @funny in the wall This is what furries actually believe!
 San DoDo: Purrrrfect
 Dr Awkward: swipes left
 Shay: @funny in the wall Scene from the new Cats movie featuring Ellen Page.
 funny in the wall: what fresh hell is this?
Image 246317   05-07-18 3:11pm     Uploaded by    grace
 killme: Same here @Christina
 Christina: A nice kitten to play with the origami.
Image 245122   04-30-18 09:40am     Uploaded by    grace
 Teechur: Dammit! I looked!
 a robot: @DrinkMixMan "It is so bad. Literally bad."
 WTF: "Now if there was only a virtual penis..."
 DrinkMixMan: Somehow this knock-off Power Glove is worse than the original.
 DrinkMixMan: Wow. It's like I actually have a hand!
Image 244745   04-28-18 12:46pm     Uploaded by    grace
 savvoy: Jesus hates Mardi Gras
Image 243730   04-21-18 9:26pm     Uploaded by    grace
 thebiglutovsky: I would watch an episode where it's just a giant snake clinging to the TARDIS
 WannaBee: Bow tiesssss are cool
 Scoo: Doctor Boop
 Zaxxoff: Now on the BBC
Image 242387   04-13-18 6:34pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Korrok: Korrok approves...
 tib gubb: kitty... likes boop?
 charlemagne: you changed the locks, my key snapped off when I tried to use it. I got in through the back window
 Amy Housewine: A couple of beastiesss.
Image 242359   04-13-18 2:58pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Mr Bleak: Shit! I just dug out the wrong damn car...
 dangerkeith3000: If you ever wanted to see what the opposite of Dallas looks like, it's this.
 carpwoman: Minnesota this coming Sunday morning.
Image 242051   04-11-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    grace
 E. HONDA: Nothing like a tall glass of 5W-30
 trelyate: care for a refreshing drink, fellow human?
 VoR: @OldKentuckyShark looks like it already has
 hoobleton: Dont spill it
 charlemagne: comes in original and flavoured
 clueful: Ill pass
 dangerkeith3000: "Refreshing Drink" sounds about as trustworthy as "Fair and Balanced"
 Uncle Phil: @Not A Bot Exxon Brand Dog Fluid.
 Not A Bot: That dog's expression is priceless.
Image 241824   04-10-18 09:08am     Uploaded by    grace
 sparename: Hip, Hip, PUREE!
 Butcherboy: Boil em mash em stick em in a stew
 Warrax: I'm sure that's not the only way to love a tomato.
 dangerkeith3000: to-may-toes
 Whatever: Now theres a saucy sign
Image 241393   04-07-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    grace
 FireBreathingMarmot: Beloved aunt.
 james: Clint Flick
 not i spy: Next time write happy birthday eastwood
 tib gubb: always name your kid clint
 WTF: They knew what they were doing!
 Scoo: That's too many candles for a kid
Image 239945   03-29-18 9:54pm     Uploaded by    grace
 charlemagne: the fire wants not for justice, the fire wants not for reason, the fire desires only to be fed! feed the fire!
Image 239680   03-28-18 08:38am     Uploaded by    grace
 Fuzzpot: Up all night to get burpy.
 Kaviri: Is your girlfriend a shutterstock unicorn?
 dangerkeith3000: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
 Knice: A dad-joke told in a teenager format; I don't know how to feel.
 Ulillillia: Babies are usually up all night anyway
 athiest: I forwarded this to a new-dad work colleague in an email titled "How to die horribly at home" :-D
 Soy Peso: He has a point!
Image 239284   03-25-18 9:47pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Not A Bot: Emoji flavored snacks and iced desserts, it's the next big thing.
 Christina: "C'mon, let's play"
Image 237449   03-14-18 8:37pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Annoying Vegan : Ping!
 Wooden Spoon: I use the desk every time I visit a hotel
 Peach: Poppin' some Amish Country
Image 234256   02-24-18 1:11pm     Uploaded by    grace
 Robespierre: Toads Of the Short Forest
 addend: "Don't ask me or my son if we're into fitness ever again."
 twitter: "I could leave early. But I won't."
Image 234004   02-23-18 12:46pm     Uploaded by    grace
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