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 glenalec's Aggro-Gator

 Austin: Seriously no jokes about frosting?
 SpaceCow: He keeps making jokes about giving her the frosting and her parents aren't laughing.
 Sadpygmy: Let them eat cake
 barfolomew: @fanny fauxndant?
 Volwen: I'm afraid what will happen when it comes time to cut the cake
 fanny: @barfolomew too much faux fondant!
 Mad Collager: Keep your pastry bag to yourself, Bub!
 barfolomew: @fanny are you saying this ISN'T sexy?
 barfolomew: Is this a cake?
 glenalec: Above: My reaction to #245523
 El hefe: This porn is weird
 Side Boob: This situation will never be brought up in an argument 20 years in the future.
 Warrax: Well this is awkward. My costume is "guy who eats all the cake."
 Zarathustra: Judge, jury, executioner.
 petepuma: Why is a dentist doing that?
 fanny: wait. I thought all female halloween costumes had to be sexy?
 dangerkeith3000: She's ready to be eaten.
Image 245638   05-03-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 grizzly: Jaunty!
 Robespierre: It belongs in our garage, with the scorpions and other assorted nightmares
 Sage: Youre Australian, arent you?
 Amy Housewine: Korrok intrudes.
 moogerator: @Coolguy - Australia, of course! :-D
 Coolguy: @glenalec Eh, where do you live? so I never ever visit there.
 Sadbot: Double post edit: Then again, the spiders where I live don't get as big...
 Sadbot: I like this new buddy. I'm pretty tolerant of anything that eats flies, because while I don't want flies around, I won't eat them myself.
 Annoying Vegan : @glenalec Please check in daily at the Spaceship so we can all rest assured that you are still alive. Unless you arent, and it was actually the spider who posted this...
 Warrax: @glenalec On the plus side, you'll never ever sleep again. Think of all the things you can accomplish with an extra 6-8 hours per day!
 Troll: @glenalec Time to move. Its his house now.
 KickassHellyeah: I have now been informed by a work colleague that these things can be territorial and it might come back!
 SuedeOxford: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the spiders that project well-formed ovals of light are the good ones.
 mark64: @White Rice - my initial reaction is second post from the bottom of #240559 (I don't swear much, not because I'm prudish, but because I save my swears for when it counts!)
 sports: @dobbiesdoogs - I'm posting from work, about 6km away. Expect that distance to increase! :-D
 dobbiesdoogs: @glenalec i assume you're posting from the burned out shell of your former residence
 White Rice: Yeah, I can't think of an appropriate onomatopoeia for the sound/word/whatever I made when I realized what that was. I generally am okay with moving away from spiders & other crawly things, but that one there would get a good yell out of me. Blech.
 athiest: @glenalec you will be seeing spiders everywhere now! Imagine if it went in your mouth. Blech
 highdra: Now I think of it, it is sitting on the arm-band of my blood-pressure monitor. Cheeky little bastard! :-D
 Lemonator: @WannaBee - I'm going to have trouble sleeping for a few nights. I'd move out to the living room but there is a patch of flaking paint on the ceiling there that looks like a big spider every time I see it (now even more so!).
 pusha p: @glenalec If I woke up to one of those on me I would lose my mind. Great wake up call.
 nuke em: @WannaBee - that is the most disconcerting thing - I basically slept 8+ hours about a meter from where this beastie was crawling around! If it came in the bedroom window, it had to crawl over me to get there! ('Over' probably means across the cieling, which is where I usually catch them!)
 ani625: @glenalec good to know that they are not poisonous! Also that they are not near me!
 blue shoes: @WannaBee - they are terrifying, even though I know at an intellectual level they are relatively harmless (if one gets a good bite in, you may get quite sick, but purely theoretical alergenic reaction aside, they won't kill you).
 dad: Wow! That is terrifying!
 romangreek: I ultimately managed to coax it onto the end of a broom then shake the broom off over the front balcony.
 Niels Bohr: The tower PC it is on top of is about 1m from my bed. It probably came in about 7pm last night when we concluded an uncomfortably hot, humid day with a brief downpour of rain.
 Knice: GAAAAAAH!!
 Largehand: Sorry it is a bit unclear - I was just out of bed and more concerned with not letting it scurry off to hide again.
Image 240607   04-02-18 10:26pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 brian greene: go back i can see tonsils!!!!
 funny in the wall: @tib gubb @jochenau i suggest daily meditation. or alcohol. or both. trust me, i'm a doctor
 tib gubb: @jochenau true. worrying about what things could be is somehow even less helpful than worrying about why things are the way that they are
 jochenau: That's why there's no sense worrying about this kind of stuff. You are who you are, live with what you've got!
 Ihminen: Yes! I knew they were gonna be colossal douchebags!
 lolnotrly: I was tempted to leave "President" as was.
 WTF: Very nice @glenalec.
Image 237912   03-17-18 3:47pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 sir toke a lot: @petepuma - that is from the back - it is my spine that the rib popped out of :-(
 petepuma: I thought the sternum was one piece, but I'm no doctor...
 a robot: So...we're going to get naked?
 mark64: I got more drugs in me right now than an Australian going through customs at Bali! :-D
Image 236968   03-11-18 11:26pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 Not A Bot: She is convinced there is a better food bowl behind the fridge.
 kornisjon: That's an odd moustache. But I shouldn't judge. I don't even have a moustache.
 Not A Bot: nice work bing.
Image 235199   03-01-18 6:47pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 Dr Awkward: @glenalec Woo! That's going to be a hell of a celebration down in the Shire!
 Jonananathan: @Dr Awkward - My birthday. I'm one hundred and eleventy one.
 Dr Awkward: @glenalec Was this in celebration of something?
 Mr. Lizard: @Kaviri - the upside to being the only full-time staff in my facility is I don't have work colleagues bothering me all day :-)
 Kaviri: @glenalec Then it was kind of appropriate, considering the subtext.
 flowers: Only a day late (image bot was a bit tardy, but that's life! :-)
 ShamWOW: It's a meeee.
 dangerkeith3000: Can't Stands Ya!
 Christina: "Hello, darkness, my old friend."
 Warrax: Your baby looks sick.
 VoR: cheer up Charlie. .. cake
 Dr Awkward: I've been Dr Awkward on the spaceship for 1 year now (give or take a couple days) and this pretty much is the prefect image to illustrate that.
Image 234777   02-27-18 11:31am     Uploaded by    glenalec
 a robot: Perfect in every way @glenalec!
 Pikachu: Thanks, @Teechur . Though I comment from work while waiting for things to catch up with me, I have to wait until I get home to have time to photo-edit.
 Teechur: Well done, @glenalec! I was weighting for someone to do this!
 DrNinjaman: Not just Rad, Standrad!
 ping: For all of your mascot exercise needs.
 VoR: Standrads hold more weight
 Otterman: Those are perfectly cromulent names.
 Side Boob: These donuts are stale.
Image 233350   02-19-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 Frum Temps: Dug this out of my archives for an upload after I saw @Bacon Chain's one :-D #231397
 ani625: Besafe.
 VeeKay: Bespoke.
 alborland: Average place, improved by railings..
Image 231562   02-09-18 11:31am     Uploaded by    glenalec
 The Turks: vv oh, this is is an actual thing you can buy, not an art-image.
 Dominus Umbrae: I thought this was rather clever :-) And I am an extremely jaded person who find very little about anything humans do, particularly in the last few decades, in the least bit clever. :-/
 Warrax: Now I have to wear underwear on my head so my hair doesn't get caught. I mean, continue to wear underwear on my head.
Image 231395   02-08-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
 zoe: @DrinkMixMan - I think getting rid of this sort of commentary would require dramatic gene-level changes to how the human brain processes risk analysis!
 saluted: Very poor trigger discipline on that burger..
 DrinkMixMan: Sadly this commentary hasn't gone out of style for going on two decades
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Coal mining
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Trucking
 Ulillillia: Not Ebola?
Image 219603   12-07-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    glenalec
Image JKB   12-05-17 08:11am     Uploaded by    glenalec
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