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 Fiveninety's Aggro-Gator

 Science: @a robot: These are the same people who will gleefully sell you a house you can't afford just to get a commission.
 Felicity: (as Robert Wagner) You anti-dendrite bastard
 a robot: Yeah, cause it's just that easy.
 Fiveninety: my first thought when i saw this was "i've moved a tree before.. it wasn't fun but it happened"
 piranharama: @Shay I recall it being "Why don't you make like a tree.. and get outa here."
 Robespierre: How do YOU know, Mr Affiliate?
 Nope: But the ghost in my house can only be placated by me.
 Shay: Make like a tree and leave.
 Knice: Fuck this arborist bullshit. TREEGGERED
Image 205647   09-25-17 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Fiveninety
 Mr. Shine: Lightbirb
 Spazstatic: Who watches over you!
 WaffleIron: These are rad, and I shall get one eventually.
 Prostata: blue canary in the ally by the lightswitch
 Fiveninety: i'm your only friend, i'm not your only friend, but i'm a little glowing friend, but really, i'm not actually your friend, but i am
 Snix: Rad for TMBG
Image 204018   09-17-17 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Fiveninety
 Scoo: I flew myself from Denver up to the Nebraska Panhandle to see the totality. It was SO RAD! Almost a spiritual experience.
 redmonkey3: The dark lord cometh!
 AstoriaBum: Too soon.
 sparename: Put your ciggie down BEFORE you take the picture
Image 198726   08-21-17 6:03pm     Uploaded by    Fiveninety
 XLY: @apoxia *Shakes fist "DEVOSSSS!!"
 apoxia: It's not his fault he can't read.
 mariofart: This is why he is afraid to be alone with women besides his wife.
 a robot: @Sadbot *A Bible or a piece of legislation designed to take rights away from marginalized groups of people
 Sadbot: The sign isn't a Bible, so he didn't read it
 funny in the wall: well that's a missed opportunity... should have electrified it. or covered it in dermal poison. we can't have this bigot running the country once the cheeto is impeached
 bug: well, in his defense, it was in quotation marks.
 Butcherboy: It's sooooo smooth
Image 189762   07-07-17 11:47am     Uploaded by    Fiveninety
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