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 Felicity's Aggro-Gator

Image JXQ   05-29-18 1:20pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Mr Bleak: @some guy She's hiding behind Wally/Waldo.
 petepuma: @BavidDowie nope, was already by that point
 The Man: Now that it s been posted I can give the proper credit: these are the original city fonts in stitch form by Glenda Adams (glenda [underscore] atom on Twitter)
 E. HONDA: Apple's popularity among graphic designers goes way back and we can clearly see why
 poetrysucks: Where. in the world. is. CARMEN SANDIEGO???
 BavidDowie: Back before Apple was pretentious
 tib gubb: ye olde ransom letter font
Image 246220   05-06-18 11:54pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Donut: Glowing rock...I MUST EAT IT!
 wolfpk: Must have cat programming.
Image 245354   05-01-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Not A Bot: "Likes Drag .... Drag"
 dobbiesdoogs: it's about time someone put the story of jesus in a bound, readable format
 grizzly: Jesus saves, Gretzky scores.
 Whatever: Yea, blessed are the goaltenders, for they shall block all scores
 funny in the wall: This picture makes me want to put google eyes on ole JC
Image 241354   04-07-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Vinochet: with a rebel yell, she cried
 Black Jesus: @Amy Housewine Me too :-)
 Kaviri: MoMo Mo, Mo problems.
 Butcherboy: In the midnight hour she crys mo mo mo
 Mr. Shine: @Teechur *wak wak wak*
 Dresdenkeogh: @Annoying Vegan I thought the same thing. This is why the friendly-spaceship is where I go to know I'm not alone
 Amy Housewine: My instant thought was of…
 well duh: Who to cry out for if you really need a real estate agent in the midnight hour.
 Teechur: Ducky Mo Ducky MoMo
 Annoying Vegan : How do you like it, how do you like it
 Toasted Taco Brunchito: "...yes, and what is the listing price", "mo money, mo money"
Image 241330   04-07-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Felicity
 wolfpk: Goliath liked trashy women.
 Jabberwikket: I almost didn't recognize Marina there
 Hyphae: From Gargoyles, the animated series?
 Butcherboy: Comicon or really specific furry convention
 myrealname: Here you can see @Felicity in her ceremonial garb.
Image 240395   04-01-18 4:47pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Mr. Shine: We get it.
 trelyate: hey wait, is that George Bluth hiding from the law?
 petepuma: ozzy?
 ping: @Ulillillia "...and that isn't a mirror."
 Ulillillia: "This isn't makeup!"
 Yam: @Scoo I dunno, Im feeling entertained
 Scoo: But not a very good one
Image 236406   03-08-18 4:54pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 BavidDowie: But...they're in this sweater.
Image 231958   02-11-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image JOE   01-16-18 4:35pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IZV   09-26-17 07:40am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IZH   09-24-17 10:05am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IYX   09-21-17 4:59pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
 Science: @Yurishiro: That's what they want you to think
 Borkf: @Science Yes.
 Science: Fun fact: The octopus logo on this spy satellite is similar to the SPECTRE logo. Coincidence?
 Mr Shifty: Except the sea bed.
 El hefe: You'll never stop us Mr. Bond
 Micro Jackson: I voted for Kodos
 SpaceCow: Scientology only managed to get the logo for Octopus Oil made before their Mission Earth movie shut down for good.
 Koopa: ...this reminds me of something.
 chhumphrey: They shaped the elder god's head wrong again and will pay for it with an eternity of suffering and madness. Oh wait, they already work for the government.
 Side Boob: National Reconnaissance Office: We can see you pooping from space.
Image 203588   09-15-17 09:09am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IPV   08-24-17 07:51am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IOA   08-17-17 08:49am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image INR   08-17-17 08:48am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IMZ   08-15-17 12:51pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IMJ   08-11-17 10:05am     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IMB   08-10-17 1:11pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
Image IMA   08-10-17 1:11pm     Uploaded by    Felicity
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