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 fanny's Aggro-Gator

 Sirstabbington: Brb guys, going to the noodle dimension
 tokyopig: Good effort, but the art world still prefers the laziest of offerings from Tracy Emin to genuine inspiration, good design, or artistic ability.
 FabricMan: "Ugh. I'm so hungover. I feel like my brain's on fire."
 Borkf: "You, Flock-of-Seagulls, know why we're here?"
Image 163186   02-19-17 4:47pm   Views: 28715   Uploaded by    fanny
 enfanta: @A duck I think it's a mask. And now I need to make one.
 Spazstatic: @A duck I think the black is painted on, the colored bits are beads or similar, and it's a photo of a person.
 A duck: Wait, it's a painting? Hard to tell on my phone. Looks good then, but a lot less nifty.
 A duck: That's pretty damn nifty IMHO
 Spazstatic: Day of the Doot.
 Warrax: Well. Alright then.
Image 163181   02-19-17 4:09pm   Views: 27746   Uploaded by    fanny
 Peter Pantsless: "Psh. Those guys are so pathetic." #163029
 SunWukong: Dad?
 whiplash: Yeah, I got 4 hands. Wanna make something of it?
 Darmstadtium: As I waited for the bus my mind wandered over the circumstances that lead me to this situation, in retrospective it was a terrible price to pay just to adorn my neck with cheap jewelry...
 Psymon: Free the monkey nipple
 Warrax: Is this where I catch the bus to the monkey business?
Image 163151   02-19-17 1:03pm   Views: 29288   Uploaded by    fanny
 scribbs: @fanny Awesome :-)
 fanny: @scribbs ha!! me too!! my grandpa's old neighbor had a PITA as well!!
 scribbs: @fanny Phonecall is also a good name for a cat. I knew someone with a cat named PITA for "pain in the ass." :-)
 fanny: @scribbs my son named him, when he was a tiny kitten he ate eggs :) (when my son was about 2, we had a cat he named Phonecall)
 fanny: @Teechur thanks :) @Hosebag the ONLY time he is cuddly is when he jumps on my lap and tries to lick the baby. sometimes i'll push him off several times and he'll just jump right back and snuggle in.
 scribbs: Eggs is a good name for a cat.
 Teechur: @fanny He looks like an eggsellent specimen of a cat. I commend him for showing affection for the nursing baby. (And congrats to you!)
 Borkf: This cat looks nice. Would pet.
 Wet farts: @fanny aren't pretty much all cats douche bags?
 Hosebag: @fanny trying to lick the baby's head when she is nursing.. let's be honest, who hasn't done that?
 fanny: This is my son's cat, Eggs. He's kind of a douche bag (the cat, not my son). His hobbies include not knowing whether he wants to be inside or out, avoidance, hairballs, and trying to lick the baby's head when she is nursing.
Image 162240   02-14-17 6:03pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 whiplash: She should have kept her gas mask on.
 Urn BooUrn: Wasn't this a Future Sound of London song?
 Scoo: #117179
Image 160961   02-07-17 10:47pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 carpwoman: It may have sold, but was it paid for? I bet not.
 LieutenantTofu: Well it's corn ish
 jochenau: I think that's the first time I've seen a Cheeto referred to as a "corn snack".
 Amy Housewine: @Ronick I have some Harmb-shaped cash. This works out perfectly for everyone.
 Ronick: @Amy Housewine I have some harmb shaped animal crackers but i only accept cash
 Ulillillia: It's 2017, we're done with him
 Amy Housewine: If I'd known about this I would've bid higher.
 Knice: RIP, Frito-Haramblay.
 fanny: terrible, yes, but I thought its awfulness would be appreciated here
 WaffleIron: I am not going to research this, and instead believe it to be false.
Image 160879   02-07-17 3:03pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 fanny: @a robot thanks :) she was a wonderful cat, loved us and would make dough on our laps until she drooled, would meow if she was alone until she found someone :)
 Joseph: This is great.
 a robot: @fanny Suds is a pretty great name for a cat :3
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I had a cat like Famous. I think he got a contact high because eventually he'd just start randomly pawing at stuff, claws retracted, with this idiotic look on his face
 winwolf: The cat's expression says, "Oh dear, we're doing the thing with the eggplant again."
 San DoDo: Truly a blast from the past :D
 Yam: Huh, well damn.
 Knice: I fucking love this. :-D
 fanny: @scribbs um, thank you?
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless she HATED when we smoked... would give us dirty looks and run away... Famous on the other hand runs to it
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I don't know, that eggplant looks like it knows how to party. Suds, on the other hand, is not amused. Or is just also stoned
 scribbs: I'm too easily influenced by user names and sophomoric humor, @fanny; I imagined a very different sort of face on you :-)
 fanny: @Borkf fanny before kids liked to cut loose, even if eggplants were not involved ;)
 fanny: refrence to #160656 this is about 10 years ago... i got that eggplant at the farmers market because it cracked me up, brought it home and showed my husband (boyfriend at the time) expecting the same reaction, was disappointed he was only slightly amused. Proceeded to drink a couple of CCs on the rocks and perhaps other party favors and had an eggplant photo shoot...other gems included me, the eggplant and a plastic stingray. I thought my cat Suds (RIP) would be appreciated here, since you know, we like cats.
 Borkf: You're right, you do look stoned #160656
Image 160736   02-06-17 7:31pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 hearsegirl: @fanny after research, yeah, it's credit. should have looked before i posted. but the man hours wasted on processing returns should impact them. sorry for providing alternative facts. ;
 fanny: @hearsegirl I'd assumed they gave credit, which would obviously defeat the purpose... but cash is nice... I'll have to gather my stuff up this weekend
 hearsegirl: @fanny yeah, me too. i have the purple corduroy big shirt. everyone says boycott, but i heard that their 100% lifetime return policy was a better deal. just return everything for a full refund, regardless of condition or age. at least they can't send him any more of your money.
 fanny: @hearsegirl i was super dissapointed to hear that the head of ll bean is a huge trump supporter, i've used their products since i was a kid, no more favorite backpack for me :(
 hearsegirl: wicked good slippers, l.l.bean. $68
 Jotun: I'M NOT PREGNANT!! !
 tokyopig: @WaffleIron The most horrifying part is that it reminded me of a fake-preggo Ellen Page wearing jeans and a skirt in that one terrible movie. Now that'll make you go blind.
 NoRagrets: What furrys actually believe.
 Kim: How fertile!
 WaffleIron: The most horrifying part of this image is the shoes+socks combo.
Image 159818   02-01-17 10:03pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 hearsegirl: the first Jack In The Box was not as popular as today's version.
 addend: @SomeCanadian Back when we had *thousands* of bits at our disposal every second - Such awesome power at our fingertips!
 SomeCanadian: Ah those old dial-up modems. Good times. @addend
 addend: And after you finish turning the crank, the 3-D image is sent right over the telephone line. A few seconds of screeching lets you know the connection is working.
 Scoo: What a grind
Image 159812   02-01-17 9:31pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 trelyate: NOPE!
 petepuma: The Aristocrats!
 addend: Geppetto got obsessive.
 sparename: @Mr. Butt Good grief, Charlie Butt
 Mr. Butt: The five stages of grief: pleasant surprise, caffeine headache, public transportation, public transportation, public transportation.
Image 159808   02-01-17 9:03pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Kim: I wish I could rad this more than once.
 fanny: @werterland this is from your hometown, neighbor :)
 tib gubb: cardigan man gives good advice
 a robot: Mr. President, you are NOT acting like the person Mr. Rogers always knew you could be.
 WaffleIron: Or just ignore the ones to the North. We're not here right now, the... uh... entire country went to a hockey game, except the ones that went to a curling match. Yeah, on the same night - I know right? Of course theyre 4 years long. 'kay bubye.
Image 159743   02-01-17 3:03pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Peter Pantsless: There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
Image 159200   01-29-17 5:54pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 fanny: @Robespierre Agueda, portugal
 Teechur: I think you're still gonna get wet.
 Robespierre: Cherbourg?
 scribbs: The Million Umbrella Float never panned out as a protest.
Image 159184   01-29-17 4:09pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 fanny: @Snake Jesus yup. circa 1935. :)
 Snake Jesus: Is... Is this supposed to be Frankenstein art? I kinda like it.
 Zampano: Check out my combination cassette player/k-cup brewer/basketball court
Image 159174   01-29-17 3:09pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 wolfpk: No safety problems here
 Nope: @scribbs oOo a thousand dollars look at mr fancy pants over here.
 scribbs: A 17-story multi-use tower to be designed for the city of Montpellier; housing and commercial all in one gorgeous package. Whereas I live in a trailer and drive a thousand-dollar car.
 mwoody: *sigh* Alright, clearly there's a secret at the top. Jumping puzzle time.
 carpwoman: @Nope - It certainly doesn't.
 guest: just fuck my shit up
 Niels Bohr: From a time when the future was to be looked forward to.
 Nope: That doesn't seem safe.
Image 159170   01-29-17 2:54pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Sheikhjahbooty: This gives me Titus Andronicus heebie jeebies.
 Bolt Vanderhuge: Art School Sure Is Cool!: Volume (Numbers Have No Meaning)
 ChubbyBuddy: you know, the potato mitts are almost depressing enough to forget that i was chopped in half by a subway car
 slurms: I wanna be sedated.
 Yam: Tetsuo - the iron dork
 Amy Housewine: fuck u John Lennon
 Nope: @KingTrebek Naw this is half boy potato hands OC DO NOT STEAL
 KingTrebek: the new Harry Potter book took a weird turn
Image 159134   01-29-17 10:26am     Uploaded by    fanny
 RalphyNoPants: See you later alligator.
 Jennerator: Tailgator
 San DoDo: 443/500
 grizzly: Gatorparade
 Ulillillia: Transpo-Gator
Image 158986   01-28-17 2:54pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Jennerator: There's someone for everyone, apparently including Pinhead from Hellraiser
 tritium: Her make-up's not helping as much as she imagines.
 wolfpk: Um... holy shit. This completely freaks me out!
 wolfpk: Um... holy shit. This completely freaks me out!
 Scoo: Well, that's horrifying
 Mr. Butt: OKAY
 Nope: *looks around* Who invited zippy here?
Image 158974   01-28-17 1:31pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 Annoying Vegan : I have a gerbil one of these.
 Dreforian: Until I read the comments I thought this was an add for some kind of pale or bizarre glass for tiny cats.
 a robot: @scribbs Well we know what we need to get for the next Aggro-Party! I'm already claiming the sleepy tortie one
 scribbs: @a robot They might be things to identify different people's drinking glasses at parties. My sister has little doo-dads that go on the stems of her wine glasses for that purpose.
 a robot: This is an utterly pointless invention. I WANT ONE OF EACH!
 Mexico: How many will a thousand dollars buy?
Image 158973   01-28-17 1:26pm     Uploaded by    fanny
 SpaceCow: The first earth cow in space, on their way to a meat and greet.
 Hosebag: Great, now we need a new sign. No cows on escalator. There's always one I swear.
 LurkedMoar: Giving rise to their cash cow
 Headoftheclass: "Ya know, it turns out you CAN'T get a good look at a steak by sticking your head up a cow's ass after all.
 Jennerator: Upward moobility
 SomeCanadian: That guy in the back isn't paid enough.
 Amy Housewine: "Moooo?" "Don't worry sweetie, back on solid ground soon."
 Scoo: Escalator is temporarily beef. Sorry for the convienence.
Image 158965   01-28-17 12:26pm     Uploaded by    fanny
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