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 FabricMan's Aggro-Gator

 MasterTwig: Predictor is for telling you the sex of the baby, not if you're pregnant.
 dangerkeith3000: Maybe she has a cyst.
 tib gubb: oh. i thought that was a food baby
 fanny: @barfolomew still not ok! STILL NOT OK!!
 barfolomew: @fanny the rule of thumb is: the moment the baby is actually coming out of her, is the moment you're permitted to ask.
 fanny: still not ok to ask
 Otterman: She's gonna have to stop drinking all that beer now.
 Scoo: "Oh hey! You're not just fat!"
 Dr Awkward: "It's a burrito!"
Image 233504   02-20-18 07:47am     Uploaded by    FabricMan
 Rat-Butt: ...I had hair like Hall...the word is "had"...
 addend: Autographed by John Oates.
 Ulillillia: 80s.jpg
 Brain Thoughts: Oof, this hits me right in the hair bone.
Image 189470   07-05-17 9:47pm     Uploaded by    FabricMan
 Fiasco: Before that, this officer was killed by a robot who adopted his likeness
 funny in the wall: @a robot i think this is a poem
 a robot: Why are Mill and Kidnapped capitalized?
 WTF: Licvid metal
 White Rice: "Are you John Connor?"
 Fishy: Ouch.
Image 182100   05-30-17 01:26am     Uploaded by    FabricMan
 Suburbanmom: God dammit...I might have a chance of vengeance!!!
 Mad Collager: Fight Children with Diabetes, because we know you're too wimpy to take on perfectly healthy children, you sicko!
 Amy Housewine: The only way we can defeat a horde of children is with diabetes.
 WaffleIron: The excercise helps keep their sugars down. It's not like we beat the shit out of them or anything, geez.
Image 177498   05-06-17 5:09pm     Uploaded by    FabricMan
 gumble: Honestly, It's not really the size of your 'sword' that matters
 scribbs: *sigh* "So much stabbing to do, so few swords."
 addend: "Come to sword wall in 15 minutes if you fancy a sound thrashing".
 Scoo: Go on. Leave a sword. Just a short one, even.
 Dresdenkeogh: I see your point...s
Image 174825   04-22-17 1:27pm     Uploaded by    silver
 Flarmie: @ping Really? I think all it did was give me a migraine and made me forget how to do algebra somehow.
 ping: That messes with my head most pleasantly.
 AutoDisaster: Female tennis players receive 25% less net placement accuracy than males.
 Skaalar: STAHP
 DarkTeddy: This is what its like the first time you play
 a sedated moose: This makes my brain feel funny.
 scribbs: Half their concentration goes to where to place their feet lest they fall into the sky.
 Yam: Damnit, Escher
Image 146210   11-24-16 10:09am     Uploaded by    Musician
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