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 Emoji's Aggro-Gator

 Scoo: There's always that one kid at lunch
Image 254174   06-24-18 10:48pm   Views: 22961   Uploaded by    Emoji
 Otterman: Stupid sexy elk
 itskando: Lord of the Estrus
 Zochrot: that ass
 Springbok: A sassy gay reindeer for sassy gay pride!
Image 253396   06-19-18 9:40pm   Views: 200018   Uploaded by    Emoji
 Not A Bot: "There you go Debra, really feel the stretch in those calves."
 Peach: Awww, I just wanna snuggle that cutie! The dog seems nice too.
 Mad Collager: At least his dog doesn't seem to ruin everything.
 Amy Housewine: Trained to go for the throat.
Image 252994   06-17-18 01:43am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Shay: Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.
 tib gubb: not even once
 Amy Housewine: "Ever seen a shark that could take a bite out of you?" "Well... erm..."
 shark: Chances of seeing a shark are probably slim bro
Image 252562   06-14-18 12:12pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 FireBreathingMarmot: Pop culture forever!
 Wooden Spoon: Is that Hurley from Lost?
 Dresdenkeogh: Cultural appropriation forever?
Image 251187   06-05-18 4:47pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 FireBreathingMarmot: Still sweethearts it seems.
 DrinkMixMan: AMAZING gender reassignment
 Festis: which one is me
 WannaBee: Found this on Stormfront "My wife and I met 15 years ago today in the line up for a water slide. We have a picture from the night we met here we are then and now."
 Teechur: Can the red hula hoop come out and show us what to look at?
 Sadbot: They seem nice and cute and he looks like Aaron Paul...and that's a good thing
 WannaBee: Did he get shorter, or did she get taller?
 Sadpygmy: They switched sides
 Robespierre: What happens after you've been caught snogging in a phone booth? THIS is what happens after you've been caught snogging in a phone booth.
 Shay: Most. Boring. Before & After. Ever.
Image 251185   06-05-18 4:38pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 ignatz: Like why you only get floaters when you're visiting.. Hmm, my phone's autocomplete next word thingie leads me to believe I've made this comment before but I can't remember. My phone is now officially smarter than me:(
Image 249478   05-26-18 07:26am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy
 WannaBee: *rubbit*
 WTF: That bulge tho!
 tib gubb: to pay his way through acting college, kermit the frog moonlighted as kermit the bulge
 Jabberwikket: HULK.... HOP ?
 jochenau: I hope the action figure comes with a little banjo and a button that makes him sing "The Rainbow Connection".
 Jabberwikket: Will he sing the Bifrost Connection ?
 wolfpk: @glenalec Fozzie Bear as Thor
 Mr. Shine: @glenalec Link Hogthrob as Thor.
 Mr. Shine: Kermit the visibly erect Hulk?
 glenalec: continuing the theme - Sam the Bald Eagle as Captain America; Gonzo the Great as Iron Man. No idea about Thor??
 DrinkMixMan: Aggro-froggo
 grizzly: That's my secret, Cap. I'm always green.
 itskando: Bro, do you even lilyft
 glenalec: and Miss Piggy as The Black Widdow. (Which actually works rather well! Hiy-A!)
Image 248870   05-22-18 5:06pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 funny in the wall: Who is scrappy doo
 BavidDowie: I took a look at my wife, and realized she's very plain.
 Side Boob: BUCK FUTTER! Hahahaha
 Lantry: I googled it, in case anyone is as curious as me: what is "Gangsta's Paradise"
 Teechur: @Dr Awkward *PFour
 stunt nuts: lol "PFILM"
 tib gubb: what is huey lewis and the news
 Dr Awkward: What is "Earth Angel" by The Four Seasons
Image 247761   05-16-18 01:54am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 jazzjunkie: On the other side lies #247590
 jazzjunkie: The road to Shangri-La is great for toning your calves.
 Joseph: The stairs kinda ruin it
 Winterneuro: This is where they filmed that car commercial
 Dreforian: The bravest place on Earth
 glenalec: It go' a big 'ole in it.
Image 247513   05-14-18 4:40pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 tib gubb: snow time is play time
 Otterman: Who needs his ears tussled and his jowls delicately flipped? You do! Yes, you do!
 Whatever: Now thats a lot of dandruff
Image 247326   05-13-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 dangerkeith3000: humper
 Kaviri: That obviously says 'hunger', Teech.
 Religion X: Quit stalin or lottery?
 reagan: Or letters!
 Teechur: Bunger?
 glenalec: N0 1 W0n7
Image 246408   05-08-18 02:07am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Air Biscuit: Great. Now im colorblind again.
 WannaBee: This is unnerving.
 glenalec: A Mandarin Lime?
Image 245028   04-29-18 7:08pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Eleftheros: @Mad I was thinking they were reproducing by meowtosis
 Mad Collager: At first, I was worried that the two cats at the bottom were one cat with a belt too tight.
 barfolomew: damn it, autocorrect... I need to stop doing this on my phone.
 tib gubb: oh no no no, you guys are waaaay too happy
 barfolomew: I can tell by the look in that category eyes that shit is about to go down.
Image 243689   04-21-18 4:36pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 WannaBee: With milk?
 petepuma: 1/4 of this is palatable
 when so: Looks like someone ordered the math problem
 Christina: Too beautiful to eat.
 Dick Inspector: Still looks delicious
 VeeKay: Artichoke heart on pizza? God yes.
 bug: We call this pizza "the compromise"
 Micro Jackson: I'll have mushrooms on .125 of the pizza, and tomato on .375
Image 243167   04-18-18 1:03pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Winterneuro: And thats how Jill found out Jack was cheating on her. Jills B cup would never fill that thing.
 DrinkMixMan: Man's breast friend
 fanny: LaBRAdor
 WannaBee: Haha a booby trap
Image 242741   04-15-18 9:37pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 trelyate: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
 Robespierre: ... and now you know ... THE REST OF THE STORY
 Mr. Whiskers: @Ulillillia And That may be all I need to know
 Side Boob: Same
 Amy Housewine: @Ulillillia Love you jussssssssssst the way you are
 grid: Well played
 Shay: Such as...
 Ulillillia: But I know I love you
 Butcherboy: :
Image 242638   04-15-18 07:08am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Winterneuro: ...and laugh, clown, laugh!
 a robot: Puddles Pity Party is pretty good
Image 241573   04-08-18 7:44pm     Uploaded by    Emoji
 runny999: @VoR - I'm guessing it probably would be, due to water loss. Haven't checked, though, to be honest: too busy munching on it!
 itskando: Where does the bread go?
 Annoying Vegan : How is toast formmed?
 charlemagne: brown for first course, white for pudding
 VoR: Is toast smaller?
 WTF: Spray-on starch.
Image 240518   04-02-18 11:08am     Uploaded by    Emoji
 Emoji: Willie Schubert lettering
 Off Topic: Getting real sick of your shit, Alfred.
 Korrok: No! You can't make me.
 Donut: "You are fired."
 barfolomew: Don't kink-shame
Image 240494   04-02-18 06:38am     Uploaded by    Emoji
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