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 elmosco's Aggro-Gator

 Felicity: Fancy cows. Living in a palace. This must be India
 petepuma: @petepuma including in the parking lot! (rim shot)
 petepuma: @Side Boob possibly more than one cow however
 Yurishiro: Tattoo&Beer Expofest.
 Side Boob: Not a single sedan in the parking lot :P
 glenalec: What could possibly go wrong?
 ignatz: Because people always need a little help with their decision making and spelling skills..
Image 248960   05-23-18 04:37am   Views: 59891   Uploaded by    elmosco
 BavidDowie: That's a good deal
 Telkwa: Tyranny of choice - the pain is real.
 charlemagne: Leave them on the shelf too long and they revert to their natural form
Image 248023   05-17-18 4:47pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 dangerkeith3000: Hasn't he always been gay?
 KingTrebek: That's a blatant ripoff of Beethoven 6
 Robespierre: Horrible entertainment concept's IN THE HOWWWWWWSE!
 WTF: He's at a Sony Pictures executive meeting.
 Yurishiro: Why, was he sad last time?
 ChubbyBuddy: air butt
Image 247429   05-14-18 03:03am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Telkwa: Beauty of Peru.
 Kaviri: Stylish, yet functional.
Image 247406   05-13-18 11:58pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Zarathustra: But in this photo, he didn't technically say it.
 GoGo Robotto: Nay, you don't dickin' tell me what the dick I'm a-gonna-do!!!!!!!!!!!
 dangerkeith3000: Awww...
Image 246801   05-10-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Warrax: So pretty I died.
 lecj07: Everything the light touches
 Air Biscuit: @Mad Collager even if it did break, its just like a falling elevator. Gotta remember to jump when you hit the bottom and youre fine.
 Mad Collager: Even if I were part American Indian, I wouldn't be that brave.
Image 246264   05-07-18 07:37am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 BavidDowie: Love that riff
 Mr. Shine: .-)
 Sadbot: We are Diamond Dogs
Image 245735   05-04-18 01:03am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 taxKilla: @Slerzy yes, sadly they are...
 Zaxxoff: Hurricane proofed
 savvoy: Stealing copper
 Slerzy: People out there stealing air conditioners?
 Mad Collager: I'll give up my heat pump when they pry my cold, dead fingers from around it.
 glenalec: Gnome wants to play a game.
 sparename: Con Air-Con
Image 243690   04-21-18 4:40pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Mad Collager: Venn do zese holidays happen?
 Kaviri: Venn diagrams are not guides. And don't call me Shirley.
 Teechur: Surelee, you jest.
Image 242713   04-15-18 6:10pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Robespierre: "Peel me a grape, Gladys"
 LurkedMoar: Lookin' vascular brah
 VoR: Vampire bait
 ThoughtlessGentleman: gettin that cardio breh?!
 VeeKay: So, if you took all the blood vessels out of a human and stretched them out, that human would undergo terminal experience.
Image 242661   04-15-18 11:37am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Bubo: You didn't miss the litter tray...
 SuedeOxford: Very good kitty litter cake should have a Tootsie Roll turd flopped over the side of the serving pan.
 Mr. Shine: @bug I agree!
 Peach: @bug more shit for me.
 FabricMan: Eat shit to you too, good sir!
 bug: I know these are actually good and all, but the idea is so vile, I can't bring myself to eat it.
 dangerkeith3000: Now eat your cake!
 Air Biscuit: Eat shitty casserole.
 sparename: Kitten's Got Talent
 Yurishiro: Later, shitlords!
 lazySolver: can't miss me if a don't leave
Image 242180   04-12-18 1:06pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Donut: Someone's got a new World of Tanks avatar.
 Mad Collager: I want to start a trend where you walk into a room and say, "Needless to say...", but never say anything else.
 Yam: @Amy Housewine I learned something today
 Amy Housewine: 'Tommy Tank' means something very, very different over here.
 lazySolver: saving private thomas CHO CHO
 barfolomew: @Derp Herpigan autocorrect.
 Derp Herpigan: I mean, tow do you miss ttat badly?
Image 242022   04-11-18 2:03pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Shay: To counterattack the giant pink space bunny, NASA has cloned and launched a T-Rex into outer space.
 glenalec: My arms are too short to get my helmet on!
 wolfpk: Dinosaurs evolved to the point that they could leave the Earth. The only problem was they didn't realize until to late that they can't move in space.
 dangerkeith3000: That dino's dead.
 Micro Jackson: I heard that a meteor wiped out the dinos, but now I realize it was the other way around.
 Robespierre: Try ropin' 'im
 Sadbot: So is SpaceX gonna do anything useful or just launch junk into orbit?
 Christina: Astronaut cowboy will tame and ride the dinosaur.
Image 240848   04-04-18 11:11am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 tib gubb: you encounter a jaunty floof
 t48: Fluffy Corgi pupper!
 Mr. Shine: I wanna hug that pupper!
Image 240352   04-01-18 10:58am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Robespierre: @MasterTwig Three wombats should do nicely.
 MasterTwig: This dog looks like it needs some pets.
Image 239140   03-24-18 11:58pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Ulillillia: When the president did a McDonald's commercial
 glenalec: Mc HR would like a word, Ron.
Image 238786   03-22-18 9:07pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 VeeKay: No, I'm not a model. I didn't even realise there was a photographer there at the time.
 Kaviri: Ladies
 itskando: Heffalump
 glenalec: vv had to settle for a scalding-hot shower (needed because part of my back has dislocated itself - seems to be back in place now, but still a bit tender!)
 glenalec: Now I want a nice cool swim!
Image 236819   03-11-18 01:08am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 tib gubb: everybody's a critic
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
Image 236626   03-09-18 10:40pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 a robot: Camp tight, pupper
Image 236309   03-08-18 01:08am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Dr Awkward: @Yurishiro The only place on the internets, at least.
 Robespierre: She got soul ... and she's super bad
 charlemagne: @Yurishiro her hot pants do look a bit like a butchers floor though
 Otterman: Armour hot dog
 Yurishiro: Welcome to the spaceship, the only place on earth where the picture of a beautiful girl posing in sexy clothes gets badded to 0 because "Ok you're hot but who cares this isn't interesting."
 ignatz: She's nice n all, what is she doing here?
 Dr Awkward: This looks like an ad from Allure magazine, but my computer doesn't smell like perfume samples.
 Yurishiro: #hey sexy lady#
Image 236171   03-07-18 07:40am     Uploaded by    elmosco
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