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 elmosco's Aggro-Gator

 ping: Well, shit.
 wolfpk: Urban planning at its best!
 Not A Bot: I hold your lives in the palm of mine hand!!
 Yam: Wheee clunk
 Not A Bot: there's that guy
Image 231612   02-09-18 5:21pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 kornisjon: That's some cool cash.
 Mad Collager: @Ulillillia Cool, but they'd never give us another 50 seats, even if they're good enough, smart enough, and people like them.
 Ulillillia: Funfzig Franken for Senate
Image 230540   02-03-18 4:59pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 glenalec: Back when I used to handle student materials fees, I had a picture of Garth on my window saying "We fear change". :-)
 tokyopig: Soon you'll be making more spare change off of conservatives than Scott Adams.
Image 230539   02-03-18 4:56pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 funny in the wall: @antipatterns i'm Sonic-illiterate
 VeeKay: What fresh hell is this?
 antipatterns: @funny in the wall I wouldn't worry about it. You know what Sonic The Hedgehog would say.
 funny in the wall: @Dr Awkward kind of soured on it after the owner hardcore came out for trump. do miss the taste though
 Mr. Shine: Herbert West, Reanimator
 Hyphae: @Dr Awkward I miss the black and tan sometimes, myself
 Dr Awkward: WTF am I looking at (nostalgia RAD for Yuengling, as I can't get it in AZ)
Image 229797   01-30-18 2:22pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 trelyate: evil and lazy
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: $.25 for a free swing at a literal grab bag? Deal
 Yam: @FabricMan nah man, it gets stuck!
 FabricMan: Seems like a great deal for 25 cents!
Image 229281   01-27-18 3:37pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 glenalec: So, Jeff. Will we fix that exhaust port vent today? Maybe after lunch.
 Yurishiro: "I see the droids we are looking for!"
Image 229010   01-26-18 12:35pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Ulillillia: Shit pickle.
 White Rice: @Dresdenkeogh fandom taking things to the obnoxious extreme, over saturating their own spaces with it, this it bleeds into common spaces and we get loud people who think the act of watching a cartoon makes them better/smarter/edgier than everyone else (the Jerrys, or something).
 dangerkeith3000: @Dresdenkeogh beats me
 Dresdenkeogh: What's with all the hooplah over pickle rick?
 Micro Jackson: Bricked it
 Mr. Shine: THANK you.
 Shay: And I'm Brick Rick James, bitch.
Image 228740   01-24-18 3:22pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 bug: Step one: cut a hole in a dollhouse.
 Felicity: House nachoss?
Image 227199   01-16-18 2:37pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
COMMENT HERE. Make up a fake name or leave it blank.
Image 225370   01-06-18 11:10pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 RiderFan: Which version of Moe is this one? Is it the early seasons interesting Moe who was angry and indulged in shady criminal behaviors or the newer seasons one where he is a boring friend of the family?
 Cami: You're a long way from home, yuppie boy...
 Robespierre: The Slav-ish Rover Pub? How oo-tray!
 Sadbot: I was just there a few days ago, must've missed this Moe and Moestletoe, though.
Image 222981   12-25-17 10:47am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 MC Delta T: Aflaaaaaac!
 John Blender: Ducks are notorious rapists. Merry Christmas.
 Bubo: If it were Cleveland we could invoke Howard the Duck (NOT the movie one!)...
 Robespierre: It does look like he's quacking, damn you.
 Not A Bot: Oh honey.
 Shay: AFLAC
Image 222333   12-21-17 9:03pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Mr Bleak: But Mr Poirot! How can you suspect me?
 Side Boob: "Why are we installing train tracks for Fluffy?"
 Bohab: I said "good day" sir!
 Ulillillia: Long time no see!
 wolfpk: The new Bond villain
Image 221581   12-17-17 10:03pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Queen K: I remember when they first invented chocolate.
 square44: quiet scream
 msmstud: Heathers was a good movie. Glad he was able to walk off that nasty self-detonation.
 Skinr: The disease sadly took his life shortly after this picture was taken. Please donate.
 blendedtwice: Winona Ryder is my only long standing celebrity crush (excluding Stranger Things, and starting with the Crucible)
 ignatz: More impossible body standards..
Image 220924   12-14-17 12:31pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Rev80: No, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again..
 Yurishiro: FUCK YOU PEETA
 Ulillillia: Thought that was 80s Ozzy for a moment.
 elmstreet: My first thought was "I need to find that Hercules Disappointed gif and post that cuz that would be great". Then I found out that I am much better at searching for weird porn terms than gifs so I just masturbated instead.
Image 220845   12-13-17 11:31pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 kornisjon: @Felicity I'm finding myself wishing that it's real.
 Felicity: @kornisjon It looks like the lettering from Toothpaste for Dinner...maybe this is not a real incident but an unusually dark comic strip
 kornisjon: That looks too much like my handwriting.
 Yurishiro: @Felicity Who said that's a lady and not a man?
 Nymphomania: How I Met Your Mother had some fucked up episodes in it's last season
 Felicity: And to think she wrote all that with a dildo inside her
 White Rice: @rip odb I had to deal with something like this at work once, and getting a positive ID on someone via parking lot cameras can be a supreme pain in the ass (I wasnt the one who got the note, I was the one checking the cameras) Fortunately in my case the guy was identified & nothing further came of it, but it really freaked out the girl who got the creepy note. Moral of the story: park under cameras.
 Lemonator: Hope it's a girl..
 Sadbot: I'd go straight to the police, because management would probably be all "we can't do anything about this because the customer might fill out a bad survey"
 Peter Pantsless: Now THAT'S customer service
 Knice: I liked it better when the performance appraisals were impersonal.
 jochenau: Thanks for reminding us that dudes can be sexually harassed also.
 Ulillillia: The top third started out so nice...
 Derp Herpigan: @rip odb except I think that would only give them pleasure
 rip odb: Well, there should be surveillance cams in the parking lot so this should be a pretty easy case to crack. Thats some nasty bullshit, and can really fuck with a persons head. Someone needs to whoop that persons ass til they learn not to do that kinda shit..
Image 220463   12-11-17 11:26pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 tokyopig: actually I had tuna avacado tonight.
 tokyopig: Its the lack of thought that counts.
 Spazstatic: "you're quite shit at wrapping presents aren't you?" "You mean /the/ shit?" "No, you're shit at wrapping presents."
 blendedtwice: well taped
Image 220436   12-11-17 8:40pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Shay: *grabs macbook and throws it in water*
 Dr Awkward: @arctic fox Why are you assuming that the poster has anything to do with the dude in the picture?
 arctic fox: OP kinda looks like Alexander Ovechkin.
 cj22: For efficiency, next time find a beautiful location and then set it as your desktop.
Image 219248   12-05-17 3:21pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 Shay: Do I look Kigk?
 Winterneuro: Yes, that is Bostons city hall behind hm.
 Greifer: no coral, not at all
Image 218058   11-29-17 07:31am     Uploaded by    elmosco
 firesoup: I'm crying
 EndlessVanity: haha yeah
 sparenamelaptopdied: Publicly grasping his Woody
Image 217172   11-24-17 2:54pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
 kittylitter: "I'll bet you, that you can't play a whole season without injuries"
 Aufziehvogel: Papa?
 UltraBeverly: moobs
 Warrax: It's not funny when you're losing all the time, Carson. And fuck you for making me think about cardinals football outside of the obligatory sunday ritual period.
 waterudoin: Funky bra. Doubt it would be all that supportive though.
 Sydney: How did he get my Saturday night out outfit?
Image 215940   11-17-17 11:09pm     Uploaded by    elmosco
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