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 drhilljack's Aggro-Gator

 wolfpk: It 2 is looking a little to creepy!
 Shay: How appropriate they got a clown ready for the fallout shelter.
 Warrax: We all sing karaoke down here, Georgie.
Image 232675   02-15-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Teechur: @zrj235 Could have reversed the image before uploading it.
 dangerkeith3000: @NoRagrets Looks like you have a fan!
 ignatz: @zrj235 Bonus point removed :)
 zrj235: @ignatz it kinda looks like a 90 degree double mirror setup, tho. so it might be right way around. visually speaking. still fucked. but not backwards. technically.
 Whatever: Wonder how many people tattooed the same thing about Obama
 Yurishiro: After his term is over this will be accurate.
 WTF: How'd they get a picture of Melania's back?
 NoRagrets: *tears up*
 ignatz: Bonus for backwards no ragrets
Image 231531   02-09-18 05:27am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Yurishiro: Creepy cat feet
 Teechur: Egads! Look at those beans!
Image 231254   02-07-18 5:32pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 jochenau: I can buy cookies just fine without being guilted into it, thank you very much. Them things are awesome.
 Teechur: I don't know why they call it Hamburger Helper. It does just fine by itself.
 Yurishiro: Oh yeah!
 barfolomew: When did they give the Kool-Aid Man pants?
Image 231003   02-06-18 08:07am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Micro Jackson: Says a lot about what's wrong with the world
 Matricii: Segregation isn't cool man...
 Side Boob: Cut here
Image 229616   01-29-18 2:07pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 trelyate: a list of reasons why someone loves you
 a robot: You really CAN get everything from Amazon!
 Zukero: Now I understand that smirk.
 tokyopig: 2 BJ, 3 BJ ah ah ah [thunder and bats]
 Yurishiro: That's a big box for 1 banana juice.
 ignatz: First, cut a hole in the box..
Image 228857   01-25-18 04:49am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
Image 226948   01-15-18 06:38am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Mr Bleak: Don't ask; don't tell.
 Shay: I always find these equal opportunity questions like gender/race to be kind of sketchy.
 jazzjunkie: There's only one gender and it's "none of your damn business"
 zrj235: today's shut the fuck up of the day is: shut the fuck up.
Image 225581   01-08-18 02:55am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 kshoxx: I love different species animal friends!
 9mm: Pigs and goats living as man and wife?? It's the end of days, I tell ya!!
 nclaw: Pig and Goat The Disney Adventures.
 tib gubb: organic waste disposal crew
 Dr Awkward: @sparename Are you kidding me? Don't be such a swine.
 Teechur: @Prostata *beasties
 Prostata: besties
 Teechur: I'd take this over a barrel of monkeys any day!
 sparename: Are they called Sausage and Kebab?
 pewdiepie: Fuck, that's adorable.
Image 222714   12-23-17 9:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 well duh: "Method. Not even once." C'mon people, this was obvious.
 Ulillillia: Did you grab laundry
 bug: CLeaning BAd
 No Penguins Allowed: Pretty sure meth is odorless...I wouldn't know though...
 falling: I don't care what Pine Sol makes it smell like, Jessie. It's not going in.
 bag o bones: Opening up a whole new demographic...
 avemaria: Nice try Walter
Image 221290   12-16-17 10:31am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Mr Bleak: @sparename @Bohab With chips / fries as well! So that's one of her five a day, two if you count the wheat flour in the bun. Ketchup would have brought it up to three, and onions makes four. That's probably why she didn't have them - saving fruit and veg portions for supper.
 Science: Please pray for my sister - she suffers from macroglossia and must transport her tongue in a specially made sling so it doesn't drag across surfaces and collect lint. God bless.
 VeeKay: Wait! You eat solids and drink fluids?
 VeeKay: Wait! You eat solids and drink fluids?
 Felicity: Is that a foot long? / And then some
 Beef Supreme: Oh my god, her poor immune system is in for one hell of a bare knuckles street fight.
 Otterman: Great, now I'm hungry.
 Robespierre: Have they lived up to your expectations, @Theta Zero ?
 wolfpk: She finished it in under thirty seconds.
 Skaalar: She brave enough.
 Knice: Shes about halfway done pulling it out.
 VoR: Looks like penis
 tib gubb: oh... MY GOD
 Bohab: @sparename I know right? Who eats a giant 2 lb plain hotdog for lunch
 sparename: What is wrong with this woman? No onions, cheese OR ketchup
 fink: Grindr
 Theta Zero: I can already imagine the comments.
Image 219931   12-09-17 03:03am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Mad Collager: @BoiledEggs Ours is the opposite experience. One year, not only did someone take all the candy out of the bowl, they even took the bowl! It was my biggest stainless-steel bowl, too. After that, we put candy in a pile of artificial rocks I made of concrete, with a bowl worked in. The candy still vanished with the first teenager, but at least the bowl wasn't taken.
 WTF: @jazzjunkie same goes for adults
 jazzjunkie: Children cannot be trusted to behave socially
 Catcat: The pumpkin doesn't look happy.
 tib gubb: @BoiledEggs they're rewarded for following basic instructions, i hear
 BoiledEggs: We put a bucket out WITH candy in it, parents STILL knocked because they couldn't figure it out. I have trouble comprehending how a cauldron shaped bucket in the middle of a porch with lit jack o lanterns next to it is confusing. Take some candy, leave, no interaction required. We still have at least half the candy left.
 lolnotrly: you're a monster
Image 219164   12-05-17 02:07am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Robespierre: Everything's goofier in Texas.
 VoR: This hat aint big enough for the two of us - ok, buy two!
 Sadbot: @Mad Collager No thanks needed, Primus is it's own reward
 Side Boob: Made me think of this one… but I'm old
 Mad Collager: @Sadbot Thanks for the link!
 Sadbot: Immediately popped into my head…
Image 218432   12-01-17 05:47am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 BavidDowie: @BlarfyB any is too much
 raditzu: blarghghghghglbllllll
 Robespierre: ... or raspberry Popsicles.
 BlarfyB: Looks like someone had a bit too much blue curacao.
Image 217456   11-26-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Lantry: @AstoriaBum it also requires medical knowledge
 Shay: ESPN is doing layoffs next month, may need to buy some more at CVS.
 Aspirin: Hahaha. I am a professional(?) level sports ball player, who is not as good as the others, apparently.
 AstoriaBum: Is this a reference that requires sports knowledge?
Image 216452   11-20-17 6:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Felicity: Max Headroom is feeling introverted today
Image 215647   11-16-17 1:26pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 DrinkMixMan: oh, well, then you're in luck, these sauce packets will definitely give you that diarrhea that you want
 sparenamelaptopdied: Two Ciproflaxin and one Imodium - Two parts sand and one of cement.. Or Weetabix and boiled eggs
 Haute and sweaty: Hemorrhoids.
 Not A Bot: Don't you hate it when dust explodes from your nipples
 when so: You know what I haven't had in a while? Big Red.
 Dr Awkward: @Ulillillia You know what I haven't had in a while? Dippin' Dots.
 Ulillillia: You know what I haven't had in a while? Big League Chew.
Image 214170   11-08-17 4:47pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 grizzly: @Big Bong Theory his paws are duct taped together.
 dangerkeith3000: That person is NOT too sexy for their cat. What you think about that?
 Paint Chips: Cat is wearing Saints team colors.
 Big Bong Theory: How that cat didn't freak out and run off I'll never know
Image 212573   10-31-17 05:47am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 WotGives: Instructions unclear, dick smeared all over parcel
 Cami: No listening! Do you understand me?
 dangerkeith3000: Don't Blink.
 seahawks: Dont even blink
 charlemagne: @Peter Pantsless okay, but don't tell
 cakefizzle: Yo Mr. White...whats in the box?
 Peter Pantsless: *touches and looks*
 fink: Its a cat with a vial of poison and a radioactive source.
 Ulillillia: @Lemon Rage The box is from the store with the giant hot dog
 Lemon Rage: why does the box have Norwegian writing printed on it while the note is in English?
Image 212134   10-28-17 8:54pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Hosebag: @Dresdenkeogh @dragon horn Son of a bitch!
 dragon horn: @Dresdenkeogh exactly!
 Dresdenkeogh: Eric Cartman deconstructed
Image 212087   10-28-17 4:07pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
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