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 drhilljack's Aggro-Gator

 SomeCanadian: Where Salad Fingers emerge
 savvoy: I see you, octopus.
 Yurishiro: What happened to hulk?!?!
 Robespierre: Is this how they make Pocky?
Image 203275   09-13-17 6:27pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Koopa: Looked like dust for a moment, there.
 RiderFan: Slip me some skin, brother!
 Felicity: *(crumple)*
 Science: Egad. Did you slather your hand in that foot peeling stuff?
 Yurishiro: Is this when skin comes off after a sunburn?? Dear Lord it MUST have felt orgasmic.
 Knice: God-damn, use lube or loosen your grip, ffs.
Image 203195   09-13-17 10:07am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Mr Bleak: Who stuck a knife through that horses head?
 Rat-Butt: Wet mane contest winner
 Catcat: Didn't know your girlfriend did bukkake
 piranharama: Maybe she's born with it
 Dr Awkward: Watch out for the horse laser!
 Rat-Butt: (Flips his mane back) I'm to sexy for that
 BavidDowie: Your girlfriend's spring break snaps?
Image 202532   09-09-17 10:41pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Knice: They're just trying to encourage some cupcakes, asshole.
 Mr. Shine: @Scoo @Ulillillia There's room for everybody.
 Scoo: @Ulillillia Not with that handwriting
 Ulillillia: Guessing he's a white heterosexual Christian
Image 197762   08-16-17 7:41pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Queen K: I get it!
 Mr. Shine: Ragu. It's in there.
 Air Biscuit: Congratulations. Its garlic.
 mrdiron: Shit she might be
 WaffleIron: Two stripes! Yay!
Image 196971   08-12-17 7:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
COMMENT HERE. Make up a fake name or leave it blank.
Image 196485   08-10-17 10:07am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Science: @Sadbot: Guess you've never stepped in dog shit that some inconsiderate ass hasn't bothered to pick up then?
 BavidDowie: I will poop on your dog.
 tib gubb: "If your dog poops in my yard, I will poop in your yard"
 Sadbot: Not my precious front yard that arbitrarily increases the value of my house less than the cost labor and material I put into it and has no other purpose!
 dangerkeith3000: Why does the dog only have 2 legs?
 Amy Housewine: I like the highlighting of "YOUR DOG'S POOP".
 Meow: That graphics art degree is finally paying off
Image 196314   08-09-17 1:48pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 some guy : Ew I can smell their collective musk from here.
 some guy : Ew I can smell their collective musk from here.
 Snowta: SNORGY
 Horatio: Thas a lotta snoodles.
 FabricMan: @Skinr They're garter snakes, Indy. Perfectly harmless.
 Shay: Oh hey, I'm sure Indy's gonna love these for his birthday.
 AlexDeLarge: That's a lot of snoots to boop.
 Skinr: Why did it have to be snakes?
Image 193220   07-24-17 8:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Suburbanmom: That little girl just got put in a home, this is so damn old..
 Robespierre: Stoic as hell.
 Science: Damn it, I accidentally hit BAD. :(
 Annoying Vegan : I rad dis every tiem
 duckfarts: lookin like dog deluise
 Warrax: Don't worry, we won't stop running tests until we figure out who the good boy is.
 Mad Collager: No matter how many times I push it, it doesn't go "Ding Dong!".
 Urn BooUrn: We don't accept your insurance, Rover.
 Bagels: I'm sorry, but you have one week to live Mr Doggy
 Sadbot: Diagnosis: Squishface
Image 193217   07-24-17 8:11pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Brain: @Warrax say it again
 Warrax: Hi there, Shitlords. I'm back.
Image 192198   07-19-17 5:41pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Teechur: Hey, artist! Do you even reflect?
Image 191316   07-15-17 05:47am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Felicity: Those are the flowers from the Pepto-Bismol commercial
 fanny: i think i won this poster throwing a dart at a balloon at the NYS fair in '86
Image 190876   07-12-17 11:32pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 kornisjon: This is triggering unwelcome visuals.
 Fancy Clown: Heheheh
 Horatio: Everybody alive should try to visit Uranus, MO at least once. They pack the best fudge,they're the home of the Pirates, and they have a dinosaur.
 Bluetocracy: The secret to living forever
 dangerous dave: I've always wanted to be able to say that I'm munching on Uranus.
 Jennerator: The 'out of this world' slogan is guaranteed after I've eaten at Taco Bell
 Scoo: In the future, this will be called Milk Chocolate from Urectum
 Derp Herpigan: butbutbutbut... how does he eat the candy bar with the helmet on?
 dobbiesdoogs: now with olestra!
Image 187291   06-24-17 10:04pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 XLY: Fry me you lil b*tch
 Scoo: With Jake the Dog and Finn the Onion, the fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!
 Zampano: In Soviet Russia, you make onion cry
Image 186433   06-20-17 4:37pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Scoo: @Robespierre They are - they indicate severe downdrafts
 Robespierre: Milky mammatus look threatening.
 Cami: *goes back inside*
 Nopetology: Well that's utterly terrifying..
Image 186030   06-18-17 3:59pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Cami: Pulp mill.
 Flurble: that snek is sick...
 Amy Housewine: Friendly snek.
Image 185585   06-16-17 10:07am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Peter Pantsless: Sit! Stay! Good boy!
Image 184459   06-10-17 5:04pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 werterland: 2spoopy4me
 Wooden Spoon: What was Tracey Morgan's Halloween song on 30 Rock? These lyrics were in it.
 a robot: S. Poopy, esq.
 fanny: my street name is spoopy.
Image 184386   06-10-17 08:26am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 SpaceCow: Let's see Lafontaine do a trailer for one of those.
 Beef Supreme: Your tax dollars at work. Estimated completion date: July 2019.
 drtofu: Glory "O"
 brian greene: there has already been some little pricks
 ChubbyBuddy: can't wait, maybe if i thrust hard enough...?
 AlexDeLarge: ...if you know what I mean....
Image 183329   06-04-17 11:03pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Teechur: Real girls have ba... (must remember to engage filters before typing comments)
Image 181912   05-29-17 06:08am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
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