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 drhilljack's Aggro-Gator

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Image 253607   06-21-18 11:58am   Views: 25965   Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Wooden Spoon: @Side Boob: The Aflac duck had to get a second job.
 Spazstatic: I'm having a hard time clicking the link on the card...
 Darmstadtium: I suppose is better than drones...
 Side Boob: Was your package delivered by a bird?
 crappypants: It was probably a bill.
Image 253163   06-18-18 09:47am   Views: 100990   Uploaded by    drhilljack
 redmonkey3: If your not offending as Least one person in the crowd; yr doing it wrong
Image 252850   06-16-18 02:47am   Views: 156730   Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Ironass: If that's all he gets... I wonder if cats can make lemonade.
 Robespierre: Ears of annoyance, countenance of confusion
 Air Biscuit: No, youre supposed to give it to your cat in pill form!
 turtled: Strange looking apple
Image 252394   06-12-18 11:03pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 DrNinjaman: Too, damn it.
 DrNinjaman: Way to into Minecraft
Image 252364   06-12-18 7:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 FireBreathingMarmot: Fading fast.
 Not A Bot: While a seemingly innocous combination, it was the intersection of vanity photography and juicy dishes that finally sparked the Class War.
 WTF: What a difference one day makes.
Image 252193   06-11-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 jazzjunkie: This would be perfect for a bump key
 mexican: Classy.
 DrNinjaman: These keys unlock the safe where I keep my Truck Nutz.
Image 251545   06-07-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Darmstadtium: Seems like it's time for RAMPAGE!
Image 250816   06-03-18 11:26am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Peter Pantsless: "Boss, I can't come in today."
 VeeKay: Socially progressive comment.
 Christina: Girl on the web, showing her kitten.
Image 249504   05-26-18 11:58am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Booty Kicker: Now his ears taste like pizza.
 glenalec: Canine-Sapient emerges.
 VeeKay: When your dog is the head of the house hold.
 lecj07: @fanny You mean "Clever boy"
 Air Biscuit: Luckly the rest of the pizza was stored safely out of reach on my hat.
 fanny: smart boy
Image 247193   05-12-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 dangerkeith3000: Puppy's first neutering.
 VeeKay: Say it to my face you lil motha
 Christina: @Zarathustra What.
 Zarathustra: Say what again.
Image 246812   05-10-18 1:54pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Wet farts: This christmas tree rocks!!
 Teechur: ALIENS!
 Mr. Whiskers: This is what rockologists actually believe
Image 245917   05-05-18 03:37am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Mr Bleak: @WannaBee @Mr Bleak "ron paul"? These switcherinos are getting tiresome... read "i m g u r"
 Christina: @Mr Bleak Thank you.
 Mr Bleak: @Christina THere's a high res version here: ron paul dot com/gallery/ryB7dab - but it's really not worth the read.
 Air Biscuit: TSDR
 Christina: @ping I've found that page, and couldn't read all that is written in the image.
 glenalec: What is this? A Venn-diagram for ants?
 Bluetocracy: @Christina That's because this is a diagram of things that cannot be read.
 Christina: Tried an image search of this; couldn't find a higher resolution.
 bug: Yup, that explains it.
 Uncle Phil: (Things You Can Read)
 WannaBee: The Venn Diagram of everything.
 Nope: Cool picture of circles and text you cant read
Image 244828   04-28-18 2:47pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 steve: Are your girlfriends trashy?
 killme: Trash ponies
 lecj07: My girlfriend also enjoys dumpster diving.
Image 241779   04-10-18 12:44pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Kaviri: Magic Drugs Make Amazing
 Whatever: Slowly it dawned on the farmers who voted against Hillary that trade wars resulted in fewer sales of their products in China
Image 241328   04-07-18 08:38am     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 hammy: @DrNinjaman - By the time I got to the end, my brain was auto-switcherooning the correct word back in.
 Warrax: @DrNinjaman That was unintentionally brilliant, best comment I've read all day.
 Prombom: Filter switcherinoed switcherinoing
 DrNinjaman: Ah yes. should have known...
 DrNinjaman: Sorry about this: K&N air switcherinos are complete garbage, modern snake oil. Get a factory switcherino and stop fucking around. Filters are supposed to protect your engine from wear by "switcherinoing". If your switcherino is providing greater airflow than the stock switcherino with the same switcherino area, then it isn't doing as good of a job switcherinoing. Also, I've seen compelling evidence that K&N switcherinos only flow better when clean, but clog up quicker and flow more poorly when dirty. So by all means, get one if you want to clean your switcherino everytime you get gas. Or maybe you could accept that the multi billion dollar company that designed your car might know a bit more about optimizing an air switcherino than a couple of hillbillies with some wire mesh, gauze, and red dyed spray oil. Rant complete.
 WTF: Haha, stem lube...
 Scoo: Can I sell you Blinker Fluid?
Image 239452   03-26-18 10:03pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Science: Excelsior, true believer!
 VeeKay: @charlemagne The obvious love and amity in this pic is what made me comment in a contrary manner!
 charlemagne: @VeeKay can't be, these people don't seem to be full of hate and fear
 VeeKay: Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen.
 Shay: Walter Cronkite and the kid from Home Improvement?
Image 236892   03-11-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 caesar: This made me do the short sound you make when you are starting laughing but not really laugh
 Robespierre: Cat awed, birb non-plussed
 Christina: The cat is wondering if the bird is not too big to kill.
Image 236725   03-10-18 2:07pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
 VeeKay: @Christina Is it normal though?
 dangerkeith3000: Turn that frown upside down.
 Christina: Pareidolia.jgp
 Dobly: @Yurishiro just give it a boop
 nimbus: I wanna hug the sad briefcase
Image 236135   03-07-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
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Image 235767   03-04-18 9:58pm     Uploaded by    drhilljack
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