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 Derp Herpigan's Aggro-Gator

 tib gubb: that does sound like something a cat would say
 VeeKay: Fallout 4 Cliff's Edge Hotel kitty! Sweet.
Image 234248   02-24-18 12:07pm     Uploaded by    joxxuh
 Minnesotan: this guy's a propaniac!
 funny in the wall: I tell you hwat
 Hokie333: I sell Whoop-Ass and Whoop-Ass accessories.
Image 212704   10-31-17 9:26pm     Uploaded by    the snark
 ignatz: @Nope bummer..
 ThatGuy: Give the heart a hard sear and serve rare with a capr lemon sauce and some shave pecorino romano, rest easy knowing all are dommed to the cold grip of death and your own previously-secured seat in the amphitheare of hell.
 Peach: "Knowing the patients' race, gender, and orientation really made the decision a breeze." -Someone who I hope never has my life in their hands
 Flarmie: @jochenau Well I choose her, then. If the exercise specifically states "she is" then the others must be imaginary.
 LogicKitty: Hire some men to go find six more "donors"
 Bu7Z: I'd eat the heart while they all watched
 jochenau: "She is." ???
 Mr. Whiskers: The name of this book is "conflict resolution in the workplace." Because nothing resolves conflict like racially-charged, life-or-death medical ethics debates.
 Knice: You lost all your patients at 'the committee must agree.' lol they ded
 Mr. Shine: The 15-year-old who is pregnant is NOT a woman. That is a child. Absolutely a child.
 sparename: Janis Joplin would help them all out - "Take another little piece of my heart now, baby."
 Wet farts: Lock em all in a room and make em fight for it.
 Nope: @ignatz Pregnant women arent allowed to get transplants the anti rejection drugs fuck that baby up good. The real answer is whom ever is the most viable candidate.
 ignatz: This is horrible but probably happens all the time. Answer must be 15 yr old: two lives at stake
Image 169434   03-24-17 7:47pm     Uploaded by    Zampano
 Jaunty Shrimp: Also, schools out FOUR summer
 Borkf: School Two: School Harder
 DrinkMixMan: School One builds character.
 Scoo: Thanks, Betsy DeVoss
Image 174469   04-20-17 3:47pm     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 Peter Pantsless: Awesome. Seems like we've been slipping on in-joke images recently
 Prostata: @jochenau awesome thnx
 jochenau: @Prostata @a robot I made a flickr, hopefully that's an adequate solution:… (and no, I didn't use my real name)
 Amy Housewine: The thought occurs that someone called "Bingo Nancy" would definitely be someone I'd want to hang out with.
 a robot: @jochenau I hesitate to recommend Imgur because their community contains many a racist and/or sexist troll, but if you ignore that area of the site it's still one of the best places to upload and share images, with or without an account
 Borkf: Wow. Such bingo. Many meta. Much in joke.
 Dan Tagonistic: Love you guys x
 Amy Housewine: I liked it back when we used to master the blade and study the bingochain.
 jochenau: @Prostata I am initiated into the Dark Art of Posting URLs. Is there a place I can put it, and if so, what format(s) should it be in?
 DrinkMixMan: i;m thinking about thos bingos
 Borkf: Look at me, I get my own square!
 Musician: This is fine.
 Mexico: So what do we get if we win?
 fanny: @jochenau this is great!! well done, spacefriend :-D
 Warrax: @enfanta faded af/fa dedaf
 enfanta: Why does majestic af have to be backwards?
 SomeCanadian: I LIKE METAHORN
 a robot: Yay, this is awesome!
 grizzly: Fuckinbingo!
 Zampano: @Zampano No, I'm typing (b) (a) (n) (a) (n) (a) #171971
 Scoo: The apple/banana posts need to read bottom-to-top, but still - RAD!
 TFChicken: BINGO!
 Knice: BAD FOR NO CORN *clicks Rad* :-D
 Derp Herpigan: More unrealistic bingo standards
 Prostata: Need a larger version of this!!!
 Niels Bohr: Facit sejam
 tritium: Chuck Bingle.
 Peach: This makes me so happy. Hella Rad!
 jochenau: Re: @Knice #171807. (Also, it appears I am being punished for not including "what is this, bingo for ants?")
Image 171969   04-07-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    jochenau
 Mr Bleak: @Teechur And the prequel to "What's the worst that could happen?"
 Rat-Butt: Must be about an engineer
 anatolel: Sometimes I catch myself thinking itll be better the second time round but this is it. This has been my go.
 Teechur: Must be the sequel to, "Who Reads Instructions Anyway?"
 Higdec: I seen my autobiography has been published
 enfanta: But I haven't written it yet!
Image 168864   03-21-17 7:48pm     Uploaded by    morrissey
 MasterTwig: Nope. It's not wood.
 werterland: Is he giving the pigeon an eye exam, or is the pigeon giving him one?
 ThatGuy: The cover image of 'Identifying Birds: Yup, That's a Bird'
 hearsegirl: Better one or better two?
 bug: Gentlemen, I have confirmed our suspicions... it's a pigeon.
 Hyphae: @SomeCanadian Sharlaten! The bird is zirconia!
 SpaceCow: "Give it to me straight, human. Is it beak mites?"
 SomeCanadian: This bird... its... it's FLAWLESS
 fakeusername: come on man, you don't gotta phrenologize a bird. It's a bird.
 WaffleIron: Yer a bird, harry.
Image 160548   02-05-17 7:54pm     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 AutoDisaster: That's a social smile. I wouldn't trust this guy.
 A duck: Look at me, everyone! Look at how killed I just got! Wow, who would've thought *this* would happen?
 addend: Splitting headache.
 Frank herbert: Sigh whatevs
 DoctorTwo: Early Deadpool comics were kinda weird.
 duckfarts: lol are you even trying
 Warrax: Oh, I get it now! You want to "ax" me a question!
 Headoftheclass: "Halberts...what's up with that?"
 SunWukong: Dude?
 Peter Pantsless: Why does this keep happening to me?
 Knice: "Oh, this shit again."
 Mr. Butt: Could you not?
 Dan Tagonistic: Tevs bruv
 Scoo: Bro, really?
Image 153089   12-28-16 8:59pm     Uploaded by    leia
 Eleftheros: this replaced tarring and feathering in Utah
 Cami: A strange suicide.
 Mr. Whiskers: You brought bread to a seagull fight, my friend
 LaeMi: This is a very low-budget Bioshock Infinity cosplay.
 scribbs: When you're a performance artist and your audience just wants to drop shit on your head.
 fumbduck: he bread
Image 152347   12-25-16 02:55am     Uploaded by    Prefuse
 Pizza: @addend Best comment
 addend: Actually, it depends on how you slice up the Ph.D. in Theoretical Mathematics.
 Skinr: I'm currently majoring in English, with a minor in history just to make sure I'm completely unemployable
 ClockworkJackalope: what is the primary difference between your thesis and a trampoline? I will take my shoes off to jump on the trampoline.
Image 150530   12-15-16 11:09pm     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 WaffleIron: Older than me? Aunt/Uncle. my age? cousin. Younger than me? Niece/Nephew.
 EvilOtter: I call 2nd cousins and anyone once+ removed "stranger" or "That guy".
 TFChicken: Only need one line for my family
 carpwoman: Removed from what?
 Lestrange: TL;DR
 scribbs: I've read that English had to borrow a lot of words, e.g. "niece," because the English didn't have words for many familial relations.
 a sedated moose: So how many cousins away is okay? I'm asking 'cause hot cousins.
Image 150065   12-13-16 5:44pm     Uploaded by    fisto
 Jaunty Shrimp: C'mon, Meegan!
 itskando: 145986
 itskando: She wants that cobbguana
 ninetailorochimaru: This post went from 40-330....
 carpwoman: I adore this one!
Image 146026   11-23-16 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 WaffleIron: Witty comment in Arbic.
 FabricMan: Well-connected government contractor in Arabic
 petepuma: that'll be 37 million dollars
 jazzjunkie: [Preventable industrial accident in Arabic]
 tib gubb: good ol' army
 fumbduck: aww my a with a ring disappeared. :(
 fumbduck: Dumt p engelska
Image 146021   11-23-16 11:47am     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 scribbs: Fact: not true.
 Shay: A wise Australian man told me a windjammer is the agonizing scream of a trapped turd.
 Peter Pantsless: No comments yet, so I'll use this image to say that the "Your Conversations" page is VERY cool, as is the purple power drop-down menu. Looks like there's a spell-checker, too. Rad!
Image 138478   10-17-16 5:21pm     Uploaded by    Bad Dad
 LaeMi: You have a funny nose. No, you have a funny nose. No you...
 Jennerator: He likes his women large
 Kidneythief: @a robot the last of the mega-fauna :'(
 a robot: This picture makes me both happy and sad at the same time
 scribbs: "Can you hold this for a while? Hauling it around all day really strains my neck."
Image 136755   10-09-16 10:26am     Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 FatTigerWoods: That wormhole showed up and did the most unimpressive thing possible
 Urchin: @Borkf Nope, trying way too hard for that
 Minx: She's a glitch!!!
 Stoner: Free all the cows, so they can run free with their wild counterpart, which happens to be extinct due to loss of habitat.
 Thelter: @Mr. Shine "Damnit Rebecca, go home, the game was over 20 minutes ago"
 redrex: I don't know - boiling a Coke takes all the flavor out of it.
 Annoying Vegan : This is me
 whiplash: She's a nerd and still forgot to compensate for parallax factor. Sad!
 Scoo: Reading glasses do nothing for distance
 Borkf: It's like the opening credits for Daria.
 luxuslurch: still hot
 VoR: unlucky for some
 Mr. Shine: Wait for it . . . . aaaaany second now . . . .
 Dobly: wrong px
Image 124798   08-12-16 04:26am     Uploaded by    Derp Herpigan
 draakeragon: Really good post. Easy to read 5/5
 Knice: Man, what the hell's going on here?
 Supermansbrother: How long does a ban last?
 Skinr: I repeat my previous question; some images I feel to be top-notch have been confined to my userpage. Why?
 Mad Collager: @VoR Thank you! It gets back the messages from humans, at least.
 VoR: @Mad Collager Top right should be a link saying "your @ replies"
 VoR: What's the view on making our own merch?
 Mad Collager: I have hidden all my messages. How do I get them back?
 dtallon13: @Sum Gye me too
 dtallon13: @Vermicelli A dash maybe?
 sparename: OOOPs! I've managed to hide all of my messages and sadistics, can I get them back somewhere? I rooted round my settings to no avail.. thanks
 Peter Pantsless: @Picklepuss I love the switcherinos. They're fun to play with.
 Skinr: I have a question: What exactly qualifies an image to be a "userpage image" but not a front-page image?
 VoR: @Sum Gye "Lol" #106274
 Sum Gye: Hey, I'm relatively new here. Can someone fill me in on the "Friendly Spaceship" thing? It sounds AWEOME, but I wanna know the full story.
 Vermicelli: How do I reply to two-part names? Haven't figured out what punctuation bridges a space.
 uvwstan: Ok, I think I got the jist of this. Post stuff, comment stuff. Got t
 big h: so as I get points, the purple bar continually keeps raising? Am I paranoid, or are you really out to get me?
 VoR: @Picklepuss Learn to play the game. I'd like to see more switcherinos...I think I suggested that we could set our own for our uploads though prob a step too far
 Doing me a Frighten: @Picklepuss I hope they increase exponentially until only switcherinos exist and you have to know the language of AG to leave a comment and everyone gets horrible flatulence from trying to type and failing!
 Frank herbert: @Picklepuss I find then fun for new users and to find new ones.
 Picklepuss: @Moonmoon is there any chance the word switcherinos will go away? they ruin so many comments that might otherwise have been funny
 anonymous: @Moonmoon Feature Request: let users remove queued images before they are accepted. I accidentally uploaded the same image twice just now.
 Picklepuss: #3 is giving the bot too much credit I'm afraid -- I've seen cartoon porn on AG, e.g. a recent Robert Crumb illustration
 Doing me a Frighten: @MoonMoon XP required for purple went down? First time I've seen that. How come?
 GTA VII: you could vote on files before there were even accounts... @bad tony @Robespierre
 Mentos Pormer: @bad tony USED to be, @bad tony - USED to be.
 Hippitus Hoppitus: @Poop van Pants Also, I have 3 images that have been Pending for over 72 hours now. Also a few months back, occasional images would get posted within an hour of submission - of course the queue was about 70 back then, but not nearly as many images were posted daily. I mean, my images are clearly falling out of fashion here, but if they're going to be rejected anyway, please, just reject them right away so the message that my contributions are no longer wanted here comes through loud and clear so I can move on.
 bad tony: @Robespierre not true, you can vote even if you're not logged in
 highdra: @Poop van Pants If I recall correctly, up until fairly recently only Purples were able to vote Rad or Bad. Getting a 300 used to be a really big deal; now just about any image that isn't total rubbish reaches that point easily.
 Poop van Pants: I noticed all the top 50 images are current , i.e. in the 80k's . I assume this is due to the number of users increasing over time . Would it make any sense to adjust + values of older images against the # of users active at the time of their posting ?
 Air Biscuit: Wait... is the ag mascot really moonmoon?
 Korrok: @Moonmoon Korrok approves.
 Catcat: Users keep the site from becoming a cesspool by badvoting TV stills
 Frank herbert: @NoRagrets I just saw that. Wasn't there earlier. awesome
 gary: Here here!
 shitshow: (Sets up jenga on the kitchen table)
 CrustyDusty: @Frank herbert: I've thought that too, that once an image is hidden, it should retain the BAD button; those metrics would be awesome. Best/Worst EVER, images, and comments. The winners of course would be fed to the Spaceship's warp drive.
 CrustyDusty: This is awesome. Pretty much everything anyone needs to know, unless you're treating this like WoW or something... in which case, get a life? XD
 Blackheart223: So let it be written.
 duckfarts: 6. Please don't be racist.
 duckfarts: @Hydraxion don't hold your pee
 Moonmoon: The thing to remember with XP is that when you upload images that get RADs and post comments that get (+), your rank will go up amazingly quick. Most of our purple users comment a few times a day and that's all it takes.
 gumble: A disincentive would be nice
 Bountiful Tumescence: Does xp just drain out of inactive accounts, or do they get smacked down to below the purple line after a week?
 NoRagrets: @Darth Bater Turns out our purple powers allow us to see the top 50 pics of all time, so our wish has already been granted.
 Pizza: Thanks, Moonmoon!
 ani625: @Moonmoon I love the top 50 images of all time button, but it isn't working right. Even the top images of the lady 48 hours contain images with higher score than the ones on the bottom of that list. And even I had an image with higher score than some there.
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: I'm a yellow now, so that's cool.
 Magic Bullets: I just saw a red user float by, so it seems like there are some left...
 morakdais: @Warezlock it would remain classy, just like friendly spaceship but with more one handed typing
 Hydraxion: @professorpig Don't take this yellow away from me plz
 professorpig: @ping "let's not focus on the numbers" okay, but how about this number over here???
 silver: I just noticed that orange currently starts at -400xp. Does this mean that there are no longer any red users?
 Micro Jackson: All Hail ImageBot!!
 Moonmoon: 1. Your own XP is visible on your own user page. 2. We prefer users to just have fun using the site and to post comments and images rather than fixate on numbers or try to game the algorithms, so we're moving toward that end. The most important thing in XP is that it will always go up when you contribute to the site.
 NoRagrets: @Darth Bater That would have to include one of the fancy clown comments.
 nlx27: lame (cartmanvoice)
 Darth Bater: @Frank herbert @MoonMoon yes plz. The number of users who possess each color would be lovely. Even if you only tell us this once. Also, even if it's only an estimate. :)
 Darth Bater: @NoRagrets The top ten images of all time would be mouth-wateringly delicious. Also throw in there the top 20 comments of all time.
 Darth Bater: @Scoo I am also sad to see public XP disappear. I thought something was wrong with my page loading for a while. I felt like it was a race to 1,000,000 and liked to know what place I was in. Now I'm just purple. I'm not purple in # place for the race to 1 million.
 Warezlock: @Stanley Pain @morakdais Aggro-bator you really want to read friendly f.a.p.- related comments? I mean as far as images go...just throw a stone at the interwebs, you hit porn.
 Scoo: By the way, I liked being able to see what people's XPs were. Sad to see that go.
 Bone Loc: come to friendly spaceship in the next 15 minutes if you want an Aggro-kicking
 KyleisBobDole: @Scoo from what I have gathered replies only work if the person has previously commented on the image where you are replying to them. Can't do call outs like @chronic fatigue cause they haven't commented here yet.
 willowsprite: Nice business attire, Mascot!
 rand0: Wait, people got credit for pre-registered name posts? I re-reged as rand0 because someone else took rando out from under me
 NoRagrets: @Frank herbert Agreed. Some deserve to be in the negative hundreds.
 Joe Bird: I attempted to "Rad" this image only to realize I was clicking the actual image.
 Scoo: @Prefuse Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I don't get it.
 hapi papi: NO GIFS! Please don't add GIFS to this site. My 3G connection wouldn't be able to take it!
 Prefuse: what do you mean @Scoo? you can reply any time you want in a comment?
 Stanley Pain: Heh, aggro-bater....Yes please! :D
 tina: @morakdais that's called "every other website"
 Moonmoon: IMAGE BOT doesn't allow watermarks/URLs in images because we've had literally hundreds of users post just to spam their website URL. If you know who made an image that's been posted here and want to give them credit, leave a comment! :)
 morakdais: So can we have aggro-bater? A post of nothing but porn?
 Christina: Do you lose points for not radding this image?
 Borkf: @Noremak My comment ethics are "remember it's a FRIENDLY spaceship, not an asshole spaceship."
 catsanddogs: Image bot would reject this image for having too much text.
 Scoo: If we're going to keep going with feature requests, it would be nice if @ replies in the middle of comments got picked up as well...
 Frank herbert: @NoRagrets just for fun a way to continue to bad vote images would be nice, to see the worst images also
 Scoo: Seems there's a conflict between doing the right thing and leaving credits on an image, and IMAGE BOT flagging it for having a URL. I understand the desire not to have viral advertising (is that it?) but it's a fine line sometimes.
 NoRagrets: @Frank herbert I'm also curious as to what like the top 10 highest voted images are. Good chance I've missed them and would like to see their glory.
 Coolguy: Mascot looks very professional today; this is serious business...
 Frank herbert: I do have a question. how many purples and blues are active at a time? you said before those spots are limited.
 waterudoin: Thanks for the clarification under #4, @Moonmoon - I was perplexed by the explanation given for the rejection of a number of my pulp novel cover images, but now it's been made clear.
 Jesus: you have the power to make gifs, why isn't this gif!?
 Frank herbert: overall I think everyone does a good job being friendly , and the rare person that isn't doesn't stick around long. good job guys!!
 Noremak: Poster ethics (crediting by not whacking off names), commenter ethics (no racism, classic complaining), and address why comments can be deleted. Very good, rad post.
Image 87477   03-02-16 11:26am     Uploaded by    Moonmoon
 Mitchell: @Jaunty Shrimp nope... subscription model is neat idea for most.
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Mitchell I'm in the same boat, did you ever hear about how to do a one-time donation?
 luxuslurch: @fanny Well, there's this bondage-gator pic and then this picture where a hippo "kisses" a gator... They did me an arousal, that's for sure.
 shitshow: "I've fallen... and I can't get up! To find my monospectacle.. please, bring the Jaws of Seeing Life.. I'm fading fast... oh, what a world, what a worrrrld.."
 Amy Housewine: Free the Alligator 500!
 Peter Pantsless: I had to work this morning and I missed all the fun :( Good read, though. AG throwing strikes today
 Trick Question: Wait, the spaceship of friendliness has moderators?!
 San DoDo: :-E
 VoR: :-E
 VoR: @San DoDo @fanny I did need something for this image...
 San DoDo: @VoR this is where :-E started #119106
 fanny: @luxuslurch were any of them at least sexy alligators? asking for, you know, a friend...
 SomeCanadian: @WaffleIron Same. I burst out laughing in the middle of the office. I am now unemployed but amused.
 Fiasco: I leave you people alone for five minutes..
 Penultimate Grunongo: @luxuslurch Alligators are great, but maybe just not so much so fast. Nice enthusiasm though.
 VoR: @Knice Not the corn hub! Noooo!
 luxuslurch: I can switch to cats, though, if that's what you're after. Or doggos... eaten by alligators. Your choice.
 luxuslurch: Well, folks. It's ALLIGATORS. What else was I supposed to upload here? Jeez... Plus, I have a ton more I definitely need to show you...
 winwolf: Damn, I want to see some of,those
 Musician: @Warezlock I know a relatively cheap way to find out
 Warezlock: I take it there was some kind of fundraiser. Did donaters get a free 100K causing XP inflation?
 Warezlock: What the hell happened to the XP ranking levels while I was on hiatus?
 Nope: how much do I have to donate for me to exclusively post my AMVs? Just mine though no one is allowed to post AMVs
 Knice: @fanny :D
 fanny: @Knice @WaffleIron I know, I'm all ears if you have a good comeback for that one ;)
 WaffleIron: @Knice : That has to be the nerdiest corn joke ever made. You get plus.
 San DoDo: Check out this rant #120095 :)
 Magic Bullets: Alligators got me fucked up
 Knice: @fanny I had so many, I got a kernel data inpage error!
 dtallon13: i think i broke the site
 dtallon13: @AGGRO-GATOR-MOD 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 &am
 WaffleIron: @fanny : Well, I uploaded it once at least #120123
 gary: @luxuslurch bravo sir, bravo
 fanny: @Knice sounds like you had a CORNucopia of those pics!
 fanny: @WaffleIron I'm dying too. please upload screenshot (compulsively, of course) at least 500 times.
 Derp Herpigan: @Pizza spike the water cooler with tea, then everyone is guilty of drinking such an illicit substance!
 1979: @Mitchell just do what I did and sign up for a dollar a month.
 Pizza: @San DoDo T'was tempting to kick it over
 San DoDo: Also, I was saving around 100 pics of dodos, but seeming as that may be considered flooding.. :)
 San DoDo: @Pizza get revenge on that water cooler.. do it like what they did to the copier in Office Space..UL pic for proof
 Mitchell: So is there a another way we can support AG not via Patreon? A onetime donation so AG can keep a bigger slice without constant nibbles. Have very uneven income.
 gutwheat: I love how @luxuslurch never figured out that none of his gators made it to AG but he kept going anyway
 NoRagrets: That's a lot of alligators. Like a lot of alligators.
 Knice: Oh ... Well, then. *sadly deletes file of corn pictures*
 VoR: @luxuslurch .. mate.. Oh... lol. you're like the boy in "signs"... keep on swinging.
 WaffleIron: @AGGRO-GATOR MOD : That's the hardest I've laughed all week. I'm going to screen shot that and upload it as an image.
 chunk norris: lol @AGGRO-GATOR MOD @luxuslurch
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: @luxuslurch, you have compulsively uploaded over 500 pictures of alligators. That is why you are not allowed to upload. Moderators only restrict uploading in extremely rare cases. You are the only user who is disallowed from uploading.
 Pizza: @Knice He must have failed to notice the 4 people around me drinking coffee. But he'll eventually notice, under the mountains of junk on his desk, a tube of sticky grease 'leaking'.
 Knice: @Pizza Wow, what a poop. :-(
 Pizza: @Knice Being 10 mins late and drinking tea. Lateness I can correct fine, but the tea? It fuels my work.
 Knice: @Pizza I'm interested in what was snitch-worthy...
 Trick Question: hmm... maybe this is for what they call 'navel gazing'
 Pizza: Tomorrow I'm waking up early to get revenge.
 Pizza: Today was crap. Hot, busy, bastard coworker snitched on me, other coworker has a stalker, spent all afternoon trying to fix a water cooler and have to do assignment work or else no annual leave for me. Glad to be home now.
 Albatross: @luxuslurch #glasspurpleceiling
 VoR: @luxuslurch up your purple game... ... that's a new one on me, though I don't upload too often.
 luxuslurch: Did anybody ever get the error message while immolating new pictures: "The quality of your past uploads was too poor to allow you to upload at this time. Please check back later." I am stuck in the void for weeks now. Is that normal? Is that a warning not to climb the ladder to purpledom too fast? I am afraid
 Fiasco: The design has promise but lacks vision.
 A duck: This is a very eye-opening picture
 BlarfyB: Polyphemus is getting a style upgrade.
 Kool Aid Man: Mike Wazowski
 mrmrmr: hmmmmmm
 Stonewyvvern: One word: sunocle
 petepuma: minions 2 next summer
 cromerstu: * glass I suppose.
 cromerstu: Leela's glasses.
Image 119859   07-18-16 11:31am     Uploaded by    SunWukong
 VoR: How a baba is made
 fanthemadman: The Spice MUST flow....
 SomeCanadian: @rinaldi1337 *clap clap* Good for him.
 rinaldi1337: i have riden the mighty worm of arrakis
 A duck: Hungry Hungry Observatories
 tane: Funny internet.....
 Derp Herpigan: Wakka, wakka, wakka...
Image 114865   06-23-16 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Kool Aid Man
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