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 dangerkeith3000's Aggro-Gator

 dangerkeith3000: Would you like flies with that?
 WannaBee: I can't decide which would look better, a tiny sword or umbrella?
 addend: @a robot "You want flies with that?"
 a robot: "Welcome to Good Burger home of the good burger can I take your order?"
 Mr. Butt: Handsome.
Image 262883   08-17-18 9:35pm   Views: 25800   Uploaded by    Sydney
 VeeKay: I like you very munch too!
 Shay: IYQ too!
 dangerkeith3000: Here's Johnny!
Image 262650   08-16-18 1:47pm   Views: 59471   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Robespierre: Remembrance of Things Past
 dangerkeith3000: This is both doggy style AND 69.
Image 262641   08-16-18 12:40pm   Views: 58417   Uploaded by    Murm Gungus
 Air Biscuit: Hard work pays other people.
 apoxia: Ah, the old myth that hard work equals good pay. Like all those toilet cleaners and hotel room cleaners. They must be millionaires.
 Uncle Phil: Hi Pal, Richard Donkey here with your novelty sized check for one million dollars!
 Robespierre: See #262507
 Peter Pantsless: The only problem with this is that all the rich asses I can think of don't work that hard
Image 262506   08-15-18 3:47pm   Views: 84414   Uploaded by    bad tony
 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob "Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pt, brandy and a fried egg on top and Spam"
 Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN
 dangerkeith3000: @Amy Housewine It has a 'CAN do' attitude!
 dangerkeith3000: I laughed super hard at this.
 FabricMan: @Fleld Cremumple EVERYONE on AG is anonymous now! Anarchy!
 Amy Housewine: why is the can of spam saying 'can'
 Shay: @Ruwn Plemumbies Great boobies honey! My hovercraft is full of eels!
 bug: I just realized that I have no idea which comments are from @Not a Bot.
 Side Boob: "Bloody Vikings! Shut up!"
 Peter Pantsless: I already own this
Image 262493   08-15-18 2:21pm   Views: 98035   Uploaded by    The Turks
 apoxia: Well in New Zealand we pronounce it data.
 Felicity: @Crerm Flumumple Also, why does God need a starship?
 dangerkeith3000: @Felicity Data is an individual so it is "Data is". It is also getting to be even more common to used the word 'data' as a singular or non-countable noun so even saying 'data is' when referring to many bits of datum is pretty correct these days, tho language purists may disagree. -- dangerkeith3000
 Robespierre: "Chlo the god"? WTF? A real god would know.
 Felicity: @Craft Brungus But when talking about Lt. Cmdr. Data, do you say "Lt. Cmdr. Data is" or "Lt. Cmdr. Data are"?
 dangerkeith3000: Both data and data are 100% correct. Unless it's Lt. Cmdr. Datas name. Which is only pronounced Data. Never Data. It IS his name, of course.
Image 262475   08-15-18 12:05pm   Views: 83345   Uploaded by    daisy picker
 Mr. Shine: Hay, gurl . . . . .
 Robespierre: @Thild Rempungo HEY-O!
 Yam: @Florm Flumomple I think that's The Nanny.
 dangerkeith3000: What show is this from? -dangerkeith3000
 someguynameded: Put the D in her A and it's all ok
Image 262459   08-15-18 10:06am   Views: 86247   Uploaded by    Peddy Tenderglass
 Ihminen: what is happening haha
 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name
 White Rice: @Vango Morpoble that is a lot of XP. I was purple for a while, only just dropped back to blue, and that was with under 300,000 xp.
 Not A Bot: Nippin' nips and slappin japs. Good ol' WWII propaganda.
 Side Boob: @Buwn Morpungus Howard Sterns penis!
 WannaBee: @dangerkeith3000 haha! Loophole!
 a robot: Well I'm glad everyone else is seeing the same thing and I'm not crazy, at least....
 dangerkeith3000: @WannaBee It's gibberish on the main page, but if I save a picture to my page and look at it on there, everyone's names are back.
 SuedeOxford: Rad image, tho
 sparename: HEY!!! Take a look through any part of Spaceship Past... pick a number, any image number and the pseudo-random names are similarish....!!
 WannaBee: @dangerkeith3000 yeah but does it come up as that or as one of the crazy made-up ones?
 dangerkeith3000: @WannaBee wannabee
 WannaBee: Ooo what's my name?
 Robespierre: @Flempo Albumple Be careful what you wish for - can't tell you exactly why, but just do be careful.
 dangerkeith3000: From the comments I just heard I'm just keeping my mouth shut about it! Maybe if I get a raise I can afford the extra 9 bucks a month.
 Robespierre: You see what happens when you lot complain about rank? I tol'ja; it's not about rank, it's about the hunt!
 sparename: I may have many red aliaseseses but at least I haven't had lightning down my flagpole
 dangerkeith3000: @Gurt Brumple Yeah I think the mods can bump you down if they feel they have a good reason to or you are being a pain. there is always the Patreon $9/month.
 Solemn: @Peter Pantsless The reply button doesn't work with the Rick and Morty names, unfortunately. I've been getting by by looking at the 'recent comments' ticker on the side, which actually shows who said what.
 Peter Pantsless: @Homp Horpuble the number for purple exploded a while back. For what it's worth, my points are still there so it must be something else
 Solemn: @dangerkeith3000 I'd like to consider it a kind of Whose Line is it Anyway ranking system, but since you can insta-purple by supporting the Patreon, I'm not entirely sure that it isn't just up to that gator in the sky anymore.
 dangerkeith3000: @Solemn Do points even matter or is it up to moderators' whims? I was purple for 6 months to a year and then the next day I was blue. Been constantly getting MORE points since. Have 747,000 right now...still blue.
 Solemn: @dangerkeith3000 I hope I do, too. I was there once, but I had to leave for about four months, and when I got back, I had -1,500,000 points.
 dangerkeith3000: @Jople Albungus I don't know Jople. I hope I movev up to purple when it all gets straightened out tho.
 Solemn: Hey, you can still see peoples' names in the recent comments!
 White Rice: It isn't April 1st, what is this madness? (Comment related to the current state of the spaceship, not the image)
 Sadbot: God hates golfers. Also, anarchy reigns on the spaceship! Bababooey!
Image 262342   08-14-18 3:26pm   Views: 109782   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Solemn: You lost the game to hide your name, David Lee.
Image 262351   08-14-18 4:26pm   Views: 108411   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Zarathustra: Switcheroo still works tho
 Zarathustra: Amazing grandmother
 Felicity: I prefer Plain But Tactful
Image 262339   08-14-18 3:03pm   Views: 134684   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 SurfNTurf: uh huh @wolfpk
 wolfpk: @Prostata Neelix, obviously.
 Robespierre: More celebrities I know nothing about - I feel blessed.
 dangerkeith3000: Somebody write a slash fic about these two.
 Prostata: who wore it better?
 dangerkeith3000: I wish she was stuck in the Delta Quadrant.
 sparename: Mylix and Neeley
Image 262292   08-14-18 09:21am   Views: 111959   Uploaded by    iamthewalrus
 Passive: Get your damn trunks off me ya damn dirty elephants
 blablabla: @wolfpk friendlyspaceship.jpg
 Robespierre: "Hoy-hoy?"
 dangerkeith3000: *kiss*
 PenguinBartender: *Sniiiiiff-Thoomp!*
 wolfpk: She has apparently hasn't seen some of the stuff Elephant's do with their trunks!
 Kaviri: Mwah
 dangerkeith3000: just don't put your trunk in the junk.
Image 262257   08-14-18 12:03pm   Views: 150618   Uploaded by    rubix1924
 Mr Bleak: @Herm Albungo Christchurch, NZ - but I've been working on contract in Wales UK for a few years now. Why?
 AGGRO-GATOR MOD: What country are you from, @Mr Bleak?
 Mr Bleak: Transfurmers
 Felicity: Cattletech
 Mr. Whiskers: Mech Asshole 9000
Image 262232   08-13-18 9:03pm   Views: 135626   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
Comment below (name is optional.)
Image 262179   08-13-18 3:21pm   Views: 135899   Uploaded by    skatermario
 a sedated moose: Also, he's dancing the whole time, of course.
 a sedated moose: I have this vivid but probably totally inaccurate mental image of Christopher Walken as a child. Where he speaks with the same stilted patterns and voice that he does as an adult: "Mother, I have finished. All, my homework. May I please go get, some. Ice cream with, my friends? I promise, I, won't spoil. My dinner."
 fanny: i do now
 Shay: No, but I do remember when Scarlett Johansson looked like Christopher Walken.
 Scoo: Pepperidge Farm remembers!
Image 261905   08-11-18 8:36pm     Uploaded by    rockkstar
 dangerkeith3000: @Scoo At first I read Panera as "Pantera" and was like, "that's really cool. Go mom."
 Felicity: Using time travel, she comes back to this same diner on the same date on all her birthdays
 Sandor: Glitch in the matrix again
 Off Topic: When video games assets get over used.
 Scoo: My elderly mother loves Panera too
Image 261334   08-08-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    sergeant
 tib gubb: couch shark!
 Felicity: Jaws V...This Time It's Purrsonal
 Not A Bot: I cured my acne with this one simple trick.
 Urn BooUrn: I bought one of these. Cat went into it one single time, and then never again.
 Mr. Shine: HALP
Image 261355   08-08-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Mr Bleak: So do I, Buzz. So do I...
 Passive: *Tim Allen Grunt*?
 VeeKay: Restaurants closed as a temporary emergency measure as there is an immediate public health hazard.
 Not A Bot: That is pretty great!
 Not A Bot: "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
 Dr Awkward: Don't worry, he got off in court.
 Shay: How moonpies are made.
 dangerkeith3000: Sex Toy Story
 Solemn: The new American Pie movie looks weird.
Image 261198   08-07-18 1:58pm     Uploaded by    EndlessVanity
 Mr Bleak: See? Portals *can* be useful.
 Air Biscuit: @dangerkeith3000 fingernails.
 Felicity: "Hello...Put me together...and I will be your friend..."
 Teechur: The office banned "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" after productivity dropped in the Finance department.
 dangerkeith3000: I wanna see what else she can do.
 mammal883: Commercial floor covering, horizontal file cabinet in the background, doesn't she have anything better to do at work?
 Otterman: Someone assembled this manicurist incorrectly.
 VeeKay: She seems nice.
Image 261157   08-07-18 08:47am     Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 KingTrebek: Does she look weirdly similar to Tom cruise or is that just me?
 2Berries: @Mr Bleak my wife is getting pretty pissed from my comments regarding her gem collection (or lack there of).
 Mr Bleak: Is your girlfriend a unicorn?
 WannaBee: The outfit sells it.
 tib gubb: snowflake mentality
 Dr Awkward: Wait, is this what Skittles was talking about?
 SuedeOxford: I just don't get these modern wrestling gimmicks.
 ChubbyBuddy: marry that girl
Image 261116   08-06-18 10:47pm     Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
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