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 ChubbyBuddy's Aggro-Gator

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Image 249688   05-27-18 3:20pm   Views: 1209   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Mr. Butt: @jochenau "Good, good. Lower your oblations down into my piss dungeon."
 jochenau: I can't imagine what purpose a combination pissoir/dumbwaiter might serve but I don't want to think about it too much.
Image 249675   05-27-18 3:20pm   Views: 1820   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
Image 249652   05-27-18 09:26am   Views: 3584   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Sadbot: @Sadbot Aw shit, I mean as a white person. Any racial animosity you feel as a non-white person is pretty much codified in US law
 square44: let's watch them blame Muslims and immigrants somehow oh hey would you look at 2016
 Sadbot: Just remember; the rich are your actual malefactors, any racial or sexual animosity you think you feel is actually you getting played
Image 249607   05-27-18 12:44pm   Views: 8578   Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
 whcvgre78: And I would try a hyper-caffeinated ferrero rocher.
 Air Biscuit: I would try chocolate hazelnut red bull.
Image 249548   05-26-18 5:40pm   Views: 27235   Uploaded by    waffles
 MikeWhiskey: @dangerkeith3000 exactly
 tib gubb: still think the earth is round?
 dangerkeith3000: heeeeerreguuuuuuud!
 Yurishiro: Seems legit
Image 249460   05-26-18 03:08am   Views: 33426   Uploaded by    fink
 Side Boob: ACAB
 funny in the wall: good. fuck you.
 hajjpodge: Fuck the police.
 Scoo: Fuck you
 Sadbot: "And that's the story of why I started planting drugs on black people. I mean, more than I already was"
 tib gubb: well that's rude
 Not A Bot: Now let's see him go through the metal detector
 Nope: Hell yeah
Image 249226   05-24-18 7:04pm   Views: 79990   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Dresdenkeogh: @fanny @Side Boob I agree, he's one of my personal heroes, I kinda like this one though, and in the words of another hero of mine, it's,"mostly harmless. "
 fanny: dont fucking do this to Mr. Rogers!
 Side Boob: Mr. Rogers is a fucking saint and I will fight anyone that disagrees. :P
 dangerkeith3000: I love this.
Image 249149   05-24-18 08:47am   Views: 83033   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Mr. Butt: Commander Holly?
 DrNinjaman: I heard that Bird hoarding is a problem in some cities. I believe the Atlantic did a story on it recently.
 Peter Pantsless: That fire department should hire Pee-Wee Herman
 ChubbyBuddy: fireman exits smoldering ruins holding burlap bag containing 74 birds and a raw chicken from the fridge
 Yam: My kinda joint
Image 249051   05-23-18 6:43pm   Views: 128073   Uploaded by    suckit
 SuedeOxford: Predators will be in the playoffs again soon. It'll keep.
 DrNinjaman: Their need for four bags of catfish heads is gone today, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine
 Yurishiro: Gollum?
 Scoo: Eat them up, yum!
 Knice: Take my not-money, damn it!!
 glenalec: Perfect for tasteless and potentially dangerous 'pranks'
Image 249043   05-23-18 5:37pm   Views: 110394   Uploaded by    hoobleton
 Jabberwikket: I love this!
 glenalec: @RiderFan - I rather like to quaff vinegar.
 Annoying Vegan : I knew a girl in school who used a ketchup bottle this way.
 Joseph: I'm h20 intolerant,ive stopped working out.
 RiderFan: I have a mustard bottle that I take a sip from every now and then, except its actually mustard in the bottle.
 tib gubb: carbs are in, bro. gotta stay energized
 Shay: April O'Neill from TMNT Tournament Fighters?
 El hefe: Is this in the new Super Troopers?
Image 248893   05-22-18 7:47pm   Views: 131603   Uploaded by    Bad Dad
 Volwen: Watch out for it spitting venom at Newman
 Peach: gently knead the doggo
 WannaBee: #248734 she's got her eyes on you dough-go.
 Felicity: Katherine Helmond stars in Brazil
 Yam: I was watching a video on Chinese hand pulled noodles the other day. I think this dog is made of noodle dough...
 glenalec: Australian frill-necked doggo.
Image 248900   05-22-18 8:40pm   Views: 168662   Uploaded by    filthylaw
 raditzu: @Zarathustra he's gonna win the lottery in 2 weeks, no need to comment there i guess
 Scoo: @Zarathustra Men are just supposed to stand there quietly and look pretty
 Telkwa: Gramma's done with Waiting for Godot.
 San DoDo: @Zarathustra
 DrinkMixMan: @Dr Awkward damn
 Dr Awkward: Dodged a bullet on that one. Like, literally.
 Zarathustra: There's no dialogue for the old man?
Image 248698   05-21-18 4:47pm   Views: 161681   Uploaded by    mrmrmr
 DrNinjaman: Excuse me, my bad, I'll leave you two lovebirds be.
 bug: Ex-parrot for scale.
 a robot: He's pining for the fjords!
Image 248730   05-21-18 8:26pm   Views: 157297   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 dangerkeith3000: Accurate.
 itskando: "Are you mocking me? I feel like I am being mocked.*
 Knice: Dat username...
 glenalec: Let him eat too many and he will look just like that.
Image 248726   05-21-18 7:54pm   Views: 165849   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 charlemagne: @Mr. Shine you're welcome, your highness (took me a week to realise where your name came from)
 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne genius comment, I loved it!
 DrNinjaman: Like putting lipstick on a pig in a blanket
 trelyate: is this a sandwich or not?
 Spazstatic: I don't get it, it's just a kolach?
 jazzjunkie: ... If you know what I mean
 raditzu: I'd eat that.
 Warrax: Oh my.
 Yurishiro: I'm not hungry anymore.
 Yam: Don't laugh, pocket dogs are awesome
 Snowta: Is someone in Copenhagen? Because I miss those delicious Polser
 charlemagne: I'm cutting me own throat here
Image 248670   05-21-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Side Boob: Paint it black.
 addend: The bourgeoisie are blue / The proletariat are red / You wait in line for toilet paper / I'll wait in line for bread.
 Yurishiro: Communist cat says mao
 Knice: Happy Valenintines Day.
Image 248595   05-21-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    violentwrath
 BavidDowie: If you have enough covfefe
 VeeKay: No need! If the president does it, then its legal (according to Nixon).
 Yurishiro: yes
 addend: i am small text can i bad myself
Image 248609   05-21-18 02:24am     Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Telkwa: Auto-Rad for Bill Murray.
 WTF: I'm a human Daddy Long Legs. Change my mind.
 El hefe: The Ministry approves
 mexican: QWOP?
 Springbok: Skinwalker
 WannaBee: I want to see him walk like that.
 grizzly: @tib gubb this is why I'll never get a leg transplant.
 tib gubb: ask me about my freakishly long leg
Image 248541   05-20-18 6:07pm     Uploaded by    joxxuh
 Springbok: Norf
 Air Biscuit: He's dug up the infinity frisbee!! Quick! Assemble the dog avengers!
 Robespierre: Here's what I think of your Circle of Life!
Image 248496   05-20-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
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