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 ChubbyBuddy's Aggro-Gator

 jazzjunkie: I only know Weird Al's lyrics to this tune.
 Felicity: @Yurishiro Maybe thats the secret. English is my first language I cant make out most of the words in most songs
 Felicity: @jochenau YouTube video SW-BU6keEUw
 Yurishiro: English is not even my first language and I understand almost every word what's wrong with me
 a robot: Eminem sucks; just listen to the Weird Al version instead
 jochenau: The entire thing should just say MOM'S SPAGHETTI
Image 205331   09-24-17 01:07am   Views: 32001   Uploaded by    the snark
 bug: @dope I think Strong Bad is back and posting on AG
 bug: Problem solved.
 Dr. Bathroom: Uncaught Exception: I have no idea what you're talking about.
 Felicity: Still happens today, just higher-res
 addend: No, this is /not/ "OK"! (Slams escape key.)
 miller: One of those days in 1995?
 dope: Hmm, a classic, or are you still using a 20 year old operating system?
 MC Delta T: I hate it when Windows xcv assimilates my computer and replaced its current OS
 trumpet: One of those days when you accidentally boot into Windows 95?
Image 205333   09-24-17 01:26am   Views: 33704   Uploaded by    tacticaljay
 VoR: Why would Deer police give twould shirts about this lady?
 mrwiffler: They shoot them too.
 Yurishiro: Woman: I am a dear White police.
 dobbiesdoogs: don't go to minneapolis
Image 205344   09-24-17 03:03am   Views: 30709   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 lecj07: It's all fun and games til someone loses a nut.
 Not A Bot: Instagram filters are starting to get weird.
 Nothing: It's not levitating! I can see the string!
Image 205400   09-24-17 1:03pm   Views: 29184   Uploaded by    jazzjunkie
 RiderFan: Finish what you have first, then ask for more.
Image 205402   09-24-17 1:09pm   Views: 29388   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 wolfpk: Matt Stonie would call this guy a wimp.
 Hokie333: @Haute and sweaty Still works: Welp, my life is in ruins; I'm dying; might as well go out in a blaze of glory; YOLO!!!
 Haute and sweaty: The upload times are in reverse of the logical progression of the videos...
 tib gubb: what an asshole
 Ulillillia: I thought it was just related videos from different uploaders but it's really all the same guy
 Side Boob: I'm sure YouTube appreciates him killing himself to support their business
 a robot: A play in four acts
Image 205398   09-24-17 12:47pm   Views: 27743   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 apoxia: I'm a psychologist and this year I worked with two men who had become acutely unwell and were in the psychiatric ward with anxiety about their tax returns being a primary trigger. They both had beliefs at delusional intensity.
 White Rice: Getting a lot of K.C. Green's comics without his name/site on them recently, specifically lots of gunshow. Just sayin'
 Yurishiro: Texas kill
 VoR: He makes no money. What tax would he pay?
 Butcherboy: The only two sure things
 a robot: TAX ES
 grizzly: I read this in Morty's voice.
 Yam: @peeper I didn't see it then, so I'm pleased.
 peeper: This was posted a few days ago, not to be that person. Ok, I'm that person. I'll fuck off now.
Image 205377   09-24-17 09:58am   Views: 27460   Uploaded by    Apple IIe
Image IZI   09-24-17 10:05am     Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 piranharama: Monday.jpg
 Donut: "Nah...I'd better not. Don't want the bastards to think they've won. Live to spite your enemies, I always say. Wonder what's on Netflix tonight?"
 bug: wikihow is getting fucking dark.
 Yurishiro: To be or not to be...
 WTF: The craftsmanship of this double strand, nylon rope is impeccable. No more ratty old bedsheet for me.
Image 205348   09-24-17 03:47am   Views: 31214   Uploaded by    maura
 trelyate: hanf in there
 Jabberwikket: "FEAR ME! IM THIS BIG"
 Jabberwikket: /raise your paws in tha air/like you just don't care/
 Cami: This looks like a life and death struggle for the cat and I don't know why it would be.
Image 205322   09-24-17 12:03pm   Views: 32682   Uploaded by    whipwing
 addend: Such soft, gentle hands. Are you going to... do stuff... to it?
 WTF: I see you ate all your pizza rolls.
 Mr. Shine: Same.
 Not A Bot: Your Card Has Been Dootclined. Please Contact Your Branch.
 WaffleIron: That's what debit cards do.
Image 205298   09-23-17 9:47pm   Views: 52821   Uploaded by    elmosco
 E. HONDA: I don't always accompany, but when I do, I'm an accomplice.
 charlemagne: @DangitBobby 'I say, hand over the cash, you slag' 'I most certainly will not, you muppet' 'tut'
 DangitBobby: The most British holdup
Image 205234   09-23-17 3:54pm   Views: 53494   Uploaded by    rory
 apoxia: Classy
 UseYourName: Good for travelling overseas too, but it does count as one carrion
 sparename: Your argument is invalid - my cane toad is a squirrel
 Hokie333: Just squirreling away some school supplies for later.
Image 205222   09-23-17 2:47pm   Views: 56921   Uploaded by    grizzly
 charlemagne: I don't think these are my contact lenses
 Himesama: Mr. Satan. Ha his name always makes me laugh.
 VoR: Looks like they're golf balls with comic dots added
 tib gubb: wow dude, don't touch your eye
Image 205228   09-23-17 3:26pm   Views: 56099   Uploaded by    Shay
 Felicity: Cat: Want to see my impression of David Lo Pan?
 charlemagne: eat the light, gain its power
 Annoying Vegan : Till Lindemann's cat
 sparename: "THERE CAN BE ONLY NINE!! "
 Hokie333: [chomps on bulb] [light beams shine out of eyes and ears]
 Ulillillia: Cats are bright.
Image 205218   09-23-17 2:09pm   Views: 58545   Uploaded by    a robot
 BavidDowie: Who's the new guy?
Image 205216   09-23-17 2:03pm   Views: 62998   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 antipatterns: Lol Peter Daou tweeting
 ignatz: They all look a little wired tbh
 Ulillillia: The dry boys are calling, on their way back from the fire
 AlexDeLarge: I got excited thinking that was big boss, then died a little when I realized it wasn't.
 Donut: 4 out of 7 cartoon character prefer BEARDS!
 Shay: Coming to a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or YouTube near you.
Image 204855   09-21-17 5:26pm   Views: 109527   Uploaded by    Sadbot
 Felicity: But *Mo-om*, its my *hobby*
 sparename: I recently emptied more bottles of "shed lemonade" than I remember filling..
 WTF: Hey, it's good to have life goals.
 Sadbot: I thought millenials were killing the shit chain restaurant and piss bottle industries
Image 205147   09-23-17 02:48am   Views: 56964   Uploaded by    trucker
 Felicity: Technically, wiener only means penis if the I comes before the E, as in Vienna
 a robot: @El hefe It's not the size, it's how you use it. And he keeps using it wrong.
 FireBreathingMarmot: still lying, i see
 El hefe: How could anything this small offend anyone?
Image 205161   09-23-17 05:26am   Views: 66384   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 apoxia: What you looking at?
 Annoying Vegan : This Big Famous has had ENOUGH of the paparazzi.
 Donut: "My branch! MINE! MIIIIINE!"
 Apple IIe: Looks like a grumpy blue-gray gnatcatcher, they put their tail up when they are pissed off.
 Rocky XLVII: U WOT M8?!
Image 205109   09-22-17 10:09pm   Views: 82809   Uploaded by    tess
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