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 Christina's Aggro-Gator

 wolfpk: Truth hurts!
 Side Boob: Social media is poison
 Mr. Shine: They built the trap, you put your foot in it.
Image 252463   06-13-18 11:10am     Uploaded by    CheezGrater
 Spazstatic: I think your cat is sick.
 Air Biscuit: Thanks midichloranians.
 Christina: It's a dream.
 breadtoaster: I loves you porgi
Image 248342   05-19-18 2:37pm     Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 Mr Bleak: @Peter Pantsless I did it without lifting my pencil at all - why aren't I purple? Copy, paste into PaintShop Pro, promote background, Smart select, colour select: purple, flood fill. Presto: pencil not lifted, Mascot detected! Where's me purple ranking?
 Tiny Butt: Oh em gee.
 KingTrebek: Rad for ignatz
 jochenau: (spoiler) solution for the impatient:…
 Peter Pantsless: Do this without lifting your pencil and you get to be purple forever
 Knice: You KNOW I'm printing this shit out tomorrow.
 Shay: My MSpaint sucks.
 dobbiesdoogs: holy shit
Image 247379   05-13-18 8:47pm     Uploaded by    ignatz
 Side Boob: Im just not understanding banter today.
 jochenau: Horry's suenna fire row. ne Showldive slayed ot drania. He's so good ar being q compullive lyer and buui shettlr.
 Sage: Still can't really read it.
 redrex: Oh, having his arm gripped by his mum. It looked like something else at first
 Shay: What's this chicken scratch?
Image 246030   05-05-18 8:54pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 Mr Bleak: @Christina Nicolaus Copernicus published "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium" ("On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres") upsetting the Pope with evidence that the sun doesn't go round the earth. He was a bit pissed at him.
 sparename: @Demon Universe @Skinr Yous needs yer bumps felt, Phrenologically speaking..
 Demon Universe: Certainly a lot of this things have not been scientifically disproven. Science allows for the theoretical existence of a Bigfoot. My science does, at least.
 Demon Universe: @Skinr I think thats the pseudo science where different sizes of your skull reflect psychological characteristics.
 Skinr: What's the bottom right picture? Did science suddenly disprove the brain having multiple parts and hemispheres?
 Christina: What happened in 1543?
 sparename: Myths:Bullshattered
 jochenau: Science: Being Misunderstood By People Since 1543
Image 243773   04-22-18 02:54am     Uploaded by    younglink
 Ulillillia: Felines are pleasant.
 Teechur: My girlfriend is 23 and I am 24....
 Mr. Shine: @BILL DOOR Welcome back, sir.
 a robot: I LOVE CATS (welcome back @BILL DOOR!)
Image 243530   04-20-18 5:07pm     Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 Annoying Vegan : Those kids on the left remind me of the Cake Wrecks carrot babies.
 grizzly: Still a really good album, though.
 let it go: FUCK it's 240000
 charlemagne: tonight, tonight
 alex: Probably should be listening to Geto Boys instead
 a robot: I, too, was an angsty middle schooler in 1995
 Thyming: Despite all my rage I am still just a meme on a page.
Image 240000   03-30-18 06:26am     Uploaded by    Christina
 Hungy Dingus: I imagine F doing a boob honking sound
 Kaviri: To make a "W", face the audience do the worm.
 night shift: Alpha-Sutra solo edition
 Shay: Unless you're truly a contortionist, G is impossible.
 fanny: return #238771
 prospector: G looks like C
 fanny: Life looked a lot more fun without J and U
 wolfpk: 24 peasant died to make this!
 topcity: M for Manspreading
Image 238766   03-22-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 Bro Bro: You'll have a whale of a time! (Dress code: Low cut pants and a thong bikini).
 sparename: I found my copy of "The Godwhale"!
 a robot: Slightly less efficient than the Cat-Bus
 Warrax: It whale get you where you're going.
 when so: They had this in 2000? Whale I'll be!
Image 238700   03-22-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    Christina
 Mr Bleak: Oi, Shrek! Donkey's pissed again!
 lecj07: "Dammit Frank, quit making an ass of yourself."
 BavidDowie: Hit the road, Jack
 Minnesotan: come to donkeytown in the next 20 minutes if you want an ass kicking
 Not A Bot: It"s 35314 all over again
 TurkeyVulture: Get your ass out of my lane!
Image 238406   03-20-18 3:26pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 karmakat: it's tempting's warmer inside.
 Micro Jackson: Resting up for the postal worker visit
Image 238394   03-20-18 1:54pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 anonimos: Where we are going...we won't need doors.
 Mr Bleak: Just how fast we he going when he hit the wall?
 Oober: So, you thought you could bury your past, did you?
 Shay: @Warrax DID SOMEONE SAY PIZZA?! (fixed)
 Minnesotan: this... this is a private residence, man
 uncannie: Kowabunga
 kazzy94: Peek a boo!
 jochenau: OH YEAH, Kool-Aid's here!
 Mr. Shine: "Heard you was talkin' sh!t."
 sparename: What an eggshell finish!
 dobbiesdoogs: the invasion was terrifying, but not swift
Image 238390   03-20-18 1:26pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 Christina: And remember that the Russians did not get to the moon.
 Air Biscuit: @Uncle Larry i just got a really nice looking chrome space pen.
 Korrok: @Benz Yep, pure oxygen. Well, almost. Like 70% oxygen as opposed to the 12ish% in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, that much oxygen can act as its own fuel should a fire break out. Which is why after the Apollo I indecent they switched to a less oxygen-rich mix.
 waynelord: Pure oxygen? -.-
 Anus: I write all my comments on the friendly spaceship with Fisher space pens. I'm writing this comment your reading with one right now!
 dingding: oh yeah? takes one to know one!
 Wander: False. Read up on apollo 1. Fire happened on ground, was never space bound, pencils were irrelevant.
 prospector: also how do you sharpen a pencil in space. what do you do with the shavings. stands up to zero skeptical thought.
 Nope: @Lestrange Settle down
 Air Biscuit: Someone already threw in my 2 cents but im going to make 4 anyway. I love my fisher space pen. Best pen ever. Would buy again, but ill probly never need another one.
 Uncle Larry: Fisher Space Pen is still a useful innovation for lots of people. It writes on more surfaces in more conditions in more orientations than other types of pens. Anyone who works outdoors gets it.
 funny in the wall: stupid NASA... use crayons!
 WTF: Fisher Space Pens are, in actuality, really nice!
 p-niiice: nice to see it called out
 p-niiice: conservative anti-government spending image macro.
 sundragon: What up my sfriends!
 Darth Bater: @Lestrange the highlight is for the melinials. When confronted with a paragraph, (or wall of text as they call it) they'll only read the first sentence if there are no highlights.
 Lestrange: Fuck you and your fucking highlights you twat, I can read perfectly well without your miserable help.
 Darth Bater: @Warrax no, I'm afraid the switcherino is more funny than me today.
 Warrax: @Darth Bater and here I assumed you did it on purpose just because "sfriend" is hilarious.
 Darth Bater: Ok, sni99ering is to snort or laugh, not a racist word. Stop that switcherino, you are doing me a bad correct.
 Darth Bater: That Snide Morons (which is actually a pretty cool, if humiliating name) sure is an asshole for sfriending.
Image 82844   02-11-16 1:17pm     Uploaded by    Nope
 BavidDowie: I dare you to bake it
 Christina: Aftermath of #211273.
 TheTakeDown: Rad for the Clown chef.
 Dr Awkward: Here's your vegan thanksgiving, assholes (just kidding, there's probably animal products in the balloons)
Image 211686   10-26-17 2:03pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 tib gubb: the fuck? this doesn't have any omega-3 fatty acids.
 Hosebag: That's an awful lot of oregano, Whiskers...
 a robot: :CATDRUGS:
 Derp Herpigan: Krakklovers
 Knice: "Just a litt-" "NO. You don't get high on your own supply, Mike. Everyone knows that."
Image 211269   10-24-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    Christina
 grizzly: My man!
 WaffleIron: This is YES
 Spazstatic: No
 chhumphrey: Not enough coffee for this cheer
Image 206353   09-29-17 07:26am     Uploaded by    prospector
 Donut: "Nah, I bet the white one tastes like coconut."
 redmonkey3: @RainbowTornado - all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others (ooops)
 redmonkey3: @RainbowTornado - all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal
 Not A Bot: Yeah, we've all seen Grandma's Boy. It was hilarious.
 RainbowTornado: 4legsgood2legsBaaaad
 RainbowTornado: 4legsgood2legsBaaaad
 RainbowTornado: 4legsgood2legsBaaaad
 BavidDowie: Whut are thos??
 FabricMan: Noms?
 Ulillillia: y u so smol?
Image 194516   07-31-17 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Christina
Image HYS   06-28-17 3:22pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 wolfpk: Where's the Fruit Loops?
 ssignature: Follow your nose!
 Peter Pantsless: Staring me down, eh? Well, toucan play at THAT game!
Image 187693   06-26-17 10:47pm     Uploaded by    Christina
 deathawaits: I often get sonder when I watch the credits of movies. Also, to add to the list: the sudden realisation that time is still happening now, after a long period of thinking about the past and the future.
 Teechur: @fanny Only too well. This year's seniors checked out at Spring Break LAST YEAR! This year's juniors did pretty much the same thing.
 fanny: @Teechur lucky you! i'm ready for a break... the kids are restless and checked out a couple of weeks ago... weather is warmer so crime is going up which means more or their parents are getting in trouble which means the kids are bringing all this extra baggage to school... i'm sure you can relate :)
 Kim: Love the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
 Bluetocracy: @E. HONDA yeah, it's called being awake.
 sparename: @ch Xmal Deutschland
 Teechur: @fanny In other words, I may not wait until the 8th.
 Teechur: @fanny My children finished today. My school's final exams are finished on the 8th.
 E. HONDA: Is there a word for having all of these at the same time?
 ch: What about sehnsucht JESUS WHAT ABOUT SEHNSUCHT
 fanny: @Teechur 21 more days for us! we'll have to do some spaceship drinking on our last day ;)
 Teechur: My classroom as we approach summer vacation passes from 12 to 21.....
 scribbs: The first one is especially sad for a solipsist.
 CrystallineEntity: Useful list
 Mr. Butt: If only there were a way to explain things...maybe if we tried to arrange words into sentences, and sentences into lists...?
Image 181183   05-25-17 5:44pm     Uploaded by    tea
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