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 cenecia's Aggro-Gator

 Uncle Phil: Give me your finest, cheapest lights my good man.
 E. HONDA: "Everywhere I look something reminds me of her."
 lecj07: I want these, with the nips as dimmers. There is no other way to use them.
 Knice: #ROXANNE, you don't have to put the breast-light.#
Image 253269   06-18-18 11:47pm     Uploaded by    ptrain
 Yam: I wish I had a chest freezer
 funny in the wall: @Ulillillia heh, i fixed my typo before I saw your comment
 Ulillillia: @funny in the wall I wonder how I did that
 funny in the wall: you've wandered into the dahmer aisle
 Jak: Dahmer could've used the middle one
 barfolomew: How about just the heads?
Image 239534   03-27-18 11:47am     Uploaded by    cenecia
 ping: We can all pack up and go home now. This image just won the internet.
 dangerkeith3000: Hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gal!!!!!
 Christina: Who is a good dancer?
Image 234786   02-27-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Callahan: porgi
 DrNinjaman: Fourg?
 MC Delta T: Four-legged porg
 Scoo: Moments before Chewie ate him
 artfulcodger: .. beware of the do....oh what is that
 ping: Well, I'm not going to say it.
 Mr. Butt: ...and Bess.
 hajjpodge: *farts*
 Ulillillia: Out of cat food
 barfolomew: I GET IT.
Image 234602   02-26-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 why the long face: @funny in the wall they broke bad
 charlemagne: @funny in the wall he never made the drugs to pay for his cancer treatment. and the tumour grew and grew
 funny in the wall: what the fuck is up with cranston's shoulders?
 Jesse P: Yo, bitch!
 Not A Bot: this gives
Image 232309   02-13-18 4:31pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Mr Bleak: He'd make me pretty anxious on a plane, yes.
 Mr. Whiskers: Honey Badger DOES care!
 wolfpk: Actually I think this might be a good idea. Some asshole is making you anxious, release the honey badger to tear him another asshole.
 durian: I'm going to need to see your badge
 Prostata: He don't give a fuck about your anxiety, sunshine!
 Punt Numbles: Grim to the brim - not on my flight, please.
Image 230358   02-02-18 4:31pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 TheTakeDown: @Teechur Whoa - @fanny turned it up to ELEVEN!
 Mad Collager: @Himesama If you went over it with a car instead of a bicycle, it would stop nipping right away.
 Teechur: Wow, @fanny! Stop shouting!
 fanny: @Teechur IS THIS BETTER?!
 barfolomew: Bless you, Sean Tejaratchi
 Himesama: My sis-in-law has one it's just awful no matter how many times we go over it nips at me and my kids.
 Teechur: Maybe your shit-assed little bark machine can teech you to use capital letters.
 Largehand: I do! I love my miniature shih tzu!
Image 229817   01-30-18 4:26pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 kornisjon: It's really nice that they brought it back, even without a "please".
 jazzjunkie: You see something left out on the curb by the trash cans, you tend to make certain assumptions.
 minimum max: Credit where its due.
Image 229785   01-30-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 twitter: @Prostata Trust me, it's not worth the bother.
 Prostata: can I get this translated to english?
 Mr. Shine: Cute piggle.
 Kaviri: Pearls before swine.
 Matricii: Well someone got Redcap lore backwards
 Whatever: Red with the blood of mine enemies
Image 228826   01-24-18 11:59pm     Uploaded by    guccigucci
 gutwheat: Same, same, same on you babe
 sumo: same same same
 Not A Bot: trees record the last image seen before death
 Teechur: Same some more
 mrd0t: Also same
 Scoo: Same
 Ulillillia: This is Rad
 Prostata: totally rad!
Image 227258   01-16-18 7:54pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
Image JOD   01-16-18 4:35pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 apoxia: Nice placeholders.
 Aufziehvogel: Get in therenfir some hot pork!
 dangerkeith3000: @a robot That's an Albany expression.
 UltraBeverly: Rad for Fensler Film!
 Himesama: G.I Jooooeeeee
 Springbok: Radded for a classic meme.
 a robot: Should have gone with the steamed hams
Image 227093   01-15-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Cami: It's just that 10 is too many.
 Air Biscuit: More new STALKER anomaly concept art.
 Spazstatic: Can't make it TOO easy...
Image 222469   12-22-17 4:03pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 well duh: Every time I see one of their commercials, I can't help picturing the Grand Galactic Inquisitor in a night gown yelling "ADORE ME!"
 Kaviri: Jadore
 chunk norris: Something annoying's going on off stage right here.
 Micro Jackson: Yes, Schrdinger, I am alive
 DJSnoopMike: Abhor me!
 Amy Housewine: You're n... no, wait, you are my supervisor.
 Knice: You're not the boss of me. I was going to anyway, so there.
 fanny: consider it done!
Image 222255   12-21-17 1:47pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Mr. Shine: OMG OMG OMG
 sparename: I really miss my pet tennis-ball
Image 220619   12-12-17 7:54pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Mr Bleak: If I fits, I am the messiah.
 furneim: @furneim *meowsiah
 furneim: The cat is actually trying to hatch the nessiah
 petepuma: @when so Or The Immacucat Conception?
 FabricMan: Every cat thinks like that
 flatluigi: Ancient Egyptian nativity display
 a robot: I dig Joseph's pink robes. That's a bold fashion choice.
 when so: The Immeowculate Conception
Image 219523   12-06-17 11:26pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 addend: Become a soulless automaton until we build the replacement.
 windows96: @Sadbot Solution: call in sick for the second shift, like your coworkers. Volley the problem back at the system
 Teechur: And that would have been the @Nope heard around the world!
 Nope: @Sadbot I worked at Wal-Mart when I was going to university, I let them know my exam schedule like 2 months in advance, they scheduled me during an exam. I said I wouldnt be there and I gave them enough notice so they can fix it. My manager pulled me aside and said "You have to be there, you have to put your career ahead of your schooling". He didn't like my instant laughter.
 NoRagrets: @square44 This. This right here.
 hajjpodge: This speaks to me.
 Sadbot: @square44 @Ulillillia Y'all act like having two shifts 6 hours apart because the manager doesn't care and/or can't do basic tweaks to the scheduling software isn't just the greatest thing ever. Plus the even more hours because your shitty co-workers are always calling out!
 square44: @Ulillillia whether you want them or not.
 Ulillillia: Flexible hours, you say
Image 217190   11-24-17 4:31pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 huskyboy: Is it a comedy club?
Image 214317   11-09-17 12:09pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 Mr Bleak: @Micro Jackson All of Nicolas Cage's expression look like the bottom right. Gawd knows how he keeps working - couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.
 Magic Bullets: Additional ones I would have liked to have seen: Today I am feeling... * Powermad (Sailor from /Wild at Heart/) * Asthmatic (Little Junior from /Kiss of Death/) * Travolta (Castor from /Face/Off/)
 pisspig: Meh.
 redmonkey3: @Bu7Z - Oh My! Is there a Nicspression for that ?
 alex: What's your face for looking "feckless," Nic?
 fanny: thank god it's friday i was starting to look like BEES!!!
 Micro Jackson: The range of expression is too wide
 Bu7Z: Today I'm feeling hotter than Georgia asphalt, so you'd better get me up to that hotel room quick sailor.
Image 203616   09-15-17 1:03pm     Uploaded by    cenecia
 boozer: Thanks
 Cami: Next sign: r mom
 wolfpk: The only problem is the sign before said "Welcome to the hunting preserve"
 skillet: That sign's got game.
 DarkTeddy: Fuck right.
 Gringos: *stops walking*-*looks up*-*furrows brows*-*looks back*-*shrugs*
 boozer: *stops walking*-*looks up*-*furrows brows*-*looks back*-*shrugs*
Image 202211   09-08-17 10:09am     Uploaded by    cenecia
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