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 celebgate's Aggro-Gator

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Image 253727   06-22-18 9:36am   Views: 990   Uploaded by    celebgate
 Bohab: North Korea has their own kind of baked potato
 Teechur: Y U treat me like potato?
 addend: Pet, food.
 Shay: Baked pugtato.
Image 252199   06-11-18 7:40pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 DrNinjaman: @Felicity "Style"
 Scoo: @Felicity Give me two bees for a quarter
 nerdhulk: Which was the fashion at the time
 wolfpk: Anti-vampire hat
 Zaxxoff: with the head and sweater that dude looks like a STTNG alien
Image 249234   05-24-18 7:58pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Greifer: i take eight!
 Greifer: everythings a... wait a minute
 glenalec: Stabby girl!
 Mr. Shine: I've seen enough etc, etc . . . . Seriously though, that's cool.
 Nope: Porn gonna love this
 FireBreathingMarmot: Inventors gonna invent.
 WannaBee: I'd put one of those finger hands on the end.
 Butcherboy: Id use my robot hand for good
 Otterman: I need to figure out how she controls it.
 charlemagne: I'd lose a hand for that
 itskando: Prehensile
 FarmerWalk: fucking A!
Image 248470   05-20-18 08:38am     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Spazstatic: @Air Biscuit ziplock bag
 Air Biscuit: What kind of case do you have on your phone?
Image 247743   05-15-18 11:40pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Spazstatic: @Mr. Shine no, his communication skills are terrible.
 Bagels: Babies tend to have really derpy faces
 Mr. Shine: Would you buy a used car from this baby?
Image 247583   05-15-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Teechur: @Side Boob Ah, yes. THAT part!
 Side Boob: @Teechur In the circle #245838
 a sedated moose: Not stupid if it works.
 grizzly: Remote control
 BavidDowie: It takes a lot of work to be this lazy.
 Teechur: Made in what PART of the USA?
Image 245834   05-04-18 5:08pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Mr Bleak: @Scoo Try getting them to deliver a Uninterruptible Power Supply intact: Definitely heavy, and (from the evidence of the first three they threw my way) definitely fragile. :sigh:
 BavidDowie: He's my brother.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: letssss get it oooonnnn...... yeah so kids this is how baby packages are made.
 glenalec: Delivery Instructions: If I'm not home, just hide it under the other parcel.
 WTF: Amazon Prime gives you free crumple zones.
 Scoo: But, fortunately, not fragile
Image 245517   05-02-18 6:37pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Not A Bot: Summer pack. Your cat doesn't know or care what time of year it fucking is.
Image 243673   04-21-18 2:37pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Passive: He's a member of a cartel
 Robespierre: Bet it's noisy as fuq
Image 241899   04-10-18 7:07pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Malkchic: What are they planning...
 Not A Bot: Here are some words that rhyme with Sting. Ring....Sing.....Bling....
 WTF: Kiss your ankles goodbye...
Image 241042   04-05-18 3:03pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Mr Bleak: @Felicity She's clearly played codey-spooney before.
 Extreme Locorito: It looks like Tracey Ullman there is trying to program her computer with a spoon
Image 240940   04-04-18 10:45pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Kaviri: One of these days, you're going to be just small enough to squeeze through and too big to get back out. On that day, I will be the one laughing at you.
 Knice: @DrNinjaman That was fucking hilarious to me just now. :-D
 DrNinjaman: The first step in making kitten brandy is never pretty.
Image 240439   04-01-18 9:58pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 ignatz: I'm totally stealing this..
 Nothing: Sorcery!
Image 239709   03-28-18 1:07pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 Robespierre: Too bad, hoomin. Mine now.
 Side Boob: That is a big cat.
 Christina: This seat is taken.
 VeeKay: @VeeKay Contains no servicable parts. Do not dismantle. Contact dealer or authorised specialist in case of malfunction.
 VeeKay: Danger! Do not remove guards or operate this equipment if you HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED in safe use.
Image 236740   03-10-18 3:58pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 VoR: Stop spoiling my che
Image 234386   02-25-18 04:37am     Uploaded by    celebgate
 apoxia: Cute
 square44: Hi, it's me from a couple of days ago.
 Scoo: Fight me u lil bitch
 potato: Mindblowing
Image 234155   02-23-18 9:47pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
 dangerkeith3000: First a bunch of spaghetti in a toilet and now THIS? At least it's not Chef Boyardump this time...
 Robespierre: ... and thus begins Unfortunate Food Day on the Friendly Spaceship...
 Peter Pantsless: Jeeze, we're gonna need more condoms
 Robespierre: But I don't WANNA be the first to comment ... oops...
Image 233881   02-22-18 10:58am     Uploaded by    celebgate
 PushyWebsite: The dirty sweatshirt make me think this is Daniel Johnston.
 Annoying Vegan : @fanny HOLY CRAP I ALMOST DIDNT NOTICE
 Robespierre: Bannon's gone a bit downhill since leaving Peewee's White House
 Shay: Uncle Gary Killed the Radio Star
 bug: Is that a schnauzer in your sweatshirt or are you just... really oddly proportioned?
 fanny: wait, is that actually a cake?
 Mr. Shine: @Yam heh. Poop knife.
 Yam: Is this the poop knife the kids are talking about?
 Peter Pantsless: Now we know who REALLY killed the radio star
Image 233722   02-21-18 1:47pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
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Image 233644   02-21-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    celebgate
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