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 Cami's Aggro-Gator

 Mr Bleak: Some of these, I turn into electronic jigsaw puzzles for my wife. I'll give this one a miss though as I like my testicles attached to my body.
 Spazstatic: @Mr. Whiskers there are a couple socks and half a collar laying there too.
 Mr. Whiskers: So...just a picture of some rocks?
Image 260815   08-05-18 01:54am     Uploaded by    Cami
 apoxia: @Spazstatic That's impressive. I'm 36 and back when we had our first computer at home I don't think screensavers were even necessary at that point.
 Spazstatic: Holy crap, I just realized I've been visiting this site for at least 2 years
 Spazstatic: @apoxia knowing the typical demographic here, I am probably younger (28) and I know!
 apoxia: @a robot Young people (younger than me) probably don't know what a screensaver is.
 a robot: Seems like it's a wallpaper, not a screensaver though
Image 260573   08-03-18 4:21pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 WTF: Itchy AF
 Not A Bot: That has to hurt.
 dobbiesdoogs: who's the good dog? it's me
 VeeKay: That smile. That damned smile.
 melted plastic: Unmistakably the thats the spot smile. A+ scritches.
Image 259287   07-26-18 5:03pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Alpha Trion: This is before he achieved the full lemon sucking face he always has now
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 DrNinjaman: That is not the face of a man who should be holding two guns
 Derp Herpigan: Dur hurd surrurs!
Image 256592   07-09-18 9:48pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Mr Bleak: Kerbside kitty gets a good view.
 lecj07: Waiting for Godot.
Image 256051   07-06-18 3:21pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 charlemagne: hee hee, you belong to pappy now
Image 256033   07-06-18 1:21pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Mr. Butt: Holy shit, do you guys remember when PornHub's mobile site only let you click on 5 videos every 24 hours?
 AlexDeLarge: @Micro Jackson or to just avoid being charged per site view, or whatever new innovative new evil unchecked capitalism comes up with.
 dangerkeith3000: My baby can't get enough incest porn.
 Micro Jackson: Yes we need this to access the truly disgusting porns
Image 255866   07-05-18 12:40pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 a robot: Hey, a free glove is a free glove
 Robespierre: I'd imagine that I've touched a gas pump handle somewhere in the vicinity of 13,000 times during my lifetime; so, what's the point?
 Zaxxoff: i always pick my nose before grabbing the pump so i can pay it forward. it's nice to think about all the adventures those pump boogers have...
 OldKentuckyShark: The same amount has now been all over that box of gloves. I suggest going back to touching the gas pump raw, skin on plastic action, aww yeah...
 Butcherboy: But I like the smell of gasoline on my hands afterwards. Seriously
Image 254103   06-24-18 2:40pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Mr Bleak: Behold! The field in which I grow my unicorns.
 Micro Jackson: @Robespierre Yar, I be shittin' ingots
 savvoy: Incoming! They've got us bracketed, the damn hippies!
 Zochrot: double rainbow!!!!!
 Robespierre: @Micro Jackson In the OUTHOUSE?
 El hefe: 2...
 Micro Jackson: Oh, that's where I left me gold
Image 250001   05-29-18 12:37pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Soaps Pierre: But Dr. Evil we were unable to anticipate feline complications due to the reanimation process
 some guy : @trumpet But this is a clothes dryer
 Robespierre: Greetings from Sphinx Lounge
 Mad Collager: Damnit! You left the cat in the dryer too long!
 bigbison: There's nothin' wrong with a pink sock every now and then. It just means you mixed a red shirt in with your delicates ifyouknowwhatimean!
 abrahamx: Launder me like one of your canadian sphynxes
 Air Biscuit: It says "hang dry only". You've ruined it!
 tib gubb: well it looks like you got your cat mixed up with some cuts of dark meat poultry
 trumpet: Waiting for his sweater to finish the spin cycle.
Image 249786   05-28-18 02:54am     Uploaded by    Cami
 tib gubb: protection position
 Not A Bot: Beware anyplace that requires a uniform!
Image 249071   05-23-18 8:47pm     Uploaded by    Cami
 Teechur: @White Rice I met my wife on a dial-up BBS called Freenet back in 1994. Neither of us knew what the other looked liked until our first date. This totally blows my stoodints' minds.
 White Rice: @Teechur I'd say that everybody has probably already seen that particular video, but then I remembered that the internet has been around too long, and there are those still uninitiated to the classic unholy trinity of the internet. Happy Tree Friends might be too old for those kids too, and that makes me feel extra old.
 Air Biscuit: Vending machines kill more people than sharks each year. This was probably self defense.
 glenalec: @Peter Pantsless - They probably did take one thing - the snack they had paid for but got stuck.
 Shay: This is what happens when you take a sip of Haterade.
 petepuma: the mistake was trying to sell cinder blocks via a vending machine
 sparename: When you just have the exact change but one of your coins keeps getting rejected
 tib gubb: somebody was hungry
 VeeKay: Free today lads
 grizzly: Anarchy in the UK!
 Teechur: Don't do a search for Happy Tree Friends Vending Machine and don't watch the resulting video.
 Telkwa: Trumponomics explained.
 Cami: Sproooing
 Peter Pantsless: I was working security at a parking garage where somebody did this but, bafflingly, didn't take anything
Image 247472   05-14-18 11:36am     Uploaded by    Cami
 Micro Jackson: America's Least Wanted
 dangerkeith3000: From "The Gang Broke Dee". Man I watch too much IASIP.
 hajjpodge: @Yurishiro Bird watching, I think?
 stunt nuts: I don't get it.
Image 246598   05-09-18 06:26am     Uploaded by    Cami
Image JLY   12-20-17 08:33am     Uploaded by    Cami
Image JLW   12-18-17 07:26am     Uploaded by    Cami
Image JLJ   12-16-17 10:38am     Uploaded by    Cami
 Cami: @Side Boob BTDT I'll take the hovel.
 tib gubb: the toilet's not hooked up to a water main, that looks like it's being run to the shower head on the wall there, meaning the toilet is being used as an open drain
 apoxia: Initially I thought hoarding, but no, no. This is someone's very organised existance.
 Side Boob: I'd rather be homeless
 Hosebag: You need to get a new sauce toilet.
 melted plastic: Shitting cook cooking shit.
 Greifer: oh c'mon... you don't shit where you eat man!
 El hefe: Tiny House NYC Edition
Image 221083   12-15-17 07:47am     Uploaded by    Cami
 Donut: Chaaaaaaaaarlieeeeeeeee...I'm a bicycle, Charlie...
 hanky: @Dr Awkward pfft! Too mainstream!
 Dr Awkward: @Yurishiro But I asked for a Unicycle!
 parrotsnest: Bycicorn.
Image 220510   12-12-17 07:31am     Uploaded by    blendedtwice
 Shay: @Knice @Chest Rockwell @antipatterns *Pee Wee Herman voice* I'M SORRY!!!!
 antipatterns: i hate everything about this
 Chest Rockwell: @Knice Done.
 Knice: Out of bad votes please help.
 Shay: Spoiler: The TV isn't on and they're high AF.
 skylark: I thought this was funny because of the running gag of this joke.
Image 215882   11-17-17 5:40pm     Uploaded by    InfiniteZero
 UltraBeverly: Eisenhower would not approve of this.
 the snark: Is he coasting?
 Ulillillia: Whee!
Image 215426   11-15-17 09:26am     Uploaded by    Cami
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