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 Bu7Z's Aggro-Gator

 Fiveninety: @charlemagne i genuinely don't want to understand what the deal is
 charlemagne: @mexican I genuinely don't understand what the deal is
 Whatever: Why not up the ante and drink drains already? ( please dont)
 mexican: This tide pod shit is annoying and dumb. Please stop.
Image 236775   03-10-18 8:03pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 sparename: His name is Waffle Bryan
 hajjpodge: @VeeKay So have but I don't remember this from seasons 1 or 2.
 VeeKay: Well I have seen stranger things!
Image 235522   03-03-18 2:54pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 addend: It's a tough job. He's got big shoes to fill.
 Yurishiro: For who has ever heard...of a sad clown
Image 234717   02-27-18 12:44pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 sparename: I always wanted to be reincarnated as a zebra spider - they can rotate on the spot and jump. It looks a bit like this, anyway
 VeeKay: Cute lil arachnid boi
Image 234617   02-26-18 1:58pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Warrax: Super efficient.
 dangerkeith3000: Assume the position
 illBilliam: I'm married with two little kids and a cat that has a fatal attraction towards me. This is basically my bed.
 Teechur: Perfect for ski jumpers.
 GoGo Robotto: restrictive matress, that is
Image 234463   02-25-18 4:40pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Volwen: @Mr. Whiskers Technically could be both
 Mr. Whiskers: Thats either a toy truck, or the biggest fucking asparagus in the world
 Ulillillia: Smelly Pee Express
Image 234152   02-23-18 9:31pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 glenalec: @Dr Awkward - As one of the aliens said about human tobacco users in Sherri. S. Tepper's "The Fresco" : "Feed them to your young - if your species is anything like mine, the kids will eat anything!"
 tib gubb: horse meat is a thing on this side of the pond, so is rabbit.
 Dr Awkward: @Eleftheros But probably not American Humans. Most of us would taste like Taco Bell farts.
 Sadbot: Racism aside, dogs and cats have historically helped obtain or prevented loss of food greater than they consume, everything else is fair game for the stew pot. Horses are borderline, but I'd still have a horse steak
 Zarathustra: That's wacist.
 jochenau: "Box with an X in it" isn't a character, as far as I'm aware of. Maybe do a better job translating your shoop...
 Eleftheros: I support biodiversification of livestock, hell, i'd bet humans taste better than cat.
 glenalec: A bit racist! In my experience, most Chinese would draw the line after he dog and before the bunny. And the horse only after it died of other causes.
Image 232739   02-15-18 11:40pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 dangerkeith3000: That's a good song.
 VeeKay: Not that hard. It's got a damn great crack right up the middle.
 funny in the wall: a little on the nose. or should I say on the butt?
 Yurishiro: dang!
Image 230996   02-06-18 06:37am     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 kornisjon: Careful with that stranglehold.
 charlemagne: the final taboo
 Side Boob: Dogs deserve love, and lots of it
 Robespierre: He's not really kissing the doggo! HEATHEN!
Image 229801   01-30-18 2:48pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Yurishiro: I love my babies.
Image 229553   01-29-18 02:55am     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Yurishiro: I am a proud radder of dog on a dog pictures. Kudos!
 addend: (Installs another deadbolt.)
 Greifer: the snake skin boots... jebus!
 Coolguy: @Mr. Butt which one is @Bu7Z ?
 Mr. Butt: Congrats, @Bu7Z
Image 229274   01-27-18 2:48pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Lantry: get jobs!
Image 227829   01-19-18 6:55pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Robespierre: For those who haven't gotten the memo yet, for some of you this is one of the 9 Gadgets Guaranteed To Change Your Life In 2018.
 Yurishiro: YAAAAAAA
 Ihminen: Hello me, meet the real me
 dangerkeith3000: Oh my god, I'm GORGEOUS!
 Dick Inspector: I EAT YOU
Image 227766   01-19-18 12:59pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Felicity: Hatings easier. More fun too
 zrj235: i'm gonna do both
 Yurishiro: I don't know what any of that means
 jochenau: But where are the four elephants?
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Yeah and maybe you should ease off the sodium
 Yam: Maybe you should mind your own business, Larry
 Ulillillia: nah imma keep hating
Image 226222   01-11-18 2:21pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Felicity: The new season of /MST3K/ is underwhelming
 addend: Curtains 1, Sunlight 0.
 Wooden Spoon: Elf-on-a-shelf hung himself in a cheap hotel room?
Image 225636   01-08-18 12:48pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 Vorm Gongo: @blue shoes what is that supposed to mean
 blue shoes: I bought a 72-pack box of those. I'll be sending the crumbs to Africa to end famine when I finish the bar part.
Image 223394   12-27-17 2:47pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 savvoy: You keep asking me why your kid has an F. This. This is why.
 Side Boob: 300mm silicon wafers are fun. At least until you drop one. Then, not so much.
Image 223335   12-27-17 05:47am     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 E. HONDA: Vegfit
 Robespierre: GLBT stuff, obviously.
 fumbduck: Punctuation.
 WaffleIron: Vaping.
Image 222858   12-24-17 5:40pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 kimjongun: Yesssssss staffie!!! I love staffs they are the best!! Good luck with the most loyal dog EVER!
 i peed a lil: Good job adopting her. She will never forget that you did.
 Horp Lello: Oh hell yeah....rescue dogs ROCK
 Smorlacks: How do they sense that they are going home? I remember when I adopted my Dutch. I had to wait a day to take him because the SPCA thought he had not yet been neutered. When my son and I went back to get him, he pulled a female worker down a long hall right to us. Man, he was one happy pup.
Image 221344   12-16-17 4:47pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 WTF: Ovuhorn
 Robespierre: Boy, it's a good thing that Cathy got yanked before it sank to this level.
 a robot: @Peter Pantsless And I don't even have a talking bunny to ask me what's wrong!
 tib gubb: we oldschoolers call it a bender sarahanderson honey
 Peter Pantsless: Why?! Why was @a robot programmed to feel pain?
Image 221325   12-16-17 2:54pm     Uploaded by    Bu7Z
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