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 barfolomew's Aggro-Gator

 sparename: Oh, those Bon-Bons - strawberry and cherry here, lovely boiled-sweets with gooey centres. I used to cut my tongue to ribbons on them at my Nan's..
 grizzly: How delightful
 AstoriaBum: This is like the candy the nuns used to give us in Catechism class at Christmas and Easter. It was in a festive but generic gift box with a blank "To...From" label.
 jochenau: Schtrompenburger's: Fine candies/sausages since 1376.
Image 243857   04-22-18 5:03pm   Views: 56261   Uploaded by    barfolomew
 hajjpodge: i didn't before but now i do
 Slerzy: Why is the boss automatically a "him"? Point lost for feminism. Jk :D
 john dough: Intill you are replaced by a cheaper work force.
 VeeKay: So you're saying I should seize the means of production? What? All property is what?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: that works great in isolated situations for all i know. but largely its a crap shoot.
 tib gubb: oh, so it's that simple then
Image 243838   04-22-18 2:47pm   Views: 59486   Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JVG   04-22-18 2:08pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JUX   04-19-18 12:28pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JUW   04-19-18 12:28pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JUV   04-19-18 12:28pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Shay: Reverse furry.
 Felicity: The bigger the hardon, the longer the face
 dangerkeith3000: This picture is considered especially heinous.
 Peach: *sniff*
 lazySolver: these are their stories DUN DUN
 Yurishiro: @El hefe never meet your heroes
 Robespierre: Oh, fer Chrissake...
 El hefe: @Yurishiro not how I pictured the producer of Law and Order
 Yurishiro: Hello, I'm Dick Wolf.
Image 242161   04-12-18 10:26am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Robespierre: Shoebill's bill looks more like a clog - or a mule
 TurkeyVulture: Jurassic world II looking terrifying
Image 242395   04-13-18 7:26pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 lazySolver: @Kaviri lol
 Kaviri: We believe taxidermy is wrong, so when pooch died we had him compressed into particle board.
 DrNinjaman: Maybe knot.
 sparename: It's part of a labradoor
 Vinochet: I think hes just pining fair the fjords
 WannaBee: I think he needs to see the vet. His bark is off.
 ignatz: Golden slab?
 ignatz: @drtofu :)
 ignatz: I wood if I were yew..
 drtofu: I wood
 fanny: poor puppers. he looks petrified!
 sparename: I should report this image as being "too grainy"
 Yam: Wood you believe it? All the good puns are gone
 Minnesotan: yeah I think he has some splinters bro
 Shay: That's a lot of bark.
 TurkeyVulture: He's probably just board.
Image 242390   04-13-18 6:54pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Ulillillia: @lazySolver They should definitely be paid to do that
 VeeKay: @lazySolver Good playlist to be fair.
 Science: @Robespierre: Absolutely true, but that's like being pissed off at you, and because I don't know where you live, trashing my neighbor's car. I'd also be curious how many of those people voted - traditionally (in the US anyway,) those most affected by those in power are the ones least likely to turn out at the polls.
 VeeKay: Isn't this actually a reenactment in Highgate?
 dangerkeith3000: Is Maggie Thatcher back from the dead?
 Robespierre: @Science Impossible to go after the root of the problem when the root of the problem refuses to even acknowledge your grievances, or even your very existence.
 GoGo Robotto: @Science Sure, just randomly trashing stuff isn't very cool. But the possibilities for protest and especially rallys are rather limited, when you try to get "to the root" of the problem. The only thing a demonstration mostly can achieve is attention. As for anti-gentrification protest the method is to scare off investors. For this, vandalism, is an effective option - although you can argue if it's reasonable to destroy property or not. Sorry for arguing so much, Spaceship people!
 Science: @FabricMan: So this crowd trashed a homegrown business owned by two Irish brothers to protest gentrification? Dumb business, sure. However, a business like this isn't ruining people's lives. Seems like a bullshit excuse for trashing stuff rather than going after the root of the problem.
 grizzly: What is class war? Is this class war? Yes, this is class war.
 GoGo Robotto: Is carrying torches at rallys a thing in GB? Because here in Germany only Neonazis do "Fackelmarsche"
 barfolomew: @Sadbot @FabricMan oh yeah. It's not that they're offended; they're resisting being displaced so that their neighborhood can be a plaything for the rich. But when they say "fuck your whimsy," this is what it looks like.
 Sadbot: @barfolomew The correct response to gentrification
 FabricMan: @barfolomew ...for only 10 a bowl. It may be a goofy business, but gentrification is real, and normal people are running out of places to live
 Robespierre: Oh, man; London's gone full-blown batshit crazy - sure am glad I was born in Aylesbury...
 barfolomew: This is, no kidding, the reaction in London's Shoreditch neighborhood when a new cafe opened up that only sells cereal.
Image 242308   04-13-18 06:47am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JUF   04-13-18 05:51am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 glenalec: @piranharama - Heh! Though in this case it was simply seeing an interview with such a performer on TV many years ago.
 piranharama: @glenalec You know a little too much here...
 Psymon: She seems nice
 glenalec: The trick is to use a Titanium plate. Lots of sparks and very low thermal conductivity (for a metal).
 savvoy: I think she's a cylon
 WannaBee: I thought this was a bottle of champagne being opened.
 savvoy: Grindr
 Shay: The Big WHAT????
Image 242247   04-12-18 9:26pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
Image JUD   04-12-18 8:33pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Felicity: Poor Josie Packard
 Mad Collager: Max Planck and Edvard Munch collaborative effort
 VeeKay: Hang out with Ed, Ed and Eddy and you can expect this kind of shit.
 Shay: Impersonation of #242037
 lazySolver: @Not A Bot Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
 NoRagrets: Plank
 Not A Bot: I hope this ends as well for him as it did for hitchBOT
 Off Topic: Plank has seen some things.
 lazySolver: @lecj07 It always could be worse
 lecj07: Could be worse, he could be a burnout.
 Yam: @lazySolver ya its a knotty behaviour
 lazySolver: don't do crack kids
 Yam: This reminds me of something
Image 242040   04-11-18 4:26pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Shay: I regret going to Chernobyl for vacation last Summer.
Image 241909   04-10-18 8:26pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 lazySolver: @Donut 'but we are so sassy we end up dying before leaving offsprings'
 Donut: "I don't know. How about you stop being endangered so we don't have to spend so much time getting you to have sex, PANDA?"
 Mad Collager: @TurkeyVulture Plus for you for making me think of this!
 Mad Collager: I don't know. Why don't you ask the folks at Fox News?
 Nothing: I can think of a few
 TurkeyVulture: Pandas are agressive and sex crazed.
 tib gubb: this show really gets me
 Mexico: If I knew that, I wouldn't be here.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: watch out when that panda say job he mean hand job after which he gonna kick yo ass!!!
 lazySolver: you need an employee for that
Image 241859   04-10-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 BavidDowie: same
 Robespierre: @tib gubb The standard right-wing response I get to opinions of mine they don't agree with is "You watch too much TV." No, I do not. If I do watch news, which is rarely, I generally watch BBC World Service. I also read the Independent and a couple of other European and Asian news rags, and from these sources I draw my own opinions. My main beef about Fox News is their apparent sensationalism and boosterism at the cost of facts; at least that's what I've heard about them. Is CNN airing outright false left-leaning propaganda with as much vigour as Fox is working the other side of the aisle? Colour me dubious.
 tib gubb: @Robespierre I consider myself left-of-center, and I don't find Fox News any worse than CNN as far as quality (though Fox has way more op-ed time). Just so much of television time is committed to maintaining a viewing audience that I just can't even anymore.
 Robespierre: Can somebody puh-leeeeeze take a bat to Fox News' collective cranium? Why do they hate America so?
 lazySolver: your amy knows my lela?
 WTF: Kif, I'm asking a question!
 VeeKay: We have failed to uphold Brannigan's Law. However, I did make it with a hot alien babe. And, in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?
 tib gubb: not incidentally, they're also fun to party with
 lazySolver: i want to test that
 WTF: Tucker Carlson always has an expression like he just saw someone eating mayonnaise right out of the jar.
 Nope: What? Cohen's office got raided? Can't lead with that the people gotta hear about Pandas!!!!!!!!
Image 241854   04-10-18 1:47pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Shay: Ze googles, they do nothing (about my liver spots)
 FireBreathingMarmot: Faburuff.
 Yurishiro: LAND HO
 when so: Looks like another Star Wars is coming out
Image 241837   04-10-18 11:26am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 tib gubb: looks like a good place to trip, or a bad place to trip
 VoR: Not my mascot
 Christina: Beauty of Japan.
Image 241517   04-08-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    barfolomew
 tib gubb: duke nukem gets real
 Wooden Spoon: @Felicity: I can relate to this...
 Felicity: Now lets have hot dogs
 Felicity: Not yet. Self-forgiveness is weird sometimes. I caught myself having this conversation with myself: Felicity: Im sorry about my life. Felicity: Well, just try not to do it again.
 Donut: ...kos we ain't rescuing the president when he's kidnapped by ninjas again.
 Snowta: nope.
 Robespierre: Badassishness results from the frustration caused by the badass's inability to own up to their true sexuality and come Out.
 Yurishiro: YOU TELL ME *violently masturbates*
Image 241813   04-10-18 06:47am     Uploaded by    barfolomew
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