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 ASTER's Aggro-Gator

Image ICE   07-11-17 10:53am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image ICC   07-11-17 10:53am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image ICB   07-11-17 10:53am     Uploaded by    ASTER
 Dan Tagonistic: I am too old to understand this
 Flarmie: Also this could also go Michaelangelo-Raphael-Donatello-Leonardo
 Flarmie: The best shows on this image are the top and bottom.
 SomeOtherCanadian: @ASTER small budgets and poorly paid animators are a lot of the reason you see low quality drawings in anime. There is also a lot of anime that is objectively terrible in both art and content regardless of budget
 hajjpodge: "Why do you keep calling me Bill?"
 ASTER: I'm back to report this is a genre called "moe" anime and it is mostly for if you are a white racist pedophile on Twitter, I think.
 Bu7Z: I'm so confused by this...
 WaffleIron: Yo no entiendo.
 tib gubb: at least there's a redeeming punchline
 Sadbot: Keep your formulaic labels off of the comparative masterwork that is King of the Hill!
 ASTER: Why do people watch anime that look like they were made up by people who hate anime as a broad generalization?
Image 176134   04-29-17 12:10pm     Uploaded by    tina
 ASTER: I posted this hoping you would all say nice things about Emil but you've called him the Jack In The Box mascot. Emil would never kill children with E Coli.
 Dr Awkward: @A duck Oh snap... do you think these two Jacks are one in the same?
 ThatGuy: I always thought Jack Skellington would make for a cool Tekkan fighter
 Micro Jackson: Not sure which is creepier
 White Rice: Nier was a weird game. Good, but weird.
 A duck: @Dr Awkward: I was gonna say that Jack Skellington has gotten fat in his old age.
 Dr Awkward: Man, the Jack in the Box mascot has really let himself go recently.
 zodiacflash: Nightmare battery 100% recharged
 Meow: Thats why you dont open mommy and daddy's door when you hear strange noises
Image 172742   04-11-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 Micro Jackson: @well duh @CastleBravo @Beef Supreme Shout out to all the King Missile fans!
 ASTER: Genital wart removal is only a LITTLE pleasurable.
 well duh: @CastleBravo "I woke up this morning - with a bad hangover - and my penis was missing again. - This happens all the time, - it's detachable'...
 CastleBravo: @Beef Supreme Wasn't that a song by King Missile?
 Beef Supreme: @Scoo detachable penis?
 Scoo: What about all the places I /don't/ take my penis?
 Uncle Phil: His badge number is 69. That's a sex number.
 WaffleIron: @Eleftheros : DONT JUDGE ME!
 fanny: "It's still a blast" get it? GET IT???
 Eleftheros: "Never use a condom with Vaseline, crisp, cool whip, sandpaper, lotion,.... motor oil?
 Kim: I thought this was a firearms add till I saw the condom.
 Aemuli: I love this. So rad.
Image 156919   01-17-17 5:09pm     Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 DarkTeddy: This game fucking sucked
 ClockworkJackalope: Worst spell ever
 Skinr: it wouldn't be an EA game without long, LONG loading screens
 Scoo: Ludas Oneratus!
Image 151021   12-18-16 2:09pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 A duck: Effeminate Bat iron Man
 Ulillillia: Two eyes and a little mustache
 perd hapley: Law & Order?
 deeeeeeeez: Gotcher nose
Image 151012   12-18-16 1:09pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 Aemuli: @ASTER I'm just sorry this bad ad didn't help me find my car keys
 Aspirin: Yeah but you get to know cigarettes reeeeeeeal good.
 Wet farts: What good is a phone call, if you're unable to speeeak?
 ASTER: @Aemuli This is a good, good 30 Rock quote on this bad ad I posted.
 grizzly: Not sure if an add or a post.
 Off Topic: Great, now you've got to flip the cigarette over like three times to have a smoke.
 Zampano: Most of us only *wish* we had a usb port in our heads
 deeeeeeeez: Insert hipster kazoo all the way into mouth and prepare to regale your activist friends with a breathtaking rendition of "whale trapped in fishing net, B minor"
 Aemuli: "You see Tracy, science is...whatever we want it to be."
Image 150982   12-18-16 09:09am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image DVR   12-18-16 08:13am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image DVQ   12-18-16 08:13am     Uploaded by    ASTER
 fanny: can i touch it now?
 Ulillillia: If you know what I mean.
Image 150621   12-16-16 1:26pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 A Post Office: MASSIVE HEAD
 SomeCanadian: *heavy breathing continues*
Image 150618   12-16-16 1:03pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 ASTER: This was my cat, Tiger, and in this photo she wanted a lima bean she later wouldn't eat.
 redmonkey3: "Mine!"
 Skaalar: "Gimmes."
Image 150610   12-16-16 12:03pm     Uploaded by    ASTER
 itskando: Anime just got real.
 Headoftheclass: Prince-robot and The Revolution!
 questionable: *schlik*
 AverageJoe: Hato should have killed him
 Otterman: Take that, flesher!
 Mr. Butt: Yuck
 SomeCanadian: How rude!
Image 150594   12-16-16 09:47am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image DVG   12-16-16 08:34am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image DVF   12-16-16 08:34am     Uploaded by    ASTER
Image DVE   12-16-16 08:33am     Uploaded by    ASTER
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