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 antipatterns's Aggro-Gator

 Ulillillia: @raditzu o rly?
 raditzu: God, at first I thought that ABBA got rly, rly ugly over the years
 Ulillillia: I love the Bee Gees
 scribbs: @ThatGuy What was that band name again? I didn't quite catch it.
 ThatGuy: @scribbs oh, I'm sorry, are you referring to the song 'Bad Company', off the album 'Bad Company', by the band Bad Company!?
 scribbs: They ain't called "good company" for a reason.
Image 147516   11-30-16 9:03pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 mexican: Awesome.
 Lestrange: Fist your sub hub. Or something. Spanish isn't my strongest point.
 Headoftheclass: Por supuesto!
 werterland: Hell. Fucking. Yes.
 Peter Pantsless: Dig it
Image 147485   11-30-16 6:26pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 SunWukong: Any man with two hands has a fighting chance.
 Frank herbert: Worlds most lopsided fist fights! On oay per view
 Beef Supreme: That's a work, and that big guy's a hell of a hand if he puts 'em over.
 savvoy: I feel ya, bro. Little drunks are the worst, they always try to start something with the biggest guy in the room. What can you do? If you slap them down, you're the bad guy.
 tib gubb: this is not going to end well
 ButtNutz: "Come at me, bro.."
 Mr. Butt: Me vs 2016
 Peach: This looks like a job for Bender the Offender.
Image 146488   11-25-16 6:03pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Fett4life: "So, George do you write your own songs?"............ I Love George Tho.
 ThatGuy: @A duck George Thorolyconfused
 A duck: Welp that ran out of steam awfully quickly
 A duck: George Thorobad
 A duck: George Thorobred
 Headoftheclass: ...before he destroyed?
Image 144893   11-17-16 6:03pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
Image DQO   11-17-16 4:56pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 AutoDisaster: Must be a pre-Trump era republican.
 Mr. Butt: Bepis.
Image 140628   10-27-16 9:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Borkf: This is the worst kind of political cartoon.
 UltraBeverly: What does Wilfred Brimley have to do with this? Or is this just more liberal elite Taft shaming?
 Ulillillia: Those fuckers! Our shit!
 Yam: @Knice That's about the only reason to use that knot
 ModelTRex: Where's the crying Statue of Liberty and the fat cartoonist saying, "More like slave trade"?
 Knice: I tie my ties with a double windsor to take up extra length. That way, my shirt-captions don't get obstructed.
Image 133465   09-23-16 07:47am     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 SpaceCow: I am ninja, he is ninja, she is ninja too!
 a robot: Balaclava is a funny word #131606
 midnightmosesuk: Les yeux sans visage.
 Skaalar: @hex0 NINJA Brian, thank you.
 Winterneuro: The last thing you see as the rancor slowly closes its mouth
 redmonkey3: @hex0 - Judith?
 hex0: Brian?
Image 133153   09-21-16 7:14pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Niels Bohr: @fanny I think i first saw him in one of the spaghetti westerns he did, definitely a great actor.
 fanny: @Niels Bohr he was such a great actor, though. the craziness helped him I think :)
 itskando: The thing
 Niels Bohr: @fanny Klaus Kinski was bat shit crazy in real life too.
 Hosebag: Is this "fracking"? Because if it is, I can understand why people hate it.
 TurkeyVulture: Shackled to the grind.
 Butcherboy: hire local penguins! quit bringing in outside labor
 WaffleIron: God does portaging suck or what?
 fanny: Fitzcarraldo II: Into the Arctic
 Ratty: Me? I'm supervising in my grey supervisors jacket
 SunWukong: Who forgot to bring the sea?
 redmonkey3: Mabel was never again allowed to book the ladies group outings
 Scoo: Mush! Mush!
Image 131448   09-13-16 3:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Korrok: @a sedated moose More of a doctoral thesis.
 ShoKusogi: That's a whole page full of 'Nope.'
 XLY: I, for won, welcome our new insect overlords
 Cheesecake: It"s considered missing because it wasn't" given
 Lestrange: Color me disgusted
 SomeOtherCanadian: Terror.jpg
 Skaalar: This is how you know the Sky-Father hates us.
 Ukulelemike: neinneinneinnein
 Annoying Vegan : Thanks, now I'm itchy.
 a sedated moose: @Korrok's family tree?
 SunWukong: Rad for Haeckel.
Image 131411   09-13-16 11:09am     Uploaded by    antipatterns
Image CXK   09-13-16 07:37am     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 underwear: dat tooth gap
 Mexico: Go listen to some goddamn Fela Kuti.
Image 131102   09-11-16 7:47pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 mammal883: My dog smells his farts too
 jochenau: Illustrated edition of The Tale of Tsuki Tsuki
 WaffleIron: This furry porn confuses me.
Image 129077   09-01-16 8:47pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Supermansbrother You read my mind...Alles klar, Herr Komissar?
 Bert Bertbert: Yare yare daze
 bug: We get it, you vape.
 Supermansbrother: Der Kommizar is in town woah oh.
Image 129058   09-01-16 7:14pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 SpaceCow: The true prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing.
 Snow Plow: A great American who spent his life Goin' Down The Road, Feelin' Bad
 dobbiesdoogs: tentacle porn has been a thing for a long long time
 Nope: SEE them fight with they dicks!
Image 128893   08-31-16 11:03pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 AverageJoe: I like to do the same thing while listening to "Panic Station"
 Skaalar: Find happiness where you can.
 DrinkMixMan: Counterpoint: #125744
 jslz: I don't need Pokemon Go to not care about things.
 VoR: Shot through the brain, and now you're dead, you give guns a bad name...
 Mr Bleak: Gombie!
 Beef Supreme: They should have Hillary twitching on the ground under a strobe light, and her accompanying physician plunging the Diazapam injector into her chest, Pulp Fiction style.
 Sadbot: @vincenzo But it is in the same neighborhood as unjustly killing a black person
 vincenzo: I like how supporting trump is the same as graphic terrorism and killing the police. Remember kiddies, only your opinion is the right one
 Sadbot: Welp, stuff sucks, might as well stay inside and drink myself to death
 Fishy: This is fine.
 duckfarts: a little bit of solace in a world gone mad
 XLY: so black his blood is black
 Mr. Butt: I'm so sick of these images. Why is it wrong to be happy when there are bad things happening?
 Nope: Haha, distractions from the horrible reality of life ARE nice!
Image 125996   08-17-16 10:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 duckfarts: @Jaunty Shrimp rasslin', or in japanese, rassurin'
 Thelter: Fuck the what
 Jaunty Shrimp: He's fabulous at something, I'm just confused as to what it is
Image 125916   08-17-16 4:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
Image BUJ   08-17-16 08:25am     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 jslz: He's holding the bird's family hostage so that he'll pose for the picture.
 Thelter: wtf kind of demon looking bird is that?! I bet you it devours peoples souls after he shoots them
 AdaMan: Where is my bourd?
 willowsprite: War and peace
 a robot: What kind of bird is that? It has like little dinosaur horns on its head. Whatever it is, I like it
 ch: Bird UP! [squawk SQUAWK!]
 Fiasco: "I don't always stage military coup... But when I do, I prefer weapons from American CIA!" *Please coup responsibly
 fidelcastro: Perch in a tree
Image 124089   08-08-16 9:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
 jslz: This is my favorite anime. I also like Death Note and Full-Metal Alchemist.
 EvilOtter: Propaganda Pepe is the rarest Pepe of all.
 White Rice: @perd hapley general deptavity, in that they'd allow children to see such unwholesome images (kissing/revealing bathing suits/whatever else is in there)
 ch: Tintin in Lottacrazyshithappeningland
 Ulillillia: Those fuckers! Our shit!
 drtofu: So true. So true.
 perd hapley: Really curious as to what the kid reading the magazine represents.
 SomeCanadian: This propaganda is confusing
 ignatz: for 'trickle-down' read 'piss-on-from-great-height'
 Derp Herpigan: I don't /quite/ think it happens that way.
Image 124065   08-08-16 7:09pm     Uploaded by    antipatterns
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