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 Amiga 1000's Aggro-Gator

 jochenau: Sad if true.
 Robespierre: Wurds ... (eyes glaze over, drool spills from corner of mouth)
 Zarathustra: Tl:dr
 VeeKay: Enjoy your new diet of insulin and sterile needles.
 UltraBeverly: This eugenics experiment is delicious.
 Nope: Same but with skittles
Image 262962   08-18-18 12:21pm   Views: 5309   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 dangerkeith3000: Tom wanted to be everyone's friend.
 Dr Awkward: @Dr Awkward Ok, vacation.
 Robespierre: @Dr Awkward Your long weekend was long.
 a robot: @Mr. Shine Come back, it's back to normal now! :)
 Dr Awkward: @Lorb Morpongus I left for a long weekend to go camping, and I return to this hilariously fucked situation. Quite confused...
 Air Biscuit: @Frang Dampombies im gonna miss that person.
 WTF: He's got that whole "A Beautiful Mind" thing going on behind him.
 Scoo: Oh, hey, my old friend!
 Annoying Vegan : Classic Tom
Image 262570   08-15-18 10:47pm   Views: 89329   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 trelyate: "AFLAK!" "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"
Image 261830   08-11-18 12:06pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
No one else has dared to comment. Will you?
Image 261568   08-09-18 7:03pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 wolfpk: @SuedeOxford I'm not sure, but I would say "Video Vigilante" would be a good guess.
 SuedeOxford: Haha! I don't know what this could be from!
Image 259781   07-29-18 6:12pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Mr Bleak: @some guy Or a VW Bug.
 some guy : @Mad Collager Or maybe a Plymoth
 Mad Collager: I bet he drives a Chrysalir.
Image 259617   07-28-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Peach: I mean, I'd take a bite.
Image 259263   07-26-18 2:26pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 DrNinjaman: @Spazstatic Racist if true
 SuedeOxford: @jochenau No thoughts; too busy imagining a girlfriend obsessed with Saigas. (Both the endangered antelope and the AK-based shotgun.)
 Spazstatic: @jochenau that's a tough one. Black bars waste screen space, but compress well so they don't waste much bandwidth. Baked in comments steer the direction of our image comments but can be entertaining sometimes, however, they don't compress as well. Comments are also one of the main themes here and in fact do power the site. I'd say bars are worse.
 jochenau: Aggronauts! Which is worse: black bars, or tumblr comments?
Image 259157   07-25-18 8:36pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 dangerkeith3000: That dog just shat itself.
 Side Boob: @HandBanana But not to doggies!
 HandBanana: I spent years building up an immunity to anger
Image 258710   07-23-18 01:06am     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Mr Bleak: @fanny @Annoying Vegan Currently pixelated, and given the colour and general shape I' not putting on my "you looked at" list!
 fanny: @Annoying Vegan even better!
 Annoying Vegan : @fanny What if its Todays Weirdo Item?
 fanny: don't care, got a gift
Image 257011   07-12-18 2:11pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 VeeKay: Yeah, no. Speed check area.
 Air Biscuit: *rolls up windows and engages child locks "the fart cannot escape. I am in control now."
 genius: Another Simpsons prediction come true!
 WTF: Fartkontrol, nowhere to go, Suburban robots that monitor reality
 Peter Pantsless: Especially in a small car like that
Image 255492   07-03-18 01:54am     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
Comment below (name is optional.)
Image 255108   06-30-18 6:21pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Side Boob: Don't believe for a minute that when the Cheeto is out of office that this problem will go away. It's been going on forever, and it will keep getting worse unless we get up and do something (shitposting on the internet doesn't count).
 Mad Collager: Yeah, the kid was wearing red, but he didn't have on a MAGA hat. Also, we think he wasn't from Norway.
 Side Boob: ACAB
 redmonkey3: "We felt threatened, even though we had body armor & it was a baby and a puppy, so to protect ourselves and serve the Trump agenda we had to shoot them 47 times. Our internal investigation will find us free of blame"
 Nope: Cops shooting a white baby would be all over the news!
 DrNinjaman: Thr police shot them because of their liberal agenda. Also the car was evidently stolen.
Image 253856   06-22-18 10:54pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Zochrot: he ded
 Dresdenkeogh: Just what I needed at three in the morning.
Image 252989   06-17-18 12:47pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Not A Bot: muh free speech!
 addend: You need to write "Protect me and mine from the creditors, Chapter 11" on a sheet of paper and file it.
Image 252986   06-17-18 12:03pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 DrNinjaman: Ah, shit, cramp!
 Otterman: Blowjob king 1903
 Side Boob: This part of ShogunWorld is boring :/
 Shay: 1 out of 2 Chinese emperors drink poisoned tea.
 redmonkey3: What happens here ?
Image 250196   05-30-18 4:26pm     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 tib gubb: is your child special?
 itskando: @Mr Bleak oh you're right: patch Adams
 Mr Bleak: @itskando How did you know his name was Mark?
 Teechur: Keep the ball on your eye!
 satoshi: What chewing gum is that?
 itskando: That's a hell of a birth Mark
 Mr. Shine: *boop*
 Side Boob: Same, unfortunately.
 Mr. Whiskers: Sports!
Image 249128   05-24-18 04:08am     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Warrax: It already had too much bread.
 falling: And make it bacon
 petepuma: looks like a substandard bagel. what you really want is a sausage mcmuffin with egg INSIDE ANOTHER SAUSAGE MCMUFFIN WITH EGG. And a good pulmonologist.
 Zarathustra: The buburgerger.
 Wort Mumpus: Alternative versions of the american flag were not used.
 Christina: A cheeseburger sandwich.
 FabricMan: "Yo, dawg. We heard you like cholesterol..."
Image 248629   05-21-18 06:26am     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Chile Quornwrap: I would have done worse.
Image 247758   05-16-18 01:26am     Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
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