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 Air Biscuit

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 Air Biscuit's Aggro-Gator

 White Rice: @Otterman ah, Limbo, the game with the most primal-fear inducing spider ever. That spider still freaks me out.
 Micro Jackson: Just looking for my concrete shoes...
 Otterman: @White Rice Fuck, that was a good game. Limbo too!
 Mad Collager: @Whatever Yeah, this is how her parents elevated the status of the servants.
 Side Boob: @White Rice That was it! I get the two confused.
 White Rice: @Side Boob this looks closer to a scene from Inside, but Braid is good.
 Side Boob: Reminds me I haven't played Braid in a while.
 Whatever: Another happy scene from Ivankas childhood
 Mr. Shine: Credit: Stefan Koidl
Image 254881   06-29-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    Mr. Shine
 sparename: When my Daughter was little, she was getting something out of the kitchen drawer at my parents' house and saw a silverfish, she went to my Mum and asked "Why does Grandad keep insects in the cutlery drawer?"
Image 247308   05-13-18 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Vinochet: i haz a itch
 Otterman: What could possibly go wrong?
 Christina: @dangerkeith3000 I think that's exactly what antlers evolved for.
 satoshi: I don't think this what antlers evolved for.
 Skaalar: How often do you think they hook a leg doing that?
 charlemagne: careful, careful, just a little more to the left
 Knice: Life finds a way.
Image 211266   10-24-17 08:47am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Horp Lello: A portmanteau of hot and cold
Image 202792   09-11-17 09:31am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
Image IPE   08-22-17 8:14pm     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Larry Xmas: Hes boxed in
 SCheeseman: Sony
 Donut: At least you tried.
 Bagels: You should be
Image 195498   08-05-17 09:32am     Uploaded by    sylveon
 Mr Bleak: Australia: where even the grapes are out to kill you.
 piranharama: @KrazyKat Deadlier I think. But due to antivenom and the phasing-out of outhouses, there have been no deaths since the 50s
 KrazyKat: @piranharama good to know. Just as deadly? Wait, it's Australia, so of course it is!
 piranharama: @KrazyKat Australian Redback. I recognise the grape packaging from one of our supermarket chains.
 SomeCanadian: Sulphur dicks are the last of this persons worries. @A duck
 KrazyKat: Does that little red mark make it a black widow?
 A duck: Sulfur dicks
 DrinkMixMan: *Shudders* Ew, sulfur dioxide
Image 193523   07-26-17 11:26am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
Image IIE   07-26-17 09:47am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
Image IID   07-26-17 09:47am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Cami: @Air Biscuit I did that with dessicants from work more recently. 300F oven does it with my stuff. Keeps the damp out of my toolbox drawers.
 Air Biscuit: @Cami some components i work with sometimes have dessicants and i have since learned instead of ordering replacements when theyve absorbed their maximum amount of moisture, you can just dump them into a bowl and microwave them.
 Cami: I put the contents of a dessicant packet from product at work in a jar of water to see what would happen (swelling was my expectation) I has it at my station but it became very hot; enough to burn you. The test was wrapped in a rag and concluded in the alley.
 ch: challenge expectorated
 addend: Ageless zombie want more dessicant.
 Zampano: I've been eating packing peanuts and similar products for years. Don't tell me how to run my life. (PS silica packets are delicious!)
Image 187747   06-27-17 07:31am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 FireBreathingMarmot: she could have at least wiped off her makeup before getting in the river
 Kim: I'very developed a sudden and totally unrelated interest in snorkeling.
 Demon Universe: When a bubble rises to the surface.. hold your breath.
 Hosebag: Coast Guard, yeah, ok, listen, you aren't going to believe this but, I think we just hit a leg.. Hello?
 a robot: "We'd like to dedicate this next number to a very special woman. She's a hundred years old, and she weighs over two hundred...tons."
 Sandor: Prepare the long yellow fruit boat!
 Jennerator: When she inhales there are two more islands
 sparename: "We need four skin-divers!"
 scribbs: "READY THE LOOFA!"
Image 181747   05-28-17 12:47pm     Uploaded by    apoxia
 addend: Hithhh.
 Scoo: Boop le braces!
 Amy Housewine: Imagine a snake with a lateral lisp. That would be the saddest thing.
Image 171351   04-03-17 11:55pm     Uploaded by    athiest
 Teechur: @TurdFerguson My students will say, "We live in a democracy. We should be able to vote on whether we have homework or not." To which I reply, "It's a Republic. Go ahead and vote. Just remember that I'm the Electoral College."
 Hiddentigerma: @Noremak I lost all faith in humanity years ago. I understand.
 Noremak: @Hiddentigerma Pretty much and I couldn't resist being a cynical smart ass for the new year.
 Hiddentigerma: @Noremak Really? Because the way I see it. It's way more fair this way.
 Noremak: @Hiddentigerma Gerrymandering, lobbying/private interest, lack of term limits, and public apathy.
 Hiddentigerma: @TurdFerguson You should really look into why the system is the reason it is.
 Bast Relief: RIGGED!!!
 questionable: well gosh, I didn't vote. oh wait, it's illegal for me to. maybe include that in your knock-off literature, Bonnie
 TurdFerguson: We all vote, then the Electoral College does what it wants!
 Scoo: "Aristides" is an awesome name
Image 153723   01-01-17 12:54pm     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Science: @Urn BooUrn: NARC was an AWESOME game
 Warrax: We all drown in blood down here!
 WTF: @Urn BooUrn What? A PCP addict who could take a rocket to the chest and not be blown to pieces or a dealer who threw syringes as a weapon isn't normal?
 Urn BooUrn: N.A.R.C. was a weird game.
 sparename: Ronald McManson?
Image 151805   12-22-16 12:26pm     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 XLY: its a trap!
 GroanWorthy: "Siri, rename contact Bridgette to Navi."
 Frank herbert: She cant be that bad
 a robot: The backwards smiley face is what's killing your mojo
 tib gubb: bridgette needs to take assertiveness lessons
 Marsh Darsh: Fuck off, bridgette, OK? Just fuck right off.
 Robologna: 6:40 am?!
 Mr. Butt: What is this, a bridge for ettes?
 dobbiesdoogs: hint not received
Image 151519   12-20-16 11:08pm     Uploaded by    Natch
 Science: I remember this from NARCS. Then I got to shoot Junkies and PCP Clowns. I love that game.
 BeagleMan44: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
 AverageJoe: Really? Have you seen one of those chinese MMORPG farms?
 LaeMi: I do lots of drugs. My Dr says I have to.
 SunWukong: Charlie Sheen is winning. I suspect drugs in his case.
 a robot: I respectfully disagree, Mr. Sessions.
 Ulillillia: If you believe in yourself, drink your school, stay in drugs, and don't do milk - you can get work!
 a sedated moose: Pffsh, winning's for losers, anyway. [BONG RIP INTENSIFIES]
 Peter Pantsless: Unless they are of the performance-enhancing type
Image 150313   12-14-16 9:54pm     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 Jennerator: I wish I were Calvin so I could pee on this
 tamarindo: Forever drinking Dr. Pepper.
 WaffleIron: Pickup line from the minivan diaries: "Will you add your sticker next to mine?"
Image 137446   10-12-16 6:10pm     Uploaded by    daisy picker
 pastme: I recognize George Takei, Matt Damon, and Danny Glover.. who's the blonde?
 Skaalar: Not gonna lie. Those striped pants are calling to me
 a robot: They didn't have enough money to hire human models so they had to get mannequins
 Capital: That'll be hard since most of BWW's clientele are fucking mouthbreathers.
 greg: Before there was Twitter, people had to resort to making bell bottoms out of all those food photos they've taken at restaurants.
 Science: When I see old ads like this, it just reminds me how much larger people have gotten over the years.
 Coolguy: These guys look pretty cool...
 SomeCanadian: @Scoo We're always behind the fashion trends, but this is ridiculous.
 kinggheedra: fashion swat!
 petepuma: I really should start using a scarf as a belt.
 Janston: So PC ethnic diversity in advertising isn't that recent a development.
 Side Boob: Look at those prices!
 Side Boob: 3rd from the right is Fred from the Scooby Doo cartoon :P
 mike58: Groovy. To the Mystery Machine!!
 Warrax: For... ME!?
 Knice: I'd buy their album.
 Scoo: Available in Canada!
Image 136358   10-07-16 11:26am     Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
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