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 a robot's Aggro-Gator

 Beef Supreme: Never happened.
 dangerkeith3000: One giant leap for Aggro-kind
 Micro Jackson: If people actually landed on the moon, how did they miss this?
 ping: @Annoying Vegan Yay!
 Annoying Vegan : This might just be my favorite Pingism so far
 ignatz: Ooh took a mo..
Image 235132   03-01-18 10:47am     Uploaded by    ping
 Robespierre: @funny in the wall Saw the Cure with my niece in Chicago a long time ago; she invited me, of all things. I never would have thought she was into them, but it just goes to show.
 funny in the wall: @Robespierre @Urn BooUrn Ah. Only saw him on southpark
 Robespierre: @funny in the wall As @Urn BooUrn said; his name's Robert Smith
 Urn BooUrn: @funny in the wall Lead singer from The Cure.
 funny in the wall: ok so i don't know who this is. little help?
 Robespierre: @WTF When did Morrissey NOT?
 WTF: But did he mention that he cried?
 Dr Awkward: Wait, so this isn't Morrissey?
 antipatterns: The cure is sometimes worse than the disease, Morrissey
 Robespierre: Bob's cool
Image 235163   03-01-18 2:58pm     Uploaded by    original og
 Shay: @Whatever Shhh....don't give them any ideas.
 Whatever: At least it isnt dressed as a MLP cosplayer - then things would get really weird
 karmakat: you sure don't see that every day. but it's kinda cute.
 WTF: Is your girlfriend into Furries?
Image 234767   02-27-18 09:47am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Ulillillia: :D :D
 dobbiesdoogs: heckin' bamboozled
 GoGo Robotto: Tis iz me!
 VoR: Aha! It was me all along!
Image 234458   02-25-18 4:03pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 RiderFan: Boob Ross.
 wolfpk: How many time did you "wack your brush off" (Deadpool)
 Derp Herpigan: Happy Little Cosplay.
Image 233934   02-22-18 5:26pm     Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Mr Bleak: Is this a sign of the apocateclypse?
 wolfpk: Two-face's cat
 mrdiron: The cat from that Star Trek episode
 Peter Pantsless: Poor thing. Can't flip a coin with no thumbs
 Slerzy: *squints* Cannot tell if real
 Robespierre: (and next month it will be a SuperCat when it rises)
 sparename: Kirk will sort him out
 Robespierre: The cat - it's eclipsing! IT'S ECLIPSING!!!
 charlemagne: live to be villain or die a hero
Image 233943   02-22-18 6:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 tib gubb: girls and science are a bad mix!
 Mr Bleak: @Yurishiro "Because I'm Batman".
 Yurishiro: How can a labrador fit in there come on
 Felicity: What did they do to Batgirls face?
 bug: On the next episode of Breaking Bat...
 WTF: @VeeKay Everyone in the picture except Burt Ward IS dead.
 VeeKay: Why does everyone in this picture look dead? Even Kickass?
Image 233593   02-20-18 7:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Prostata: he should get this job #233129
 Kaviri: 2 live crew
 WTF: Don't feed him after dark.
 Robespierre: Yo, Antenna Ears!
 Mr. Shine: I want to go to there!
 Yurishiro: He is the best listener
Image 233125   02-18-18 03:03am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Mr Bleak: Slodging!
 Mr Bleak: Remind me: why did I have kittens? Why?
 trelyate: @redmonkey3 Mewn Mewn
 redmonkey3: What is feline equivalent of Moon Moon ?
 Scoo: Moms, keep your babies off the crack
Image 232785   02-16-18 07:31am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Jabberwikket: Come to the felt side
 glenalec: @Science - then I guess IDRC. :-/
 Science: @glenalec: I'm pretty sure the "science voice" came in the later Chuck Jones episodes. Also, I want to watch Looney Tunes cartoons, but you can't find them anywhere. WTF is up with that?
 piranharama: What I want to know is why all these coyote clones dont just get together to deal with the road runner?
 glenalec: @Sandor - IIRC, it is based on that the first time the character was introduced he was a rather astute gentleman-scientist type, even voiced.
 Sandor: @glenalec that, oddly enough, makes logical sense
 glenalec: vv clones.
 glenalec: @Sandor - there is a serious argument out there (in Internet land, so beware!) that all the Wile E Coyotes we see are closes who don't actually survive their mis-deeds!
 Sandor: @glenalec On the other hand, I always wondered why Wile E Coyote never retried any of his ideas
 glenalec: Why are there so many. Rebuilds of death-stars?
Image 232187   02-12-18 10:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 glenalec: Pretending to be interested in more than the section on mating.
 Robespierre: Doggo appears to find the images therein distasteful.
 Teechur: Beautiful dog. But if I would never be able to keep up with that hair. I can't even take care of my OWN hair. That's why it left me.
 Yurishiro: "Ha! We totally do that!"
 fumbduck: Nerd!
 El Barto: What's with all these skinny lions?
Image 231697   02-10-18 02:47am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Jabberwikket: "Draw me like one of your Frazetta girls"
 a robot: @when so I guess it's kinda like how Donald Duck puts on a towel when he gets out of the shower
 Annoying Vegan : Id buy this album
 ignatz: @ping brand is born!
 Uncle Phil: Sex life of the gods
 when so: but the mascot normally goes without pants anyway
 t48: Glad my friendly spaceship Gold account has the uncensored version. So hot!
 Peter Pantsless: Fuck yes
Image 231639   02-09-18 7:54pm     Uploaded by    ping
 Matricii: The first confirmed case of a kitty with Progeria
 Robespierre: Tufty.
 karmakat: WOW!
 ping: I'll call him Radar.
 Yurishiro: Whiskers 3000
Image 230270   02-02-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    a robot
 FireBreathingMarmot: Looking for the correct button...
 a robot: I love cats! I also love Freddie. This is ULTRA RAD
 demonius: Sick burn
 Korrok: I have to laugh.
 Ulillillia: Beautiful people.
 funny in the wall: I saw interviews with him. kind of a dick. still, one of my absolute favorite people
 Dr Awkward: Freddy Mercury loves to ride his bicycle. There is a bicycle movie called Rad. Ergo, this is Rad.
 Christina: Two cats and an amazing human: Rad.
Image 229756   01-30-18 07:47am     Uploaded by    Bagels
 tib gubb: call me fat, huh? this'll show ya.
 trelyate: if you fits, you ships
 zrj235: let me just hold this end of the lid down so u can get out easier.
 zrj235: u okay?
 zrj235: damn dude
 square44: For the love of God, Montresor!
 Robespierre: Crunch time, amigo.
 karmakat: you STAY in there!
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Shhh, shhh, shhhhh. Go to sleep, go to sleep.
 Ihminen: "If I fits I sit-OH FUCK YOU JIM"
Image 229433   01-28-18 1:03pm     Uploaded by    Bagels
 Spazstatic: @Warrax Watched Pulp Fiction again like two days ago.
 Whatever: Dont pick the fruit off the tree
 Warrax: Rules ain't no kinda plant I ever heard of.
 bug: ...there are no rules. It's like the British version of The Purge.
 barfolomew: Guns and Roses has really toned it down.
Image 229301   01-27-18 5:47pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Dresdenkeogh: A rite vicious wee beasty
Image 228600   01-23-18 7:31pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Not A Bot: Is one a toy?
 a robot: @DrinkMixMan I really love this :D
 GoGo Robotto: We all need a Lenny to tell us that everything's OK
 Scoo: Can't sleep; Lenny will eat me
Image 228194   01-21-18 5:31pm     Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 UltraBeverly: Why yes, my penis is barbed, why do you ask?
 Robespierre: Demure as fuck.
 Felicity: Hey there
Image 227512   01-18-18 02:26am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Kaviri: Crust is love, crust is life?
 Robespierre: The Bromley Contingent on the move ... toward SEX.
 dangerkeith3000: We're off to see the Doctor! The wonderful Doctor of Who!
 Dr Awkward: That's not what cyberpunk means.
 Ulillillia: Because because because because becauuuuse
 sparename: Which one is William Gibson?
Image 227403   01-17-18 3:31pm     Uploaded by    a robot
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