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 a robot's Aggro-Gator

 Annoying Vegan : Call me an odd number because i will never be able to even again after seeing this!
 wolfpk: I'm half listening
 sirgallium: hello woofer
 Jabberwikket: BUNNYDOG !
Image 215596   11-16-17 04:47am   Views: 55619   Uploaded by    a robot
 glenalec: Rig the internal light to a sound sensor and you are done.
 Yurishiro: I sorry too for complain
 kornisjon: (Am not. Bamboozled again!)
 Not A Bot: Coven placing hex on Mr Clean.
 Jabberwikket: People are stupid, barking is how dogs talk
Image 214828   11-12-17 02:26am     Uploaded by    a robot
 BavidDowie: I feel like you're mocking me
Image 213649   11-05-17 9:31pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Yurishiro: *pets the cat with one hand, giving the finger to the system with the other.
 Annoying Vegan : I kiss the nose tho? I kiss the nose.
 Felicity: Sign or no sign, I have to pet it
 Shay: Bitches Mew
 Ulillillia: "Do YOU come with the album?" "Oh, mew *giggle*"
 petepuma: Felinious Monk
 El Barto: How to: Boost your sales in the vinyl jazz section.
 WaffleIron: Wynton Meowsalis
 BlarfyB: Cat Calloway
 Amy Housewine: Cat Metheney.
 Amy Housewine: Meowles Davis.
 Amy Housewine: Catonball Adderley.
 sparenamelaptopdied: Kitty Gillespie
 UnknownSample: ::poke::
 Amy Housewine: Hep cat chills out with some jazz.
Image 213588   11-05-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 FireBreathingMarmot: that makes perfect sense. stop that.
 ignatz: Recently saw the Giacometti (sp) at the Tate, he had a great quote: I wanted to make the figures thicker, but the harder I tried the thinner they became..
 Not A Bot: Finally! Art I don't feel an overwhelming imperative to touch.
 Robespierre: But ... I don't wanna be a pinhead no more, Dave.
 DrinkMixMan: It suits him.
 Micro Jackson: Gabba gabba hey!
 FabricMan: And you may tell yourself, "This is not my cranial/body mass ratio!"
 VeeKay: It works. Perfectly.
Image 213191   11-03-17 1:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Jaunty Shrimp: Incredible!!
 Mr Bleak: Well, he's got wood.
 El hefe: Party rock was a great video
 White Rice: @Scoo its better than bad; its GOOD.
 Shay: Now that's dedication.
 charlemagne: I think I have a concussion
 Scoo: It's big, it's heavy, it's wood
Image 211520   10-25-17 4:26pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 glenalec: God rays strike a god.
 SpaceCow: Faith Healing, regain 8 points of HP.
 Christina: Fluffy.
 VeeKay: Do not, in any circumstances, go outside the house. Radioactive fall-out can kill. You cannot see it or feel it, but it is there. If you go outside, you will bring danger to your family and you may die.
 a sedated moose: Glorious.
 tib gubb: namaste, hoo man
 charlemagne: charging, charging, charging
 Teechur: A purrrrfect sunbeam.
 Yurishiro: The catpture is coming!
Image 211429   10-25-17 02:54am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Science: @Felicity: I'm preeeetty sure "shtazhort" is what Mork from Ork said.
 Felicity: According to Google Translate it means trainer and is pronounced shtazhort
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 AstoriaBum: @Sage It means "trainee" in Russian.
 Ulillillia: About time they got a pet at the White House
 Derp Herpigan: @Sage CTAXEP
 Sage: So... What does it say?
 mrd0t: She can tell you where the tuna is, but not much else.
Image 211183   10-23-17 8:31pm     Uploaded by    Side Boob
 dangerkeith3000: Photobomb!
 Dreforian: "Well hellooooo"
Image 210798   10-21-17 7:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Felicity: @Felicity *see
 Felicity: I knew sooner or later we would say capybabies :-)
 Prostata: Capy AF
 Yurishiro: Ahhh yes. I've been expecting you.
Image 210678   10-21-17 02:47am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Himesama: ;) to you too doggo
Image 210676   10-21-17 02:26am     Uploaded by    a robot
 salmiakki: this is my fetish
 Annoying Vegan : Some robots have excellent taste in dog photos.
 Teechur: @PenguinBartender Yes, definitely mlem.
 PenguinBartender: Mlem?
Image 210567   10-20-17 3:31pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Science: @a robot: Yeah, he stated that he was going to play "intimate venues" and around here, apparently that means the huge casino, which means tickets will be like $200. :(
 a robot: Weird Al just announced a tour next year! A scaled down tour in small venues where he'll play all his original songs and not the big parodies! And he's coming to my city!! I'M JUST REALLY FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS OK!!
 guest: the perfect man
 charlemagne: the wyldest of yon troubadours, he hath captured thine idles youth's heart
 Felicity: Could be Weird Al Yankovic, could be John Turturro
Image 209581   10-15-17 4:03pm     Uploaded by    hat thrab
 fanny: @Knice hey i missed this the other day! it was also my husband and my daughters bd this past week... mid-october is when all the great people are born :) happy late birthday!
 VoR: Lol
 Knice: @addend You know it ;-)
 addend: Happy Birthday! Bet there's a "This is BAD" sticker hiding somewhere.
 kornisjon: Happy daydrinking!
 Mad Collager: @Knice Happy Birthday! I never saw a better username! You are awesome!
 Teechur: Happy birthday! I hope that's a magnet and not a sticker! You ROCK that RAD!
 Himesama: Oh my! *covers eyes with hands then proceeds to peek through them*
 ignatz: @Knice Congrations ya young whispernapper you!
 a robot: @Knice You're my hero! This is amazing. You're amazing. This is why I love our Spaceship :D :D :D
 Air Biscuit: Happy birthday, hope someone gets you an awesome corn cake.
 Annoying Vegan : @Mexico Dont you mean corngratulations?
 White Rice: Knice...wait, what? Anyway, happy birthday old man (with only a 10 year difference, so I'll be there soon enough...freaking time going around moving in a linear fashion)
 carpwoman: And happy birthday.
 carpwoman: BWWWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! OK now THIS is why I come here.
 winwolf: Happy Birthday! @Knice
 Side Boob: @WTF If I was in that kind of shape, you'd all get the Full Monty on my birthday :P
 WTF: Almost wearing his birthday suit too!
 Side Boob: Happy birthday!
 Ulillillia: @grizzly You're in luck, I know an adult who just turned 43 today!
 grizzly: I need an adult!
 Mexico: @Knice Congradulations!
 Nope: @Knice wait you need to be celebrating something for day drinking? Shit...
 Nope: @Knice wait you need to be celebrating something for day drinking? Shit...
 Ihminen: :D
 Knice: A recent re-post inspired this tribute to #88403. Your corn-lovin' Spacefriend is 43 today. Celebrating with some day-drinkin'. Cheers to the raddest community ever. :-)
Image 209381   10-14-17 3:31pm     Uploaded by    Knice
 Teechur: Borkf-BunBuds
 El hefe: These Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog are out of control today. I'm submitting the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
 a sedated moose: Bunny ears.
Image 209380   10-14-17 3:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Prostata: capybaras love everyone. :)
 wolfpk: Capypuppy
 BavidDowie: wut kind doggo r U!??
Image 209240   10-13-17 8:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Mr Bleak: @charlemagne Both, and during.
 Teechur: @San DoDo About the fingerprint on your lens.
 charlemagne: I'm sorry I've never owned a cat before, do we praise satan before or after we sacrifice my first born
 San DoDo: Francis, we need to talk
Image 209237   10-13-17 8:03pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 clerkodanger: The rainbow was the sign that fluffles had been looking for. Now he knew he was destined to find the red dot and kill it.
 VoR: AAH post too cute, system overload, aah, Autobots, all gone, up to you, Vector sigma!
 Teechur: I like this post.
Image 208901   10-12-17 02:47am     Uploaded by    a robot
 Cami: Like me, he won't waste away without his nachos.
 Not A Bot: A bicycle seat is just not the same as having a hand up your butt.
 Hosebag: Yeah, I'm not feeling so good today either.
 Knice: That switcherino tho...
 Butcherboy: Hey those ballpark nachos are expensive
Image 208232   10-08-17 7:26pm     Uploaded by    a robot
 Mommmma: My marbles!
 SlapDaddy72: how can I say no to that face
 Himesama: Now you die!
 wolfpk: Younger #207605
 PenguinBartender: That cat is either messed up on catnip, or they never found the photographer's body.
 Ulillillia: Pupils are nice
 WaffleIron: So dilated! So 'dorable!
Image 207604   10-05-17 3:47pm     Uploaded by    a robot
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