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27723 Max Megistus: Yeah, it's actually West Side Story

27728 JC: Thanks, now I have to resist the urge to glue whiskers on every Tesla car I see

27732 JC: Oh balls

27713 Barack Obama: This is why I just bang ugly broads.

27729 Barack Obama: If he self-identifies as a rabbit, then I will respect his life choices.

27707 dogorman: If you guys spent 250 on those tickets, your wives are the least of your problems.

27719 dogorman: ...After they told you that your e-commerce password was unacceptable because it didn't have a number, a capital letter, and a punctuation mark.

27723 Crushereagle: dude i think you've got the wrong movie

27726 Crushereagle: I thought it was funny

27722 GorgeousGeorge: You're better off without her, bud, she's a BlTCH. Literally.

27732 totaljihad: You guys are fuckign disgusting.

27716 lebron: Fuck you zelda

27719 generic: it's true...

27729 abrahamx: close enough.

27730 hanky: Oops I accidentally missed your vein again

27713 Beef Supreme: That's why I hang around the burn ward.

27725 Beef Supreme: It's always an option.

27496 JellyJams: I think that's just a tiny Woody.

27710 grumble puss: hey, it's that black guy whose opinion I can coopt for racism purposes.

27721 Barack Obama: This is some seriously retarded hipster bullshit right here.

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