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34238 Admiral Squidguy: That's what you deserve for masturbating to goats, you sick fuck.

34226 zzz: You should'nt post comments MittRomney's Mother, you are not funny

34230 zzz: If I wanted to see imgur posts I would go to imgur, not aggro-gator

34219 zzz: v v v in developed countries we have reasonably sized antitheft boxes to prevent theft of small items like USB drives.They have a security tag and are opened at checkout

34226 MittRomney's Mother: a-robot is now the Official Uncle Dave. slow clapppp.. wait.. waaitt.... aw yeah with sad face

34210 God: On the eighth day, I created Redbox

34226 a-robot: Draw me like one of your French girls.

34184 Admiral Squidguy: It's a trap!

34184 I Think: They have penises too.

34234 MittRomney's Mother: --- slice it thin enough so I can read the goddammned newspapah throo it---, said every Yankee fuck ever, in line at the Deli. you're welcome, I guess.

34222 MidnightDStroyer: Looking at his right hand, I see he even has the GI Joe Kung Fu Grip

34227 MidnightDStroyer: So, Domino's delivers...For over 2000 years

34226 MittRomney's Mother: and on the third day, He said unto them Thou Shalt Not comment upon any cat pics or memes. And it was so, and good. Peace was restored amongst the Lands.

34227 MittRomney's Mother: v v very true, the real AG Jesus. whom does he thinketh he is? more brahs are needed. C minus.

34232 MittRomney's Mother: it's a trap, in the ghetto?

34184 Black Jesus: And that's why I would never joke about that. These women seriously have penises. For real.

34221 Jesus: yes it is

34221 Jesus: Unfortunately it wasn't how to spell learned

34232 TooShort: Diddy Kong Racing!

34221 Jesus: i learnt something today!!

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We currently have 33461 comments.

mooyashi: This box looks fine on my screen. Get your magnifying glass maybe?
anime fan: Oppa bouchedag style
gorilla: I think the general discussion box should be resized to be able to read comments without having to copy paste them...
Santa Dog: when we hit 66666 comments, I will reveal my true identity
wtf: We currently have 33333 comments.
Mr.Dr: Oppa gangnomnom
Psy: Oppa Gangmeow Style
Bouchedag: I now want to post that picture of "gangmeow style" so badly
space: Everything I've uploaded has been posted. Your problem seems to be posting a cat that says "oppa gangmeow style"
Firm Buttocks: Because it bothers you so much, that's why
Bouchedag: whatever, this doesn't answer why many uploaded pics are NOT posted, especially regarding the quality of some posts...
space: v v You totally did tho.
Bouchedag: meh, I did not
Bouchedag: nope I did post whatever the mod said
fork passion: sup firm? can I buy you a drink sometime?
deg: v v At 35k we should be able to flag shitty images or comments for removal
WTF?: What should be the new posting "goal"?
potato: Wasn't bouchedag the one who kept uploading the cat that said "Gangmeow style"?
Jesus: AG, much like YHWH, moves in mysterious ways
Jesus: i uploaded a pic about a month ago, didn't see it show up, then i uploaded a different one yesterday, and now the old one i uploaded went up
steve: All homophobes and racists go back to SA... we don't want you here
whipwing: Bouchedag, stop.
JesusCheeto: dont stop I'm almost there
melted plastic: There have gotta be 100 or more images that get uploaded every day... you're gonna see a classic here and there
TooShort: Upload something that has been uploaded before, it'll be guaranteed to go through.
Firm Buttocks: I'm just saying, satisfaction not guaranteed
Firm Buttocks: I'm not whining, nothing of value was lost in not displaying half of my uploads
flowers: All of my uploads have shown up, what are u whining about Firm?
Firm Buttocks: that's not a guarantee that it'll show up on the site
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