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27852 jay: foreign languages are funny to me

27841 Dick Inspector: They will kill you in your sleeeeeeep.....

27845 commandante: Seriously wish more universities had these

27839 Spock: Is she extremely flat chested, or does he have an estrogen problem?

27845 Spock: That's so cute, they think they're working hard.

27812 ompb: Aww its cute when females pretend to enjoy sports

27814 ompb: knockoff Burberry Ruffles

27819 ompb: wacky zany

27825 ompb: looool vvvv

27829 ompb: he stole both and probably raped the girl

27833 ompb: poor guy having to sit by a black guy

27839 Judge Bread: "EL OH EL I AM SO QUIRKY"

27835 l0dan: dinner

27842 watwatwat: nig infestation

27842 randomhobo: friend

27842 nimbus: friend

27829 jay: shitthattotallydidhappen.jpg

27822 mcfan7000: thanks after the game tries again gets message again darnit! another game??

27834 mcfan7000: WHAT IS THIS! SODUKO AND RUBIX CUBE MIXED??? I need one.

27833 the artist form: I am unsure whats more unpleasent the cameltoe or the fact i noticed it.

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