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157839  cenecia: There are other dinosaurs you know.

157848  trelyate: Attendance was taken by Trump's press secretary

157834  Ulillillia: @Annoying Vegan…

157276  jazzjunkie: Tonight's guest's face and voice have been distorted to protect their identity; they still have family in North Korea who would be put in grave danger if news of this interview made its way back home.

157849  Scoo: @Annoying Vegan Ba-dmmp-tsss!

157848  cenecia: Who put Sean Spicer in charge of the scoreboard?

157850  Scoo: @LaeMi As they do in (Mexican) Spanish as well

157855  Scoo: are the Best Dreams

157857  Scoo: Nothin' but HOT Bull on Cow Action

157856  AverageJoe: my dog ate my legos

157827  AverageJoe: poo is not that solid...

157829  AverageJoe: Starcat 2

157836  AverageJoe: Now you're playing with power!

157839  AverageJoe: Jurassic Parkour was better...

157847  SomeOtherCanadian: @tritium you are correct for now (amongst other pedantics especially) but you will lose this battle against our living language eventually.

157842  AverageJoe: I don't like Tiramisu, it tastes like dirt

157839  whiplash: "We only handle Google cars that can drive themselves."

157846  AverageJoe: can't wait for Selleckday...

157852  whiplash: Terrible aftermath of the latest Sharknado.

157854  whiplash: Damn tree-huggers! We want to drill for oil right here!

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157824 Prostata: I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

157755 WaffleIron: @Skaalar : Anarchy has its own beauty as well, yes.

157702 RetrogradeRun: More cat...?

157757 Amiga 1000: gotta go fast!

157837 LieutenantTofu: Eat my sublets.

157635 LaeMi: @Lestrange - so, what it says on the side.

157636 Dick Inspector: @CastleBravo Or you know, "Essen".

157649 grizzly: @Headoftheclass read this backwards.

157807 ThatGuy: *spams bad button in impotent jealousy*

157657 Skinr: SHARP

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 Ulillillia: @Annoying Vegan…
 Annoying Vegan : What show is this?
 Mr. Shine: I saw a short horror film animated like this once.
 Prostata: thats some freaky freaky scary animation right there
 LieutenantTofu: It's French. Like you. Are not
 Ulillillia: Best thing about this show is that my ex hated it.
 SomeOtherCanadian: Angela Anacondon't
Image 157834   01-22-17   Uploaded by    nimbus
 XLY: Looters will be given shots
 Headoftheclass: (siiiiip) Ahhhh...the aroma of things fried in grease wafting in from the McDonald's around the corner, the gentle sounds of the waves rolling in from uptown, and the far-off screams and honking of horns...I love city life.
 WaffleIron: This woman is my spirit animal.
 Lestrange: You okay hun? Need to talk?
 scribbs: The head of catering celebrates at the end of another successful wedding reception.
 SomeCanadian: This is fine.
 Scoo: I like her style
Image 157833   01-22-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 dobbiesdoogs: i don't buy that mrs. krabapple is in a place that doesn't sell liquor
 Lestrange: Improvement on the original.
 scribbs: I think I've figured out why Homer is overweight.
Image 157832   01-22-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Mr. Shine: Together they form . . . FISHKAIZER 3000!! *chorus of children singing in Japanese over inspiring battle music*
 Headoftheclass: So THAT'S where Truk-Nutz come from.
 Warrax: My balls are in my brain too.
 sparename: "Known to outsmart many anglers"
Image 157831   01-22-17   Uploaded by    Bro Bro
 Mr. Shine: @annterland *whip-crack sound FX* *superimposed title crash-zooms from center of screen: ENTER THE FROG*
 LieutenantTofu: And the Kenyan tree frog takes the lead... Again...
 Beeble: Sick moves.
 Knice: Maximum thigh-gap.
 annterland: HIIIYAH!
 Scoo: Jaunty!
Image 157830   01-22-17   Uploaded by    scribbs
 AverageJoe: Starcat 2
 Side Boob: Matt Damon's cat will go to any lengths to get away.
 Hosebag: MY GOD.... It's full of cheese!
 WaffleIron: A portal to another galaxy is no place for a kitty!
Image 157829   01-22-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Fancy Clown: Love that place...
 SomeOtherCanadian: @Nope very cool, enjoyed everything other than the racist Tojo stuff
 WaffleIron: @Nope : A treasure trove! You get plus. I'm surprised at how critical he was in 1941.
 Warrax: @ignatz Yup, I just uploaded another one this morning before seeing this. (I hope no one else uploaded the same one already.)
 Hosebag: He's russian with the tray because I'm hungary.
 Nope: @ignatz… Read and enjoy (?)
 ignatz: Never knew the good doctor was a political cartoonist as well..
Image 157828   01-22-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 AverageJoe: poo is not that solid...
 Mr. Shine: POINTS!
 Gomi Day: damnit, heathcliff!
 SomeOtherCanadian: @Scoo the BEST kind of correct
 Headoftheclass: Preach.
 winwolf: After last night's gas station ceviche, I'm dealing with anti-matter.
 Scoo: Technically Correct!
 Knice: After last night's habanero & black bean dip, I'm dealing with plasma.
 ignatz: Semi-solid (fingers crossed)
Image 157827   01-22-17   Uploaded by    Porbo Mellus
 Mr. Shine: *air raid sirens in distance*
 scribbs: Spooky stuff.
 annterland: The Truth Is Out There (not sure, but maybe behind that lamp post)
Image 157826   01-22-17   Uploaded by    Jotun
 ThatGuy: @ignatz linoleum tiles... So... Low.
 Mad Collager: I almost did this. Target really does bolt a regular basket at the bottom of the rack. Most of the racks were empty, and every time I tried to pick one up, it was the bolted one. I kept wondering if the security guards watching the cameras were snickering at me.
 ignatz: Position on Works/Not Stupid graph depends on loading and surface material
Image 157825   01-22-17   Uploaded by    FarmerWalk
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