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102267  dobbiesdoogs: watch out for the water hazard

102271  dobbiesdoogs: why yes i will rub all those bellies

102235  Gempo Rempuble: Not looking forward to testicular cancer challenge.

102272  dobbiesdoogs: if this was 2014 that would be a sick burn

102235  Perbo Cremomple: Pic of a post of a pic of a post of a bad idea.

102273  shitshow: don't go out tonight. or do, I'm not the gott dam police.

102273  Warrax: There's a bathroom on the right.

102258  shitshow: (clips available coupon)

102063  Amy Housewine: @Air Biscuit Yeah, I got it after @Albatross mentioned it. I like Kitty's ear extensions.

102260  MassDefect: @Alastair Does that give you the ability to steal her soul when she tries to steal your "soul"?

102267  shitshow: FORE!

102268  shitshow: ... full of eels...

102269  shitshow: Seattle is the whole bawls though. the bawls of greatness.

102270  shitshow: you will need a taller chair, sir. see you soon!

102271  shitshow: my horrible heart just exploded. thank you, interlywebs.

102240  Trald Plupert: will.i.am.not.amused

102129  Turts: @annterland @fanny Ever see that episode of Infested with the garter snake hibernation den under the house?

102246  Hople Grunomple: Frueta

102268  hat thrab: *snicker*

102246  Headoftheclass: Joey Fatone! What happened to you?

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102078 Jaunty Shrimp: I'd rather go hungry than eat a pizza made with imitation cheese

102125 GrannyM: you won't hve reached thehalf of that genocide obeliscus that it, you or both will be cold

102145 CrustyDusty: @ninetailorochimaru: I'm not what anyone would consider an anime fan (least of all myself)... but I really love all of Miyazaki's work, it has a very unique flavor, and GITS is among my favorite animated features as well. Top-notch story, and classy art style. Also, (kill me) I love the hell out of Plastic Nee-san. Splits my sides every time for some dumb reason. Basically you can keep the rest of the genre.

102091 tib gubb: helpingpeople.jpg

102198 Puft Plemombies: 8 or 10 eyes?

102235 Gempo Rempuble: Not looking forward to testicular cancer challenge.

102119 GrannyM: cutey!!

102109 Jilm Cremumbies: pregnancy tests?

102129 Turts: @annterland @fanny Ever see that episode of Infested with the garter snake hibernation den under the house?

102140 cromerstu: @Sadbot I respect people who cycle for transport, it's the ones who cover themselves in Lycra for a hobby and then develop this attitude that their hobby is more important than whatever anyone else is doing on the roads that I have a problem with. Living in rural Norfolk, most roads are impossible to pass on, unless everyone respects everyone else and gives plenty of room.

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 A Post Office: sweg
 White Rice: @Nope best hurry, before he gets rebooted back into the marvel movies.
 Nope: That reminds me I haven't watched Blade in a while.
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Image 102251   05-01-16 2:03am   Views: 59188   Uploaded by    space
 Greek Fire: All babies look like Winston Churchill.
 Jaunty Shrimp: I just remembered for the first time in years how my dad would throw me over his shoulders when I was a toddler and yell out, "I just found a sack a' potatoes!" and I would try to act potato-like and giggle so hard.
 Mr. Butt: It's just some horrible old woman in a dumb hat, and her idiotic vagina spawn.
 Mr. Butt: The British monarchy isn't newsworthy in America. The British monarchy isn't even newsworthy in Britain.
 WaffleIron: This sentiment is too true to automatically bad it because it's captioned TV.
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Image 102250   05-01-16 2:03am   Views: 59139   Uploaded by    rachel
 Beef Supreme: That's why drivers sign 'shipper load and count' on every freight bill.
 Mr. Butt: If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times: fuck the DC.
 dobbiesdoogs: tender loving care can be smothering
 WaffleIron: It's called a hug.
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Image 102249   04-30-16 11:04pm   Views: 59110   Uploaded by    Morpen Lungus
 CrustyDusty: Huk Lab AND Mockingjay? I'm guessing her frisbee is razor-edged. Gives you one up on the competition in disc-golf-to-the-death..
 White Rice: @WaffleIron don't try to repress your inner teenage girl, let her free to do girly teenager things.
 WaffleIron: I am not teenaged or girly enough to get this, but I do just the same. You'll watch anything on a 6 hour flight.
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Image 102248   04-30-16 11:01pm   Views: 59218   Uploaded by    Mister Beef
 CrustyDusty: Holding a squirrel by the tail in the same position works better, and it doesn't matter what you hum.
 WaffleIron: Well there's a new bucket list item.
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Image 102247   04-30-16 11:00pm   Views: 59237   Uploaded by    aeroaero
 Hople Grunomple: Frueta
 Headoftheclass: Joey Fatone! What happened to you?
 Air Biscuit: Beardnanageta.
 a robot: @drtofu Vegeta phone?
 drtofu: Ring ring ring ring
 drtofu: Ring ring ring
 CrustyDusty: Just... NO.
 Mexico: I'm Vegeta Apple, and I'm here to say IT'S OVER 9000!
 White Rice: @WaffleIron too much, or not enough?
 WaffleIron: There's perhaps a little too much going on here.
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Image 102246   04-30-16 10:55pm   Views: 61016   Uploaded by    Liar tuck
 a robot: Kid-sized boat
 dickbutt: on a moat of course
 Ulillillia: totes
 WaffleIron: How well do they float, these goats in a boat?
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Image 102245   04-30-16 10:51pm   Views: 61076   Uploaded by    ptrain
 shitshow: milk coma
 CrustyDusty: Snoozles!
 Kool Aid Man: Shredded
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Image 102244   04-30-16 10:48pm   Views: 60764   Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 Air Biscuit: Is there any new popular science type tv personality, a bill nye, or ms. Frizzle thats teaching this stuff nowadays?
 a robot: Dear Pluto, stop being such a whiny little bitch. Love, Ceres
 LogicKitty: Pluto should be happy, the sun is about to engulf all the planets
 Kess: Pluto, you will always be a planet to me!
 WaffleIron: oort you glad we reclassified that whiny lump of rock?
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Image 102243   04-30-16 10:44pm   Views: 60689   Uploaded by    georgerino
 Turts: Funny cause I hope it's a practical joke and not just someone repurposing the bottle for travel.
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Image 102242   04-30-16 10:41pm   Views: 60614   Uploaded by    youshall
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