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187847  Mad Collager: Do you have a moment to talk about Pythongoras' Theorem?

187850  jochenau: It looks like she has really long legs with two knees each and her feet are attached to her ears.

187856  a robot: Uh no, that's Klaus Nomi.

187853  Ihminen: Started subconciously biting my upper lip when I saw this

187825  Niels Bohr: With real BO pit scent!

187832  Hyphae: "... Anyway, here's WonderWorld"

187855  Mad Collager: Oh Ethel! You look divine!

187854  piranharama: Doooooooooooooooooooooooooot

187855  piranharama: "Eek! A human!"

187828  Niels Bohr: Pining for the Fords

187845  a robot: Buying a fake Native American War Bonnet is NOT an intelligent consumer choice.

187833  Horatio: Rather than risking helmet hair, she opted to leave it on.

187834  Horatio: Shy looks like she just heard about a Snyder remake.

187835  Horatio: Nice try, but I haven't actually gotten my order yet.

187837  Horatio: @Scoo we would just put certain denominations under the drawer. The manager didn't want any larger bills accessible anyway, so it was a good way to hide $50s and $100s. I didn't work at Taco Bell though, it was a pizza place/ restaurant, so we were used to larger orders.

187836  Hyphae: @Pizza :F

187835  sparename: " # Don't keep it, Inside, If you believe it, Don't keep it all inside # "

187849  Horatio: @Peter Pantsless in between Freeze and Ivy, Clooney's nips might actually make sense.

187839  Skaalar: *Bullets sold separately

187847  Aemuli: something something there's a god damned snake on my computer!...something something something, dark side

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187706 mrwiffler: @SomeCanadian And following them...

187779 Micro Jackson: Impressive. The only thing I can knit is my brow

187757 Chest Rockwell: 10 ways to ruin a pizza.

187744 Spazstatic: They didn't bother to ground it.

187720 Quackzy: No tecknoLEGy

187709 Air Biscuit: Same.

187642 Air Biscuit: Fun is hard to beat.

187662 Hokie333: Much like its aquatic cousins, the Canon LaserSquid Pro sprays pigment at its enemies when threatened.

187687 werterland: @Dr Awkward Oh, my god.

187696 Air Biscuit: Wheres the usb port?

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 Horatio: Rather than risking helmet hair, she opted to leave it on.
 WTF: I've heard of chastity belts but this is ridiculous.
 Scoo: Armour Shots
 Sadbot: Ouch, no arming cap. Hardcore
 kornisjon: Jeanne D'Arc?
Image 187833   06-27-17   Uploaded by    Relp
 Hyphae: "... Anyway, here's WonderWorld"
 Robespierre: That doesn't look very much like any other piece of Maxfield Parrish's work at all.
 Christina: You might perrish if you're insect trapped by them.
 ignatz: Just because you've never seen a Venus pitcher fly trap plant doesn't mean it doesn't exist..
Image 187832   06-27-17   Uploaded by    clueful
 AlexDeLarge: The wonder world of strange plants
Image 187831   06-27-17   Uploaded by    Unstableton
 Robespierre: The Hairway to Steven.
Image 187830   06-27-17   Uploaded by    fullofwind
 sparename: I'm in with the In(visible) Crowd
 Shay: Ahhhh yes, Cyclone. No matter how good your reflexes were, you just couldn't hit the jackpot.
 trelyate: Woo, spend $20 in tokens, win $2 in trinkets!
 Zampano: dude, 1994 was THE SHIT. or anyways, maybe it just seemed like that cause i was 8 and had NO responsibilities....
Image 187829   06-27-17   Uploaded by    cannabis
 Niels Bohr: Pining for the Fords
 Robespierre: On a road trip to Splintertown.
 Butcherboy: Thank you for framing this. Glad it's all squared away@Peter Pantsless
 Peter Pantsless: @Butcherboy That comes later. But they're gonna get hammered first
 Butcherboy: Nailed it
 Hosebag: @Scoo At least they aren't board.
 Scoo: Lumbering along
Image 187828   06-27-17   Uploaded by    trees
 deeeeeeeez: ....happens
 Christina: The eighties where awesome.
Image 187827   06-27-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 WTF: They are awaiting replantation at a new court.
 Spazstatic: The flying ones from the version in the 50s, not the early 2000s
 Spazstatic: For some reason these two goals uprooted from their court reminds me of the ships in War of the Worlds
Image 187826   06-27-17   Uploaded by    aoaoaoao
 Niels Bohr: With real BO pit scent!
 a robot: So lifelike!
 ChubbyBuddy: honk
 kornisjon: Alluring
 Mr. Butt: From our friends at The Worst Things For Sale
Image 187825   06-27-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Christina: Post-modern scarecrow.
Image 187824   06-27-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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