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35520 morakdais: said by the "comedian" who beats the internet's dead horses

35507 WTF?: TIP-N-TRICK 7-A: shoot someone in the face with a shotgun while they're sleeping for maximum effect.

35499 Fullhouse: since when do they have kate upton mannequins???

35508 WTF?: Like my mother always said, "The key to happiness is through a giant stone golemn's heart."

35516 WTF?: At least she isn't giving a thumbs up!

35518 WTF?: Is that a skirt or jean shorts? Either way it's too high!

35457 Firm Buttocks: Sealworld

35518 Blow Joe: sadly, I find this picture disrespectful...

35520 BulldozerBulldog: true dat!

35463 slapcrap: "one guy one jar" reference

35463 smart guy: I need a jar-opening man...

35457 Gulliver: What is this from?

35494 Firm Buttocks: Your mother

35481 Firm Buttocks: If you feel deep shame over this, you need to get off the Internet, because this is just a bit sad, it''s not apocalyptically horrifying or anything


35491 Firm Buttocks: He doesn't have a hand deformity, he literally just got born and is trying to figure out what fingers are

35499 Firm Buttocks: How much demand is there for a mannequin with such inhuman proportions

35517 Firm Buttocks: All of that sounds terrible

35516 Evil explainer: "Hi, this is Satan, welcome to Hell, now drag yourself to extinction bitch."

35486 Sylvester Stalin: v v v brilliant

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Jesus: phone posting is hard
Jesus: Should I upload an image of a cat, an image of something with googly eyess, ian image of something that looks like a penis, or...
fucc boi: Yall is fucc bois
Bouchedag for mod: Yeah well maybe the mod can set up a voting box on the main page then...
Firm Buttocks: That's more of a coup than an election
Bouchedag: Thing is my hope is that with enough support, the mod will promote me mod as well. The breakdown hypothesis cannot be ruled out though...
Firm Buttocks: When is this election, and also how and is there, even, or is Bouchedag just having a massive breakdown
Bouchedag: - continued - can think of will all appear.
Taco F. Tuesday: I'll hop on your wagon too, Bouchedag.
Bouchedag: Btw thanks Bohab for support! The more support I receive, the more chance I have to get elected as mod. If I am elected, my first action will be to uncensor the equals sign, I promise.
Bouchedag: v v v true
Firm Buttocks: Some uploaded images never show up at all, and while that's probably a good thing it suggests some sort of filter exists
AGGRO-GATOR MOD: Horklerz, the system queues your images so we don't have to "enjoy" all 30 of them in a row.
Firm Buttocks: Just wondered
Firm Buttocks: 225 (million)
Bouchedag: v v v join this debate I mean..
Bouchedag: this equals sign is interesting, I would like to join but I yet have to figure how...
Spiderhyphenman: The equals sign will soon be available for premium account holders only
Jesus: i will ;-)
Bohab: Yes, Jesus, try to use your new power only for good
Jesus: i gues we can make smiley faces now! :)
Jesus: let's see what punctuation works now: ()$*][/-
TyJaYo: eightequalsequalsequalsdee
horklerz: how the fuk none of the pics i psoted been showing up in like 3 days
zxolbo: Man I am SO dumb, I can't believe I didn't realise "equals" was a word as well, and not just a symbol! /s
Bohab: I miss the classier days of AG where all curses magically became the word friend and no one even attempted to make ASCII dick. those were simpler times
Grep Jelly: B--------D a pencil dick is still a dick and I am not ashamed.
Bohab: Just think of the horrible things a person could do with unregulated equal sign usage
Bohab: Well, much like cursing, some people just aren't going to use them responsibly. i'm looking in your direction Australia
volte: You guys have to be kidding me that you give a fuck about an equals sign. Really?
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