140239  AdaMan: What's the "one down" from Ferrari?

140267  SunWukong: @ClockworkJackalope don't worry, photoshopping is totally comfortable for all concerned.

140274  ClockworkJackalope: Feeling lucky, bill?

140235  ClockworkJackalope: BREAK IT DOWN :: beat boxing ::

140275  Knice: New from hat-thrab-co, just in time for Halloween! It borkfs, it sorta flies, it makes oodles and oodles of julienne fries!!

140202  petepuma: Gonna dress up as my dad for halloween

140241  ClockworkJackalope: "I dunno, perhaps there is more to life. Mebbe I should go back to school, quit construction"

140273  SunWukong: I'll pump my own Taco thankyou.

140203  petepuma: Racist if true

140243  ClockworkJackalope: Poor confused squid.

140209  petepuma: Jesus of Nazareth Street Station

140279  Knice: Be sure to keep your tongue back behind your teeth so you don't bite it off when her knee turns your goods into paste.

140273  a sedated moose: Can it pump them directly into my gaping food-hole?

140216  petepuma: fake

140272  Whatever: Seems like the Vogons have been working overtime on the roads around where I live...

140268  Whatever: At least Santa won't miss this orange abomination.

140247  WTF: "But my Mom says that it's cool."

140281  Knice: Time for TerrorTubbies!

140267  ClockworkJackalope: I hope that's not for passengers, cuz that looks damn uncomfortable

140263  WTF: @skillet I definitely don't need to see his rocket's red glare!

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140214 sparename: Suzy DaLucci gone mad

140127 Knice: Return flight: #140255

140142 LogicKitty: This happened to a friend of mine too. Left the bottle in a hot car and they all melted together

140084 jochenau: Flammable

140126 scribbs: @Warrax I did not know that about veal. Not the taste & texture thing, but the other bit.

140134 Niels Bohr: Feeding and watering at intervals!? How sinister!

140146 scribbs: @Peter Pantsless That's what I said, except in reverse order. :-D

140222 fanny: this is brilliant @Borkf !!

140076 Otterman: @Bluetocracy As Ralph Wiggum in his Idaho costume

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 whiplash: Hello, police? I'd like to report a couple of suspicious loiterers in the parking lot.
 Red: "a little privacy, please?"
 tib gubb: what's up, hoo-man
Image 140251   10-26-16   Uploaded by    electrode
 grizzly: Grad level English class at Brown University.
Image 140250   10-26-16   Uploaded by    doindabs
 Mad Collager: What? No tattoos on the dog?
 duckfarts: when you enter the singularity, things change. the world changes. you are changed. everything you know changes. your concept of reality becomes meaningless.
 annterland: Straight puggin
 AverageJoe: Tell us what you thought of this. Err... I'd rather not
Image 140249   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
 Mad Collager: That was one hell of a coke party, that snow lie!
 A duck: The Thing has made it inside the complex...
Image 140248   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Bad Dad
 WTF: "But my Mom says that it's cool."
 Mad Collager: Moral of the story: Don't let middle school kids around vinyl cutter/printers.
 grizzly: @TurkeyVulture what happened,man?
 TurkeyVulture: The eight graders students mock my Prius pretty relentlessly. Don't they know I was cool once?
 duckfarts: @Peter Pantsless i'm pretty sure the sticker was cheaper than that
 Peter Pantsless: It was totally worth US$25,000 for that joke
Image 140247   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Pegged Lamb
 duckfarts: gimme dat nugget
Image 140246   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 duckfarts: the other dog knows how to handle his liquor
 AverageJoe: I know, not everyone knows how to use Photoshop but... Come on! that could have been cut with even MSpaint
Image 140245   10-26-16   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 Jennerator: Counterpoint: that hair color
 duckfarts: you're grammar are week
 Peter Pantsless: Aw, fuck *kills self*
 jochenau: Pineapple should be in *wedges* on pizza. People who use slices get what they deserve.
 LaeMi: Marry me!
Image 140244   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Peach Toddler
 ClockworkJackalope: Poor confused squid.
 duckfarts: poor guy wants to fight but can't even see straight anymore
 A duck: Oi'll fookin foit ya, mate! Fookin rekt!
 LaeMi: Hook can't even.
 dobbiesdoogs: put 'em up....your jackets, that is
Image 140243   10-26-16   Uploaded by    canada
 E. HONDA: assume a spherical Obama
 duckfarts: Obama casts color spray
 AverageJoe: 6903 m * kg/s
 Flarmie: Obama's mass is in kg. Proof he wasn't born in the USA. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.
Image 140242   10-26-16   Uploaded by    Chocolate Pain
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