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28166 Treib: Gnaughty gnome.

28020 watwatwat: Animas IS the name os the hospital, Jackass

28164 fartz: I'm always keeping an eye out for loose women.

28149 whit: how yeast!

28153 whit: don't we all though, really

28154 whit: nailed it!

28159 I think: Smuggling illegal wifi on the bus

28147 Dobly: waited til they were drunk and full before taking this pic

28158 Dobly: after scrolling down I see aggro gator wants my coworkers to think im looking at ass

28158 Dobly: haha buttz

28159 Mark: Giving birth to Wi-Fi?

28152 MidnightDStroye: People have said that I hate children, but they're wrong. I love children...Medium rare

28141 NoWhat: It's just girls taking pictures of themselves you fucking autsists.

28129 Njk: Catch another 20 of those and you've addressed the chemical energy imbalance.

28138 Njk: Wrong show is overrated joke is overated.

28141 jay: are we supposed to be agreeing with the miserable douche?

28089 ompb: SHIT that didn't happen

28090 ompb: it's true though about OJ

28091 ompb: leg mental

28151 skittles: It's a list of names and one type of bone!

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