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29265 slappy : i poop cars like you everyday

29256 lenovo t400: Hilarial!

29265 lenovo t400: completely serious here, legal action about to be taken if someone doesn't fess up how they got past my guards, got my hangar open and parked that friendmobile inside my rv

29247 Barack Obama: It censors out friend, friend, and friend too. It's friending friended.

29265 jason: mom, where to small cars come from?

29223 guccigucci: I love you 5-ever

29259 miller: Every night son

29260 alex: I too am the black

29262 abraham88: Monkey selfie!!

29255 Jesus: nothing wrong with that

29222 Bill Nye eye: Reality? What's that? I make it a point to never look up or around me.

29230 Bill Nye eye: Fake sharks?

29258 Highviolet: Reading is for idiots.

29259 Dick Inspector: Good.

29253 Dick Inspector: Mmm... child suffocation.

29253 Treib: Bag 'em up and ship 'em out!

29257 Treib: Every fucking day.

29231 Treib: I'd drop a log in this bog.

29235 Treib: Only in Canada.... ugh

29243 abrahamx: in 2014, people still get print comics and take a pic of the comic?

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