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121747  DrinkMixMan: I'm a hairy lizard

121751  DrinkMixMan: Bad ace

121753  DrinkMixMan: Never skip sex day

121754  DrinkMixMan: Voila! *Tosses a handful of pathetic white paper strips in the air*

121711  willowsprite: You jest, as many others do. But it does harm a lot of people within and without the industry.

121750  Wet farts: yaHOOOOO

121752  Musician: extolling the benefits of the neti pot

121714  willowsprite: @hajjpodge the Pretty Prince of Parties, that is.

121743  TurdFerguson: Cheating on his grammar, too.

121748  Coolguy: Daaaaaaaamn!

121682  ping: Bitey scratchy selfie.

121753  Coolguy: Yada yada never skip legs blah blah blah...

121755  Coolguy: I am not yelling! This is how I talk!

121734  willowsprite: Throw me a fish, please.

121735  willowsprite: Kitty looks high

121690  ping: Moscot forms a body-centre cubic lattice when crystallised.

121739  willowsprite: @NoRagrets hey now

121754  Blackheart223: When plain Shred just won't do

121743  willowsprite: Ew.

121751  willowsprite: I'm only human, born to make mistakes

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121632 nointernet: insrticonsu kearcun

121708 Annoying Vegan : That's a big ol' can of nope.

121634 nointernet: @SomeCanadian because people apparently can't imagine robots not needing gender and sex, I guess?

121578 Coolguy: @Yttermayn Argentina mostly. Those are Colombia national football team jerseys though.

121655 savvoy: This is triggering me

121637 Vladimir Puta: really? another screen shot?

121587 cArdent: @sparename To be fair, that could be for blind *passengers*.

121657 hairy: sit on my photo and tell me that you love me

121652 Whatever: In case you want to kill in cold blood?

121599 Himesama: 7 and 8 is old enough to think independently besides Jesus is the best dead person.

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 willowsprite: Throw me a fish, please.
 Cami: Trying to understand the mindset of goldfish in order to better catch them.
 Coolguy: Kitini
 ThatGuy: Markiti
 ThatGuy: Catini
Image 121734   07-28-16 2:41am   Views: 23073   Uploaded by    moogerator
 Fiasco: @duckfarts I laughed
 Coolguy: Studios means stupid today
 Coolguy: Studios sexy Arab
 FatTigerWoods: Sandal-ous!
 ThatGuy: She was later beheaded for showing her foot
 duckfarts: when will the bombing stop
Image 121733   07-28-16 2:41am   Views: 23336   Uploaded by    melted plastic
 radar racer: eating it?
 NoRagrets: It'd be messy as hell, but I'd enjoy every kinky moment eating it.
 duckfarts: oh god yes [strokes furiously]
Image 121732   07-27-16 10:33pm   Views: 23485   Uploaded by    taiko
 tib gubb: what if a shark was made of pizza
 Fiasco: Death is the next chapter for us all. Know that your fear of the pain, of your body's blind panic, is but a shadow in a mirror; all shall be swallowed whole by the sweetest relief when you finally understand that you are free. Open your arms and let it happen. But first, all 2 topping mediums only $7. #PapasWay
 ThatGuy: If its chompers are made of Papa John's pizza slices, it's a death sentence.
 Ulillillia: "But if you don't have health insurance to cover treatment for it, tough shit!"
 Warrax: The pain level and effect on your health is roughly the same.
Image 121731   07-27-16 10:27pm   Views: 23759   Uploaded by    cthulhu
 radar racer: fuckin rad if real
 White Rice: I can't tell if the orange lines were added to the picture or if that's the cars actual paint job, the contrast is too great for my mind to accept it.
 Gomi Day: verbal.jpg
 Warrax: I think I drove this in Saints Row IV.
 duckfarts: @Beef Supreme turns on a dime
 Beef Supreme: If the orange lines are electroluminescent, I'll lose my shit. Ultimate Tron car!
Image 121730   07-27-16 10:15pm   Views: 24285   Uploaded by    caitelyn
 Red: when your friend is a late bloomer
 PrimeValkyrie: Time is the fire in which we burn
Image 121729   07-27-16 10:11pm   Views: 24464   Uploaded by    peeper
 Coolguy: That's the fuck who was always asking me to borrow a pen. Welp hawmie, all I have is this crayon; take it or leave it.
 Mr. Whiskers: Teens, amirite?
Image 121728   07-27-16 10:07pm   Views: 24793   Uploaded by    karpeles
 NoRagrets: And it's still an awful smile.
 Coolguy: @Nope getting that grope on.
 Nope: Where is her other hand?
 a robot: Ok.
Image 121727   07-27-16 10:04pm   Views: 24800   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
 hajjpodge: I wish that were true, @Magma Safe but we both know they do.
 Magma Safe: @hajjpodge Jokes on you. Bronies don't have children
 Ulillillia: I was going to blame Ashley Judd, but I see there's no bump at all for girls.
 Beef Supreme: @TurkeyVulture Groovy.
 TurkeyVulture: "Evil Dead" releases: '81, '87, '92.
 hajjpodge: Those poor children. Still better than anything bronies name their kids.
 Coolguy: **citation needed**
Image 121726   07-27-16 9:59pm   Views: 24353   Uploaded by    wwwdotcom
 Cami: Now pile on the bricks and get a second bucket
 Fiasco: But who was phone
 duckfarts: you cannot control them, you can only hope to contain them
 WaffleIron: Babysitt... oh fuck it.
Image 121725   07-27-16 9:55pm   Views: 23909   Uploaded by    Uncle Larry
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