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116086  HermwoodLitmajor: "May posterity forget that Pooh was our countryman," thought Piglet morosely

116093  WaffleIron: A fine tribute to the many faced god. Sleep well aggronauts

116097  WaffleIron: Don't blame me, I voted "Doot"

116088  WaffleIron: Paint me like...aww fuck it.

115996  hearsegirl: soundtrack of a little girl repeating "oh my gosh" over and over plays in background

116014  ModelTRex: Do you want to be the poundee or the pounder? Balls do neither. Grow something else.

116087  Knice: ...in June.

116040  ModelTRex: What the actual fuck?

116086  Knice: @ignatz I haven't seen something this well-put in quite some time.

116026  kimjongun: all right

116086  ping: Worth reading if only for "...I'd appreciate it if you'd give me some space and allow me to get off my face on honey..."

116073  ModelTRex: Immediate bad for minion.

116021  Noremak: @Korrok Hee, hee. Like the time your name became Donald Trumph.

116068  Poop van Pants: My understand is that it means "drenched" or "to drench" . The porn is named after the food style

116078  Dreforian: This is not what I meant when I sent you the link for the sherbet I wanted

116084  Off Topic: If I color them, do they change flavor?

116084  Mr. Butt: Racist and homophobic.

116077  XLY: Las Vegas

116083  Christina: The struggle is real.

116081  WTF: Classic Mark Eshbach!

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116055 midnightmosesuk: Seems Tony Stark isn't the genius everyone made him out to be.

115927 Eleftheros: @Greek Fire this is my daily routine anyways, so, win.

116040 ModelTRex: What the actual fuck?

115984 Ukulelemike: Guy on the right: Is that Robin WIlliams??? Pre-Mork alien?

116010 Skaalar: I keep pressing the play button but it don't go.

116050 hurr: i know what you want to sell me....i don't know if i want to support your poor grammer (greetings from germany btw...)

116048 Wet farts: Goddamn hypnotoads strike again.

115982 Penultimate Grunongo: When I was on a vessel boarding team, we did something similar with a few hundred bricks of vac-packed coke, except we made a couch out of it and took a group pic on it because we were stupid and didn't yet comprehend how likely it was that the picture would end up on the internet, dooming us all.

116059 east bay: uhh

115930 satoshi: friendlyspaceship.jpg @questionable

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 WaffleIron: Lesson: only play with your kid for 9 minutes.
 Agamemnon Triforce: @Niels Bohr I spent most of my childhood unsupervised. It sucked.
 seam: This is CNN
 questionable: part of me has a problem with the political system represented in that movie. another part of me feels funny during that scene when Nala is on top of Simba...I'm just going to move on
 Niels Bohr: @Derp Herpigan maybe it's because at some point most children fantasize about how much more fun their lives would be if they didn't have parents. I know I did.
 gumble: Damn Spoilers
 Christina: @Derp Herpigan ...Cinderella, Snow White, Harry Potter...
 Mr. Butt: ...while you still can.
 Derp Herpigan: So, like, is a dead parent figure a prerequisite for being in a kid's movie? Lion king, Bambi, Land before time...
 Ulillillia: But he was a pretty cool dad while he was alive.
Image 116066   06-29-16 2:03pm   Views: 1954   Uploaded by    qazwsx
 questionable: twelve french fries for 9000 yen sounds awesome
 Gomi Day: what does the scouter say about it's sodium level? IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND MILLIGRAMS!!
 Derp Herpigan: Over 9000 calories.
Image 116065   06-29-16 2:03pm   Views: 4113   Uploaded by    PissedOff
 questionable: *uses pen to cross out all the words, writes FART RAIL on the tracks*
 Christina: Open your eyes/Look over the budgets and see...
 ashton: never seen this before......
 TFChicken: Any way the rail goes doesn't really matter to me.
 Teechur: "Does it lead from the Castle of Aaaarrggh?" "No, from Armagh."
Image 116064   06-29-16 09:47am   Views: 3730   Uploaded by    eider
 questionable: *looks at picture on box, looks at instructions, looks at pile of misshapen lumber, sets it all on fire*
 Christina: @Peter Pantsless Accidents cause people!
 Peter Pantsless: This is an old joke about how it's easier to accidentally make a person
 a robot: I accidentally the whole thing
 Derp Herpigan: Reminds me of the time I accidentally 93MB of .rar stuff. Good times.
 Teechur: The picture on the Ikea box showed a chair. The instructions were unclear.
 Knice: #racked
 Mr. Butt: @WTF accidentally?
 WTF: I actually built this shelf for my garage...
 eider: wat do?
Image 116063   06-29-16 09:37am   Views: 3425   Uploaded by    Vladimir Puta
 Murdertaco: Above and beyond the call of duty
 KnifeySpooney: rad as hell
 questionable: I like how the car is very slightly angled, as if at the very last moment they realized they fucked up but didn't actually care enough to back up and try to get closer
 gumble: This is the only reason they hire teenager
 Teechur: Nice parkour to the lousy parker.
 Screech: Nice car, learn to drive
Image 116062   06-29-16 09:32am   Views: 3258   Uploaded by    generic
 WaffleIron: Brokeback Bengal.
 questionable: couplesdate.jpg
 midnightmosesuk: Cowboys and Indians?
 Peter Pantsless: Real girlfriends have trunks
 VoR: tag..
 Ulillillia: @Christina He just has a big girlfriend.
 winwolf: Racist if true
 Christina: not to scale.
Image 116061   06-29-16 09:28am   Views: 3326   Uploaded by    lolnotrly
 hearsegirl: workaholics baby!!
 questionable: *adjusts glasses* incorrect, this is a sidewalk *smiles smugly, updates dream journal*
 Teechur: Yes. It was. Until he was brave enough.
 skillet: I survived.
 Otterman: Voyage to Uranus.
 petepuma: welcome home
Image 116060   06-29-16 09:11am   Views: 2736   Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
 east bay: uhh
 questionable: *runs down book aisle, yelling 'survive this' while knocking all the books off*
 sparename: @midnightmosesuk "every 90 seconds a child gets hit by a car, now he's getting really pissed off"
 midnightmosesuk: That's a very unlucky kid.
 DonkeyPuncher: Tsunami at StarFleet HQ
 Teechur: In all honesty, my son likes this series. We've had quite a few discussions about history.
 HermwoodLitmajor: I Survived Michelle Obama
 TFChicken: But seriously, who is Michelle Obama?
 Derp Herpigan: See, this is why you don't have any friends. They keep dying while you don't.
 Cami: It's suspicious...like that Murder, She Wrote lady who had people around her dropping like fly's each week...
 Ulillillia: I Survived Being Pounded In The Butt
 ignatz: Serial killer confessional?
Image 116059   06-29-16 09:07am   Views: 2593   Uploaded by    Apple IIe
 ignatz: @Borkf @a robot @Wet farts Thanks Y'all. I's a Him fwiw
 Wet farts: It's about time @ignatz is purple he (or she) uploads some of the raddest images.
 a robot: @ignatz You're purple! ONE OF US ONE OF US
 Borkf: @ignatz It is an art somewhere is London apparently. Congrats on purple by the way!
 Christina: Downunder.jpg
 ignatz: @Borkf Where is this? (#116977) looks like Englandish
Image 116058   06-29-16 08:47am   Views: 4382   Uploaded by    Borkf
 Christina: Not interracial.
 petepuma: it's like a catitanic right before the water floods the lower decks
Image 116057   06-29-16 08:38am   Views: 3947   Uploaded by    sunset blues
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