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163181  Spazstatic: @A duck I think the black is painted on, the colored bits are beads or similar, and it's a photo of a person.

163196  Peter Pantsless: "I am not cold, for I burn with fury for all things that aren't me."

162994  Peter Pantsless: @Peter Pantsless Holy crap I just figured out why wikipedia links don't work: no underscores on AG! Try this…

163183  Warrax: @Borkf I believe it's "meese," not "mooses." Common mistake.

162994  Peter Pantsless: Go the Daryl Davis route instead: seems to be pretty effective…

163191  Musician: Donald Roller Wilson

163040  Jaktai: Go away, I'm on the computer.

163152  square44: if you try to forget, you'll get plenty of letters and phone calls reminding you!

163193  Butcherboy: Ok now you need to get them across the river and only one fits in the boat at a time

163189  Warrax: Wanna buy some weed?

163132  PushyWebsite: I'm so sorry, I thought that I was posting this on the Airo-Gator website!

163121  Peter Pantsless: @Amy Housewine also VVV Looks like I got an extra @Mad Collager in there

163194  Prostata: he wants to believe

163191  ignatz: I fucking hate Shakespeare!

163156  Derp Herpigan: @smarkles not a master, I can install a socket though...

163186  FabricMan: "Ugh. I'm so hungover. I feel like my brain's on fire."

163188  FabricMan: @Noremak But that sticker says 7-Eleven. Frankly, that's better grammar than I would expect at any of those places.

163121  Peter Pantsless: @Mad Collager @Supermansbrother @Mad Collager @Derp Herpigan We were destined to do battle until the very end, although it looks like I may have just won

163201  ignatz: Tease & Sieze apply

163125  Peter Pantsless: Out of frame, on ground: microphone

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163029 whiplash: Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, we'll sing it, Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, oh yeah, oh, oh yeah!

163120 SomeCanadian: No, single. But if @SomeOtherCanadian swings that way...@Bu7Z

163012 carpwoman: @Niels Bohr - Gotcha. I hope you will post some photos of your bike project.

162995 Peter Pantsless: @White Rice I still remember when I learned about nachos. Always hated gym class

163138 whiplash: They told me to Kill It With Fire and I am programmed to obey.

163114 Teechur: @chhumphrey Had to look TinEye up on AltaVista to find out what THAT was. Thanks for the insight. I also think @ottorongo has a good point.

163133 Spazstatic: I mean, they are both toys. One just has very different stories.

163121 Peter Pantsless: @Amy Housewine also VVV Looks like I got an extra @Mad Collager in there

162994 Peter Pantsless: @Peter Pantsless Holy crap I just figured out why wikipedia links don't work: no underscores on AG! Try this…

163023 Yam: Ah, the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM... majestic

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 Hosebag: Her milkshake brings all the cows to the yard.
 Beef Supreme: @Sandor You win the day.
 Warrax: I'm bothered by the fact that her flip flops appear to be a half size too small, and also don't match the outfit.
 Prostata: Worst strip club evar
 yev: boobing moos
 Teechur: This flash mob is weird.
 dobbiesdoogs: @Sandor dammit Sandor haha
 dobbiesdoogs: big deal, we have 4 each
 Sandor: Only 2?
 Ulillillia: got milk?
Image 163173   02-19-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Spazstatic: This is terrifying.
 Dan Tagonistic: The Rubberbandits the early years
 SunWukong: Knit one, purl one, burn two.
Image 163172   02-19-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 hearsegirl: lolpug misses buckitt
 Prostata: Goo goo g' joob!
 KrazyKat: Doggo's not so sure about his outfit now, considering the harvest on the dock behind him.
 Teechur: I hate you. I hate you for breeding me this way and I hate you for making me wear this stupid ha..... oh, you have treats for me? It's all good.
 tib gubb: they got some weird dogs here at the marina. i'm gonna find out what makes them tick.
Image 163171   02-19-17   Uploaded by    grizzly
 Beef Supreme: Be right back; I have to go bleach my eyeballs and maybe repent my sins.
 Dan Tagonistic: We're gonna draw a little bit of everybody's blood... 'cause we're gonna find out who's The Thing. Watchin' Norris in there gave me the idea that... maybe every part of him was a whole, every little piece was an individual animal with a built-in desire to protect its own life. Ya see, when a man bleeds, it's just tissue, but blood from one of you Things won't obey when it's attacked. It'll try and survive... crawl away from a hot needle, say.
 Shay: This isn't my favorite pet trick.
 dobbiesdoogs: making of the beast with nine carapaces
 annterland: This porn is gross
 Teechur: Hang on, I left the flame thrower in the garage. I'll be right back.....
Image 163170   02-19-17   Uploaded by    ani625
 AstoriaBum: @AstoriaBum Whoops. Trick.
 crazymothaofa: KC Green irl
 Prostata: well now we know "lasagna" was a code word for "beer"
 tib gubb: on a monday, too.
 AstoriaBum: What's your favorite pet rick?
Image 163169   02-19-17   Uploaded by    scribbs
 whiplash: Yes, we save you money at Belqaregahzzk's Space Emporium!
 Starky15: Brought to you by LSD and Zap Branigans good pal Kif.
Image 163168   02-19-17   Uploaded by    static xyz
 Lestrange: I don't think this kind of thing was ever okay, not even in 1910.
 hearsegirl: what an absolutely terrible postcard.
 Shay: Queenie's in trouble!…
 Scoo: Stop it son u are doin me a frolic
 whiplash: No means no!
Image 163167   02-19-17   Uploaded by    scribbs
 Peter Pantsless: Wonder Woman didn't fare much better #138972
 Scoo: What a Super Dick!
Image 163166   02-19-17   Uploaded by    LogicKitty
 Mr. Shine: Yes, yes, go on.
 yev: the actual pic taken from the actal space
 Teechur: That ferro-fluid cooled tweeter was designed to be used upright. You're gonna ruin those speakers.
Image 163165   02-19-17   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 Warrax: But what if I like the robot back?
 tib gubb: part of the series "how to be a dick to robots"
 dobbiesdoogs: @SunWukong [beeps]
 SunWukong: On all levels except physical, I am a higher order of being.
 grizzly: Subroutine blocked.
 scribbs: I promise not to mock you, @a robot, but I will set boundaries.
Image 163164   02-19-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
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