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32597 Barack Obama: It's funny because it looks like a penis.

32593 CornCobPipe: Gayzzers

32592 tundra : tearing up a little

32604 Jesus: upvoted

32602 I think: This is less funny than newspaper comics.

32518 I think: Koox - yes, a 'bollard'.

32530 I think: vv well, he's a dentist, not a hair stylist!

32538 I think: Dog can't believe what humans do with their spare time AG

32550 I think: A Dalek is basically an armored electric wheelchair.

32591 I think: Well, that's too close for context!

32550 Truth: died at childrens show, i love you explainer

32543 Coolguy: triple word score bitches

32565 I Think: Freedom is like a penis - the louder someone is bragging about it, the less they actually have.

32597 I Think: Is this instructions for a new game?

32599 I Think: He's a rubbish helicopter pilot, too.

32599 Tony A-but: STRAYA!

32588 Taco F. Tuesday: What an edgy point of view.

32589 cool story: i wanna pee on this

32590 Facto: Boy Meets World. 2015currently, early90sshow

32594 Yahweh: The second photograph is a giraffe imprsonating Rhiannah

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