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135047  Jennerator: I... I see.' Thank you colonel, thank you for telling me personally. I will raise his sons to remember him

135049  Janston: It's the small joys that make life tolerable.

135048  Jennerator: Don't open the door unless you want to see naked midgets aunt May

134979  hoobleton: Must be shooped, the shadows on those stars are all wrong

135039  Jennerator: @LaeMi Did leather gloves exist in Roman times? BRB googling

135044  square44: @mwoody it's a bonus joke!

135046  Ulillillia: Part of R Kelly's court order

135032  Nope: Wow didnt know they restored the hitler youth reels to that quality.

134993  hajjpodge: Self-marinating pigs are a steal.

135046  Scoo: I was, once. A long time ago.

135029  DarkTeddy: The jerk store called...

135047  Scoo: Hello, this is dog

135049  Nope: Wanna have a beer with that dude

135052  Nope: Wait what am I supposed to look at here?

134851  birdythemighty: I'm really gonna do it this time...

135021  mwoody: I want to make custom Pez for people with esophageal stoma.

135041  Jennerator: @Sadbot I saw the pic and reflexively thought "spot the kid they don't love" but you beat me to it +1

135047  hajjpodge: He just needed to hear that he is a good boy one last time.

135048  LaeMi: Didn't have any brothers growing up, I guess.

135047  Nope: "yes hello, its not real bacon"

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134910 Air Biscuit: Boop.

134907 Air Biscuit: @Cami never put salt in your eyes.

134916 SomeCanadian: @Mr. Shine @Bonecollector Yeah, 'didn't know where they came from' basically means, 'we know, but we're REALLY embarrassed we let this tour around the country.'

134903 Lestrange: A girl should be like a butterfly, die peacefully in a jar with a few crushed laurel leaves.

134880 Lestrange: Nice camouflage jacket bro.

134898 Remp Wulgus: My favourite is dclicfons.

134920 Air Biscuit: Slimming.



134933 isosceleswaffle: Tacticat.

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 Ulillillia: Cats love water
 Warrax: Hello, fellow beach goers.
 SkidSolo: Very deceptive, you can't see the dorsal fin.
 scribbs: Anybody seen my surfboard?
Image 135028   09-30-16   Views: 366   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Ulillillia: I would have paid the full $1.33!
 Warrax: Also suitable for french fries.
 bug: Hooks conveniently to outside of car!
Image 135027   09-30-16   Views: 743   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 mwoody: Whatever is happening here, its description ends in "Suckah".
 LancesLeftNut: She is way off if those are the targets next to her...
 Air Biscuit: Not honestly sure who that is but i like everything in this picture. Afros need to come back.
 Peter Pantsless: Also point it the right way. And get behind the line. Also, trigger discipline
 scribbs: Fact: The Black Panthers got firearms training from George Wallace.
 Peter Pantsless: Shoulder that thing
Image 135026   09-30-16   Views: 430   Uploaded by    Warrax
 LaeMi: The Mayor's assistant visits the Professor
 Ulillillia: Anime version
Image 135025   09-30-16   Views: 585   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 birdythemighty: It just doesn't
 LancesLeftNut: But really, who does?
 Scoo: I think it was called 'The Bus That Does Not Slow Down'
 Warrax: This vehicle does not... View and comment on images submitted by users. Don't be like this vehicle.
 Peter Pantsless: ...simply DRIVE to the high school
 LaeMi: I can't even.
Image 135024   09-30-16   Views: 366   Uploaded by    Life Whacker
 There was a bob here: Charles Barkley performing the Chaos Dunk.
Image 135023   09-30-16   Views: 797   Uploaded by    Warrax
 mwoody: No, you don't understand; "pies" is French for feet.
 Ulillillia: Pixar's American Pie
 Peter Pantsless: So he's a sex toy...that sounds like Tim Allen...gross
 ch: dude has been messin' a lot of pies lately
 LaeMi: No wonder Woody felt his role was being threatened
Image 135022   09-30-16   Views: 377   Uploaded by    Emoji
 mwoody: I want to make custom Pez for people with esophageal stoma.
 Ulillillia: Pez Tommy Wiseau
Image 135021   09-30-16   Views: 302   Uploaded by    Warrax
 ch: eggs eggs i love those eggs here's an egg this is now my egg egg egg (egg) yeahhhhhhh egg i am joined wholly to the egg the egg is me i am egg (egg) THE HELL IS THIS MOSS ON EGG GET OFF MOSS MOSS!
 ignatz: eyes bigger then.. no wait
Image 135020   09-30-16   Views: 753   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Slamajama: Just move to higher ground you dipstick!
Image 135019   09-30-16   Views: 544   Uploaded by    Soviette
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