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243300  when so: @Ulillillia You know what's up

243284  Not A Bot: My phone just tried to autocorrect cowabunga to cohabitation.

243170  Yurishiro: Well..I guess theoretically jerking them off could make them more relaxed and not thinking about committing acts of terror and I'm all for make love not war but come on! Gross!

243303  wolfpk: Cosplay, squirrel style.

243214  Yurishiro: Pika-gatorade

243302  Yurishiro: @Robespierre Could be wurst.

243302  Robespierre: A sausage's life is INTENSE

243299  Ulillillia: Beauty of Mar-a-Lago

243300  Ulillillia: Date: 2018-04-19

243299  Robespierre: Beauty of Bastardy

243281  SuedeOxford: 2 minutes, holding. 5 minutes, borking. Humans will be on a power play soon.

243300  Robespierre: DATE: I'm outta here

243216  Robespierre: Has medicine gone too far?

243300  Butcherboy: Date: 04/19/2018

243300  Yurishiro: Date: 19/04/2018.

243262  wolfpk: They do make great fire starters, if you can resist eating them. I couldn't resist.

243224  Robespierre: @Sadbot My credo: expensive motor = bad driver

243301  Yurishiro: Anime water: check. Anime cat: check. Anime boobs: work in progress.

243302  Yurishiro: No, not really. Give it a minute.

243303  Yurishiro: Dayum! Fancy hat!

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243126 Felicity: /Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner/, featuring all-new singles such as Porcelain Palare and November Spawned a Mop

243216 Robespierre: Has medicine gone too far?

243173 Joseph: My life is pretty good after all.

243081 Yurishiro: "I swear, her cans were this big! I am in this erect position since then."

243149 tib gubb: I call this 'the wall of horror'

243213 Yurishiro: I pooped these

243220 funny in the wall: not to be confused with boy butter which is a... well, google it if you like

243198 carpwoman: @Springbok - Texas is a different universe.

243143 Colty Brumb: hahahahahahahaha

243169 Felicity: *on the afternoon of

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 duckfarts: yes
 thunderbabe: "actually"
 San DoDo: TL: Sex and chill
 Beef Supreme: I know it's called a 'Netflix and Chill', but I think I should arrive fully clothed, rather than covered in Royal Purple and wearing nothing but a perverted smile.
 WaffleIron: @Borkf : Or a "nightcap" if you were born 70 years ago.
 Borkf: @Shay @willowsprite It's like inviting someone inside for coffee after a date.
 Bluetocracy: This keeps getting worse. The next horribly thought out euphemism will be something like, "Get Arrested".
 willowsprite: It's a euphemism? I thought Netflix and chill meant Netflix and chill... I'll have to research this...
 hurr: i have to ask: then what does "netflix" mean?
 hurr: i mean seriously?!
 hurr: so chill means sex?
 Shay: Quite honest, I thought "Netflix and chill" actually meant watch Netflix and relax until someone clued me in.
Image 98341   04-16-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 habbekratz: @KingTrebek of course!
 Beef Supreme: Last I checked, Indiana was also having problems with its public sector pensions.
 KingTrebek: @a robot Bullshit. You need to learn to make your own fun.
 a robot: Both are pretty terrible options if you're anywhere other than Chicago
Image 98340   04-16-16   Uploaded by    Not Sam
 CrustyDusty: Oh crap, this just made me yawn for real O.o
 titular role: Really? another screen shot?.......
 Mr. Shine: Moooooooooom!
 Picklepuss: 'O SOLO MEOW
 a robot: Good morning kitty!
 skillet: Same.
Image 98339   04-16-16   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 willowsprite: @Warezlock you have chosen........poorly.
 Jabberwikket: new plans offering 5 Gigs of bacon
 Janston: I was saving that bacon
 Kess: 'Murica.
 Wet farts: I'd like a triple bypass with fries and better make a Diet Coke. I'm on a diet.
 anonymous: How many pounds of bacon is that?
 hex0: New iPhone looks gross.
 Air Biscuit: Would you like some hamburger with that bacon?
 doop: On the big fried bacon mountain / There's a land that's fair and bright / Where the bacon grows on bushes / And you sleep out every night
 Warezlock: Tempting....but I choose life instead.
 Picklepuss: the TriefTriefChallenge #98332
 Trumpysucks: Fieri.jpeg
 a robot: Ew gross. Get those vegetables out of there
 hurr: (and i fucking love kebap don't get me wrong)
 hurr: brb puking
 duckfarts: this shawarma is gonna be great
 ch: Bacon Eruption[tm] comes with a free Iphoner[tm]
 Warrax: apple for scale
 willowsprite: More bacon, please.
 rinaldi1337: *labored breathing*
 Knice: That is nasty.
 ur mom: two fucking gross things
 Slowpoke: One of these is suffering from bloat. The other is delicious.
Image 98338   04-16-16   Uploaded by    misterjoe
 CrustyDusty: A FROGPOST PLUSH?! That's it, I'm divorcing my waifu. You can have her, /r9k/
 San DoDo: So dank
 Thyming: We always think Asia outputs crazy things, but I bet they are like "Look at this weird frog! Now I too am cultured!"
 Bluetocracy: Hey, my eyes are up here... oh, wait.
 Picklepuss: feels good man
 willowsprite: Both had eye surgery to make them look more open.
Image 98337   04-16-16   Uploaded by    CHA
 CrustyDusty: @craftjunk: I second that MOTION. /rimshot/
 craftjunk: Would require ag to support gifs KNOW YOU CAN READ THI.........
 Mr. Shine: Ooh yeah, pull mah hurr!
 Shay: Is your horse a girlfriend?
 willowsprite: LET ME BRAID YOUR HAIR! "NO!"
Image 98336   04-16-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 doop: Costumes, setting, camera, dialog... so much work for that pun.
 Amy Housewine: Black Berry had a child, bamalam, Damn thing gone wild, bamalam
 p-niiice: i thought it said Chuck my black Berry which is a triple
Image 98335   04-16-16   Uploaded by    prius
 CrustyDusty: Is that Bernie on the tail? Why does he have an Afro? or is that Lion King cosplay? SO many questions...
 shitshow: Just the tip
Image 98334   04-16-16   Uploaded by    Pizza
 willowsprite: That girl is like twenty years old now.
 CrustyDusty: I feel your angst, young lady.
 San DoDo: Majestic AF
 Kess: Stork stroke.
 Pizza: In this context, there's no disrespect, so when I bust my rhyme- you break your necks!
 Warrax: She feels that disturbance in the force.
 willowsprite: Kids, don't do drugs heeheehee
 Mr. Shine: Faaaaaabulous!!
 Gomi Day: he's doing it again, isn't he?
 LKoroton: stork blasts a burp
 crudites: TIMELY
 Knice: A Crested Canteven, the most dramatic of waterfowl.
 ch: i have broken
Image 98333   04-16-16   Uploaded by    MyPasswordAintPassword
 E. HONDA: as in triple bypass surgery
 chhumphrey: I was thinking, "Atkins much?"
 BabyVaccine: goon culture strikes again
 Bluetocracy: if those are White Castle burgers, that's only about as big as a double whopper.
 LKoroton: meat looks raw so it must be healthy
 ThatGuy: Enter for a chance to win $3,330? So I guess a dollar per calorie is enough to imply non culpability...
 Slowpoke: @Pier666 No worries. The pictures of burgers always look fuller than the burgers themselves.
 duckfarts: challenge not accepted
 Pier666: Oh ffs, that is impossible. NO human has the mouth size to take a bite out of that. Now if you were Imhotep, well, that's something else entirely.
 lionstrong: Hell naw
Image 98332   04-16-16   Uploaded by    chhumphrey
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