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238527  wolfpk: Looks like "The Legends of Tomorrow" have screwed up the time line again!

238535  Not A Bot: My anaconda actually has an upper limit. I failed to previously mention that in the rap song and that's my bad.

238530  funny in the wall: @virtualman probably, pigs are too smart and poop too much. but yeah, they are awesome

238527  TurkeyVulture: SCA is throwing a wider net.

238527  Skaalar: @Ihminen I was gonna go Civilization, but yours fits better.

238523  barfolomew: What? WHAT?

238511  Yam: You got any games on your phone?

238496  a robot: You know that's just going to go right through you!

238525  funny in the wall: one of them bovine jonis no doubt

238517  a robot: Seems legit

238520  a robot: I don't know what's happening here but it's really cute and that's what's important

238523  BavidDowie: Here Is Harold, King of England

238533  Korrok: Aw yeah....

238428  Yurishiro: @hajjpodge more like the same D face

238526  Yurishiro: ok copy paste but who's the evil one?! [creepy violin]

238513  Teechur: Yeah, I'm pretty much done with hammertime, too.

238518  wolfpk: It should have been called "Snow White and the Seven Critters."

238523  deeeeeeeez: Tosseth thine holy hand grenade...

238525  Teechur: Hey! There's work to be done! Get off your ass...uh...cow!

238428  Mr Bleak: @petepuma @glenalec Well, you just walked in while they were busy! Didn't you learn to knock?

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238395 mrdiron: The Ethernets is growing!

238328 Yam: @Felicity I feel like theyre all kind of Ethan Suplee looking.

238501 funny in the wall: watch out, my dad is a narcissist

238452 Mr Bleak: Instructions unclear: dick stuck in brass knuckles.

238382 ping: @antipatterns "Also I suspect you've read Chomsky?" Ashamed to say that I haven't but I've always found him interesting and erudite when interviewed. The random firings of my brain lead me to John Clees speaking Italian and Russian in A Fish Called Wanda.…

238352 glenalec: That's what e.coli said

238373 glenalec: That's just bats!

238410 Yurishiro: @Dick Inspector COMBO

238462 Yurishiro: SHUT UP

238370 Greifer: battlecat on the floor

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Image 96600 is unbelievably bad (score -41) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Chaplin. You have brought shame on us, Chaplin.
 CrustyDusty: I've actually done this before. It works well.
 discodisco: It's rather genius @hajjpodge, I usually resort to cupping my hands over it, which doesn't work that well...
 hajjpodge: The joke is that the built-in speakers for the laptop are on both sides of the keyboards. The cups serve as amplifiers. I...I have done something like this before...
 RabidBandit: Why is this even captured in a photo...
 100000: I call em the dogs LISTEN TO EM BARK!
Image 96599   04-09-16   Uploaded by    cj22
 LKoroton: Lindsay Lohan is saved
 ignatz: scrolling down, expecting nuts
 Grandmas Ghost: i;m thinkin about thos crochets
 Mr. Shine: Aunt Flo
 Jeannie C: Someone spent months they will never get back.
 Donut: You say "tradition", I say "undignified as hell".
 mwoody: Each day, they pass food in to her bell, and she rings a bell to let her know she is still alive.
 eyg: Mary Jane the doobie.
 a robot: Stylish AND absorbant!
 Knice: 10/10 would knot.
 MassDefect: That's a penis cozy.
 east bay: The dignified tampon
 RabidBandit: crochet fetish
 DrinkMixMan: Is this feminism?
 ninetailorochimaru: The Duchess of Wang's sister, dildoe.
 SoyUnPerdedor: She wanted to get buried like this
Image 96598   04-09-16   Uploaded by    robocop
 sumodrsn: Go away evil dogger
 MaronaPossessed: Go evil, away dogger.
 A Post Office: bork
 Dan Tagonistic: Done me a frighten
 Sprinkles: go away Evil dogger
 karpeles: thank u mr. evil dogger
 Jeannie C: Seriously, that dog looks like he got into something bad. He is foaming around his mouth.
 well duh: Go weigh, evil dogger. Seriously, that dog looks fat.
 Korrok: Who's a good boy?! Who's a good boy?! You are! Yesh yoo arr!
 WaffleIron: Someone tell @korrok his dog got loose and is into the cat food.
 Magma Safe: Aww. He's foaming from wanting to snuggle SO MUCH
 bigfarter: go away evil dogger
 Niels Bohr: I see your snarl and raise you a bellyrub.
 iwash: I love you evil dogger
 Musician: Hey Evil Doggy, want some "root beer" Hey, OMG! My jugular! AHHHHHHhhhhhh, I typed as I died
 bug: go away levitating clear rootbeer.
 9mm: mehhhhhhhhh dogger
 hajjpodge: I farted while reading this. Coincidence?
 mrdiron: Go away evil dogger.
 becca: back to 4chan with this sort of thing
 fanny: maybe he's just misunderstood.
 Angry Lobster: Patrick Swayze is rotating in his grave.
 SoyUnPerdedor: Go away evil dogger
Image 96597   04-09-16   Uploaded by    hnnngh
 sumodrsn: I'm sure it'll be fine.
 LKoroton: Honey, I think that wasn't botox...
 Korrok: @gary Sir, I am the reason 'Nightmare-Fuel' gets switcherinoed to dream candy. So don't for a second think I'm new to this.
 gary: Well played. Well played.
 gary: @Korrok I see you're posting dream candy now too.
 Thurb Grunombies: Still would, but after tequila
 Annoying Vegan : ALL HAIL KORROK
 Gomi Day: when the pcp kicks in and u see the beauty of nature
 CastleBravo: Where we're going, we don't need....cheeks?
 mypasswordispassword: Me in English class
 Knice: This is like when you go into someone else's bathroom and shut the door, and they've got a goddamn mirror on the back of it.
 CrustyDusty: @Korrok thanks for sharing the honeymoon pics!
 ninetailorochimaru: @Korrok pic of one of your relatives after family game night?
 uncannie: I can see it! I can see the cosmos!
 SomeCanadian: There's a pill for that.
 KL1NGON: Edvard Munch's wife.
 Theta Zero: You want a bandaid or something?
 Korrok: A game of knifey-spoony gone horribly wrong.
Image 96596   04-09-16   Uploaded by    Lil Buddy
 midnightmosesuk: I guess there is one step lower than sleeping in the gutter.
 Dick Inspector: @KL1NGON True, it IS yellow, even if it's not a hanky.
 duckfarts: that's the easy way to deal with your fetish
 Ulillillia: He's just taking the piss
 trelyate: You all laugh, but he's a genius. If he has to pee in the middle of the night, he doesn't have to get up.
 bigfarter: I want to puke
 Manu Shinobili: I got vomited on for looking at this.
 UseYourName: This bar I used to go to had one of these, except he wore a wetsuit and was called Trough Guy
 myrealname: When u pee but u keep drinkin
 San DoDo: That's rough
 KL1NGON: When you choose to wear a shirt like that you have to expect some shit.
Image 96595   04-09-16   Uploaded by    Borkf
 MaronaPossessed: I like that tree.
 bigfarter: makes you think
 redmonkey3: Therapy by Etsy... kinda...
 skunkrocker: damn straight
 ninetailorochimaru: I came
 mrdiron: truly inspirational
Image 96594   04-09-16   Uploaded by    Frum Temps
 Mr. Angry: It's my girlfriend's cousin!
 Jeannie C: Hey! Hey!
 killerjunglist: "Whatcha doin'? Takin' a picture of this field? HEY is that an iPhone?"
 CrustyDusty: Shoot oop, Donkay!
 redmonkey3: Suuure, baby, i was in Shrek...
 bigbison: Ass to nose
 hajjpodge: No Donkeh this is MY SWAMP! MINE!
 fanny: what an ass!
 A duck: "Hi hello I am donkey"
Image 96593   04-09-16   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Skaalar: @BILL DOOR Oh my god! You are ruining my immersion!
 Skaalar: @BILL DOOR the only thing missing is a naked Vimes running through the snow for his life.
 Ghabo: Go away evil dogger.
 Zukero: Can I have the 10-seconds-later one please ?
 SomeCanadian: Pretty puppers gives kisses. Why she be ded?
 Angry Lobster: Sneak attack!
 fanny: she ded?
 MassDefect: @KL1NGON LMAO I never thought of that. The grey one is a female though.
 KL1NGON: Red Rocket! Red Rocket! He really likes you.
Image 96592   04-09-16   Uploaded by    MassDefect
 Jeannie C: "You're right! No survival value whatsoever." she mumbled around a mouthful of beast poached in jellyfish brine.
 redmonkey3: @Warrax - ahhh... need to read me some A.C.C. sooner than later... recommendations ? I prefer (reasonably) compact tales... sufficiently complex/dense/challenging that notes/charts/formulas inside fly pages required = AOK
 Warrax: @redmonkey3 It's a quote from Arthur C. Clarke. We like to think of ourselves as the most advanced species on the planet because of our brains, but what are really the most successful creatures? Ants, cockroaches, bacteria, viruses will all be here long after we're gone. The more we build and create, the closer we are to that razor's edge of destroying ourselves. Also food for thought if you assume that life elsewhere in the universe would necessarily evolve successfully along the tool-building route. The human way of doing things may be an accident, a cosmic joke.
 redmonkey3: @Warrax - i don't know what to think about that; or if i ought to...
 redmonkey3: @celebgate - wait... what ? - no... How?
 Warrax: It's yet to be proven that there is any survival value in intelligence.
 celebgate: some types of jellyfish are functionally immortal too... The worst life imaginable
 KL1NGON: There are benefits to a de-centralized nervous system, advanced reasoning capacity is not one of them.
 fanny: no shit. just watch Idiocracy and be terrified.
Image 96591   04-09-16   Uploaded by    shadebane
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