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273600  blablabla: How is satyr formed

273610  Lunimeow: Rip beta, 8-track, vinyl, laser disk, zip drive, uh....

273622  Dr Awkward: Pahk the cah in Hahvid Yahd

273627  WTF: Racist if true.

273620  charlemagne: here come the hotstepper

273612  ignatz: (can't edit my typo but actually it's ok)

273612  ignatz: more like BurBaked amitite?

273614  ignatz: (also) Samsung like a canary

273614  ignatz: "You have now consumed your weekly beer allowance and it's still Monday"

273620  WTF: The only time 'socks with sandals' is acceptable.

273623  WTF: Salary is just happy he exists.

273619  FabricMan: "Satan was right," is a phrase I find myself using worryingly often these days

273625  WTF: "You may now face-plant in front of the bride."

273619  tomatosaws: It's rad

273626  sparename: Never smile at a rockodile

273614  sparename: "I ain't no stool-fridgeon!"

273631  Teh Simpson: Such a great show. The Veridian Dynamics fake commercials were the best

273621  Mexico: Together, we are Nirvana. We make music and quest for drugs.

273455  a robot: @TaintJuice Who are YOU? Your name makes me a little nervous

273610  Not A Bot: I like how she's just smiling like "I know what you think about at night"

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273505 Dr Awkward: @WannaBee Get an Italian espresso machine. That would stone cold baller.

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273555 toolbag: It's a Ford GT. To buy one, you have to sign a contract stipulating that you will not flip it for an absurd amount of money first thing you do

273399 Shay: For shame Buddy Holly.

273352 Sadbot: @SuedeOxford A search string that does not disappoint

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273441 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I am going to use this.

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

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 Bubu: ...I remember when I first saw this caption... Those were the times...
 5 Headed Snake God: @Warrax I feel like you could be talking about any generation.
 inthrees: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
 E. HONDA: also, the sooner you die, the less nostalgia you'll have
 Coolguy: Can't attain Nirvana with all that bitterness in your heart either, guy!
 TrollAscetic: quack quack motherfucker!
 Noremak: I'm nostalgic for the eras before my existence. *sigh* Good times...
 grizzly: Mine was just gray.
 glowstick: I'm nostalgic for holding it less than an inch away from the TV screen and just blasting the fuck away
 Warrax: I feel like my generation is too obsessed with nostalgia sometimes. Remember the past, don't try so hard to live in it.
Image 95625   04-05-16   Uploaded by    nanananana
 Micro Jackson: Time for a threesome?
 NuclearWinter: middle aged ladies, huge fish, all in a day's catch for Ivan
 CuriouSir: would fuck 8/10
 CrustyDusty: Draw me like one of your Russian catfish
 winwolf: Well honey, you said you wanted us to spice things up a bit
 funny in the wall: something like: one's gross and smells bad and the other one's a fish
 Grandmas Ghost: Who wore it better?
 TrollAscetic: If she could clean that fish, I would hit that
 Fiasco: @Knice Beat me to it, you knave!
 Headoftheclass: Is the absorbent pad for her or the fish?
 MabelSyrup: Dat fish, tho
 fanny: @Warezlock actually this was a Russian dating site profile pic... so she's available if you're interested. ;-)
 Warezlock: You're in a relationship, we get it.
 Knice: Goddamnit, I got catfished again. :-(
 Musician: Wow, that's terrific bass!
Image 95624   04-05-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 redmonkey3: "can" - Not "will"... just sayin'
 shitshow: *scrolls past post*
 TrollAscetic: It's not lupu!
 Poop van Pants: Welcome to Trumpcare. ..
 E. HONDA: (googles "runny nose") ... sir, I'm afraid you definitely have meningitis
 Muncharito Beanworld: This is what my mom actually believes
Image 95623   04-05-16   Uploaded by    Prombom
 funny in the wall: why is black lenin being driven around by a scary cowboy?
 Pegged Lamb: Has anyone else seen a new kind of rejection by image bot not thinking it was "interesting enough"? I've had a couple in the last few days; don't remember ever seeing that before.
 Bungle: It happens to everyone at least once ):
 Nope: RIP Herman Cain
Image 95622   04-05-16   Uploaded by    Shay
 San DoDo: Anaslexia is no joke
 augustus: @ Niels Bohr, Ugh... sexlexia
 Entertainmentalist: I READ WHAT I WANT TO SEE.
 CuriouSir: @Yam b, b is for balls.
 winwolf: You that read wrong.
 funny in the wall: @Dr. Obvious: thanks for straightening that out. you're a credit to your name
 Niels Bohr: I have a very sexy learning disorder. Kif, what is it called?
 Poop van Pants: Anna has anal sex in her Lexus
 Capital: Ana's Lex(us). Not anal sex.
 Yam: D is for lysdexia
 Idontknowszz: Anna Slex, nice custom license plate
 Grandmas Ghost: Lexy.
Image 95621   04-05-16   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
 Dan Tagonistic: My niece asked me what we "hang up" when week done talking on the phone
 Largehand: The Lion, The Witch, and the Payphone
 Musician: But where do I swipe my debit card?
 Yam: Oh the Midwest
 weed poop: Is that one of those suicide boots we hear so much about?
 Joe Bird: I love seeing these in old movies and having kids pipe up asking "What is that?" Ah, kill me.
 Idontknowszz: No phone book underneath, how rude. What if someone needs a stepping stool?
 skatermario: Where did you dig up that old fossil?
Image 95620   04-05-16   Uploaded by    arctic fox
 Mr. Shine: Pound a Putin?
 Austin: De-lint the businessman!
 Grandmas Ghost: Trash the Tycoon!
 Grandmas Ghost: Bash the Billionaire!
 mwoody: It's weirdly difficult to state that you're imparting violence upon a businessman without it sounding like an onanistic metaphor.
 Butcherboy: are you hitting them or removing cat hair with a sticky roller?
 rand0: Eat the Rich!
 Grandmas Ghost: Pain the Politician!
 Grandmas Ghost: Smack the Suit!
 Grandmas Ghost: Bonk the Banker!
 Grandmas Ghost: Bonk the Businessman!
Image 95619   04-05-16   Uploaded by    cromerstu
 Micro Jackson: Mao mao mao mao, mao mao mao mao, mao mao mao mao MAO mao mao mao
 funny in the wall: princess leia has really let herself go
 balloon: Better than mascot.
 SoyUnPerdedor: The embalmed corpse of Chairman Mao's teaches Little Red Book 101
 Musician: Chairman Meow again
 Grandmas Ghost: The Cat Council has chosen their candidate.
Image 95618   04-05-16   Uploaded by    Weather
 daisy picker: It rain. sooooooo this or an oculus rift..... which insan
 frenk: I'm not the Rock.
 SomeCanadian: You can't encourage old people to come and then tell them no cheques
 bizijosh: Don't mind if I do!
 Air Biscuit: The "all you must eat" buffet.
 Warrax: Challenge accepted.
Image 95617   04-05-16   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 a robot: @hnnngh Well of course, he's Spuds Mckenzie's non-union Mexican equivalent!
 hnnngh: I want to party with that dog.
 Warrax: This ass hauls bitch. I'm sorry.
Image 95616   04-05-16   Uploaded by    shark
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