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204981  Mr Shifty: Yeah, I had a filly cheesesnake, so fucking what? Gonna call the Sandwich Police?

205003  Robespierre: @Yurishiro There IS a @Waffletron, yes. But there is only ONE @WaffleIron.

205048  ChubbyBuddy: ok well thanks bud nice doing business with you bye *shaking fist* hey get back here you shyster this is CHEESE ravioli

205063  Morpen Lungus: Wales, where the women are scarce and the sheep are nervous.

204996  Mr Shifty: Same. Managed to destroy 3 marriages like that.

205028  El hefe: Don't interfere with natural selection

205001  Mr Shifty: That's a nice 'I shouldn't even exist'.

205030  El hefe: Excuse me while I whip this out

205053  tib gubb: sorry about your dsylexia

205054  tib gubb: Sancho the self-esteem bear

205010  Mr Shifty: @Robespierre Vinnie?

205010  Mr Shifty: Sweet fucking jesus! That's her 'present'?

205049  El hefe: Didn't know Don Hertzfelt was doin tats

205030  ThoughtlessGentleman: this goes so well with electric wizard come my fanatics.

205015  Mr Shifty: We get it, you vape!

205061  Hippitus Hoppitus: This kind of reminds me of the controversy that surrounded the HPV vaccines. A lot of parents were against it because they felt it encourage promiscuous behavior, and I remember stories of the occasional kid getting that vaccine in secret at school or places like planned parenthood without their parents' knowledge.

205022  Mr Shifty: Featured: so many fetishes I can't count them.

205052  Shay: Squirrel farts to the face is a sign of bad luck.

205054  DangitBobby: I heard it in Navi voice

205046  ThoughtlessGentleman: love those bathroom conversations

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204951 Ulillillia: @Skaalar Sweet!

204868 Chest Rockwell: This guy has been to a few hotels.

204996 Mr Shifty: Same. Managed to destroy 3 marriages like that.

204876 apoxia: How could this go wrong?

204941 Robespierre: That's one wild pupa you got there, pard - when do do you expect them to emerge?

204901 Greifer: commie cat is right you know

204892 Side Boob: Bottom outlet is still good, right?


204930 Robespierre: Chumps.

204854 Spazstatic: Actually it looks like most of their comments have been removed, at least ones where someone replied to them.

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Image 95204 is unbelievably bad (score -12) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by lizzz. You have brought shame on us, lizzz.
 Jaunty Shrimp: "I'll be your best friend if you'll be my slave..."
 hnnngh: Anything above a failing grade? Must be the South.
 vincenzo: im sold, lets get some slaves
 EvilOtter: Junior Trump Essay Contest has a winner.
 Catcat: Change "slave" to "Mexican" and I'm sure there will be a poignant joke in there somewhere
 Lil Buddy: So...what exactly is the joke here? What am I missing? This is essentially the same argument people used 170 years ago, and we all know how well that turned out.
 Borkf: @Red Maybe the assignment was to arge for something you don't agree with (something everyone should try at some point).
 Red: when i was in school, sometimes you could get good marks on a shitty essay just for attempting to argue the "wrong" side. katie's playing the system
 tib gubb: I think she means "servant", but good effort.
 Warrax: The secretive goo was Katie all along. Good work unmasking her, mighty mutant power turtles.
 jochenau: @fanny it was a psychic team effort!
 fanny: @jochenau ha! you beat me to it!
 Tiramisu: I wonder if this essay ended in a parent-teacher conference.
 eyg: Sometimes you don't even realize how white your school is.
 fanny: @XLY she didn't dot her letter i's with hearts
 Tiramisu: @XLY Maybe the teacher couldn't bring themselves to give a full 100 to a pro-slavery essay?
 jochenau: @XLY -10 points for not dotting the "i" in her name with a heart
 LogicKitty: If you change slaves to children, you only get a call from child protection instead of a lynch mob
 XLY: Katie! You can be my slave and it'll be soooo cool! also what did she lose points for?
 Coolguy: I never have and never will, have that nice of penmanship
 Xeno: Just shows how far society has come since...2010.
Image 95203   04-03-16   Uploaded by    McBomalds
 Catcat: Fast and Amphibious
 eyg: Forward, Brothers and Sisters! The old world is behind us!
 willowsprite: Hey, guys! Guys! Check this out! I'm riding a rhino! Hahaha!
 Warezlock: Don't matter...had sex.
 Tiramisu: "Heigh ho, Silver! Awaaaaaaaay!"
 Warrax: Is this where horny toads come from?
 TurkeyVulture: Our love is forbidden.
Image 95202   04-03-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Merlins beard: these 3D commercials keep getting more realistic, I'm impressed
 Scoo: Viral Marketing: you're doing it right
 Xeno: Lost his temper.
Image 95201   04-03-16   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
 danny: blah blah robo-nuclear Hitler plans, the secret of Narnia, we're all going to live in "New Atlantis". I'm bored with this old drivel
 originaluser: @eyg lolz
 Aspirin: Lock this degenerate up.
 Knice: Shorten your sentences. I'm fucking exhausted now.
 TrollAscetic: words...........
 WaffleIron: I read the whole thing and didn't get a prize. SPITE RAD!
 Xeno: Just goes to show you: One man's treasure is absolutely everyone else's garbage!
 Warrax: We need more of the harmless kind of crazy in the world, and less of the harmful.
 eyg: TL ;semicolon; Doctor.
 TurkeyVulture: I am very glad I read this; however, I don't believe friendly spaceship was the proper place to find it.
 Nope: *tries to click show less*.. right.. jpgs... fuck
Image 95200   04-03-16   Uploaded by    dingding
 CrustyDusty: @ch ch ch cha ching!
 ch: @Warrax that's what happens when you have an input field that is smaller than it should be
 WaffleIron: Top of the borkf to ye!
 Warrax: @ch My favorite lemonade is 100% orange juice. Thanks Bing Crosby.
 ch: "Bing Crosby here for Minute Maid Lemonade. You know, I've tried other lemonades, but they just give me the squirts. Minute Maid is 100% orange juice, and mmm boy does it taste good. Good boy."
 willowsprite: Y'all come back now y'hear?
 Prombom: Guise of diversify the uninformed
Image 95199   04-03-16   Uploaded by    CrustyDusty
 CrustyDusty: @willowsprite: beat ya to it. SO frustrating not being able to snuggle this little fuzzpupper.
 VoR: Squeee!
 willowsprite: This pupper is so cute I am going to cry.
 Tiramisu: Whee!
 Mexico: A fitting but sad name/upload combo. You're a jerk, @The Dog Dies.
Image 95198   04-03-16   Uploaded by    The Dog Dies
 Mr. Shine: *sigh* "Thanks, Grandma." *puts on shelf next to Picklemon and Transmorphers VHS tapes*
 tib gubb: almost impossible to tell from the real thing.
 Janston: Classic BHS Video Gum
 Warrax: Best way to battle secretive goo is with a secret of your own. Or a few secrets. There's so much going on here I can't explain. If I were a secretive goo, I'd be well and thoroughly vanquished.
Image 95197   04-03-16   Uploaded by    Picklepuss
 Janston: @Penultimate Grunongo patented Skinner burgers? Well I'm from Utica and I've never heard the phrase 'steamed hams' before.
 Micro Jackson: Mmmmmmmmmmm steammmmmmmmm
 Air Biscuit: Greenlight getting out of hand.
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Janston You mean steamed hams. It's a regional term.
 XLY: God damn, I want to eat there real bad now
 Janston: All I see are hamburgers on the menu.
 Xeno: Vapor lickin' good
Image 95196   04-03-16   Uploaded by    ppr4
 Mr. Shine: "43?! In a row?!"
 indolentia: rule 43
 Dr. Bathroom: I tried searching for "43" at pornhub, but I'm not getting what I expected.
 willowsprite: Last day on the job. 0 fvcks given.
 Red: i can't wait to see what's painted on 69
Image 95195   04-03-16   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
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