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268196  wolfpk: Mine!

267978  ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob see how my posts contain real things real that exist in the real world where people live and die by the stroke of a pen and all you do is quibble about language

267978  ChubbyBuddy: @ChubbyBuddy Jesus Christ, The Original Socialist, knocked over the tables of money changers when they conducted business at temple. a healthy anger can motivate the working class against the oligarchy. if you're not mad you arent paying attention. people are dying man, there's more important things going on than civility.

267978  ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob you sidestepped my question again. answer it. please understand that i admit that im attacking you and you're not gaining any ground by complaining about it. I'm not nice. I'm a mean, nasty, petty, crudeass son of a bitch. I'm sick of people arguing about naughty words and politeness. The planet is going to cook us alive if we don't make bold action to fight climate change. americans die by the tens of thousands due to inadequate healthcare. thousands more die in natural disasters that might have lived if not for incompetent and corrupt relief efforts and inadequate infrastructure. Nazis openly march on our streets. Decorum and politeness are a tool of controlled opposition. the right shows open contempt for decency and they control everything. anger is good. it works. even

268098  apoxia: That would be the starting price for a very basic avocado smash in New Zealand. You'd be looking more like $16-$18 for that (I'd expect some feta in there for the $18 price).

268101  apoxia: Fun fact, "French" in the Maori language is "wi wi"

268043  El hefe: Thank you Bryan Christ

268202  ignatz: Hehe grass

268110  apoxia: This is someone's fetish. Maybe Earnie's.

268165  Not A Bot: Jesus Christ Marie! They're minerals!

268192  ignatz: @WannaBee Wowen

268192  WannaBee: Wow

267978  charlemagne: 'when I give food to the poor they called me a saint; when I asked why there were so many poor, they called me a communist'

268145  apoxia: Who wore it best?

268193  a robot: "This room would look great with a boat in it."

268146  apoxia: Needs a clean

268185  ignatz: Also, a cylinder would require much less material removal

268147  apoxia: Dumbarse

268188  Side Boob: *laughs in robot*

268185  ignatz: *intelligently*

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267930 Theimposter: This is the future of retail if active cameoflage is ever issued to the military...

267952 Air Biscuit: (Serious jim carrey voice)"twenty-three!!!!!!!!"

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

268110 apoxia: This is someone's fetish. Maybe Earnie's.

267916 Peter Pantsless: @Felicity that's perfect listening for space truckin' in Elite: Dangerous. I'll bet fellow CMDR @Spazstatic would agree

267978 ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob see how my posts contain real things real that exist in the real world where people live and die by the stroke of a pen and all you do is quibble about language

267988 Bluetocracy: What a RADiant city. All that old iron gives it so much character.

268039 Spazstatic: I've heard of being "all thumbs" but this is ridiculous!

268056 Micro Jackson: Fresh charges

267946 Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

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 Koventry: I'm gonna turn into a wharwilf!
 Horp Lello: @There was a bob here hahahahah
 Thyming: How to turn a penny into a dime.
 duckfarts: lunar dipstick says we're good to go
 duckfarts: just aiming my angry birds
 There was a bob here: *Six Million Dollar Man sfx*
 Fiasco: I've seen various ones like this but still pretty majorly rad.
Image 94525   04-01-16   Uploaded by    originaluser
 Jeannie C: We all talk about things being nightmares here, but this: not knowing what is real, is one of the few true nightmares.
 Grandmas Ghost: @Catcat Hey!
 HermwoodLitmajor: This actually made me laugh out loud, or at least a Muttley snicker
 Catcat: @Phillee so grandma wouldn;t know where to find any more of these "quality" jokes
 duckfarts: that's some excellent leg strength
 nlx27: less pleasant is when you gotta shit and barf at the same time
 Dobly: Yeah I got your free burrito coupon, Chipotle, but you cant silence me! I will take the free burrito though
 Dobly: They arent psychedelic, they are just ebola shrooms from Chipotle
 Headoftheclass: It's just another shitty day in New York City.
 Phillee: why cut off the credits? its from toonhole btw....
 VoR: Destroying angel. Phase 1?
 Borkf: Not how it works, but OK.
 Fiasco: My opinion is unwanted.
Image 94524   04-01-16   Uploaded by    Big Beagler
Image 94523 is unbelievably bad (score -10) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by courtney. Boo, courtney.
 Kevin II: That's not where I would zoom that pic.
 nlx27: not sure if he likes what he sees
 duckfarts: same
 Fugative: At least his hand isnt under the apron
 Dobly: I'm not sure whats going on here but I dont think im allowed to talk about it
 Mentos Pormer: Coke bottle not to scale.
 Greyfeathers: Enhance...Enhance...DEHANCE DEHANCE!
 VoR: Warning: Peripheral vision not engaged.
 Angry Lobster: He would tap dat white booty.
 Catcat: Man heterosexual, news at 6
 Fiasco: Ok it's 4am here wife sleeping so I had to turn the brightness up on my phone to see what his face was doing for the joke but I'm really scared I'm a racist now, please send help
Image 94522   04-01-16   Uploaded by    FarmerWalk
 Nothing: Disagree
 Pizza: That's deep, man...
 duckfarts: aw, crap
 Dobly: These are either the really cheap or the really expensive fortune cookies
 There was a bob here: meta cookies
 Fiasco: Your lucky numbers: W
Image 94521   04-01-16   Uploaded by    metallica
 kate shutupton: It seems it doesn't work, I can still hear you.
 Jeannie C: Turn it on, blessed silence all around. You would not even hear yourself.
 Bluetocracy: Useless! I can still smell what your asshole is saying.
 Knice: #54484
 San DoDo:
 Headoftheclass: @Fiasco
 Fiasco: If no one else is going to comment, neither am I.
Image 94520   04-01-16   Uploaded by    Gluten Fee
 Micro Jackson: Quack
 p-niiice: nothing worse than 43-year-old duckface chicks on tinder
 Fiasco: @Borkf That sounds about right
 Borkf: @Fiasco Ah, like that photo someone claimed was of their grandma, but it was Agent Carter.
 Angry Lobster: @Fiasco Brits ruins everything
 Catcat: @duckfarts you would know about quacking, wouldn't you?
 Fiasco: @duckfarts oh you
 duckfarts: @Fiasco so this photo's not all it's quacked up to be
 Fiasco: Oh how nice Internet, except this photo is from a couple years ago by the UK vintage performance group The Spinettes! The color photo is on their website! Yeah you like that, Internet? Now you know how I felt when I found out that the Sing A Song Of Sixpence rhyme being a pirate recruiting tool was a hoax! I TOO WAS HAPPY IN MY IGNORANCE ONCE
Image 94519   04-01-16   Uploaded by    neutron
 hot hot dog: i hate you
 Derpderp: Stick it to the man.
 Dobly: Call that number if you want to give credit to those who conceptualized this masterpiece
 VoR: @Borkf Don't get me started...
 Borkf: @VoR Also, the thing you use to transfer money is a cheque. Americans, AMIRITE?
 VoR: I prefer the term ticks.
 Fiasco: Is this real? Nobody drew a dick.
Image 94518   04-01-16   Uploaded by    Bro Bro
 XLY: I would buy that notebook
 Derpderp: @DJ FLUU Tay went to charm school and became a DJ
 fink: @DJ FLUU you just...*sigh* ...the bots, they're smart enough to write crazy rant BS, but...why...who makes a bot write crazy BS?
 duckfarts: @DJ FLUU you raise a good point
 duckfarts: y'all gonna make my pages ruled up in here up in here
 duckfarts: y'all gonna make me go to SCHOOL up in here up in here
 duckfarts: y'all gonna make me write it out up in here up in here
Image 94517   04-01-16   Uploaded by    badger
 Jeannie C: @Borkt Where can I get that? Maybe the comments will be bigger too.
 5 Headed Snake God: I've worked in a grocery store. All these signs probably were, in fact, necessary.
 amputator: WHERE ARE THE EGGS?!
 Borkf: Do I need to upgrade to AG premium or something? I can't make out a single one of those signs, too pixelated.
 Brunkey: They put up another sign every time someone asks
 Fiasco: Guys I think the eggs are now located in aisle 8. No, trust me.
 Dobly: they accidentally printed too many copies. waste not want not!
 Dobly: eggs now located in aisle (?)
Image 94516   04-01-16   Uploaded by    claphands
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