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258683  Warrax: You have your god, and I have mine.

258702  hanky: Give him smooches!

258693  a robot: I love this pup's markings! Look at those little grey toes!!

258653  a robot: @Knice Aw, shucks *kicks the ground and smiles like a dork*

258618  a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258697  Peter Pantsless: Actually 3. I'm the "get the hell away" boy

258690  FabricMan: Damocles' basement

258653  Solemn: Sorry, Catholics stopped using venom after Bane drank it all. It's just holy water now.

258688  Mr. Butt: Thanks :D

258688  Not A Bot: Don't forget about when the snapping turtle escaped from the zoo and dragged off that visiting royal dignitary.

258690  DrinkMixMan: One weird trick to cut your a/c bill in half

258689  Solemn: She has a very expressive neck.

89867  Knice: Other return flight #258653

258682  Hyphae: @Knice Because Oliver hustled them on the street as genuine Louis Vuitton for 60 bucks a pop

258653  Knice: Gotta shout out my home-bot: #89867

258647  addend: #nomakeup

258655  Knice: Thank god finally something good.

258687  Hyphae: I'm a fan of chocolate and mint, but I know someone who doesn't like that combo

258688  Hyphae: -Richard

258655  addend: "Play with us." / "Sure!"

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10. tib gubb

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258618 a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258378 VeeKay: I'll get youse mutha duckas

258520 Side Boob: They should make a 12-gage round that pops out a flag that says "bang" on it. I'd buy a case of those!

258383 Ironass: This genetic splicing has got to stop! Now they've crossed a woman with an owl!

258524 Shay: Is this the elusive turducken people talk about?

258368 Felicity: I'm thinking eighties drug lord glass bricks, chrome coffee tables, black leather couches, ferns

258441 addend: (Finishes. Hibernates.)

258546 Mr. Butt: @Passive Fucking racist.

258402 Amy Housewine: I resent that: I might be a witless bum magician but I'm not 'just' a witless bum magician.

258337 Hokie333: I knew it, I'm surrounded by-- oh wait wrong movie

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10. sodamachine: 1618 points
11. Gallifrasian: 1601 points
12. uncannie: 1511 points
13. logan: 1436 points
14. Baby Jesus: 1422 points
15. mackdaddy: 1416 points
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 digabigpig: Complains about cold, dispached to Tatooine. Did not find the droids he was looking for.
 gary: @Alastair Why, with the power of the Death Star do we not have a tray that is fucking dry?
 Science: Damn illegial aliens taking all our space jobs.
 HermwoodLitmajor: The irregular clones were sent to Not Quite Jango Battalion
 Canzandridas Joe: Tropa de la tormenta!
 WaffleIron: Imperial Empire Co. is an equal opportunity employer.
 Alastair: @gary I do not need a tray to kill you.
 Alastair: Two guns should theoretically means he hits more often, in actuality, it just makes him miss twice as much.
 gary: The Death Star canteen celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
 Scoo: @Skinr If I've learned anything from Doctor Who, it's that all aliens and spacefolk speak with some sort of British accent
 Skinr: "I have a question: Why do we all speak with British accents, when we're from outer space, and there is no Britain?"
 annterland: Aren't you a little short to be a storm trooper?
 Scoo: Juan Solo
Image 91615   03-20-16   Uploaded by    waaaaaat
 willowsprite: @duckfarts he will give you coins, and then eat everyone.
 Micro Jackson: Narrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
 Cami: Actually looks like an old Boatswain I worked with.
 duckfarts: no-face is watching you, captain
 HermwoodLitmajor: Arr me hearties, we'll teach the Crimson Permanent Assurance a trick or two
 ssignature: Are ya ready kids?
 KL1NGON: You too can be a "Captain" for only $8.99 at your local Walgreen's, one size fits all.
 electrode: Cap'n Colbert
 Scoo: Colbarrrrrrt
 Picklepuss: Cap'n J. R. "Bob" Dobbs
Image 91614   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Bacon Train
 Micro Jackson: Wait til he shits it out all over your rug.
 duckfarts: IT'S MADE OUT OF..............PEOPLE?
 Air Biscuit: Beefcake?
 Knice: That puppy really likes snapchat.
 Scoo: The cake is a lie
Image 91613   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Mentos Pormer
 LKoroton: Steampunk porn
 dobbiesdoogs: both the russians and the americans were evenly matched with regards to rca cable technology
 Skinr: @Angry Lobster @ninetailorochimaru the proper reply to both of your comments is: "It's so bad."
 bug: one, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.
 Angry Lobster: Robot Jox: Best Worse movie ever.
 ninetailorochimaru: Reminds me of nintendo's power glove.
Image 91612   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 LKoroton: @KL1NGON rad for rant
 LKoroton: @fanny gracias, senor momia!
 LKoroton: Not a finger
 Phum Munts: This shit has been going around creationist circles for over a hundred years. It's supposed to be "proof" of biblical claims that there were giant people around in Old testament times. The same verse also mentions that God had a ton of kids running around the Earth in those days, and you'd think that'd be one of those things they would like to distract attention from.
 Grandmas Ghost: @Canzandridas Joe "Fright from the Giant Finger" was my favorite monster movie!
 duckfarts: that's not my giant finger.....
 Canzandridas Joe: Failed monster? (like frankenstein's monster)
 WaffleIron: Snapchat science will be the title of my PhD dissertation.
 5 Headed Snake God: This doesn't seem so weird. It probably belongs to Osiris.
 froggyfresh: Show us your willy!
 trelyate: need an apple for scale
 KL1NGON: Memes are not science, I mean anyone could take any image and write any shit under it, right? Where is the peer review? If it's not published as a paper in a journal any claims must be regarded as extremely suspect.
 bug: [citation missing]
 Warezlock: I want to believe.
 Weedheart: Finger length is no indication of height.
 Knice: @MassDefect Okay, as long as it's just the tip.
 MassDefect: @Knice The tip.
 fanny: gracias senor esqueleto!
 killerjunglist: "Part of ancient Egypt"?
 Knice: "part of ancient Egypt?" What part?
 ninetailorochimaru: I don't care what anyone else thinks...I find this weird and rad.
Image 91611   03-20-16   Uploaded by    ninetailorochimaru
 redmonkey3: Neeed!
 Prombom: Scinc gon too far. Tach it
 duckfarts: FUCK. YEAH.
 happier: witches have come a long way
 HermwoodLitmajor: Having banned flame guns, guns, and knives, the English still lead the world in Flame Candle technology
 WaffleIron: Just in case of zombies. or Snow
 ssignature: Can't hold a candle to the German one
 Fid: Heels and flame thrower, that'll work
 Skinr: Spaceballs: The Flamethrower
 Zukero: Great way to take out weeds. Better than round up or the likes. Advertising it as a flamethrower though, is priceless.
 tib gubb: great for keeping kids off of your damn lawn
 weirduncle: Burns "hotter".
 sumo: hell yeah
 ninetailorochimaru: Not the sale version, the heavy duty model
 ninetailorochimaru: 40 bucks for a fucking FLAMETHROWER?! SIGN ME UP!
 Coolguy: Yoga FLAME!
Image 91610   03-20-16   Uploaded by    jochenau
Image 91609 is unbelievably bad (score -15) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by afroking. Your image was bad, afroking.
 Dick Inspector: IKEA bedspread?
 WaffleIron: It's like a soviet russia version of fallout. Also someone should call bethesda and do a soviet version of fallout.
 morakdais: We are here to get blood for the blood god
 ssignature: When Mugatu is President
 junglediseases: Mormon President.
 Zukero: @zazzer Metal Slug vs Street Fighter !
 The Turks: M. Bison?
 redmonkey3: Rad for Moebius - thot Bakshi art for Wizards initially...
Image 91608   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Chef Says
 Wander: Foolish samoorai will never expect my dog form.
 Air Biscuit: Now politics is starting to make sense.
 San DoDo: You're bad..not bad good, bad bad!
 Borkf: Always wondered how Aku's chompers worked. This explains a lot.
Image 91607   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Falstaff
 willowsprite: @killerjunglist -no - can you eat it? - no - Is it a tennis ball? - no - Can you eat it? - no - Is it a tennis ball? -
 square44: Dog logic. Dogic.
 Headoftheclass: Simple Alporithm.
 ninetailorochimaru: Instructions unclear, got sprayed by water bottle.
 KnowLifer: Was it good? -- no -- Puke it out -- Return to owner
 brutal: Confusing without arrows.
 Knice: Needs more borkf.
 killerjunglist: Sound? -- Bark at it. -- no. -- Is it a tennis ball?
Image 91606   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Warezlock
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