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263495  Otterman: I don't know what I'm doing!

263499  Solemn: When you raid with your friends...

263483  Robespierre: Designed to mesmerize

263498  Robespierre: Shit seen

263499  Robespierre: Something's touching me! Halp! HAAAAAAALP!

263489  VeeKay: That's cruel.

263491  VeeKay: Goanna rock down to Electric Avenue

263496  VeeKay: Unsubscribe

263498  VeeKay: "We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Hobbitses. Wicked. Tricksy. False."

263480  VeeKay: @Scoo Literally choking on bile here dud

263498  piranharama: That face when you can see time

263496  WTF: Porntub Time Machine

263507  norgu5: Aaaaand you're touching it. Gross.

263495  Solemn: The only way to dog paddle.

263497  Solemn: ;3

263465  Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263466  Solemn: "Hey, here's a cane! Now it's a crutch! Now it's a baby! And now I've ABSORBED the baby! Take that, David Copperfield!"

263470  Solemn: $3.49 here. On the beach, it's $4.29, and don't even get me started on the $5.35 guy that camps out about 30 miles up the highway. That's guy's about 16 kinds of an arschgeige.

263427  Air Biscuit: "Cats love it!"

263485  Solemn: We need more bathroom signs like this.

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

263357 Passive: Denny's has better pancakes and doesn't cost like fourteen dollars a short stack

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263293 Science: @Bohab: I'm pretty sure that, at this time, the wife's satisfaction was not a concern

263272 Science: *"Immigrant Song" intensifies*

263465 Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263297 tib gubb: is it self aware? that's all i wanna know

263229 Felicity: The fact that it's flesh coloured is what pushes it over the edge into the uncanny valley

263325 Science: @Felicity Give me Slack, or give me death!

263428 Jesse P: Really, the cat did it!


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 SomeCanadian: Here sir, have all my RADs. I'm clearly not using them as well as you.
 Darth Bater: @a robot :D thanks! Seemed appropriate for Q to show up as mascot.
 dakota: definitive aids
 majorchamp: Q disguised as our monster, awesome.
 redmonkey3: Sir Ian Stewart is behind mascot...
 Blimpet: Just relax and make it so.
 Mord Tingies: @AdamBomb286 I think you mean, "Such hngc h nhsch cxh t ht hhhtenderness"
 AdamBomb286: Such tenderness!
 a robot: This is super rad, fuckin awesome work @Darth Bater
Image 91469   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 Paint Chips: But son, thats...
 imaginary gf: woooooo @wampastompa
 tib gubb: ah, the jerk. classic.
 toad: Well, he WAS born a poor black child, after all.
 AdamBomb286: Still waiting for AG to send me my free oven mitt.
 dobbiesdoogs: navin, i'd love you if you were the color of the mascot's ass
Image 91468   03-20-16   Uploaded by    lebron
 Jonananathan: Feature #1: ameliorates neighbors' shame over their own lifestyles.
 Headoftheclass: Geez...someone finally makes a remote control bedpan, and it's wasted on this?
 willowsprite: Rich consumer x greed and laziness + cheap foreign labour =
 kittylitter: Looks kind of like Darth Vader's should play the Imperial March as it slowly paddles toward you.
 a robot: @AdamBomb286 What is this, the Middle Ages?
 AdamBomb286: You mean it doesn't dump the booze and snacks directly in my gullet? No thanks, Skymall.
 wampastompa: a good way to die
Image 91467   03-20-16   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 SoyUnPerdedor: Must be AirBud's undergound hip-hop debut album from the 90's
 Jaunty Shrimp: I don't think I've ever been in such utter awe of a movie as the scene when Air Bud said, "I...drink...your milkshake...ARF ARF!"
 AdamBomb286: Bud, you rat! How could you give your own master the ol' spicy oil derrick?!
 Warrax: "Air Will Be Bud" is probably the absolute best film of the year, and this is due to more than the extraordinary talent of Air Buddy. At its core, it tells a story of insatiable greed, of how the lust for absolute power can drive anyone to be a bad doggy. Based on Upton Sinclair's novel "Arf!" the descent of canine basketball player Air Bud (Buddy, "Comet" from Full House) is long and slow, but it's definitely constant--he starts off in 1902 with drive, passion, and charisma, only to lose himself to hate, arrogance, and eating cat poop by 1927. By the end of the film, absolutely nothing about this dog is likeable, and one gets the sense that he wanted it that way all along: "I hate most people," he barks at one point. "I look at people and I see nothing worth licking."
 a robot: This is dumb, I like it +1
 dobbiesdoogs: i eat your milk bone! i eat it up!
Image 91466   03-20-16   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 Frank herbert: do I pick it up and eat it?
 Entertainmentalist: Sleep tight, pupper!
Image 91465   03-20-16   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Religion X: lolol @Picklepuss
 Doodle: An even crueler punishment is becoming a ginger
 morakdais: Is this eminem?
 redmonkey3: Ahhh TPP - falacious reagan era whore scum: 97% of funding consumed @ "administration" & two directors indicted for fraud !
 willowsprite: So do artificial food dyes. So only buy naturally coloured candy like the ones pictured below. VV. :)
 Teechur: Worst. Dye job. Ever.
 Chile Quornwrap: They'll dry erase...YOUR BRAIN
 AutoDisaster: Wait, you can get high off markers? Thanks for the tip guys!
 Mr.Cadwallader: and gives you neat hair
 Frank herbert: I feel........fine.....never..hurt me..... at all
 Picklepuss: bad news for kids with scented markers, I guess
Image 91464   03-20-16   Uploaded by    StuporFly
 Borkf: @carpwoman They're a bit flatter and wider and have different chocolate (Nestle rather than Mars). The colourings are natural as well, which is why the Blue one disappeared for a few years, then came back a bit paler.
 SomeCanadian: My opinion is unwanted (and obvious) here
 sandwiches: So....smarties are like M&M's but better?
 Doodle: American smarties taste like chalk ;-;
 ShamWOW: smarties are WAY better than m and Ms and ms
 LKoroton: South of the border they are called Esmartis and Roques
 Borkf: American Smarties sound lame. I won a secret agent invisible ink pen from (proper) Smarties once.
 willowsprite: Canadians, eh? Sorry. ;). @Alastair but they taste so much better!
 AdamBomb286: American Smarties: 1949 Canadian Smarties: 1937 Dang, they got us on that one.
 ron mexico: hey youse got a problem canada???
 Retromancer: instructions unclear: GF's pubes full of chocolate.
 a robot: You mean different things can have different names in different places? PREPOSTEROUS
 Alastair: Screw you Canadian Smarties, you're just pretentious M&Ms.
Image 91463   03-20-16   Uploaded by    willowsprite
 your nana: teacup hippos are all the rage
 LKoroton: Awwwww you don't have to skin for cooking
 bug: Never, ever shave your pikachu.
 Frank herbert: it's ugly . kill it. that's how the selective animal loving works right?
 Knice: You're mammalling wrong
 SoyUnPerdedor: peach fuzz
Image 91462   03-19-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 rand0: bet these guys have a fishladder too
 Cami: What's neat is any boat displaces it's weight in water so the bridge load is constant regardless of boat traffic.
 redmonkey3: @A duck may i visit ? I am Very "not from around here"...
 A duck: Now people from Amsterdam and Venice will feel right at home in our city
 boxboxbox: Uses for Roman aqueducts
 Frank herbert: quick. flip over the side
Image 91461   03-19-16   Uploaded by    NO JOKES
 Anus: A ghost could be humping through this door right now and you would never know
 wampastompa: this is obama's america
 Knice: Username/ Upload= A+!
 sassysass: Don't come a-knockin'
 dobbiesdoogs: fuck you i do what i want
Image 91460   03-19-16   Uploaded by    luxbu
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