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216127  Skaalar: No joke, I used to work for a restaurant supply company and this guy with a 97 Camry came by one day. He bought a professional grade dishwasher which is about five and half feet tall and three feet wide. Had us strap it to the top of his car and said hed manage. The first turn out of the parking lot and that sucker nearly flipped him over .z

216140  Pudding: The emperor of the sea

216058  sumo: The chlamydia scares me more than that....

216132  addend: Where do I click "Accept"?

216134  addend: "Not one of them offered me any".

216058  p nut: Thanks for letting me know that I needed to look at its hand. I wouldn't have done so otherwise.

216141  addend: @addend You expect the caret sign to appear twice in your post...

216141  addend: You expect 10243 bytes. They only give you 10003.

216058  l0dan: Changing a picture into something less funny isn't an accomplishment.

216142  addend: If Gam-Gam knits you a sweater, you wear it, itchy or not.

215984  Bohab: I think that guy works at papa johns...

216059  jadensmith: Shred Flanders

216142  eider: The 'nip must flow.

216154  sumo: I think don't think he's been tending to his web in awhile. Probably got cooked by the light.

216140  Skinr: @DrinkMixMan WOMP WOMP

216154  parrotsnest: Soon to be biggest damn spider

216152  BlarfyB: Or his head.

216060  younglink: No, that's a pretty big Husky.

216099  Bohab: @jazzjunkie shell siverstein was creepy

216096  Greek Fire: "We can make it if we run." "No, we can't. We're being hunted."

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216098 bobby: That's uhhh... a rather loose butthole

216000 apoxia: My mother takes plastic plates when she goes to a pizza restaurant as she doesn't think it's proper to eat right off the big wooden block with the pizza on it. She also takes her own instant coffee to a cafe as she doesn't like strong coffee (she lives in New Zealand where we actually know how to make espresso coffee, not like most places I've been in America). The jar she takes it in is a urine specimen jar. I win.

215977 apoxia: Prescient. People are either on their phones or on a computer.

216003 Beeble: "You, uh..... You gonna eat all that?"

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

216040 Annoying Vegan : Anybody up for some twatwaffles?

215998 piranharama: When she says - Go ahead, I dont mind

215989 Mad Collager: @PushyWebsite Did it become a tuba when it reached adulthood?

215938 FatTigerWoods: The abyss stares at you even when you're not staring back

216067 Cami: @foreversmug Do you have the CSI suite installed?

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 Headoftheclass: DM: "You walk into a well-lit comic book store, and see a Level 10 Neckbeard Orc squatting amongst his stash. You draw your long sword in an attempt to hack through the chin pubes and escape. You roll a d20: CRITICAL HIT! The blue altar he was crouched on collapses under the dead weight. You search the orc for valuables, but find only a small vial of anal lube and a pocketful of used spankerchiefs. "
 Ulillillia: Strongest table ever
 Wumph Morms: Jabba's son is doing great.
 Morpen Lungus: Very funny
 Jaunty Shrimp: I found his soulmate #91333
 hurr: and then the table crashed
 Janston: Dradel Dradel, mother fucker.
 Poop van Pants: Come to the comic store in the next 15 minutes for an ass crack picture
 Angry Lobster: The nerd asscrack chaser.
 a robot: The legend returns.
 vincenzo: my favorite set of pictures from this guy is his series of asscracks at a MTG tourney
 Knice: That table is tha real MVP.
Image 91351   03-19-16   Uploaded by    sports
 KickassHellyeah: try to smile throughout the dive - the judges say it looks more graceful
 Ulillillia: Allllllll righty then!
 omgpro: Trying to fart this hard can't end well.
 mark64: @CastleBravo you made me bust up, sir
 a robot: Oh yeah, I can feel it.
 CastleBravo: BRAAAAAAP. (Spins off into the sky).
 mrdiron: calm.jpg's brother
Image 91350   03-19-16   Uploaded by    Janston
 redmonkey3: @Mitchell @Jaunty Shrimp old(er) tattoo of shark; can't say @ laser - they leave scar in shape of (former) tattoo image but why shark wasn't incorporated into Pizza dermagraphic is unknown. Cover / incorporation work is VERY difficult to do... maybe artist wasn't capable or willing or paid.
 Thedude: Take another little pizza my heart now baby!
 mark64: gross, pepperoni.
 Idontknowszz: Yea ok, but did anyone notice that the crust looks like it has bunch of penises on it?
 Jaunty Shrimp: Is that an injury below the pizza? Wtf
 guest: at least he shaved his nip hair for this pic
 willowsprite: Used to be a lightning bolt. This is better.
 Mitchell: Why is the pizza levitating? Is that a tattoo shadow or some dirty artifiact or the remnants of laser removal?
 Knice: It's okay; it's a mipple.
 Nope: Over his heart. Fitting
Image 91349   03-19-16   Uploaded by    drilldo
 Mr Mumble: Dumb but funny...
 CastleBravo: Ha ha. I remember when books came on paper. Such a wasteful time that was.
 Angry Lobster: So true.
Image 91348   03-19-16   Uploaded by    alex
Image 91347 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Dobly. We'll pray for you, Dobly.
 Grandmas Ghost: I would stand there all day keeping people from closing the door
 Mumbo Dingus: @killerjunglist holy loly
 Super star fails100: Help I'm trapped my leg just popped off!!! Help
 Jaunty Shrimp: It's Pop Goes the Weasel, not Pop Goes the Motherhumping Frog.
 ann: Hey bill, is this the plauge of frog I've heard about?
 Robespierre: @Musician Clearly, I will be the one destined for the Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
 Musician: Jehovah's Witnesses leaves flyers except during passover when they leave one of the seven plagues. Hint: hide your first born male. This is NOT an internet rumor.
 killerjunglist: You have tripped the F.R.O.G. security system. RIIIIIIBIT! RIIIIBIT! RIIIIIBIT!
 a robot: Orders are nobody can see the Great Oz! Not nobody, not nohow!
 Cami: Don't slam me, bro.
 Scoo: You shall not pass!
Image 91346   03-19-16   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 AdamBomb286: Your gonna love your cellmate's nuts.
 TFChicken: Dude from The Wire fallen on hard times
 Yam: And then Billy Mays died
 trees: McJudgeJudge Jr.. wheres the tigers
 Robespierre: Salute To a Carny
 guest: guys we're gonna make america lean again
 SoyUnPerdedor: He ded
 hnnngh: Sham Wow is great for cleaning up hooker blood!
 Scoo: sham-whoa
Image 91345   03-19-16   Uploaded by    becca
 Ass: My god, the layers of nuance there are to be uncovered in this little gem. It's like a goddamn political onion it's got so many layers.
 dobbiesdoogs: where did the paper come from?
 WaffleIron: Then the canadian beaver murders them both and Justin Trudeau becomes world dictator.
 Robespierre: They got the hair wrong for both the bear and the eagle.
 killerjunglist: Bear and eagle agree to throw irresponsible statements and deepening suspicions down a steep gorge where they belong. A good cartoon.
 Knice: "Borfk." "Cheep."
 hurr: *your point
 hurr: if you want to show 2 animals and make one a bear the other an eagle everybody knows who will win that point?
 hnnngh: Political cartoons were always heavy-handed and unfunny, I knew it!
 Amy Housewine: "Aw dangit, I've lost my deepening suspicions. Goddamn lack of opposable digits. Hey, eagle, will you fly down there and grab that for me?"
 Scoo: something something ol' spicy Cold War
Image 91344   03-19-16   Uploaded by    AutoDisaster
 Doodle: A real baller
 Headoftheclass: "Yes, he was a public school bus driver."
 big h: bet he drove a souped-up 38 Ford V8, twin carbs, Denver heads, overdrive
 a robot: The question is, did he die how he lived? Driving a car full of young women, drinking whiskey while shooting a gun?
 ann: can confirm.
 robobigfoot: i get all my news on whats viral from local tv broadcasts!
 Janston: And oddly, from the day he was born.
 Amy Housewine: The younger women didn't always appreciate his intentions. After one regrettable and painful incident, he acquired the nickname 'flathead'.
 Trumpysucks: God speed Flathead, and a flight of gun toting, Camero driving, younger women sing thee to thy rest.
 a robot: He lived the dream.
 Scoo: Fun fact: if you're the oldest person on Earth, then every woman is younger
 stomachcake: He died because he tried to enjoy an older woman, but she coughed up a spider and they both disintegrated in a cloud of dust.
 hnnngh: much younger?
 CastleBravo: A true man passes. A sad day.
Image 91343   03-19-16   Uploaded by    younglink
 Super star fails100: I WANT THAT DOG!!!
 FatTigerWoods: Why not just poop in the dustpan?
 skunkrocker: It would be much more impressive if it could use the toilet instead of shitting on the pavement.
 ch: Puddles scores a delicious chocolate chip cookie in the park.
 Cami: Bag it and on a cold day you have a hand warmer.
 hnnngh: I wish.
Image 91342   03-19-16   Uploaded by    Merlins beard
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