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216123  addend: Also, scratched all your vinyl and CDs.

216116  Skaalar: I tolerate how you snort laugh at every picture of a pet you find.

216028  wolfpupy: FUCK YOO REDDIT RESPONDERS. I'm a pretty mermaid!

216127  Skaalar: No joke, I used to work for a restaurant supply company and this guy with a 97 Camry came by one day. He bought a professional grade dishwasher which is about five and half feet tall and three feet wide. Had us strap it to the top of his car and said hed manage. The first turn out of the parking lot and that sucker nearly flipped him over .z

216140  Pudding: The emperor of the sea

216058  sumo: The chlamydia scares me more than that....

216132  addend: Where do I click "Accept"?

216134  addend: "Not one of them offered me any".

216058  p nut: Thanks for letting me know that I needed to look at its hand. I wouldn't have done so otherwise.

216141  addend: @addend You expect the caret sign to appear twice in your post...

216141  addend: You expect 10243 bytes. They only give you 10003.

216058  l0dan: Changing a picture into something less funny isn't an accomplishment.

216142  addend: If Gam-Gam knits you a sweater, you wear it, itchy or not.

215984  Bohab: I think that guy works at papa johns...

216059  jadensmith: Shred Flanders

216142  eider: The 'nip must flow.

216154  sumo: I think don't think he's been tending to his web in awhile. Probably got cooked by the light.

216140  Skinr: @DrinkMixMan WOMP WOMP

216154  parrotsnest: Soon to be biggest damn spider

216152  BlarfyB: Or his head.

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215938 FatTigerWoods: The abyss stares at you even when you're not staring back

216040 Annoying Vegan : Anybody up for some twatwaffles?

216098 bobby: That's uhhh... a rather loose butthole

216003 Beeble: "You, uh..... You gonna eat all that?"

215989 Mad Collager: @PushyWebsite Did it become a tuba when it reached adulthood?

215998 piranharama: When she says - Go ahead, I dont mind

216000 apoxia: My mother takes plastic plates when she goes to a pizza restaurant as she doesn't think it's proper to eat right off the big wooden block with the pizza on it. She also takes her own instant coffee to a cafe as she doesn't like strong coffee (she lives in New Zealand where we actually know how to make espresso coffee, not like most places I've been in America). The jar she takes it in is a urine specimen jar. I win.

215977 apoxia: Prescient. People are either on their phones or on a computer.

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

216067 Cami: @foreversmug Do you have the CSI suite installed?

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 skillet: Come to the ass hole in 15 minutes if you... Oh, never mind.
 Mr. Shine: The Urban Mole-Donkey is a rather common subterranean pest in southern Europe and parts of Asia.
 Prombom: Progressive than most one ever here, Generation.
 redmercer: Me, fuck work. im not feelin it. yeah,...
 waterudoin: Well, ya see, the problem is your spillway flush regulator. If you don't get that thing checked every coupla months...what? Oh you think just cuz I'm a donkey I'm not qualified? Typical...what an ass..."
 Oh Don Piano: Saddam found
 Niels Bohr: This is the proverbial cold well-digger's ass.
 Air Biscuit: Get out of here stalker.
 Ratty: Live action Shrek coming along well
 killerjunglist: "HI. I see you found my hidey-hole.. Well, you might as well come in, then."
 Gargoyle: My ass is stuck in a well. No really...
 Warrax: Holey appropriate.
 indolentia: below ground: tijuana sex show
 MassDefect: You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
 Scoo: This is the proverbial "ass from a hole in the ground"
 Ulillillia: Christ, what an ass hole.
Image 91200   03-18-16   Uploaded by    forkbear
 Ulillillia: Airbus
 Fid: Guy in red jacket "We can't go on meeting like this."
 Fid: Guy in red jacket "We can't c]go on meeting like this."
 Warezlock: Hey lady, I dare you to open the window.
 charlemagne: Micheal O'Leary's wet dream
 a robot: It's only a matter of time
 Cami: It can't be cold with all those bodies in there....maybe those on the outside.
 Gargoyle: And it's still $300+ to fly anywhere.
 Scoo: On the other hand, it would be awesome to have windows that big on airliners
Image 91199   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Social Vegan
 Mr. Angry: At least they're reading the signs. #91112
 BlarfyB: Asslan.
 Viles Davis: Tom of Nazareth.
 VoR: not the coolest thing he's done.
 Wolfechu: Guy kept his boots on though. This obviously wasn't a slow buildup of events.
 Wolfechu: Guy kept his boots on though. This obviously wasn't a slow buildup of events.
 Entertainmentalist: WWJD? He'd join-in your illicit gay tryst with a lion, apparently.
 Entertainmentalist: WWJD? He'd join-in your illicit gay tryst with a lion, apparently.
 Entertainmentalist: WWJD? He'd join-in your illicit gay tryst with a lion, apparently.
 Peddy Tenderglass: That's called a daisy-chain.
 Skaalar: I kinda never wanna see this again, but I also kind of want to save this and inflict it on other people.... Decisions....
 charlemagne: didn't expect this in Animorphs
 l0dan: i actually laughed
 morakdais: Jesus loved the little furries
 killerjunglist: Jesus is a loving weirdo.
 indolentia: this porn is intriguing.
 Warrax: Jesus Christ I'm a lion. Kids, get in the car.
 Ulillillia: Jesus-Aslan tag team
 stomachcake: "Why is there only one set of footprints?" "That was where you were eaten by a lion that i happened to be carrying at the time."
 Scoo: Where can I buy a print of this? Asking for a friend...
Image 91198   03-18-16   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
 Skaalar: Oh god, this weird sensation is coming over me.... I can my lips curling!! Is this 'The Happiness' you humans constantly fret about!?
 tib gubb: right channel - a purring kitty
 prospector: fuck the police
 Gargoyle: Best blanket ever.
 Knice: This post gave me the eye-abeetus.
Image 91197   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Korrok: @a robot I see what you did there.
 youshall: death is certain
 TFChicken: My opinion is unwanted.
 a robot: Ugh, not another "fake android girl," pretending to be a robot on the internet to seem cool.
 Urchin: Sandy Duncan looks weird here
 Gargoyle: On the next Doctor Who...
Image 91196   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 p nut: Uh....Marble Maimonides!
 Urchin: "Awk"? Are they birds in eerily convincing human costumes?
 Warrax: When your ass engine misfires #justgirlythings
 trelyate: maybe cut down on the beans, blondie
 stomachcake: That's what she sed! LOL UNIX IS FUN FOR EVERYONE
 hnnngh: What are you doing here, nerd?!
Image 91195   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 Larp Belb: Durrrrrr....
 Prefuse: When the catnip hits
 Skaalar: Hypno Cat says clean his junk. Or feed him. I don't speak cat.
 dickbutt: Dude. DUDE. We've been over this. When there's a hairball on the doorknob, wait a few fuckin' minutes ok?
 indolentia: you want to get in on this?
 Cami: Don't eat the brown catnip.
 Ratty: Live action Shrek looks good
 Warrax: Could ya knock first maybe?! Jesus.
 Gargoyle: Wasssup
 Zukero: Just waiting for #91184 to operate hu ?
 Scoo: Just playin' with mah hairballz
Image 91194   03-18-16   Uploaded by    jem
 AutoDisaster: The real food chain.
 icloud: Glenn Beck has improved his graphic design skills.
 carpwoman: TL;DR
 Air Biscuit: And the green grass grows all around, all around
 runny999: not bad
 indolentia: finally, an easy to read diagram answering all my questions.
 Warrax: ... and that's how I met your mother.
 Gargoyle: How the US government functions. We can't make it out, either.
 Zukero: All evidence point to your girlfriend being responsible for assault helicopters.
 There was a bob here: ilerminty conformd
 stomachcake: Vote [1] on the Dharma Initiative
 hnnngh: I *feel* like there's a profound political statement here, but...
Image 91193   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 eyg: Jesus Jenkins!
 Turts: Did you know he does in fact show up after the credits to get his money
 KingTrebek: @guest why'd I watch it or why didn't I recognize it?
 grizzly: Shit. I know shit's messed up right now.
 tib gubb: his only crime:representin'
 becca: @Larfles double + for the idiocracy reference!
 Larfles: UPGRAYDD i meant, fuck.
 Poop van Pants: You see, a pimp's love is very different from that of a square.
 inthrees: I want to die
 guest: @KingTrebek lol why come?
 KingTrebek: @guest wow. I just watched that movie and I didn't recognize this
 clayjar: hmmmmmmmm
 guest: upgrayed
Image 91192   03-18-16   Uploaded by    annterland
 Bluetocracy: It's Tank Girl's feline friend, Tank Cat.
 Dick Inspector: @hnnngh Panzerkatze. During the Second Consonant Shift, t changed to 'ts' (spelled as 'z') in many instances (and to s in others, hence 'water' vs 'Wasser'.
 frankie: And here I thought he'd just play in the box for the wooden cat-sized tank.
 grizzly: It's a purrman tank.
 indolentia: sequel to the famous brad pitt flick: Furry
 morakdais: M1-sweetums
 Warrax: This invasion of Poland failed.
 ron mexico: No wonder they lost that war
 hnnngh: Panzerkatt, feuer!
Image 91191   03-18-16   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
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