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249076  redmonkey3: What @fanny said - UNCOOL.

249078  redmonkey3: This really IS nice.

249079  redmonkey3: Got carried away @ "repeat until complete" did we ?

249084  WannaBee: Maybe if he had used the word please.

249085  redmonkey3: Born 2 Bung

249078  Not A Bot: Go back to Stormfront with this shite.

249086  redmonkey3: Getting a carton tomorrow - important he live forever

249087  redmonkey3: Bitch, i'm fabulously zen

249088  redmonkey3: Awful lack of ergo @ chair dates it for those of us not recognize console for Evil Overlord v3.7

248913  redmonkey3: Is this Dan Harmon and other creator of R&M ? (apology to other creator)

249084  kinggheedra: the only thing women like more than nude requests is being asked to read paragraph-long text messages

249053  E. HONDA: that's right, you probably won't see it before it attacks

248946  SuedeOxford: @Air Biscuit Dan, can't you see that big guhreen tuhree?

249073  Dr Awkward: Uncle Ricoh is living in the past, AND the future.

249093  Nope: Image bot, what the fuck? I see this like 6 times a week

249066  WannaBee: Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again

249085  Nope: @glenalec thats the biebs!

249076  Dr Awkward: Chunk is the OG Neville Longbottom.

249079  Dr Awkward: This is BED

249081  Dr Awkward: Fatty?

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248965 glenalec: I'm always understandably relieved when my pee is clear thru yellow because it's like fuck year my kidneys aren't bleeding today.

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248841 Science: I'd frame that, to be honest

248968 Christina: @raditzu rly!

248935 glenalec: @savvoy - Genuine LOL. Nice one!

249016 Ironass: I like someone with a little more enthusiasm than that.

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248937 Micro Jackson: That's too bad

248999 Entertainmentalist: Stays mostly within the mammalian phylum!

248966 raditzu: still better than tidepods

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 LKoroton: Your spit is funny, go check your gums
 SomeCanadian: This is the spookiest vagina I've ever been associated with.
 hnnngh: We get it, you vape.
 Warrax: Your uterus is science-fictiony
Image 91147   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Poop van Pants
 ch: annnnd fuck the word substitution
 ch: Though the anomaly had obliterated 99.99999% of Earth, a few scattered fragments fucked off to distant corners of the universe. The last wireless transmission of an actual image of a human was tightly whack offped around a piece of its own freely-chosen body art, a heart-shaped pizza slice labelled "A PIZZA MY HEART."
 big h: heart disease?
 Mike Michael: It might be interesting, but its kinda terrible and un........
 SomeCanadian: This is okay until Dominos starts stuffing your coronary arteries with cheez-substitute.
 hnnngh: Pizza shit.
 Warrax: Pizza's okay on occasion.
 Picklepuss: oh, oh, bake it, bake another little pizza my heart now, darling
 jem: Pizza is nice
 Darkasnoon: Eat your heart out
 mrmaestro: Challenge accepted
Image 91146   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Crispy Liquid Taquito
 Bile: Is this eminem
 Bob: Nope.
 ThatGuy: @Side Boob asking the important questions in life
 Side Boob: How did he get a beard below his ears?
 morakdais: I want to hit him with a racket
 Zukero: That's his disguise to get his revenge from #90906
 Scoo: We get it, you tennis
 funny in the wall: Jauntism's no joke
 Warrax: I admire the dedication and planning that went into this poor decision.
 Sadbot: My dog would love to chase this man's head around the yard
 Merlins beard: Not sure if I'm going to watch the Simpsons movie 2... I liked it better when they were cartoons
Image 91145   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Janston
Image 91144 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by queezy farm. Boo, queezy farm.
 morakdais: Fun fact, the Norse hammer of Thor was co-opted by white supremacists via nazis
 morakdais: She should be using a mac and an iPhone
 9inchfails: @hurr @Merlins beard @SomeCanadian Just looked up Celtic cross on Wikipedia. I had no idea that the symbol had been embraced by white supremacists. Such a shame. Prior to five minutes ago I would have pegged her as a hippie for having a celtic symbol. Awww crap.
 wolfpupy: Wake up sheeple, they did this on purpose.
 hurr: that comment beneath was meant to be "at" you @Sadbot
 hurr: i am from germany and i can spot nazi shenanigans from 50 ft away. especially cause i hate those bastards...and since the right wing is on the rise again...smh
 iwash: And I don't think she's expressing her love of Back to the Future
 iwash: She has an '88' tattoo on her other hand
 Merlins beard: @Sadbot @hurr Trump-supporting woman sues tattooist after discovering 'Celtic Cross' is really white supremacist symbol?
 hurr: oh and btw : proving nazis don't understand politics...."oooh he said sth against brown people?! i like that guy" well yeah ignore the stuff about ruining your life...focus on racism
 hurr: me that's just a celtic cross...but then again the swastika got a bad rep 'cause dem nazis aswell
 Sadbot: Maybe PBS is like me, and wouldn't know a white supremacist tattoo unless it's pointed out
 A Post Office: Badded for her friendly spaceship-related white supremacism ( @bug )
 IM AN ASSHOLE: @SomeCanadian I still see a Celtic cross.
 Youll Cowards: @bug You have a good eye. If I could (+) your comment more than once, I would.
 SomeCanadian: @ping Note the dorsum of the right hand.
 bug: Radded for her friendly spaceship shirt
 lolnotrly: Are the tattoos visible in this shot? I see what looks like a dragon on her arm and a Sun cross (possibly a Celtic cross) on her hand. The Trump sticker has a correlation with white supremacists but it's not definitive. Have I missed anything?
 Mr. Whiskers: White supremacists are their own worst advocates
 indolentia: thumbs up to PBS.
 Jeannie C: Or, maybe they did.
 reply: Orange Power
 Knice: shocking
Image 91143   03-18-16   Uploaded by    SoyUnPerdedor
 robobigfoot: Oh, boythey sure picked the wrong guy to lynch that time! And that thought had a brother: There are right people to lynch. Who? People not well connected. So it goes.
 Billy James: "Player Piano" and "The Sirens of Titan" are actually better than a lot of Vonnegut's books that English teachers and critics rave about. They don't get nearly enough attention for some reason though.
 AdamBomb286: So it goes.
 Urchin: I didn't realize Vonnegut wrote specifically for panthers, that explains a lot actually
 Rent A Dog: never post here again
 hnnngh: Rad for Vonnegut and for campy sci-fi book cover.
 Warrax: I hate it when my tiny throat man tries to escape. Biting is the only language he understands.
 Lestrange: He's got a lifetime of sinus trouble ahead of him
 Lestrange: He's got a lifetime of sinus trouble ahead of him
 indolentia: So far ahead of its time. Proteus was the man.
 Unbathed: So glad it is not a piano.
Image 91142   03-18-16   Uploaded by    guest
 A duck: The Jaguar controller wasn't that bad, ergonomically. It's very big, but molded to make it easy to hold.
 dobbiesdoogs: i didn't think the controller was that bad. but then again, i was the only person to prefer the "duke" controller to "s" controller on the xbox
 AdamBomb286: Adding to the AvP love. Also, it was a huge pain in the ass to learn the buttons because I did not have the template for the number pad.
 trees: first comment
 Antimony: Thank god no-one's ever reused the controller the way they keep reusing the shell of the console itself.
 morakdais: I remember avp, val'desere skiing and metal storm, jaguar was pretty much awesome for a weekend that your CDI broke
 Dan Tagonistic: A quick Wiki tells me that wasn't true in the slightest
 Dan Tagonistic: Played the only console version of Syndicate as I remember
 icloud: Did this double as a phone?
 A duck: Jaguar Alien vs Predator was rad as fuck.
 A duck: Hell yeah, Atari Jaguar. Bought one used just so I could play the Jag version of Alien vs Predator (the only good version, until AvP 2 for PC)
 Gargoyle: You can play a game and order a pizza at the same time.
 SomeCanadian: @Alastair I like kitties.
 SoyUnPerdedor: is the number pad for phone calls?
 funny in the wall: Wow that looks to be the opposite of ergonomic. rad!
 Unbathed: @Alastair I believe that it was powerful enough to run Oracle Server.
 Alastair: The Jaguar was a horrible console with a terribly designed controller. Radded.
Image 91141   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Shay
 mackdaddy: NOW MORE EXTREMER. who the fuck leaves the room
 doop: When the face painter at the fair is an art school grad.
 Warrax: Just needs #91135 and the ensemble's complete.
 indolentia: a painting of a man with a painting on his face. so meta!
 Merlins beard: these peel-off mask designs are getting ridiculous
 Blimpet: This is his natural skin tone.
 Knice: Pictured: One patient mofo.
Image 91140   03-18-16   Uploaded by    KyleisBobDole
 junglediseases: NUT TO BUTT, PEOPLE!
 carpwoman: He's behind me again, isn't he?
 booger: I wonder who would win if they fought.
 indolentia: above: how everyone stands in line at the DMV.
 Gomi Day: (heavy breathing)
 Eleftheros: I find your lack of boundaries disturbing...
 Scoo: You smell niiiiice
 Joe Bird: I had always figured Vader to be the Butch in that relationship.
 Darth Bater: This is not the service I ordered.
 Knice: SFX: *vinyl stretching noise* "eeerrrrrrrrreererr..."
 Air Biscuit: Im still not touching you.
 Mitchell: *SNIIIIIF*
 hnnngh: Darth Vader's gonna be sore in the morning...
 Gargoyle: I can't quit you.
 AutoDisaster: Meninists only :)
 Warrax: Swiggity-Supeity
 This is obviously: Sneaky-man to the rescue!
Image 91139   03-18-16   Uploaded by    flatluigi
 rand0: @doop I got to figure that joke was the reason entropy uploaded that in the first place
 doop: @rand0 doh, commented before I saw your comment.
 doop: Shouldn't the fine be $451?
 rand0: hehe @hurr
 hurr: what what what??? @rand0
 Extreme Locorito: thank you jesus
 rand0: More like $451, a hurr hurr hurr
 Gargoyle: Or you may be fine $540 or $539...
 Warrax: This is fined.
 Darkasnoon: Don't worry, maybe you will be fined, maybe not, depends on how high the Ranger is
 aoaoaoao: Are you serious
Image 91138   03-18-16   Uploaded by    entropy
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