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233349  jazzjunkie: @Teechur Area Man would be outraged!

233370  fanny: except for those three days

232865  Mr Bleak: Instructions unclear: dick caught in ceiling fan. Again.

233366  Korrok: Korrok approves....

232874  Mr Bleak: @Side Boob Oh, Cod: you don't even feel gill-ty... have you no Sole?

233370  barfolomew: Specifically, 4chan.

233364  jazzjunkie: This is too timely

233372  Sadbot: @Side Boob The American male's

233385  glenalec: I suck goats!

233376  jazzjunkie: Mmmmmm, blueberry!

233376  barfolomew: Being female on Halloween: the two options.

233269  trelyate: You can always rely on the Polish!

233334  AlexDeLarge: @Mad Collager Yvan Eht Nioj

233379  sparename: Widening the circle of one's friends

233376  Side Boob: Step right this way, Ms. Beauregarde. The Oompa Loompas will take care of you.

233372  Side Boob: @Sadbot Who's ideals are we talking about here?

233363  VoR: Stranger things has taught me to stay away from trees

233367  VoR: She's crying cos she wants pineapple.

233364  DrNinjaman: Eh, I'd hit that

233382  glenalec: #thirdworldproblems

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8. BavidDowie
9. VeeKay
10. Captain Marsupial

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233169 vape station: my sides hurt @FabricMan

233177 Teechur: @fanny Yes, as you said, a good piece of fruitcake is delicious. I've had enough of the other kind by accident to avoid it altogether.

233166 Mr. Whiskers: Hep the titis

233167 glenalec: vv ASCII, do you speak it? Aggrogator! :-P

233267 Robespierre: I take it the Lord told them to do this

233152 kornisjon: Rad for addressing bad behaviour.

233157 BavidDowie: Finder's keepers

233237 Himesama: I really hate this.

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233217 VeeKay: Tom of Finland Police.

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 indolentia: your tale bores me. [yaaaaaawn]
 Christina: Time for some dentistry.
 annterland: I bet he can fit both his fists in his mouth.
 copunter: bat boy seen at local zoo
Image 91117   03-18-16   Uploaded by    guest
 doop: ... TOO quiet.
 Mitchell: @Agamemnon Triforce Rush hour (AM & PM), shortly after sunset on a Friday, and school start/end times are ones I check.
 Mr. Shine: *Thriller bass line starts* "Darkness falls across the land/ the midnight hour is close at hand/ when creatures crawl in search of blood/ and terrorize y'alls neighborhood. . . . . ."
 Agamemnon Triforce: Should we ever move again I'm making sure we drive through the neighborhood at important times of the day and week.
 ur mom: ...until the zombie apocalypse
 anonymous: Mt Hope Ave and Mt Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY
 Air Biscuit: False advertising : neighbors across the street will play "the monster mash" loudly on infinite loop
 WaffleIron: You can call the cops all you want but they just wont stop dooting.
Image 91116   03-18-16   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 Christina: Swag meltdown!
 bug: Attack on Liver
 Gargoyle: Attack on Jger
 Angry Lobster: You can kill anything with that Jaggermeister, even a fucking Titan.
 Alastair: Wir sind die Saufer!
 Gomi Day: trying to make a clever attack on titan pun, here, but i'm hitting a wall.
 redpeepee: For dinner. OKAY THIS HAS GONE ON FOR
 Joe Bird: "Have no fear! Captain Date Befriend is here!"
 Robespierre: 12 seconds to Foureyes' "why-did-I-bring-all-this-useless-shit-with me?" meltdown
Image 91115   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Trumpysucks
Image 91114 is unbelievably bad (score -10) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Pickle Dick. Your image was bad, Pickle Dick.
 Pickle Dick: Bernie Sanders public transportation
 ur mom: don't kink shame
 Robespierre: @VoR Ah, but it's as Hatfield and The North once posited, "There's No Place Like Homerton" - or Aylesbury, for that matter.
 VoR: I always think this one is my hometown. Weird that.
 Scoo: Things like this make me look forward to getting old
Image 91113   03-18-16   Uploaded by    doop
 Entertainmentalist: This sign is confusing. So, apparently dog fouling is unacceptable, but since the illustration of what appears to be dog fucking doesn't have a line through it, that's OK?
 Mr. Skeltal: So obviously the sign means someone has already done it
 Shay: No harm, no foul doesn't apply here creep.
 WaffleIron: Signs signs, everywhere the signs! Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind, do this don't do that, cant you read the sign?
 Gomi Day: Morally Inept slumps his shoulders and shuffles away
 jadensmith: stupid
 Picklepuss: I Think I'm Going About This Cat-Breeding Thing All Wrong
 VoR: Cat Fouling is socially acceptable though.
Image 91112   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Warrax: How did people even survive in a world without circle-drawing robots?
 Angry Lobster: @Moe Burt I, for one, welcome our new robotic Overlords.
 Moe Burt: Ah, I remember the good old days, when robots were OUR slaves :)
 Scoo: #justlogothings
Image 91111   03-18-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 werterland: They have all picked their new best friends.
 XLY: @LKoroton yeah... they look like they only stopped holding hands long enough to take the picture
 junglediseases: War never changes.
 funny in the wall: At least wear each other's faces...
 Warrax: This tale of unrequited loves is complicated.
 Christina: Disgusting!
 SoyUnPerdedor: "you're in our turf now. If you want to get out alive, you're going to get our faces silkscreened on your shirt mofo!"
 LKoroton: Somehow gay, but I believe it wasn't the idea
 dragon horn: whatever this is, its terrible
 KL1NGON: Whyt do poor people of the world all wear those same dirty-assed sandals?
 Knice: The face-like markings on their torsos foil predators into striking away from their heads, thus improving their chances of escape.
 Sadbot: Sandalz Crew
 Scoo: Phun with Photoshop
Image 91110   03-18-16   Uploaded by    snipdawg
 Warrax: That ain't my knife. That was here when I got here. I don't know nuthin bout no dead bird.
 Skaalar: "Please, step into my office. Complimentary knife?"
 WaffleIron: I'm on a sneaking mission
 SomeCanadian: Bruce the knife-cat is pretty awesome. Needs a whole series.
 SomeOtherCanadian: This was Bruce, he was a good, albeit strange, cat
 nlx27: @zazzer same breadbox here. it was great
 Mr. Skeltal: I used to have a breadbox like that when I was a little kid. My folks kept random crap in it, spilled out awfully whenever anybody opened it. Never a knifecat though.
 Catcat: I lost a friend like that!
 Scoo: Rad for Polaroid
Image 91109   03-18-16   Uploaded by    SomeOtherCanadian
Image 91108 is unbelievably bad (score -14) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by hat thrab. We'll pray for you, hat thrab.
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