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233217  Peter Pantsless: "Aren't you going to frisk me?" "Sir, you're not under arrest." "...can you do it anyway?"

233217  GoGo Robotto: Police Stripper Squad

233212  kornisjon: If that's for one brownie, I do expect them to be 4:20 related.

233175  trelyate: just because you can doesn't mean you should

233217  Ulillillia: Eins, zwei,

233179  trelyate: this isn't Narnia...

233181  Ulillillia: We miss you in the Senate, doggo

233203  NoRagrets: Apparently Im too colorblind to read this.

233203  Dr Awkward: So, like, copulate with someone with color vision deficiency?

233185  Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233187  Ulillillia: 'Cause you're beautiful, like no other

233194  Ulillillia: Love, I get so lost, sometimes

233189  trelyate: when your press operator has a sense of humor

233213  Ulillillia: Consuela's phone

233205  trelyate: go back to your homeworld already

233207  trelyate: the hair is spot on

233198  addend: (Telepathically reprints OMNI magazine.)

233167  glenalec: vv ASCII, do you speak it? Aggrogator! :-P

233103  Peter Pantsless: That was quick! Thanks again everybody. PURPLE POWERS ACTIVATE…

233210  tib gubb: it is monday, my dudes

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1. zrj235
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6. VeeKay
7. Mr. Shine
8. Ulillillia
9. Yurishiro
10. carpwoman

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233022 glenalec: On the up-side this may just be muddy water (inland Australian soil is exactly that colour).

233068 Mr. Shine: @Teechur Version 2: Famous actor Henry Fonda was having health problems, so he went to his doctor, who diagnosed him with dilated cardiomyopathy, that is, an enlarged heart, when the chambers become too weak to properly pump blood. After questioning him about his habits, upon finding out Mr. Fonda enjoyed drinking absinthe in the evenings after dinner, the doctor angrily demanded he stop immediately. When the great actor asked why that mattered, the doctor looked at him and said "EVERBODY knows, absinthe makes the heart grow, Fonda."

233055 Mr Bleak: Boaty McBoat ... waddya mean, it's been done?

233032 zrj235: i invented one recently called KUNG FU KITCHEN. 523 bonus points if you can guess how to play.

233067 ping: @copunter Not a position I would want or be any good at. Am very content standing on the shore, throwing pebbles in, and watching the ripples spread. Thanks, though.

233103 Peter Pantsless: That was quick! Thanks again everybody. PURPLE POWERS ACTIVATE…

233056 Robespierre: @Mr. Whiskers As an erstwhile Singapore resident I can attest that this is true.

233072 sparename: Mannequinned Mission to Mars

233157 Scoo: @Felicity Appears to just be a broken alias to ResEdit; it's not rocking the awesome Mac-in-the-Box icon

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

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 CrustyDusty: Aggro + Gator = not sleeping *here* tonight :/
Image 90713   03-16-16   Uploaded by    nlx27
 static xyz: ps - yer hood is shit
 miller: dont concern me
 cran vodka: we run out of cat memes finally? thank god
 CastleBravo: ((glarbp))
 Air Biscuit: I picture this conversation going on with cobra commanders voice.
 KL1NGON: Welcome heck, but look at all the "royalty" below before patting yourself on the back.
 heck: I've hecked off to blue rank
 willowsprite: Where's the hood photo that comes next?
 Mr Mumble: Whaddyou know, snakesman? You ain't got chompers.
 San DoDo: @Knice ikr, this is very confusing
 Knice: @San DoDo They can't really do that, I hear.
 San DoDo: @Knice specifically asked not to
 hnnngh: I'll reward this effort.
 Knice: *treads*
Image 90712   03-16-16   Uploaded by    vincenzo
 a robot: OH GOD NO
 Headoftheclass: (pop!)
 Vanna: Oculus Expelliarmus!
 SomeCanadian: Neat *CLICK*
 A duck: "Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see."
 kittylitter: Do wot now?
 indolentia: an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
 misterjoe: I'm scaroused
 San DoDo: A real eye popper
 Gargoyle: He's smiling. I am cringing.
 Mexico: This is an act of devotion for Sufis during festivals. I think prayer's enough for me.
 NoRagrets: *pop* Auuuughggghhhhh!
 Lestrange: Eye eye!
 Knice: I do this a lot more often since I climbed aboard the Spaceship.
 CrustyDusty: Sure thing, I'll keep an eye out for him!
Image 90711   03-16-16   Uploaded by    Blimpet
 J. Random Bozo: Shut up and take my money
 hapi papi: nope. bed-side use only.
 a robot: @Knice Hooray! People are paying attention to me!
 carpwoman: I had one of those...uh, lamps.
 Joe Bird: Wow, Lowe's never carries rhis sort of thing!
 a sedated moose: All your base base, base, base / all your base, are going to touch
 indolentia: well, if you insist.
 willowsprite: Hardy har.
 Frank herbert: cuz you know im all about that base, about that base
 Bad Dad: I actually laughed
 Gargoyle: I say this so often
 Scoo: you can touch my shiny metal base!
 robocop: I'm game!
 Knice: -a robot, 2016
 CrustyDusty: I'll take your entire stock. How much?
Image 90710   03-16-16   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 becca: yessssssssss
 indolentia: the only image that someone makes emo rad.
 WaffleIron: Maybe I'm doing it wrong, "emo-gator.coms server DNS address could not be found."
 Frank herbert: star-gator
 Magma Safe: Ace-ogator?
 Air Biscuit: @your nana and radvote every day, righhhht
 your nana: i love how his paw is flashing the horns: the devil's in the details!
 Muncharito Beanworld: Blackstar
 your nana: i, wanna a g g r o - g a t e all night
Image 90709   03-16-16   Uploaded by    ping
 Zampano: this solar system is fuckin dank as hell
 james: puff pass you little bogarting goblin!
 Headoftheclass: What the hell is that kid smoking? (can I have some?)
 hurr: i am so baked right now...i love this
 a sedated moose: @Jaunty Shrimp there an app that'll tell you.
 indolentia: she's sucking them in. she is the world destroyer.
 NoRagrets: I fucking knew it!
 jochenau: Genesis as retold by Norman Rockwell
 Frank herbert: 3 jupiter moons?
 Jaunty Shrimp: Do kids even blow bubbles anymore or do they have apps for that?
 hnnngh: That kid is faded af
Image 90708   03-16-16   Uploaded by    Blimpet
 A duck: I'll fookin 'ave ya, mate! You'll get fookin' rekt!
 willowsprite: How could you bring this home, human?
 tina: roflmaogwbbq
 Scoo: y r u so smol? i am pupper
 hnnngh: "Y r u so smol?" "None of ur borkfin bsns!"
 ping: Your necklace seems to be barking at me.
 Meow: bork bork bork
Image 90707   03-16-16   Uploaded by    Blimpet
 Stoner: Tinkerbell got a little fat. Is she pregnant?
 Ukulelemike: Marrying Bildad the Shuhite?
 White Rice: @WaffleIron What do you mean we can't get the shot with a regular sized spoon & glass? Fine, build giant ones then!
 fanny: @willowsprite is Tony Danza doing the tying, then? I might be ok with a young Tony Danza tying me up.
 CHA: Tiny bride in a blurry shoe. Sums up the marriage pretty well.
 willowsprite: @fanny no, it's "hold me close, don't tie me down, sir."
 Frank herbert: thumbelina. sadly died during honeymoon sex
 Air Biscuit: This is a bad omen as the saying goes "married in a shoe, youll wish you were through"
 CrustyDusty: @fanny My brane is full of lol :D
 Knice: She loafer to big for she gotdam feet
 fanny: @CrustyDusty no, no, no... it's "hold me closer Tony Danza." common mistake.
 CrustyDusty: Hold me closer, tiny dancer....
 your nana: she's a shoe-in for best bride
 WaffleIron: Someone call Orson Wells, we need some deep focus up in this shot.
 fanny: I thought the little old woman who lives in a shoe would be older
Image 90706   03-16-16   Uploaded by    sports
 Derpderp: @willowsprite You want to chilly down by the fire?
 Cami: I friend.
 a robot: Dinosaurs walk among us!
 Fugative: I knew skeksis were real!!!
 willowsprite: Hey, her head don't come off!
 Gargoyle: The new Big Bird is kinda awesome.
 San DoDo: @your nana YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Good one :)
 tib gubb: TASTIES, YEAH!!!
 your nana: oh hi mark
 CrustyDusty: I hope those a breath mints, bro.
 funny in the wall: what sort of dog is this?
 chhumphrey: "I *am* smiling!"
 Knice: Not all babies are cute.
 your nana: all kids love log!
Image 90705   03-16-16   Uploaded by    your nana
 Mr. Angry: "...BIG JIM SLADE, former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs..."
 Unstableton: @Warrax So his dad's name was literally Rocky Johnston? Huehueuhue...
 ethernet: Image Balto. trumps early years
 morakdais: and she grew up to become the first lady
 Warrax: Young Dwayne Johnson with his father Rocky, also a wrestler.
 Frank herbert: do you even lift bro?
Image 90704   03-16-16   Uploaded by    peeper
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