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249700  tib gubb: a drug addict would say those things

249637  tib gubb: join us...

249650  tib gubb: the secret ingredient is celery salt... and drugs

249660  tib gubb: so if you're wondering how pooping is handled on the side of a sheer mountain face, here you go

249709  OldKentuckyShark: General Tarkin!

249693  GoGo Robotto: I want a giant and gentle DOG as companion!!!

249696  GoGo Robotto: @Joseph Stupid sexy fucking miata...

249700  grizzly: Likely story! Get a job, you bum!

249689  GoGo Robotto: Just looked it up, yes it's a dwarven planet. In Illinois it's a real planet, though.

249696  Joseph: Now I want to know what happened to that miata

249697  Joseph: This fish is not happy

249698  Air Biscuit: "I aint no scrub! Im on the drivers side of my best friends ride!"

249698  Joseph: This dog is happy

249699  Joseph: This cat is happy

249673  Joseph: This saves the planet, but kills my will to live.

249697  grizzly: Death from above.

249692  Air Biscuit: "E ust umped n ere by mselff. I shwere"

249675  sparename: It's the time of year to play Secret Sanitation

249695  well duh: Squompas

249696  FabricMan: Somewhere, the Emperor is cackling

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9. dangerkeith3000
10. Teechur

The top ten most commented-on images today:

249509 Lunimeow: Be right back, gotta take a me.

249492 savvoy: From the days before cars had seatbelts

249591 hajjpodge: Start with Cleveland.

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249451 Warrax: The ladies call me stretch nuts.

249635 Vinochet: no left turns in Albania

249488 tib gubb: yall done fucked up!

249660 tib gubb: so if you're wondering how pooping is handled on the side of a sheer mountain face, here you go

249643 Shay: What's Eating Gilbert's Grape?

249431 WTF: It's not text, there are no black bars nor is it crude or overly sexual... I'm cool with it reappearing.

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 5. WannaBee: 3912 points
 6. dangerkeith3000: 3087 points
 7. Vanna: 2645 points
 8. Not A Bot: 2365 points
 9. wordjones: 2197 points
10. Warrax: 1992 points
11. aeroaero: 1878 points
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Image 90416 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by yawgmoth. You have brought shame on us, yawgmoth.
Image 90415 is unbelievably bad (score -13) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by ottorongo. We'll pray for you, ottorongo.
 james: Your kid's ugly
 Agamemnon Triforce: I had a dog who liked riding in the graco baby carrier.
 chhumphrey: Puppy needs a nap
 Knice: Sleep tight, pupper.
 a robot: Better than a real baby
 flowers: fuck you
Image 90414   03-15-16   Uploaded by    Winterneuro
 chemical: @indolentia Come on
 indolentia: neato
 Christina: Are the table and the pencil drawings too?
 Air Biscuit: "Take on me" is real!
 Chinese Buffet: Not Escher? Don't bother.
 Scoo: Deleted scene from Better off Dead?
 Magma Safe: A thing that shouldn't be!
Image 90413   03-15-16   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
Image 90412 is unbelievably bad (score -2) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Magic Bullets. We'll pray for you, Magic Bullets.
 carpwoman: Oh my god. Really?
 Warrax: Must be one of those people that skypes with just the top of their head.
 Fiasco: @SomeCanadian You know, I had thought you already were.. It was because I browsed from my computer for the first time in ages. Your dot was blue and then switched before my marveling eyes.
 willowsprite: Oh, Steve. We love you but you're so silly sometimes.
 Bolt Vanderhuge: nailed it
 SomeOtherCanadian: Both.
 SomeOtherCanadian: Also Harper blows. Or blew.
 SomeOtherCanadian: @Fiasco @SomeCanadian it would be nice to skip blue. Up vote the shit outta this!
 inthrees: He achieved maximum stability this way. Viewfinders are for pussies who can't aim their camera properly anyway.
 SomeCanadian: @Fiasco I've been purp for like a month. You're thinking of @SomeOtherCanadian
 Fiasco: @SomeCanadian Hey congrats on purp! I think I literally just watched it happen.
 inthrees: Our long national nightmare is over.
 Fiasco: @SomeCanadian No no, what you are describing is a terrifying nightmare scenario that no just God would allow. Please reconfirm.
 SomeCanadian: Stephen Harper is like the George W Bush of Canada, except there are no term limits and no way to vote him out of office.
 Fiasco: ...Oh, but I DO feel wickedly common!
Image 90411   03-15-16   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 Anus: @DOW Jokes are more like: What did the ghost say to the bees? Boo, bees!
 DOW: its a joke @DonkeyPuncher!
 gumble: Come to the park on Saturday if you want a good inspiring
 NoRagrets: While you were learning Judo, I mastered the Blade.
 Air Biscuit: Can you monetize inspiration?
 hurr: how many mistakes can you find? judo : wall running, judo : board breaks, park : wall running
 Science: Mac, you don't know Judo, you're just an asshole.
 jochenau: This sounds more like Rex Kwon Do than judo.
 Anus: Barry Goldberg?
 HermwoodLitmajor: I'd probably show up for that
 Knice: I hope he'll karate chop my butthole.
 Borkf: If there's no lightning coming from his feet, I will feel cheated.
Image 90410   03-15-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 WaffleIron: You will be paid in insiration.
 ch: i like women
 Warrax: Grandma helped her fart.
 LKoroton: A small wave might take this girl away
 Jaunty Shrimp: Starvation dental floss porn
 Bolt Vanderhuge: what if this girl farted HAHAHAHA
 SomeCanadian: Sick judo moves. This was worth it
 mrwiffler: oops
 mrwiffler: semi naked skinny chick obscuring a really nice seascape...
 mrwiffler: semi naked skinny chick obscuring a really nice seascape...
 Catcat: butt for ants?
Image 90409   03-15-16   Uploaded by    Johnny
 indolentia: that shit is hacks.
 Fiasco: @Eleftheros That's why my wife forced me to sell mine when we married. I had to beat them off with a stick, obv.
 Anus: Why park it at all? Can't he just use the built in arm straps and backpack that sucker?
 Eleftheros: This is why scooter riders get all the beautiful people
 a robot: @Fiasco Not wrong. Exactly right. For Weird Al is rad and Aerosmith is very, very bad
 Fiasco: @Catcat Haha! Wait.. Is it wrong I read that and hear Weird Al before Aerosmith?
 ignatz: Niche!
 Borkf: There are often little spots like this that don't have a sign or something. Ambiguous bike parking is a way of life.
 Catcat: Parking on the Edge / You can't help yourself at aaaall
 SomeCanadian: A rare vision of Our Lady of the Immaculate Parking Spot
Image 90408   03-15-16   Uploaded by    gorilla
 Dick Inspector: I know the feeling.
 LogicKitty: What do you mean there's no little brother here for me to take!?
 seam: you mean...wisdom?
 oregon man: this should be illegal......
 hnnngh: Hoo the hell is that?!
 Grandmas Ghost: Fearful.
 potato: dumb but funny...
 sorghum: Haha, owls, right?
 jochenau: Owl trained by Donald Trump to steal hairpieces.
 HermwoodLitmajor: Don't be one of those people who says "Bah! I'll never need a biting skeleton"
 Catcat: Owls! Everyone Is fond of owls! Except for mice and shrews and early 19th century ladies!
 bug: Spam mail from Hogwarts.
Image 90407   03-15-16   Uploaded by    BlarfyB
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