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215998  Relp: This traffic signal is cheating at "Red Light, Green Light".

215938  Yurishiro: Psssst...

215997  Derp Herpigan: Or even better is when you have to play a bootlegged game because the developers decided not to export out of their native country for whatever the reason.

215983  penguinslovebananas: Steam will trigger either type. Optical or ionization (ie. radioactive) since it effects both the optical clarity and the electric charge of the air around the detector.

215998  Derp Herpigan: Cuz you're stop and you're go, you're yes and you're no..

216003  dingding: My all time favorite caption for this picture has got to be 'Which episode of Breaking Bad is this from?'

215986  Korrok: Korrok approves...

216000  Derp Herpigan: @sports some stores like to change Black Friday into Blackout Friday. Especially if immediately following a strong ice storm.

216003  Derp Herpigan: @Pingu IRL so has Dobby it seems.

215989  Minnesotan: Dr Doom toots as he pleases!

216003  Pingu IRL: Harry has really let himself go.

215925  Prostata: lol dongs

215985  Derp Herpigan: TMW you find yourself in Sharks' territory and you are a Jets fan.

215936  Prostata: party hard

215989  bug: No doot.

215990  bug: @rockkstar I walk my dog in order to meet other dogs. People are generally disappointing.

216003  pirate: Why is dude BBQ'ing in a Boyz 2 Men outfit?

215991  bug: That's not how you wear knee pads.

215970  Prostata: he's the party Bard. Singing magical songs to give +1 THAC0

215998  Starry Lemon: I'm getting some mixed signals, guys.

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215731 WaffleIron: @Spazstatic : Almost. I was advising a coworker whose career aspirations were not being assisted by management.

215793 VeeKay: FFS Santa, just play skins or shirts.

215836 VeeKay: This is how you waste 82 course credits.

215938 Yurishiro: Psssst...

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

215782 Felicity: Id like to solve the puzzle

215746 cenecia: "I like money"

215785 Otterman: And you have the devil's curly hair!

215833 UltraBeverly: @Winterneuro TaintJuice (whom I love) tricked me!

215760 flatluigi: I think even Firefox has a minimum size requirement.

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 Yttermayn : BOOP.
 carpwoman: I didn't want to go to work today, either, but I did.
 StuporFly: But does he clean windows?
 Micro Jackson: Nah, it looks normal to me
 Knice: "Would you please karate chop my butthole?"
 Cami: Yes, very clean. I say again: WTF are you doing?
 unoplank: may i touch ur butte sir
 Paint Chips: I fart in your very specific direction
 indolentia: @Dr. Obvious he climbed out of the little window on the story above.
 Agamemnon Triforce: There are easier, and safer, ways to check your taint.
 Robespierre: Claude Raines, Second-Story Man, in action
 Lousy AI: FIGURE 21: Though most people would die performing stunts like this, young males are surrounded by a INTERNALIZED IMMORTALITY INERTIA or TRIPLE-I. This field will dissipate as they grow older and, by the time they are in their mid-20's, mot young men are woefully at risk to reprecussions from such things are drinking all weekend, getting drunk and playing on construction equipment, and falling out of trees.
 Janston: Cuckold.jpg
 FatTigerWoods: Crossfit has gotten really weird lately
 FatTigerWoods: Do you have time to talk about the dangers of fornication?
 a robot: @Dr. Obvious Maybe this is some sort of elaborate frat-boy mating ritual in progress
 m o l e m a n: Why is he running? The other guy doesn't seem so upset about finding him naked in bed with his wife.
 Catcat: Buttbutt
 stomachcake: Most impressive is that he managed to squeeze through that tiny window above.
 Otterman: Does this look infected?
 Albatross: Projectile diarrhea in 3 2 1
 Scoo: Spiderman, go home, you're drunk
 Sadbot: Made you look
 SomeCanadian: Nice butt.
 VoR: Toot
Image 89283   03-10-16   Uploaded by    twisty
Image 89282 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by DesertPlah. We'll pray for you, DesertPlah.
 Bluetocracy: Wait, what? No, "Thanks, Obama"? Guess the good times really are over.
 Micro Jackson: Throw it out
 Cami: There will be no milk today, children.
 crudites: You know, this is Apple's fault. If something doesn't work don't try to fix it. Call a Genius.
 willowsprite: Nooooooooooooooo!
 Sadbot: @a robot *flops about wrapped in a blanket*
 a robot: @Sadbot "Alas, an inanimate object has mildly inconvenienced me. I should never have even left the bed this morning.."
 stomachcake: Use my pen-knife, my good man!
 Knice: Dem struggs. So real.
 Sadbot: @VoR I don't know how to connect milk to self-pitying anxiety, but I'm sure she can find a way
 VoR: Send this to butthorn, It'll be a book next week
 Sadbot: I bet this can't be solved with even the dullest knife in the kitchen, better document my suffering which won't take more effort than solving my extremely minor problem
 crudites: Milk world problem
Image 89281   03-10-16   Uploaded by    nimbus
 Knice: I love items!
 SomeCanadian: Would you like to see an intrusive pop-up offering an upgrade to Windows10? No? Well here ya go anyway.
 VoR: I'll get you one day Mr Bill Gates!
 Fishy: They complimentary install Internet Explorer 2/5 stars
Image 89280   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Pikachu
 indolentia: larry david can't figure out skype.
 firesoup: Session for "Under the Sea". Clint Eastwoods fortune.
 your nana: note strategically placed pee-pad on the window to protect spray from naked spidemen
 CrustyDusty: Rad for name-content synergy. Also, 64k might be too much for Grandma...
 SoyUnPerdedor: "hi timmy, are you inside the internets?"
 Peddy Tenderglass: smellfie
Image 89279   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Commodore 64
Image 89278 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Lumb Blombus. Your image was bad, Lumb Blombus.
 hnnngh: @aristocat I was being facetious
 aristocat: Wow @hnnngh
 Cami: My reply to each outburst would be ...and it will be on the test.
 morakdais: He thought he signed up for socialism studies
 hnnngh: You can teach your kid your pinko communist propaganda at home, hippie.
 Urn BooUrn: Everyone you know hates being around both you and your child.
 Napoleon Bonaparty: How could you give my child the ol' spicy capitalist ideology?
 SomeCanadian: have you tried seizing the means of production?
 hnnngh: Have you tried teaching your kid not to be a little brat?
 jochenau: #ReasonsIDecidedNotToBeATeacher
Image 89277   03-10-16   Uploaded by    reply
 indolentia: "honey, you need to record the concert while i'm shopping at the flea market." "mmk"
 Janston: The struggle (to stand) is real
 harpooneer: @duckfarts He may well be dying, but I don't see much withering going on
 TurkeyVulture: Wow. I'm never uploading anything here with myself in the picture.
 Anus: Sweet totem
 SomeCanadian: I wash myself with a rag on a stick.
 Sadbot: Just thinkin fat dork things at a soft jazz concert
 jochenau: @duckfarts Then he could drink his Coors Light, too, to help him maintain his figure.
 duckfarts: why not buy tripod stands to hold the camera and phone for you so you can slowly wither away and die comfortably?
 CrustyDusty: That stick is a good thing; it allows the sweat patch under his arm-flab to dry out periodically.
Image 89276   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Stoner
 kayjay: Wea, Chetum, and Howe
 a robot: @Fiasco Or an episode of Car Talk. Legal representation by Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.
 Sadbot: No, I am not, I live in the 21st century where the comedic conceit of the henpecked husband should be long dead and buried
 Sadbot: Women, amirite?
 Fiasco: Yeah but she's represented by Wefindem, Make'empay, & Howe.
 Fiasco: Did we get transported back to a 1989 issue of MAD magazine?
Image 89275   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Colty Brumb
 Albatross: Come on guys, no love for Wes Anderson this morning?
 CrustyDusty: I hope I get spaced out, and suck the flies off the roof.
 duckfarts: then finally i will be at peace with my fellow aggronauts
 Ulillillia: me too thanks
 Poop van Pants: I must still be drunk I read this as " I hope the flies on the roof suck me off "
 Fiasco: Being human can suck but I not think you understand how roofs, space, or vacuums work.
Image 89274   03-10-16   Uploaded by    ppr4
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