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233149  piratepom: Rad for this @Captain Marsupial!

233203  ignatz: #140975

233219  Derp Herpigan: BAD for Alexisyd.

233217  Peter Pantsless: "Aren't you going to frisk me?" "Sir, you're not under arrest." "...can you do it anyway?"

233217  GoGo Robotto: Police Stripper Squad

233212  kornisjon: If that's for one brownie, I do expect them to be 4:20 related.

233175  trelyate: just because you can doesn't mean you should

233217  Ulillillia: Eins, zwei,

233179  trelyate: this isn't Narnia...

233181  Ulillillia: We miss you in the Senate, doggo

233203  NoRagrets: Apparently Im too colorblind to read this.

233203  Dr Awkward: So, like, copulate with someone with color vision deficiency?

233185  Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233187  Ulillillia: 'Cause you're beautiful, like no other

233194  Ulillillia: Love, I get so lost, sometimes

233189  trelyate: when your press operator has a sense of humor

233213  Ulillillia: Consuela's phone

233205  trelyate: go back to your homeworld already

233207  trelyate: the hair is spot on

233198  addend: (Telepathically reprints OMNI magazine.)

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1. zrj235
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4. glenalec
5. Felicity
6. VeeKay
7. Mr. Shine
8. Ulillillia
9. Yurishiro
10. carpwoman

The top ten most commented-on images today:

233022 glenalec: On the up-side this may just be muddy water (inland Australian soil is exactly that colour).

233067 ping: @copunter Not a position I would want or be any good at. Am very content standing on the shore, throwing pebbles in, and watching the ripples spread. Thanks, though.

233068 Mr. Shine: @Teechur Version 2: Famous actor Henry Fonda was having health problems, so he went to his doctor, who diagnosed him with dilated cardiomyopathy, that is, an enlarged heart, when the chambers become too weak to properly pump blood. After questioning him about his habits, upon finding out Mr. Fonda enjoyed drinking absinthe in the evenings after dinner, the doctor angrily demanded he stop immediately. When the great actor asked why that mattered, the doctor looked at him and said "EVERBODY knows, absinthe makes the heart grow, Fonda."

233103 Peter Pantsless: That was quick! Thanks again everybody. PURPLE POWERS ACTIVATE…

233032 zrj235: i invented one recently called KUNG FU KITCHEN. 523 bonus points if you can guess how to play.

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233157 Scoo: @Felicity Appears to just be a broken alias to ResEdit; it's not rocking the awesome Mac-in-the-Box icon

233056 Robespierre: @Mr. Whiskers As an erstwhile Singapore resident I can attest that this is true.

233055 Mr Bleak: Boaty McBoat ... waddya mean, it's been done?

233072 sparename: Mannequinned Mission to Mars

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 StuporFly: and THAT's enough for me.
 harpooneer: @morakdais yep, might as well go for broke
 Warrax: @Korrok tHis wOrked tHank yOu
 Skaalar: ........................................................................Would.
 Korrok: @CuriouSir @White Rice My bad! There was an minor accident at our facility, one of the prototypes got loose. As for your problem, try updating the main system drivers and clear his cache. The you'll want to turn him off and leave put him in the fridge for about a half hour. After that you can boot up in safe mode to make sure everything is still there, then reboot normally.
 White Rice: @CuriouSir baby hands, eh? Like, freshly formed baby hands, or one that looked like they recently were removed from their original owner? Every little detail is important here.
 CuriouSir: @White Rice already tried that, got a blue sky of death, then it started raining baby hands.
 CrustyDusty: The nose makes her look like Jamie Kennedy. I'd prefer any udder porn.
 Warezlock: Whatever floats your boat...or finds your lost remote.
 XLY: This... This isn't what I meant when I said I wanted to try cowgirl!
 White Rice: @CuriouSir I honestly don't know. Sacrifice a goat in a lightning storm?
 A duck: My penis is standing by...
 CuriouSir: @White Rice can we just reset him, or do we need to do a backup/format?
 chhumphrey: Human cow hentai gone Horribly wrong
 willowsprite: Argh, this is udderly confusing.
 Darkasnoon: Well, that's enough internet for one lifetime.
 willowsprite: This is udder
 morakdais: hopefully she is futanari under there
 Knice: I feel like this is my fault for asking on #88403.
 Fiasco: I've been on the Internet too long, get back to me when those nipples start shitting or she's vore-eating a miniaturized Hermione Granger.
 becca: @hnnngh it's not furry... it's just beautiful
 hnnngh: Get this fucking furry shit outta here.
 Wet farts: Moo?
 misterjoe: Dafuq am I looking at?
 square44: Is this a photoshop or a cos...fuck it I don't wanna know.
 a robot: This is just confusing.
 White Rice: Aww jeeze, you broke @Warrax.
 ruiner: Prepping for the Warcraft movie release
 Scoo: Um, that's not how teats work...
 duckfarts: is your girlfriend a co....oooohhhhhhhh my god
Image 89191   03-09-16   Uploaded by    wordjones
 DrinkMixMan: After scrolling down from #89191, I've never been so relieved to see Batman riding an elephant.
 duckfarts: i heard batman was going to show robin the elephant walk and oh thank god it was just this
 Red: batman is prepared for every situation
 Scoo: Did Bollywood Batman have more or less singing and dancing than the US version?
 Warrax: I guess if you hold the ears out to the side it could look like a batman logo. "Quick Robin! To the Bataphant!"
Image 89190   03-09-16   Uploaded by    CHA
 CrustyDusty: @savvoy *awkwardness* -fixed
 morakdais: wiiaboo's out for a drive
 duckfarts: many turtles died for this race
 ModelTRex: @Extreme Locorito BUT I WANT IN
 Extreme Locorito: i have no idea what this is
 elmstreet: @a robot only worked for El Chapo
 a robot: Por que no los dos?
 robford: or law enforcement
 savvoy: This will end in tears and flames and awesomeness
Image 89189   03-09-16   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
 willowsprite: @Scoo it must be something only beautiful people can see.
 Air Biscuit: This would go great with my fishoflage.
 duckfarts: saw a review and it said the shirts were paper thin and low quality, so i guess it's diy time
 Fiasco: Effective... Unless you're trying to escape @carpwoman !
 Wet farts: Cameowflage
 Red: is it more or less effective once it gets covered in cat hair?
 Scoo: I just see a blank eBay page. Don't get it.
Image 89188   03-09-16   Uploaded by    Lemonator
 DrinkMixMan: If this more concept art from that failed Jurassic Park 4 pitch I'm really sorry we didn't get to see that movie.
 A duck: I'll take two, please.
 CuriouSir: tankasaurus rex
 Fiasco: ... And I don't approve.
 Fiasco: I see someone's been reading my Alternate Prehistory World War II/Non-Cretacious Extinction Level Event Crossover Fanfiction
 Scoo: T-Reads
 duckfarts: whoa, this toilet has wheels!
 TrumpyTrump: Jurassic Park 40k
 champeen: We are so screwed
Image 89187   03-09-16   Uploaded by    Donut
 iwash: Something something easier to find once they removed the bush, I guess
 Suburbanmom: The place men can never find?
 bizijosh: Even forests have them.
 Mr. Butt: @Knice *sunglasses emoji
 Knice: @Mr. Butt YOU ARE THE C.L.I.T. COMMANDER!!!
 Bungle: Confused. I thought #89028 was the clit.
 White Rice: @duckfarts I see what you did there :-D
 duckfarts: c'mon people, check your keming
 Scoo: I'm also going to stop drinking, and I'm also sorry.
 Mr. Butt: I'm going to stop drinking, I'm sorry.
 Scoo: It's easier to find if there's /not/ a forest
 Mr. Butt: Like, I've never had a problem finding it...does that mean that I'm good at sex? or that my wife has a large clit? or that it's really not a problem?
 Mr. Butt: I was going to make a joke about needed a sign because it's hard to find...but, is that actually a problem, or did sitcoms just invent it?
Image 89186   03-09-16   Uploaded by    Mexico
 Idontknowszz: Ok but this one has much better comments, so it's 100% worth making myself look like an idiot.
 Snowta: nopenopenopenopenopenope
 tib gubb: fried chicken or dancing bear?
 l0dan: @Scoo makes a man, think things over!
 demonius: @Fiasco shhhh, we musn't summon!
 Fiasco: The Vagina Monologues 2 sort of discredited the momentum and progress of the first one.
 l.a.: he soars
 willowsprite: I must go, my planet needs me!
 duckfarts: @DesertPlah it's an encore performance
 alex: Imma guess this was in the queue already when the other one got posted
 horny horn: @Scoo I miss him too...
 Scoo: FAME! I'm gonna live forever...
Image 89185   03-09-16   Uploaded by    Idontknowszz
 Horp Lello: And yet it still can't make a segway look cool.
 tib gubb: literally what i see when i see someone on a segway
 Turts: I had heard bad things about the Robocop remake, but I had no idea...
 Unbathed: @Warrax The future has no stairs.
 eider: Hoverboard hoverboard hoverboard
 XLY: He looks so displeased that its actually making me a little bit happy
 MyPasswordAintPassword: Dean Kamen in 5yrs.
 A duck: A strong, independent cyborg that don't need no legs
 morakdais: This must be the next outlast game
 willowsprite: That Donald Sutherland movie, Virus.
 savvoy: Heh. "Love handles."
 Knice: Gracias, Senor Esqueleboto.
 chhumphrey: Locutus Alpha Release
 Warrax: In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only Segway.
Image 89184   03-09-16   Uploaded by    saluted
 duckfarts: want this real bad
 Warrax: Even this severed deer head got in on the aggro-swag.
 Scoo: Punk af
 humanfog: Oh wait, that's an antelope
 sir toke a lot: Metal muleisha
Image 89183   03-09-16   Uploaded by    Tacorleone
 Back Door Dan: Gruesome
 peeper: Beginning of a tragic end
 chhumphrey: Nailed it
Image 89182   03-09-16   Uploaded by    bubbles
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