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239033  bug: Eat the most delicious strawberry you've ever tasted. ...then die.

239004  Otterman: But to be honest, I enjoy separating food as well.

239004  Otterman: Racist

239020  Bluetocracy: A face only an everyone could love

239030  barfolomew: @GoGo Robotto I would guess Planned Parenthood.

238999  Annoying Vegan : #146023 My boy! This was his teething phase. Frozen carrots kept him distracted.

239025  Bluetocracy: That's right, this is one super team you need to keep on a short leash.

239025  Annoying Vegan : YAAAAAAS

239027  Annoying Vegan : *fumbles through purse for five milkbones*

239012  Not A Bot: Chernobyl teens are so sarcastic

239030  GoGo Robotto: Can someone tell me from which company this is?

239024  whcvgre78: khajit has wares if you have the coin

238979  Greifer: over easy please...

238985  Spazstatic: @VoR :(

238995  Spazstatic: Username/upload synergy is pretty high. Fan of one team bashing the coach of another (had to look it up)

239002  tib gubb: that place seems fun

239032  sparename: On my behalf, God has killed many kittens

239017  tib gubb: on technical merit, sure.

239007  Spazstatic: Painting that kills you if you look at it: $53,000 - $80,000

239028  barfolomew: This is a joke, but that sounds about right for Rhode Island.

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238906 Stumpwiz: @VeeKay, I would say hydrocele. Don't ask me why.

238859 AlexDeLarge: It's like he's on the dashboard of the entire country.

238911 Yurishiro: Can I bring my beautiful person

238943 Kaviri: In case you get lost.

238875 mwoody: Statutory Grape made my day and the day is only 45 minutes old.

238813 well duh: @sparename back when I was a welder, I made the mistake of wearing frayed (near the crochital area, of course) jeans to work EXACTLY ONCE. Much for the same reason.

238957 Kaviri: I always interpreted it as allegory for heroin addiction.

238852 carpwoman: OFFS.

238856 glenalec: Later... Oh, a penny. Oh, another penny, Oh, another....

238752 Kaviri: Wanna grow, grow up to be, be a debaser.

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 2Berries: Naked truth is i don't tip, flirt away!
 Lutha: nice bar tho
 Lutha: never go here on st patricks day. impossible to get a drink
 Joe Bird: Truth in advertising. Thank you.
 duckfarts: hey, they'll still flirt with me so i'm ok
 Darkasnoon: Good business model, take my money.
 elmosco: dang the heck wow
Image 88927   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Sayuri
 Slowpoke: @Dick Inspector I think they might be labels for the bins they're on?
 Dick Inspector: These are Swedish plush toys called 'Pee and Poo'.
 georgerino: I hate you
 ron mexico: Unacceptable!!!
 Ulillillia: Mmm, chocolate and lemon.
 indolentia: get out of here! this is a kids play area!
 Darkasnoon: High above the chimney tops, where trouble melts like lemon... oh, nevermind.
Image 88926   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Slowpoke: On the internet, men are men, women are men, and little boys are undercover FBI agents.
 San DoDo: *you're
 Korrok: Who even types like that, like a t-rex?
 Joe Bird: Dilbert's Pointy Haired Boss vs. C. Everett Koop! Who will win?!?!
 zoe: @morakdais except zazzamaraz
 morakdais: every "girl" on the internet
 daver: OTP* why did it autocorrect to top?!?!?
 professorpig: best top
 Jaunty Shrimp: Just say no to nuzzling!
 Knice: No one knows a man like a man.
 Mr. Butt: This is Kim Jong-un and Raoul Castro.
 Gargoyle: Yeah... I'm Jeff. And Jack's a dick.
 misterjoe: I'm Matt :-(
 Ulillillia: Mmm...keep going...
 indolentia: matt and jeff.
Image 88925   03-08-16   Uploaded by    cj22
 your nana: i see you!
 KL1NGON: Some smart-assed NASA engineer draws Dick-Button Mars. Bravo, Sir... bravo..
 Scoo: Mars Rover is going stir-crazy out there. Oh, hi Mascot!
Image 88924   03-08-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 Micro Jackson: I want one
 FatTigerWoods: Great replacement for F's
 Le Lenny Face: I need a Le Lenny stamp.
 clayjar: Get me this for my next birthday
 archanon: mfw this stamp
Image 88923   03-08-16   Uploaded by    afroking
 nlx27: concrete is like ambrosia, stuff 'o' the gods, ..
 younglink: had a purdy mouth
 EvilOtter: "There's grout everywhere! It's in my nose! This isn't what was supposed to happen at all!!"
 Shay: Don Knotts would smack Bob Vila's shit.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Fact: Don Knotts was hung, but not impressively enough to do porn.
 a robot: "And what was your reason for choosing him as your subject?" "I dont know. I just like Don Knotts."
 Janston: White shoes not recommended.
 Jaunty Shrimp: I miss his face
 KL1NGON: Comedy genius and a genuinely nice guy, RIP Mr. Knotts and thank you.
 mrdiron: Patch up your relationship with concrete! Fill all her holes! Give him a wiener cast!
 Ulillillia: Use concrete to reinforce the wall to muffle the noise when Larry brings dates home
 Scoo: I went to IMDB to look up Barney Fife quotes and found that most of them were misattributed Barney Gumble lines
 indolentia: ernest hits the streets.
Image 88922   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 Micro Jackson: Eating them is the fix, you damned filthy ape!
 nlx27: bottl fork?
 nlx27: a cork?
 nlx27: a spoon?
 WaffleIron: Code monkey get up get coffee, code monkey go to job.
 misterjoe: He must work for Ubisoft
 Le Lenny Face: error: 'Jim' has not been declared.
 indolentia: "wtf are you doing, gary? don't put that in your - goddamnit gary..."
 Air Biscuit: Maybe eating them IS the fix?
 Scoo: Dammit Jim, I'm an ape, not a software engineer!
Image 88921   03-08-16   Uploaded by    doggggggie
 Fugative: They should have put an orange cone in front of the hole
 Micro Jackson: That sinking feeling
 Slowpoke: Perpendicular parking IN THE FOURTH DIMENSON!
 WaffleIron: Now that's driving with portals!
 140bpm: Fuck you
 Jaunty Shrimp: I'm caught in a trap, I can't drive out
 KL1NGON: Now that's an impressive street mural.
 Darkasnoon: @Ulillillia what @stomachcake said, perpendicular parking.
 Gargoyle: Saves on garage space, but getting it out of the parking place is a bitch.
 stomachcake: Most people don't practise perpendicular parking, but around here they always make you do it for the licence test.
 Ulillillia: @Darkasnoon Even what?
 Air Biscuit: Vans last wish was to be buried in the middle of vans favorite road.
 Scoo: Before: Aww, it doesn't look that deep. After: Well, shit.
 indolentia: cue sad trombone.
 Darkasnoon: How does one even?
Image 88920   03-08-16   Uploaded by    LKoroton
 Mr. Whiskers: Hodor
 willowsprite: It chose him, obviously.
 Poop van Pants: You're a Gangsta Harry
 Scoo: @DrinkMixMan With great Purple power, comes great Purple responsibility
 Anus: Must hang with #63379
 CuriouSir: blingrid
 Bartleby: Swagrid
 DrinkMixMan: [redacted questionable joke]
Image 88919   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Urchin: A JoJo free life is not one I wish to live
 Sadbot: I was enjoying a JoJo fanart free experience here, but oh well
 archanon: A squirrel underwater?! Must be the work of an enemy sand.
 There was a bob here: This JoJo is bizzare
 indolentia: oooooh, makes sense. leedle means leedle.
 White Rice: Wait...wait a minute here. Dangit, this is some weird interpretation of freakin' sponge bob. That irks me :-/
 Scoo: Spongebob got swole
 Darkasnoon: I'll leedle your leedle
Image 88918   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Mexico
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