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262452  dangerkeith3000: October 1995, that is!

262454  antipatterns: W A T E R M A R K

262446  smusher: Shit, that's depressing

262440  antipatterns: If Americans don't eat more beautiful people soon, China will surpass us

262397  Korrok: I've seen worse....

262459  someguynameded: Put the D in her A and it's all ok

262449  Off Topic: I do. Does that really mean I'm a princess?

262377  Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262444  KyleisBobDole: Ooh watcha saaaaaay, ooh that you only meant well

262419  Not A Bot: Fuck you sign, I do what I want!

262445  Robespierre: On your marks ... get set ... FEED ME!

262447  Robespierre: Berber basking

262448  Robespierre: Wy yew flashing us, hoomin?

262439  Robespierre: In all those familiar places

262448  Yam: Man, that is adorable

262440  Robespierre: @Palm Flungo "Eat It Like a Man" doesn't include salad - it's an additional $2.98.

262442  Robespierre: Entering Heavy Rotation orbit

262443  Robespierre: Trumpenstine stomps the Texas terra

262444  Robespierre: WWE(tm): Where There's Always Room For More Bad Acting(c)

262425  Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

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10. Not A Bot

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262151 Mr Bleak: @Pawn Morpongus Because two nipples won't fit the same butthole.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262425 Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262377 Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262195 Science: @Rart Brongo: It's not your job to police the highway - if someone wants to go 150, get the hell out of their way and let them pass.

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

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 Thorbo Dampuble: Someone wants to be Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon?
 Thift Albombies: wanted to be v v v
 Hople Dampuble: Someone wants to be Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon?
 Melm Brongus: That elbow.
 Dold Plemumbies: omggggggg
 Traple Plomple: look at the hands, that's a tai chi master.
 Jampo Drumungus: "I know you are but what am I?"
 Jango Brungus: Nicholas Cage, get out of that painting. You don't know how to be an elegant 18th century Dutch woman.
 Durm Morpongus: Right in the middle of a magic trick.
 Trurbo Brombies: Not sure on the gender, but it looks as if they have ball cradling down to an art
 Murm Morpungo: @VoR Panting.
 Ramp Flumombies: Cross dressing apparently started a lot earlier than previously thought.
 Trift Dampungus: @luxuslurch Painting?
 Pempo Morpungo: 9/10 would do.
Image 88811   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Fliple Flongus
Image 88810 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by TurkeyVulture. Your image was bad, TurkeyVulture.
 Thulm Cremombies: Well, no. And that's not even what I'm into but just no.
 Piple Drumungo: And the tubby duo collapsed into a singularity, forever falling into their bottomless pits.
 Frirt Albopert: @Picklepuss dead, unfortunately.
 Hiple Pluble: Does this recharge a JO crystal? Asking for a friend.
 Hald Dampomple: @Picklepuss Snapped into a telephone pole! OH YEAAAAH!!!
 Flold Albupert: let's play tummy sticks
 Trengo Morpupert: *shudder*
 Pomp Gropert: So THAT'S where liquorice twists come from!
 Jemp Drumombies: @Picklepuss I was always a King Kong Bundy man myself.
 Guwn Albopert: Since always.
 Bown Flumungus: I'm OK with this sexist standard
 Rang Flopert: where is Macho Man Randy Savage when we need him? ohhh yeahhh
 Frart Alboble: All of them are real tummies, the second image is just really bad food porn
 Hert Cremungo: Since ever.
Image 88809   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Bolm Flumumbies
 Vengo Horpumple: Is this putins notepad?. this porn is
 Vurt Flombies: @a robot Statement could be applied to the shoes, the scooters, or the girls.
 Freple Rempoble: @nlx27 I think they are interesting without being impractical, and they look comfy. Both of which are rare qualities for fashionable shoes
 Theng Alboble: i don't know why exactly, but i really like those roman soldier style sandals for some reason
 Jewn Albungo: @Picklepuss Take a picture next time, for @Science
 Jampo Cremongo: dogs do this and people get pissed
 Crompo Morpungus: When they scoot around on the floor like that they're trying to express their anal glands.
 Traple Bromple: They see me scootin' they ignorin'
 Thald Plemungo: You came to the wrong castle.
 Delm Albungus: Scooter Squad girls forgot their safety gear...
 Frulm Albuble: The one on the left... Main character from the 100?
 Parm Flumopert: Those scooters are in therapy now.
 Lolm Flumoble: I'd scoot her
 Rald Pluble: I had a razor between my legs this morning too but I didn't take a picture
 Pumpo Grupert: They sell a surprising amount of meth
Image 88808   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Jeple Drumuble
Image 88807 is unbelievably bad (score -34) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by eevee. Boo, eevee.
 Heng Drumongus: kitty's so spiritual, i can see her aura!
 Homp Albombies: Fluffy, I will avenge you.
 Rerm Horpungo: HAIL CATHULU
Image 88806   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Crump Plemongus
 Rarm Flumoble: @Ouroborus He was two tired to stay wake.
 Gompo Cremoble: Fuf Fact: This bear later showed up with a second tire and promptly went to sleep.
 Frung Plumple: This makes me sad.
 Flaft Grunumple: I'm not perfectly sure, but I think bears are smart enough and dextrous enough to be able to get that off.
 Treft Groble: It's called fashion, look it up.
 Diwn Grunumbies: A fashion line you can't question... because if you do the bear will eat you.
 Relm Rempungus: Tired of your shit people
 Thump Plemumbies: Better to look good than feel good.
 Frelm Grunoble: needs sad button
 Flongo Drumupert: Don't tread on me.
 Jarm Plemupert: rather be pretty than dignified
Image 88805   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Crald Morpomple
 Baft Horpuble: That'l do, squid-monster, that'l do.
 Jold Rempupert: still life of flying spaghetti monster in fog
 Ding Horpombies: The location of R'leyh is given to be in the southern Pacific ocean. This looks like one of the Interstates that goes thru the Appalachians. Which only makes me imagine the swath of destruction .
 Jongo Rempupert: @Catcat *Lowers sun visor in russian* *Cthullu intensifies*
 Truple Horpumple: Oh, something that nerds love.
 Pilm Cremungus: cthulhu flaghan or whatever the fuck
 Marb Dampongus: Typical. Whenever you need an eldrich horror, it's always like 50 miles away.
 Frort Broble: it's actually just a giant squid sitting between two mountain peaks
 Thingo Plumbies: This thing gets bigger every time Trump wins a debate
 Trerm Rempumbies: Im really hoping theres an exit nearby
 Domp Cremombies: I don't think I can fit the AG mascot in this pic.
 Goft Brungo: Hail Cthulhu!
 Fruple Flomple: Heading to New Jersey, I see.
 Cramp Cremungo: Russian: [lowers sun visor]
Image 88804   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Lengo Morpongo
Image 88803 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by kimjongun. Boo, kimjongun.
 Trawn Horpongus: seems fishy
 Dirbo Cremongus: i only like centipedes
 Ming Grungo: All I care about is the Friendly Spaceship
 Craft Albongo: All I care about is disasters, fires, floods, and killer bees.
 Thart Albupert: You have to stop lying awake wondering about Sushi. Wondering where it is, who it could be with, what its thinking, if its thinking of you, and whether it'll ever return one day.
 Bift Morpombies: @PooFlinger or little brother's drug addiction.
 Deft Dampomple: I just tried some grocery sushi I bought last night and it is rubbery and nasty
 Fruple Horpuble: Her name is Sushi.
 Heng Rempumple: And your opinion of my sushi shirt photo.
 Daple Alboble: burger rebel.jpg
 Flurbo Plemumbies: Doesn't give a shit about her grandmother's breast cancer.
 Trumpo Grunombies: I find myself caring about sushi, too.
 Gart Drumungo: and Instagram switcherinos
 Trirt Cremumbies: and makeup.
Image 88802   03-08-16   Uploaded by    Crump Grunoble
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