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258653  a robot: @Knice Aw, shucks *kicks the ground and smiles like a dork*

258618  a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258697  Peter Pantsless: Actually 3. I'm the "get the hell away" boy

258690  FabricMan: Damocles' basement

258653  Solemn: Sorry, Catholics stopped using venom after Bane drank it all. It's just holy water now.

258688  Mr. Butt: Thanks :D

258688  Not A Bot: Don't forget about when the snapping turtle escaped from the zoo and dragged off that visiting royal dignitary.

258690  DrinkMixMan: One weird trick to cut your a/c bill in half

258689  Solemn: She has a very expressive neck.

89867  Knice: Other return flight #258653

258682  Hyphae: @Knice Because Oliver hustled them on the street as genuine Louis Vuitton for 60 bucks a pop

258653  Knice: Gotta shout out my home-bot: #89867

258647  addend: #nomakeup

258655  Knice: Thank god finally something good.

258687  Hyphae: I'm a fan of chocolate and mint, but I know someone who doesn't like that combo

258688  Hyphae: -Richard

258655  addend: "Play with us." / "Sure!"

258668  Knice: This picture is of words. :-(

258672  Knice: Huh?

258680  apoxia: That's not how bipolar works

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258441 addend: (Finishes. Hibernates.)

258618 a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258520 Side Boob: They should make a 12-gage round that pops out a flag that says "bang" on it. I'd buy a case of those!

258524 Shay: Is this the elusive turducken people talk about?

258402 Amy Housewine: I resent that: I might be a witless bum magician but I'm not 'just' a witless bum magician.

258337 Hokie333: I knew it, I'm surrounded by-- oh wait wrong movie

258546 Mr. Butt: @Passive Fucking racist.

258450 Bohab: @Scoo oh man, I wish

258368 Felicity: I'm thinking eighties drug lord glass bricks, chrome coffee tables, black leather couches, ferns

258378 VeeKay: I'll get youse mutha duckas

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 canada: wow @Frople Alboble
 eevee: the vagina of sauron!
 Gargoyle: One Wine to rule them all... And in the ferment bind them.
 hnnngh: @Scoo Aged in the Fires of Mount Doom
 Knice: Porno Noir
 Scoo: Cabernet Sauron
Image 88627   03-07-16   Uploaded by    Fantasy
 Turts: Well there is also an empty pitcher in the door. Maybe this person is a sleepwalker that puts random kitchen stuff in the fridge?
 indolentia: garage fridge.
 Cami: Vermin problem?
 chhumphrey: "I told you to cook the pasta and then put it in the fridge!" - @grandma
 Blimpet: The last place pasta thieves will think to look.
 Gargoyle: Well, I wouldn't want my pasta to go off, either.
 Messed Up Dog: Ontario.jpg
 Air Biscuit: Carton of milk and bagged milk!?!
 Scoo: Maybe this person has a very full pantry and a very empty fridge. Or maybe this person is a moron.
Image 88626   03-07-16   Uploaded by    grandma
 Grandmas Ghost: What a butt-face.
 Greek Fire: The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you.
 zoe: This porn is weird
 indolentia: and i was like "biiiiiiiiitch"
 chhumphrey: Let me sing you the song of my people... then we'll talk about eating your entrails
 hnnngh: I played Far Cry 3. These things are no dang joke.
 anonymous: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 elahabdh: @Scoo You thought the dinosaurs were extinct? Not so fast, motherclucker.
 Scoo: Cassowary will fucking cut you open and feast on your guts
 Alaskan: In many cases, this may actually be the last sight of your life.
Image 88625   03-07-16   Uploaded by    Heh
 Mr. Shine: @DrinkMixMan That was beautiful. Absolute poetry in a joke. +1
 iwash: Beef & Lamb from sheep is pretty impressive tech
 Borkf: @misterjoe What do electric sheep dream of?
 chhumphrey: Finally the ranchers and herders can find a place to work together
 misterjoe: do androids dream of electric sheep?
 anonymous: @bug BLAMB!
 Fullhouse: "Wake up sheeple!" the researcher called as she did the morning rounds, "Ah, that never gets old." She rattled the cages to wake the transgenic abominations for another day of trials and vivisection.
 XLY: @bug the answer you are looking for is profit
 bug: beef + lamb = ?
 DrinkMixMan: Birthplace of steel wool
 Darkasnoon: I'd imagine they just spend hours playing worms.
 Scoo: Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
 Warrax: A world follower in edible animal technology.
Image 88624   03-07-16   Uploaded by    AutoDisaster
 indolentia: so here's where i hid the body.
 psyops: Scene from GTA V.
 your nana: new zealand rocks!
 Janston: This is nice.
 Darkasnoon: Something something gaping hole
Image 88623   03-07-16   Uploaded by    your nana
 Slowpoke: Just replace your battery already. Those panels cost more than a replacement battery. No, you can't factor in the street value of nerd: that doesn't exist.
 robocop: @Prombom soulja boy tellem!
 Prombom: Now begone krrikkkt SNAP SNAP. why wo
 Cami: Worst sprint car ever.
 chhumphrey: Where's the USB port?
 Janston: Liberal agenda would have us all driving these.
 fumbduck: Stop draining the sun, asshole!
Image 88622   03-07-16   Uploaded by    TurkeyVulture
 indolentia: that's going to be a mess of ectoplasm.
 VoR: im forever blowing bubbles
 Scoo: You cast Ghostly Penis, it's super effective!
 chhumphrey: This bubble porn appears painful
Image 88621   03-07-16   Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 Amy Housewine: 'Meat' can mean 'food in general' too, as per the phrase "meat and drink". That's pretty archaic, though. You rarely hear it.
 hammy: what the shit....
 Borkf: @Warrax Meat is just meat, unless it's mincemeat (Google it). Biscuits and gravy is a confusing concept to the English, neither are what they seem.
 Warrax: @PooFlinger wait... when they say "meat," what are they actually talking about?
 Borkf: I coped by getting my moobs out on the internet.
 fracking: never post here again
 desertfox: Britain is like one big switcheroo...cookies are biscuits...biscuits are muffins... and all of it is pudding
 willowsprite: First World Problems
 Joseph: tut, tut.
 Shay: #BourbonBiscuitsMatter
 Air Biscuit: Ohhh the horror! Somebody save those poor biscuits!
 XLY: i can't abide not having my bourbon in biscuit or bottle form, i tut sympathetically with you all
 madmax1: It says it right there. Bourbon. zazzer's prefered coping method.
 Christina: First world problems.
 TurkeyVulture: I expected this to be a humorous infographic.
 Warrax: I assume the U.S. protects it's cookie supply by not allowing them to all be stored in the same place.
 hnnngh: Only in Britain would an entire nation 'tut and roll its eyes' over a biscuit shortage.
 Amy Housewine: I retrieved a biscuit from the floods. It was... limp.
 VoR: my tea cup just can't make sense of it
 Darkasnoon: I'm impressed, America wouldn't last without our biscuits for five minutes.
Image 88620   03-07-16   Uploaded by    nuke em
 willowsprite: Just interpreting the poses, by the way. Haven't seen the new one yet.
 willowsprite: If they were going to mimic the original, why not go all the way? Woman on the left:powerful, part of the team. Woman on right:timid, dependent, eye candy.
 Hungy Dingus: I'm glad the the male lead is being portrayed as the protagonist and the female lead as a sex object when she has almost all of the agency in the film and he's a nebbish loser.
 Cami: I thought "...sun shines out of his ass," was a figurative expression.
 VoR: Relevant. not seen either though.
 Skaalar: The he newer one is missing that penis lens flare. It's what made the movie in my opinion.
Image 88619   03-07-16   Uploaded by    i peed a lil
 zoe: I imagine them singing barbershop quartet music.
 Grandmas Ghost: Who let the dogs out?
 seam: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix"
 Gargoyle: Four Dog Night
 Micro Jackson: Backing vocals for Pink Floyd
 charmander: Why the long face?
 hnnngh: A cacaphony of BORKFs
Image 88618   03-07-16   Uploaded by    Borkf
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