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221425  Jalamunch Totorito: No offense, OP, but I'm not seeing a difference

221180  cArdent: @sad face Looks like they're just flipped to make it easy to read. -10 and -20 look like that too.

221358  BavidDowie: I prefer a firm mattresses, myself

221425  ironmaiden: Is that gothmog, leader of saurons forces on the left?

221413  raditzu: It looks like a cool place to live. Or a cold one. Even freezing.

221407  Teechur: Fine. I'll kick the margins to 2.5" all around and quadruple space between paragraphs. I received a research paper like this once. Didn't bother reading it. I graded it by how many square inches of text it contained divided by how many square inches there should have been.

221422  BlarfyB: @filthylaw She would get pretty tired, too.

221409  BlarfyB: @Knice About a $1.29.

221422  filthylaw: Well, it wouldn't be very good if the food were transported all the way from China...

221399  Knice: Fuck you Im not reading this.

221422  BlarfyB: @Mr. Pepper They took er jerbs!

221422  Mr. Pepper: This dates back to the '70s, when Canadian printers were pricing jobs lower than US printers and "Made in Canada" was required by US law to be printed upon products printed there or they could not be imported. I was working at a record press at the time and remember it being a big deal that LP covers were being shipped here from there.

221273  BlarfyB: Better get upping, buddy.

221255  cArdent: Time for pouncing lessons already?

221409  Knice: Whats a yoghurt?

221273  cArdent: @Dr Awkward If I was a fox I wouldn't get anywhere near a boatload of swans. They'd be bigger than me. They're *already* meaner than me.

221414  Sadbot: Shut up and don't tell me what to do

221420  BlarfyB: Your friend is way old, dude.

221276  cArdent: Mars seems to have gotten stuck on the other side of the line rather than in it.

221422  Michael Tripe: What if I told you there are a lot of Chinese people in Canada....

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221193 ThatGuy: This pleases me.

221214 glenalec: @raditzu - it's like social media - you are the product

221306 Whatever: Actually its ISO 8601, established in 1988

221276 cArdent: Mars seems to have gotten stuck on the other side of the line rather than in it.

221309 tib gubb: @grizzly not to quote a bad movie (star wars is a bad movie) but, who's the bigger fool? the fool, or the fool who follows him?

221352 El hefe: This is fine

221364 Derp Herpigan: @frenk GIVE ME BACK MY SON

221357 Ulillillia: @Robespierre We need you here to keep us Gen-Xers in line

221268 XLY: **you're!

221319 glenalec: VV bet / 4 yards

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 Shay: Suck up.
 savvoy: Kelly Stardust and the Pundits from Mars
Image 88380   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 Coolguy: Looking at life through rose colored glasses
 Catcat: "They call you "The one armed bandit," maaaan, but I think you're cool... never let your hands down...well, hand... maaan"
 KingTrebek: Casinos give out free weed to encourage customers to Gamble more
 savvoy: Skunk coat ftw
Image 88379   03-06-16   Uploaded by    dangerous dave
 namaste: Go on, make your move YOU FUCK!
 Angry Lobster: I'm sorry Butterball, but you're next.
 San DoDo: Soon..
 Cami: Tell the others what you saw.
 Cami: There might be no meat on the table tonight because of a case of live and let live.
 noble naga: "welp...gotta kill something"
 Donut: The age-old argument of hatchet the turkey or hatchet the husband.
Image 88378   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 Cheeze: ... do not want...
 Poop van Pants: They should go on your with the guy playing the French horn into the chick's ass
 trelyate: Would, would, wouldn't, would
 Cami: Funny..they're confident enough to pose in women's underwear but feel the need to stuff their bras...which seems insecure to me.
 savvoy: It's like Spanx for men
 hurr: @Gomi Day mmmmmkay...i got a 70's rock vibe from the hair styles and beards...but thank you anyway :)
 Gomi Day: @hurr fairly inoffensive jazzy-proggy type stuff. not remarkable, but i'll probably hang onto it.
 hurr: @Gomi Day describe what you are hearing...for i fear to do it myself
 Gomi Day: i HAD to look this album up. listening now. i love the internet
 Magma Safe: The ole spicy gender-bender
Image 88377   03-06-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 Noremak: It's always fun to rip up ACE cards and throw them at your battle buddies after a long powerpoint.
 Warrax: Where's "peeing in a cup while a dude watches?"
 Mattixvii: Dammit, there's times when a murder befriend suicide pact is the only thing that get me through the day!
 dangdang: And yet, word is that ppl keep getting raped...
 Bile: I was expecting fire extinguisher to take 51%
 Sadbot: Its missing "how to be way anal about clothes/bedding"
 Vermicelli: Does the military use this much jpeg artifacting?
 Air Biscuit: @Cami i guess youre right. That would make for a pretty monochromatic pie.
 Catcat: @SomeCanadian You can enlist at 18. Unlike the law would like you to believe, you're not a functioning adult individual till you're about 25.
 Cami: @Air Biscuit I believe that would be applied to all portions of the chart.
 Air Biscuit: You forgot the hurry up and wait part.
 hurr: not even talking about friendly fire?! fake!
 SomeCanadian: Then why does [ORANGE] and [BLUE] happen so damn much?
 Catcat: Clearly no training on posting images on the internet
 Magma Safe: truth.jpg
Image 88376   03-06-16   Uploaded by    sassysass
 Poop van Pants: Just high quality helium
 Yttermayn : I am *so* fucking high right now.
 LKoroton: This food really bloats me
 Jaunty Shrimp: Fizzy Lifting Drank 4 Lyfe
 Catcat: Taking out your Marrie Poppins for a walk
 doop: "Please, Burt, we've known each other for a year now. You don't have to hold it in anymore."
 savvoy: Anti-gravity pills: the highs are amazing, but then you crash
 bug: Bizarro-world mafia execution
 Janston: Fellini!
 Mr. Shine: Reminds me of my favorite episode of Gotham. The Balloon Killer just made me so happy!
 Catcat: You're full of it!
Image 88375   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Cami
 wwwdotcom: @StuporFly i lolled irl at this
 StuporFly: and not a single batpole joke to be seen...
 WaffleIron: I;m thinking about thos sidekicks
 LKoroton: @doop Holy croissants Batman! Now I understand why the Joker gave those to us!
 Grandmas Ghost: Holy homosexual romance, Batman!
 Cami: Nooooooo.
 doop: Damn Robin you smell good is that croissants?
 carpwoman: Well this explains a lot....
 Borkf: Batman loves some Dick...Grayson.
 Ulillillia: This porn is hot.
Image 88374   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 nlx27: the lemmings of the sea
 WaffleIron: The circle of liiiife! the wheel of fortune, it's the leap of faith!
 9inchfails: Fast food.
 Warrax: "No need to feel down about the breakup. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.Now get out there, and try to avoid the mammals."
 Grandmas Ghost: "Don't worry! Daddy will catch you!"
 Grandmas Ghost: "Don't worry! Daddy will catch you!"
 redbranch: walk the plank matey. but.... the sharks...!
 Cami: It was known that orcas couldn't handle spicy food so with a happy heart and a belly full of chillies, Dominic the penguin sacrificed his life to prank one with the ole' spicy poops.
 San DoDo: Joy of life!
 SoyUnPerdedor: "here's the sacrifice Mighty Orca, now grant us a bountiful harvest"
 SomeCanadian: ThisIsLife.jpg
 Anus: Full of fish? Not entirely?
 Magma Safe: Next!
 Gomi Day: penguin: gulp! orka: gulp!
 Ulillillia: Catch!
Image 88373   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Borkf
 drhenry: Totally?. Years. So says to yell use is
 MamboNumber6: It. Love it.. Rainman Elvis. Gary Coleman has not decom...
 S R N: lololol
 Shay: I think she be more pissed with the pun.
 Catcat: Your porn lower half of the face
 Dick Inspector: Looks more like dinner to me, unless there's something I'm missing.
Image 88372   03-06-16   Uploaded by    pisspig
 mackdaddy: hahahahah @There was a bob here
 burritos: Same
 Donger: I always carry some spaghetti in my pock...OH CRAP! *falls on the knees trying to gather spaghetti from floor while crying furiously*
 arock: Hiko! Are you kidding me!?!?!
 Yttermayn : ?What is popular is not always right;
 VictorVonPoon: i feel you bro
 NoOneImportant: The road balls out. Ew
 Cami: It wasn't grilled when I put it in.
 Scoo: Is that a grilled cheese in your pocket or are you just sad to see me?
 Ulillillia: I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known
 There was a bob here: Jeremy ate in class today
 Borkf: And when there was one set of footprints, I was eating a grilled cheese.
Image 88371   03-06-16   Uploaded by    Skinr
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