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210559  ignatz: Need longer arms for effective dumpster diving..

210552  Side Boob: Yup, that's HIV

210556  savvoy: "...she loves me no...DAMNIT!"

210536  Synthetic Messiah: Witness meeee!

210563  ignatz: Don't forget Crinkle Cut

210516  trelyate: I would watch that crossover

210530  trelyate: IWSN

210555  fanny: @Amy Housewine aww i just tried to go there to see what other gems it holds but it's currently off line

210563  Horp Lello: If you have to ask, you're not ready.

210555  Amy Housewine: FUNNYASDUCK.NET

210480  UltraBeverly: @logono LAFD is about $1400 +$19/mile! Thanks prop 13.


210554  WaffleIron: There's no bottom to the internet. It's not like it's a bucket.

210554  Dr Awkward: Quit slobbing my knob!

210484  UltraBeverly: This is why we say "differently abled" now.

210555  Dr Awkward: My calculator is ducked up

210555  WaffleIron: Because it's warm, because as calculators go it's a supercomputer, and about as power efficient as one would expect a supercomputer to be.

210558  WaffleIron: This is how ram chips are made.

210563  Rent A Dog: I think it is the frequency.

210549  Dr Awkward: UFARTED has strict fart-related policies

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9. Mr. Shine
10. Shay

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210334 Hosebag: @Side Boob Don't run! We are your friends!

210481 Side Boob: GRAAASSS...tastes bad!

210451 Niels Bohr: Hey there love angle.

210491 DarkTeddy: Holy shit @Side Boob

210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210508 Cami: @tess Remember pagers? Bike couriers and drug dealers...

210528 UltraBeverly: What are these?

210323 Ulillillia: @dangerkeith3000 Only the good die young

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210512 BavidDowie: HUGE PENIS! I doing this right?

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 LKoroton: Hentai childbirth
 propro: chinese buffet.jpg
 willowsprite: What's this in my bowl?
 your nana: tentatively touching tentacles
 Warezlock: Hasn't anybody seen enough hentai to blah blah blah?
 Borkf: "I bring you the gift of NOPE"
 chhumphrey: @savvoy She might drown you regardless
 savvoy: Mermaid gifts are very hit-or-miss. Sometimes they bring you stuff you like, such as pirate treasure; sometimes they bring you stuff they like, such as the octopus-game. Always accept the gift with glad cries and expressions of delight, because if you hurt her feelings, she will drown you.
 fling: LADY OF THE LAKE: Arthur, I bestow upon you Excalib-shti, brb
 a sedated moose: No. No, I don't like this.
Image 88139   03-05-16   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 steve: This is ableist
 peeper: lol @TrollAscetic fuckin cops!
 doop: Well, somebody has to reign-in those hooligans flying through here on their Hoverounds.
 Scoo: I got you going 18 back there - where's the fire, son?
 Disclosure: Sir, you were clocked doing 16.25 in a 17.5 zone. Do you have anything to say for yourself?
 Borkf: ...attoparsecs per second. Would actually be about 1.2 mph.
 savvoy: ...furlongs per fortnight
Image 88138   03-05-16   Uploaded by    agger gater
 sumodrsn: It's ok that mine isn't movie quality.
 Minx: How singles see cute couple photos.....
 bbbrandon: hipsters...
 duckfarts: just chillin on endor
 Angry Lobster: Such a wild ride.
 Trumpysucks: Just wookie things
 savvoy: more like nicole bobey photoshopraphy
Image 88137   03-05-16   Uploaded by    anonymous
 fidelcastro: malcolm x2k
 miller: same, morpheus
 Amy Housewine: Me too pal, me too.
 SomeOtherCanadian: Morpheus was a less effective recruiter in the war against the machines in his youth
 Slickbrew: Those goggles won't protect you from the Internet.
Image 88136   03-05-16   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 XLY: I think the internet is fucking sick as hell
 seahawks: where is this from
 doop: @hurr She has the obligatory goggles, but the lack of gears pasted to her hat raises questions.
 McMuff: This is what Homestuck fans really believe.
 hurr: ha! i thought "does she really think this qualifies for steampunk?!" @doop
 doop: Steampunk, Homestuck, or Dr. Seuss?
 Scoo: you're a hairy weirdo
 hurr: you're a weirdo harry
 chemical: that hatb tho
 chhumphrey: This steampunk isn't that good
 Amy Housewine: I thought she was holding a little duck for a second.
 Trumpysucks: This is pretty standard for an OK Cupid profile
 Dick Inspector: What is this, an okCupid picture?
 Mr. Shine: Is this HomeStunk cosplay?
 heck: this is the worst
 KnowLifer: No one else dared to comment. Will you?
Image 88135   03-05-16   Uploaded by    Poop van Pants
 WetWilly: This is typical in Vietnam. When something gets borked, they just cut the old wire and put a new one. Loose wires can be seen hanging from anywhere.
 Cami: I am a lineman for the county....
 Korrok: And he was never seen or heard from again.
 betamax: voted most likely to succeed
 duckfarts: stealing cable at the professional level
 a robot: Looks really safe
 Air Biscuit: Not enough insulation in the world.
 obama: bamboo inter netz
 Big Beagler: good luck you brave, brave repair man
 Heh: If i don't make it back, the spider ate me.
 KnowLifer: website admin
 ping: Just shoot against a green-screen. We'll add the rest of the city in post.
Image 88134   03-05-16   Uploaded by    windmill78
 suckit: dying @redmonkey3!
 Korrok: Lemme guess, someone saw a spider?
 willowsprite: He sees you.
 redmonkey3: Cute, but dainty as these things go; the REALLY heavy duty blowouts, no helicopter could get this close... yay texas.
 doop: No, Wool Jester! That's too much rainbow energy! The gay- it's like an orbital laser! AAAIIIEEE
 Headoftheclass: "I am Groo...Aaaahhhhhrrrggg!!! Shiiiiiit...I'm burning!!" Drax: "Of course, I would like some more. What a ridiculous question." Rocket: "No, you maroon. It' called a 's'more'. Jackass."
 Mr. Whiskers: What up, Sauron?
 Pizza: Radded because fire.
 ping: "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
 windmill78: At the family BBQ: "Hold my beer and watch this"
Image 88133   03-05-16   Uploaded by    Poop van Pants
 cishet: Give a moment in your thoughts today for all the victims of arbitrary paper page limits will you?
 redmonkey3: @Scoo with All five men of your family, you say, Grey ?
 redmonkey3: @Scoo with All five men of your family, you say, Grey ?
 a robot: @salmiakki I still wannna shake my fist and tell those dang kids to get off my lawn, though
 Scoo: Tell me more about this teasing, wrestling, and yelling, Greg
 chelseachels: @Pizza I could have driven Greg's mom to the hospital.... and as for your mom...
 tiffany: then, suddenly, Batman jumped out of the armoire....
 salmiakki: (starts to type NO KIDS ON FRIENDLY SPACESHIP and then realizes 1996 was 20 years ago)
 funny in the wall: @Pizza you were born the year i came to the US. Jelly
 Dobly: @Pizza Great now I have to hate YOU now
 Amy Housewine: Classic Greg.
 Beef Supreme: O negative blood? I'll take a pint, thanks.
 savvoy: MLA standard heading: fail
 Pizza: Greg is exactly 2 months older than me.
 ughjeez: At least he's taking the "descriptive" part of the assignment seriously, right?
 windmill78: Verbose Greg strikes again
Image 88132   03-05-16   Uploaded by    PissedOff
 willowsprite: Sounds like a relaxing, yellow place to be.
 Borkf: The first rule of club cornbread is do not eat cornbread.
 Pizza: I see my ex is going clubbing now
 ughjeez: @ping I almost said "Read Nedroid", but I'm pretty sure that's for Club White Bread.
 ping: How do you become a member?
 windmill78: Ain't nothin' wrong with that
Image 88131   03-05-16   Uploaded by    vincenzo
 Kohapi: what's in the concrete box? What's in the box!?!
 AdamBomb286: Not sure what you did, but you seem real sorry for it.
Image 88130   03-05-16   Uploaded by    jem
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